Public Education is to Blame for the Marxist Attack against America in 2020: They obviously didn’t think things through

The first failure of all the chaos we are experiencing presently is education. Our public education dollars were wasted on the minds of these insurgents for Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and the intention of the instruction was to turn weak minds against America as agents of insurrection. As the political left tends to like to think of themselves as sophisticated for having progressive beliefs, truly the reality is that they are not the brightest tacks in the box which is what makes them so dangerous when a political party like their’s advertise themselves as sophisticated, and even moral. Smart people tend to give dumb people a little room to learn the things they need to learn in life because the smart people are generally happy. Yet the bad education of our public schools taught the very stupid, and lazy that the way to get along in life was to harass smart people into compliance with the mob and for years, rather than fight, smart people just went somewhere else where they could think about smart things undisturbed. It doesn’t matter the color or the sex of the individual with thoughts on their minds, one thing that they all have in common is that they generally like to be left alone. That’s why they are smart, because they think of the consequences of an action usually before doing it.

Watching these mobs of leftists who are obviously agents of modern day communism rip down statues, throw things at innocent people and hit them in the head on city streets, and to generally cheerlead the complete defunding of the police, they obviously have not thought about the consequences. Their violent threats against normal American people functioning under capitalism and the rule of law can be viewed as nothing but an attack, and only a stupid person would think its OK. The actions of congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rahida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have only seen the light of day because people are generally smart enough to not throw their carcasses across the hood of a car and skin them alive for attacking our way of life the way they have. But don’t think that people aren’t thinking about it. This isn’t high school, this is real life. Its not racist to want to attack someone who is coming after you. White people can’t change their skin color either. And standing by and being quiet while attackers seek to change life as we know it into a socialist terror just isn’t something that will be acceptable. For these attackers against America and the Trump Administration in general whom we elected to represent us, most of us still believe in elections and a respect of the rule of law. Take that away, and what do they think is going to happen? People are not just going to sit around and take it, the way they have. They haven’t been respectful of our laws, so what makes them think that the silent majority will suddenly obey their laws if they manage to cheat their way into an election and gain the powers of office? Their public educations didn’t tell them the results, instead, they led them to believe that they could get away with it and bring to America a socialist coup.

If there were no police, or courts, or jails, then what is stopping any of us from completely eradicating their existence from the face of the earth? I know quite a few people who consider themselves among the 3%, which they call themselves as a tip of the hat to the Revolutionary War. It was only 3% who fought in that war for independence, and likely if there is some kind of Marxist takeover of the American government, the same type of numbers will resist them with extreme violence which is permissible by our Constitution. Its expected even. A quiet compliance to authority is not in the cards, let’s just say that. Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Antifa radicals start telling anybody what to do under a Marxist regime, she will be faced with armed conflict which none of her people are prepared to deal with. So that is the end game, and what the public education institutions ignored from the beginning. Public education was formed as the political left’s version of a re-education camp to train kids to think away from their parents and turn them into soldiers of insurrection, not to make them into productive people as adults. That’s why so many of them are lost presently. Fortunately for those who have decent families to teach them anyway, many grow up to become functioning people. But some grow up into losers like Alexandria Cortez and terrorists from Somalia like Ilhan Omar. Using a shield of racism, they seek to turn America into Somalia, not to run from places like that and seek shelter in freedom.

People were willing to give these attackers a little slack until they saw what they intended. I have always warned about it, but some people need to see for themselves, and now that they have, if a representative like Trump is not their to stand in the way of violence and mayhem, then without hope, they will attack those insurgents and the real violence will begin. Once you take away hope from people who aren’t stupid, you give them no choice but to fight back, and because they were smarter to begin with, they can devise more ways of violence than the stupid thugs that we see on the news destroying our city streets by weak governors and blue mayors. I know I don’t want to hurt anybody but if I can’t call the police, or prosecute in a court of law because they have all been taken over by socialist radicals committed deeply to Marxism, which is what many of us have learned during these 4 years of Trump, not in what he did, but in how the Deep State reacted to him, then eliminating the opposition is the only step left. Surrendering to their authority simply is not. I’m not going to do it, and they don’t have enough people in the world to force the issue. The great thing about modern warfare as opposed to sticks and swords from the past is that smart people can use science to vanquish their foes. And that is at the heart of freedom wherever it tries to grow.

To say that public education was agenda driven and that people didn’t want to see what was happening to their children is an understatement. But even as I have pointed this out for decades under a flag of civility, I can predict the end just as easily. The administrators who hatched this plot with our education system to the people teaching it did not think of the outcome that would ultimately defeat their intentions. They aren’t ready for the level of resistance that will meet them because they assumed that in the past when people did not fight them, that taking over America would be easy. What they didn’t pay attention to was that people act just as they do in high school, they hide in the shadows just so they can get through the day and get home to where they think its safe for them. In this case, people moved out into the suburbs to be away from liberal mayors and cities. But when pressed, people do and will fight if they see no other way out and that is what is happening presently. They’ll vote for Trump and if he doesn’t win and the Marxist think they have the keys to government, then that government will be wiped away by elements beyond their control. And that isn’t what their socialist teachers taught them in civics class. But they are going to likely learn the hard way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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