The Tyranny of Safety: What Mike DeWine really meant by his speech

Apparently, a lot of people are confused by Governor DeWine’s address to the nation from Ohio at 5:30 PM on July 15, 2020. But I wasn’t confused in the least. Essentially what DeWine was asking was for Ohioans to stop suing him and his administration for the constitutional violations he was guilty of, blatantly. And he wished to restore order within the Republican Party to quell the talk of impeachment against him that has been gaining strength over the last few weeks. Of course, the Governor knew that the Republicans didn’t have the guts to advance the topic in the House, but just the idea of some Representatives even thinking about it was enough to drive him mad with anger. What the Governor wanted to do with that speech is take the edge off his relationship with his rivals who have been getting increasingly angry with the mask mandates and daily shots at the economy that is trying to grow again while still appeasing the left leaning scaredy cats who are always afraid of their own shadows and see in the Governor suddenly a parental figure in government that they think they can substitute for their own lack of family. The Governor has found the Covid-19 experience a rewarding one, after all, he has reached across the aisle to the other side and they liked him, and accepted him. He couldn’t understand for the life of him why so many of his fellow Republicans were angry with him for doing so. So the speech was an attempt to have it both ways and unite Ohio behind the mask and back off the legal pressures which were mounting insurmountably.

The problem with Mike’s speech is that he’s just not very smart on these types of matters. He trusts too much experts who have other political motives, particularly in the direction of Marxism and communism. Most doctors I know, and their patients who are all too willing to follow their every instruction already have one foot in the camp of communism. They might think of themselves as freedom loving people who fly the flag high on the 4th of July and they go out and spend a $1000 in fireworks for their backyards, but they are also the ones who will follow “doctor’s orders” without question and use that as an excuse for restricting their living greatly. I have a sister who is a nurse and a sister in law who is a pharmacist and the tension in our family is so great over their occupations that we barely have a “hi, bye” relationship at family gatherings. They are nice enough people, but their role in life I see as tyrannical because they serve the medical industry to the extent that they do, I can barely have a basic conversation with them. To say I feel very strongly about this matter is an understatement. I listen to what doctors say, but I also expect that I am smarter than they are and question everything they say. Most of the time, I find that my instincts are 100% correct. I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water, they sometimes have beneficial things to contribute to society, but mostly, they represent tyranny through safety and that’s how they make their livings, by convincing you that if you listen to them, that you’ll avoid danger and death in life.

To refute what Mike DeWine said in his speech as a prosecutor’s statement of defense of his own mistakes when he proclaimed, “the jury is in,” the evidence that wearing masks and that social distancing work is not irrefutable. Quite the opposite. He was an idiot for letting Amy Acton and other medical professionals convince him that the jury was in. Because its not. We keep hearing about how well Asia is doing in dealing with Covid-19, their cases are down, such as in Vietnam. As a western society we are supposed to believe that they are doing something right that the rest of us aren’t. Well, the difference is, those are communist countries who tightly control their state press conferences, and in Vietnam, they simply aren’t doing the kind of testing we are, or testing in the same way. We are “inspecting to reject” whereas they are “inspecting to pass.” The testing methods and desires are not apples to apples. They want to show low cases in Asia to promote themselves as a solution to the made up global crises whereas our stupid medical people starving for attention, respect, and federal dollars by more dumb politicians want to show big numbers so they can advance a political agenda they think will help them in the long run. DeWine used examples in his speech of states suffering high case counts, such as Florida even as it has been shown extravagantly that the mode of counting is way off, deliberately so.

Sure there is panic among the medical community and they need dummies like Mike DeWine to continue to believe in their false models and overstated projections. They are doing what most doctors do, and school teachers, fire fighters, just about all public employees even at the BMV, they overstate the importance of their jobs because they want to get paid, and they expect that you don’t know enough about what they do to believe them. But when you do know enough about what they do to question what they are telling you, then you find continuously that they are mostly frauds who shouldn’t be trusted to give you a recipe to a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Mostly the people are not good, they have all the same problems as everyone else, and Mike DeWine is starting to see that he has worked himself into a lot of trouble trusting too much the experts, and he’s trying to mend those fences now before its too late.

But its been too late since March when all this Covid crap started, as Mike DeWine stated, with Ohio leading the way driving the nation into the mess economically that its in now. He made a bad call, he didn’t scrutinize the doctors to the level he should, he bought the scam hook line and sinker. Mike DeWine reminds me of that stupid person who falls for a phishing scheme on his computer from a Nigerian prince who wants you to give him $2000 then he’ll give you $10,000,000 to hide money in an American bank account, if only you’ll give him your account number to deposit the money. We can feel sorry for suckers, but we don’t give them more power. We punish them. Without question Dummy Mike DeWine meant well, most people can agree that he is a good person who walks in the path of Jesus Christ on earth. But Jesus was also crucified. We tend to not follow people who are so gullible and naive against the bad guys of the world. Such people usually end up alone and dead in the end, and out of power because they are not smart enough to keep it. And that is what Mike DeWine wanted out of that little speech, to try and convince us that Covid is a real problem, that he did a good job of saving lives, not costing them, and that if Ohio will just pull together, everything will be alright. But like most people who have gone mad, he’s as wrong as wrong can be.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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