Fireworks and American Celebration in the Black Hills of South Dakota: Why the Indians lost and why its important to understand

Of course, we can’t as Americans just enjoy a patriotic fireworks show returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore without hearing about some Indian protest over land rights. For me, this whole argument is as stupid as arguing about who won a Super Bowl two years ago and whether or not the game should be replayed and a new victor determined. I have written extensively about how warlike the Indians were, they did not “own” the land of North America. Indians frequently worked hard to conquer and fight each other, so their fight with the “white man” was nothing new or unusual for them, other than the new wars with the migrants from the East brought with them better technology and were able to win conflicts because of it. So in the battles of Westward Expansion in the context of history, the Indians lost, the Americans won, and its good for the world in my opinion that it came out that way. The Black Hills are the perfect setting for a patriotic fireworks display, and the backdrop of the American Cowboy is the correct thing to think about as defiance is always the theme of 4th of July ceremonies as victory and conquests won are celebrated with grand audacity. That’s not to say that I dislike the Indian plight.

There is a lot that I like about those people and their cultures, just as I like a lot about the Chinese and the Japanese. One of my favorite topics to read about is the many battles that were fought in the Ohio Valley from the 1740s to the 1800s that paved the way for Westward Expansion that literally took place in my back yard. I respect the plight of Tecumseh, but I LOVE the bravery and action of Simon Kenton, Lewis Wetzel, and Danial Boone—along with many others. I put the great novels of Allen Eckert as some of the best that world literature has ever produced, and I’ve read a lot of the great classics including Finnegan’s Wake, Canterbury Tales, and War and Peace. The work by Eckert, especially his grand book That Dark and Bloody River, about fighting the Indians along the Ohio River valley to tame the land for expansion westward I think puts most great works around the world to shame because it is so enormously good. It’s a phenomenal work of literature and I think should be required reading in every classroom, every household, because it captures the American spirit so well. And by no means would I say that Eckert was an Indian hater. Quite the opposite, I think he worked hard to plead their case for being a good team in the game of life who lost—for lots of good reasons. I would say that for me, two of Eckert’s novels about Westward Expansion, That Dark and Bloody River, and The Frontiersman are more valuable to me than the Holy Bible. I cherish those works in such a manner.

But lets make it clear, the plight of the Indian, or of any people of color whether it be from Africa, or Spain through the conquest of Central America where they migrated with the people of the Aztec and Maya to form today’s Mexican, or the Chinese—the battle that was fought for North America was a long running game of liberalism with conservativism, or rather put better for context, the yearning for the primitive with those of progress. In short, the theme is always for liberals that they want tribes of people who listen to a tribal leader for the kind of society that stays in its lines and is always perpetually at the mercy of nature as opposed to the kind of people who do not want a centralized leader and want to be free to create new advancements for an ever changing tomorrow and the inventions of creativity that come from free minds. I often point to the Woodstock music festival that took place a month after the moon landing as a modern example of this. But even better are the events of our current time where bands of tribes such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter are being stroked to create violence against the “colonial” powers and spit in the eye of history. Or the ridiculous corporate support of this wearing mask movement that is aligned with government these days. The intent of course is to rouse in people a superstition about the Covid-19 virus that will push people into yielding to a centralized group of figures, in this case the medical professionals. The Covid-19 virus has become like a deity to primitive people that must have some kind of rain dance to appease the temperament of the gods so that crops will grow or some luck might bestow us all if only we wear a mask to protect us from a disease.

That is why the media has been trying to hype protests in South Dakota by the Lakota Indians ahead of Trump’s visit, because its tribalism that they want Americans to fall for, and a rethinking of history that makes people consider that the technology that won the West was unfair, that humans should have stayed spear chuckers for the rest of their time on planet earth. That is literally their argument every time they talk about Indian land rights, or in changing the name of some high school or NFL team to something less offensive to Indians. They want to glamorize the Indian because they want human kind to stay in their lanes and continue to shout at the sky to appease the gods who live there, rather than building rockets to leave the earth and continue our exploration into space just as the Ohio Valley filled with similar adventurers providing a gateway into South Dakota for America to be born. People yielding to this pressure are stupid and have made a choice not to understand the real game at play. But the results are unmistakable. Any culture in the world could have had the technology that made America, the weapons and philosophy that made America the greatest country on earth. But they didn’t. And if the settlers had taken off their clothes and became like the Indians running around half naked and doing a dance over every little decision, there wouldn’t be a United States of America.

Tecumseh, the great Shawnee warrior from Ohio, born very close to modern day Xenia tried to unite the Indians of the entire nation to fight the surging white people, but he couldn’t do it. The different tribes had too many varying differences to pull it off and Tecumseh was eventually killed helping the British during the War of 1812 at the Battle of the Thames in 1813. Even when the Indians joined with other enemies of America such as the French and English at that time, American spirit still won out, just as it will during these days of Trump’s presidency, because more about what a culture intends to do that makes it good or bad as opposed to some static thought of how a culture is structured, wins in the end. Even different Indian tribes broke out in war against each other after they had joined the French to fight at Fort Duquesne. If the “white man” had never moved to North America, the Indians would not have lived in peace. They were about as peaceful as the protestors of Black Lives Matter or Antifa. They were primitives who saw valor in fighting and were fighting each other for honor when they weren’t praying to the eagle gods for food. And that is what the modern political left wants, because they are lazy thinkers and a superstitious people who would rather function naked and afraid rather than to carry a good rifle on their backs and face the future with a mind to tame it, and bring with them a new culture that could be enjoyed by all. And that is why its significant that the fireworks have returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and to specifically Mt. Rushmore. There is a lot more to that mountain than just a carving. It’s a declaration of civilization that happened for the good of everyone, which is something the political left refuses to see.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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