Vote For Trump: I don’t want to have to kill anybody

A lot of people have been asking me why I now where a leather vest everywhere I go outside of my home, and often while I am at home. Well, the reason is that I made a switch in my concealed carry options in 2020, well before Antifa got out of control, and the BLM riots, the corrupt politicians and media who are fanning the flames of communism to overthrow the America we all know and love, before Covid-19, back in the days of what we used to call “normal,” because being me makes a lot of people mad, and for dumb people, which are quite numerous, they want to end your existence rather than deal with you squarely.

So, I made an upgrade to my daily carry firearm from my cowboy gun, the Vaquero Colt .45 which you can easily carry anywhere without people really noticing it, to my .50 caliber Desert Eagle. Both guns have big bullets, but the Desert Eagle is a lot more powerful, shoots faster and can be re-loaded much, much quicker. With some of the bad guys who are out there these days, that is a needed assurance, to carry the biggest gun you can carry to deal with the level of violence bad guys today intend to use. I don’t see a little 9 mm to be powerful enough to stop a crazed lunatic strung out on oxy or crack. If they come after you, you may have to empty an entire magazine into them to put a stop to their ill intentions. So I needed to find a way to carry my bigger guns every day, so one of my new year resolutions for 2020 was to find a way to do so, and that’s why I wear leather vests everywhere now, and will likely forever continue to do so.

I discovered a specific kind of vest that is made by STS while shopping at a nice cowboy leather store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was looking for things to wear to fast draw matches, but what I found instead were these leather vests that were designed to conceal carry. They were nice enough to go with my daily business attire so it was at that point that I decided to incorporate the STS vests into my daily life, which would allow me to conceal carry my bigger guns for personal protection and as a first responder to impediments of law and order. To me, a society that has been proposed lately by elements of the political left is off the table. I can deal with people who think differently than I do, or who are not yet as wise to the ways of the world and are learning like puppies just emerging from their mother finding their way in life. What I can’t and won’t deal with is insurrection of the American constitution on my watch. I will not put up with domestic enemies to the American way of life. So to me, the concealed carry right is an obligation to help law enforcement to do that job and I take it very serious. Like most concealed carry holders, I never plan to shoot anybody. I am the type of person who would always look for any other alternative. But surrendering our society to aggressors is just not something I’m willing to do, and that means that the means to stopping aggressive, anti-American forces must always be on your mind.

There is a reason that law enforcement in most cases supports concealed carry programs, and in counties like the one I live in where I know the sheriff personally and he knows who his helpers are to keep law and order in check as a first responder, concealed carry holders are also very responsible. They tend to stay out of trouble because as felons they could lose their rights to own firearms, and if they abuse the rights of concealed carry, they could lose it. So the smart police sheriffs around the country understand that the more concealed carry holders that are in the world, that the safer society tends to be. There are over 400,000 people in the county I live in, and shootings almost never happen between people. Largely because people at least respect other people’s right to exist. But in a lawless Democrat run city like Chicago where many of the suburbs around the city have just as many people, there are multiple shootings in the double digits every single night. Places like that are cultures in decline and it largely comes down to the philosophy of the law. Concealed carry is illegal in Chicago, and it shows. People do not respect law and order and they do not respect life, and there is nobody around to protect the innocent from aggressive elements.

There is a lot of fear that if Trump does not get re-elected that all of America will become like Chicago and for very good reason. Democrats are below-the-line thinkers who use victimization to overcome opposition to their desire to loot their fellows. So when their policies are at work in any community, state or country, we see natural breakdowns in the social order and violence always follows. Personally, I don’t think the election will even be close, I think Trump will win among free people easily. But, I also think Democrats will cheat, I do not have much faith in the FBI to not help rig the election and the big tech companies out there like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are going to do anything they can to help overturn America as a capitalist culture and throw it to the global communism movement led by China.

As a student of history, I know what happened in China in 1949 and what they did to people in the wrong political party. We’ve seen similar things in Germany and the Soviet Union. We’ve even seen it just south of Florida in Cuba. Well, that’s not going to happen to me, my family, my community, or my country. I prefer to defend our republic through legal elections by rules that all sides agree to. But if the other side isn’t going to play by the rules, and if they intend to break the rules so they can re-write them under the threat of violence, well that’s when things get nasty and we are obligated to bring out the guns to defend the American way of life from the insurgents who want it destroyed and us with it.

So I have upgraded my concealed carry options by wearing these leather vests so that I am always ready for anything that might happen, and I plan to keep it that way. Yet I still hope I don’t have to shoot anybody to defend America. I would remind everyone that it is far better to fight now with votes and the parameters of the law rather than to gather in small self-created armies to take America back through the spilling of blood. This little period between this writing and November 3rd will be the easiest and best time to save America without bloodshed. But if that doesn’t work, then we will have to fight the domestic enemies of America on the terms of violence that they have dictated. And when I define enemies of America, it would be anybody who won’t salute or stand for our flag. In so doing, even if people don’t agree to the same political philosophy, at least we can know who supports the rule of law and we can function under that shared assumption.

But those who hate the American constitution and refuse to stand for the flag are saying to the rest of us that they don’t agree with the laws and we don’t share them in common. So its war with those types by their own admission. And if they win in these upcoming elections and then seek to use their power base to undo our lives, then the fight will be much harder and bloodier. With that in mind, just as in concealed carry, we must all prepare for protecting the rule of law. But if the other side doesn’t respect it, we must be ready to engage them with more violence than they are threatening, to protect our republic. However, at this point, we still have the mechanism of an election and a good president to vote for that will preserve our society. So for now, we can still conceal our weapons in public and hope that peace can be achieved so that we can live our lives well, and without conflict. In that spirit I do dress differently now, I am ready for anything, but I keep that concealed under my leather vests as a fine balance between chaos and a functional republic for which I hope continues to stand.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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