Proctor and Gamble Overstepped its Marketplace Footprint: When corporations become advocates for mask wearing and communism in general

It must have at least been a half a dozen times this past week where people asked me why? Why take such conservative positions when corporate socialism and the tide of the country is headed in the other direction? To the people asking the question they were thinking about it all wrong of course, and their question wasn’t malicious. Ironically, the second thing that they were asking me was what my new book was all about, and because of the amount that I can write and think about, what was taking so long? Well, it just so happens that the answer to the first question was one born out of the second. In my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which I have been heavily editing over these last few weeks with dedication, there is a defense of the western civilization way of doing things—which transcends over into business of course, but politics, philosophy, warfare, art, just about everything and its no small matter to frame into a point of reference. I would never be happy to just write another self-help book for the marketplace, if I’m going to do something, I expect it to have some earth shattering effect on someone reading it for the first time and nothing less. But it has taken some time to whittle that wood into the fine carving that it is. And while its not common by health of a corporate view of the world to take positions on social matters, what it essentially comes down to is that if you don’t have a stable country to function in, then what is the point in trying to run a business of any kind? Look at what politicians have done to the business world over Covid-19. If left to their own devices, politics will ruin all our lives, so to function in the business world, we must have a stable government that we can depend on—which has always been my first concern on social matters and why I do what I do.

The first chapter of my new book is about East meeting Western philosophy on the frontiers of the Wild West for essentially the first time in history and we all know the result, the East lost. Yet we have allowed the East to think it is superior to Western thinking because governments around the world find that people functioning as such are easier to control. Western thinking requires boldness, and it gives birth to a level of creativity that is simply amazing and produces in society so many wonderful things. But the more that Eastern collectivism has taken over in the business world the worse our culture in the West has been. You can most see the effect in entertainment industries such as motion picture development and music. But now we can see the impact in sports, and even food development and it was never so obvious the audacity of corporate socialism which is meant to appease the more aggressive desire to micromanage every aspect of a culture with Chinese communism than P&G in Cincinnati who took a position on aligning social practices to the desires of government with their mask wearing announcement over the 4th of July. I wasn’t surprised by it, but it was a stunning admission to their intent and desire to appease the mobs of government with obvious aggrandizement.

The only way it works, this control that governments and their chosen corporate outlets can mandate such restriction on the population at large is to eliminate competition. P&G obviously thinks that people need their products so much that people will overlook their political positions, which is clearly what they have done by insisting that people wear masks in public as a reaction to Covid-19. You could say the same about Nike, or the NFL over the heavy political push by sponsors to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something more politically desirable. It doesn’t matter what the fans want, what the market driven economy wants, it’s what government wants and that is how bullies in government get what they want out of people in general and control the freedom of any marketplace weakening the effects of capitalism for all the strategic reasons that a person could think of. And now that the push for outright communism is out of the bag, corporate leaders raised in an education system around the world teaching essentially Eastern Philosophy are behaving as they have been taught, which I would argue was wrong from their very foundations. But its why they are so quick to fall in line with government mandates rather than challenging them in court or on the grounds of harming capitalist creativity.

The nature of all markets, especially under the flags of freedom is that competition will make them better and provide the best goods and services to those who want them. But because of the alliance of government and corporations everyone has forgotten that freedom determines the eventual reality unless governments can take away those options for complete control of a market, which does not exist. For instance, to answer P&G’s assumption about wearing a mask if the public wants to return to sports and other mass gathering events, I will say that people will drop sports all together and move on to something more fun if corporations have taken away the fun of doing such things. I can think of two examples just from last week. Nintendo Switch, which I have talked about often is so good in what it does, and continues to sell out all over the world because of the high demand it provides its customers that during all this Covid-19 shutdown nonsense that people have already found an alternative to sports. People are playing video games online with each other more and are replacing traditional social gatherings at a faster rate than anybody is ready to admit. The market money simply went somewhere else, and that is what all these sports teams are going to learn, unfortunately too late. The second thing I noticed was that Kings Island tried to open under the new government guidelines and it was just a pain in the ass for the consumer. Some people did go brave the long lines and mask wearing, but that will not be the norm. If that industry becomes so restrictive, then people will simply find something else to do. They won’t comply as the board members of these various corporations are hoping as they bootlick with politicians to find a happy middle ground everyone can relate to. The consumer isn’t going to put up with such restrictions, and they’ll take their money elsewhere. That is how it works in the real world.

I remember the damage that the baseball strike had on the game in 1994, and I would argue that it never really recovered. The NFL with all this kneeling stuff, and name changing, and the social justice garbage will learn that fans are not going to invest in something that makes them feel bad. The NBA is also going to go through the same process. And when people lose interest in sports they won’t buy the Nike shoes and Under Armor shirts at the store. They will buy something, but if they can’t feel good about the purchase, they’ll move their money elsewhere and that is in essence what my book is about, and why I do get involved in politics rather than adopting to every stupid rule that comes from government to limit what corporations can do in offering goods and services to the vast public. P&G does not have a monopoly on the marketplace even though they have been fooling themselves into thinking so. And they do not have the political leverage to do the bidding of government to wear masks and change the behavior of the marketplace. They have been an influencer, but not a driver. Free market decisions ultimately decide and understanding what free people really want is the key to making decisions about the future and that is the difference between Eastern philosophy and the optimistic gaze of the West toward potential and promise driven by imagination.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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One thought on “Proctor and Gamble Overstepped its Marketplace Footprint: When corporations become advocates for mask wearing and communism in general

  1. Looking forward to the book! Anywhere but Amazon?
    Case in point, Americans can’t put their money where their mouth is. All will still watch football and buy from their advertisers, they will still go to Disney (which is a huge head scratcher) even with Kaperdick in their front pocket, eat at places that offend them, watch Nascar and buy there as well, etc, etc…all while boasting never this and never that. And tptb know it. P&G will be just fine. If not better as will all the above mentions.

    RIP Mr. Daniels

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