After Covid-19, We’ll Never Trust Doctors the Same Way Again: Coming to terms with great falsehoods

Look at this loser from Twitter who was trying to infer to me that unless I was an official, doctor in the medical industry, then I was not qualified to talk about Covid-19. The context of the Twitter string in the conversation was that it was revealed over the weekend once again that the CDC had been manipulating the numbers to make everything look bigger and worse than it really was so the media could take the info and run with it to attempt to scare everyone into staying in their homes to stifle the economy and bring about a manipulation of the next presidential election. According to that guy, if you are not a doctor you are not qualified to have an opinion on the matter and we are all supposed to just listen to them like they are the best people on earth. Well, I couldn’t disagree more.

The current strategy around the world from the political class is to use these doctors to create a climate of Marxism—it’s a power grab using people we normally trust to sell the scheme and its really been a disgusting enterprise. The game works like this, government gives out grants that the doctors want, so the doctors will say anything to get the grants, and thus, the doctors become spokesman for Marxism knowingly or unknowingly. And before you know it, perfectly normal people are being forced to wear masks in public just so they can go to ride a roller coaster somewhere, and losers like this Twitter guy are the new useful idiots of world domination of anti-capitalist forces directed by government for the needs of government.

Most of the people I deal with in life are either enormously wealthy people or are thoroughly educated—or both. And if any of those people were tortured under the most vile methods until their very lives were squeezed out of them I doubt seriously that any of them would say about me that I lack intelligence on any subject proposed at any time in the history of the world. More than that, I have never had a conversation with anybody in all my years, among many thousands of people over any of that time where I walked away feeling intellectually inferior. I know a lot of doctors and when I need a specialized opinion on something, I might listen to their advice, but I would never dream to make them the tell all on any topic, and to give them the keys to my car to drive my life over a cliff without question. That is why I knew at the beginning of all this that the whole Covid-19 thing was bullshit in the extreme. I was saying it before anybody else, way before any of the media guys jumped on the bandwagon. I gave them room on that wagon, many of them had larger platforms than I did to get the news out, but I was certainly the first and that was because of my experience on the matter, and ability to think for myself that saw it way before anybody else did.

It has been sad to see Fox News bend their network employees to endorsements driving the whole mask wearing change agency that the rest of corporate compliance has accepted so willingly because they want to believe that these medical doctors are not ruinous in their intentions. Sean Hannity of all people should see the fire under the smoke, but he has been out there buying into the mask wearing to “slow the spread.’ There is no spread, there is no Covid-19 threat, there never has been. People still die of unusual things, but due to 2020 politics Covid-19 was designated as the catch all for medical concern for lots of government reasons and they hid the truth behind a natural trust that we have in the medical industry. Driven deep into our minds for decades is the notion that doctors go to school for a long time, they read a lot more than the rest of us, so they probably know more than we do about things. So when they say something about anything, we should listen. Well, that doesn’t work for me. There is nobody in my life and there never will be who will know more about what’s good for me or my family than me, and that is because nobody has done the work in knowing things more than I have, even among what society considers the most educated. It was always clear to me that Covid-19 was a political power grab rather than anything of real danger to anybody.

Before Covid-19 I might have listened to what the CDC said, or what the opinions of the World Health Organization would say about things, but not anymore. They have shown me how political they are, and to what extent they are willing to lie to get access to political funding. I’ll never trust them again. They have literally wrecked the world and brought great misery to just about every living person across the face of the planet and they have done it as an organization meaning many of them followed each other to the same conclusions trying to sell Covid-19 as a game changing pandemic when in reality it was far from any kind of life threatening virus. They were hoping that it would be, but they took whatever came down the pike during the election year because they viewed it as their last best chance to get rid of President Trump off the world stage and push his supporters into a corner so they wouldn’t be so bold during the upcoming election. The intent all along was to give people a crises, a literal fear of death, to stop the freedom movement that was spreading in just about every country around the world, not just in the United States, but in England, Iran, France, Hong Kong—everywhere all at the same time. The governments of the world were coming under fire by their own people demanding less restrictions on their lives, so government turned to the medical class, which they control through funding, and pushed them to sell Covid-19 as a danger, and that’s how we found ourselves at this place in history.

People like that guy who wrote me want to justify what suckers they have been by slapping at anybody who isn’t a medical official because they want to use that status to hide the stupidity of the whole scam. But I don’t honor such degrees as a direct sign of intelligence. In the big picture, it was obvious to me from the start, so it was easy to see. For people trained not to think for themselves and to trust what the government tells them even if they have managed to do well financially for themselves or have two or three doctorate degrees to their credit, they were at a disadvantage because they trust the system too much, and were blinded by that trust, so I don’t blame them for being suckers on Covid-19. But they don’t get to ride some moral wave of justice as the Covid-19 cases go up, because it all comes down to how those cases are counted. Its always about the measurement and when the measures assist government at the expense of the people who support government but are suddenly hiding under their covers like cowards over a little virus, then we have something like a justifiable war in the works. And the medical industry has egg on its face that will never come off now.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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