The Step By Step Process of Impeaching Mike DeWine: If action is not taken, we will lose the rule of law forever

Yes, its time to stop fooling around, the case to impeach Mike DeWine is well into maturity and if congress doesn’t act, it will lose forever any respect that the executive branch of Ohio government will ever have for it again. It’s been a long time since Ohio has had any impeachments of any office holders. In fact, there are only eight cases, and one conviction of those all who were judges. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t have been more, but over the course of many years, the trend for more and more politicians to push constitutional limits has of course brought us to the present problem of what to do with Mike DeWine, who has certainly abused his power as governor forcing the state legislature in the form of the House of Representatives to take on the case and correct the behavior. Unfortunately, we all know more about the impeachment process this year than last as we watched the federal House of Representatives abuse their majority and use impeachment to attempt to derail President Trump. We learned and its true, the action of impeachment starts in the House of Representatives in any American body, and they can impeach for anything, including eating a ham sandwich. It is up to the Senate in both the at the state level or the federal to have a trail and prove or disprove the articles of impeachment that the House comes up with. After speaking with many people on the matter I understand there is quite an underground movement in the Ohio Statehouse that are occurring in the whispers in just about every corner, so let’s make it easy for everyone. If you want to know how to start the process against DeWine, here are the PDF instructions on how to do it. Just click the links and you can see the source documents to get things started. Its as easy as that.

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R2563-117 (1)R-133-3926 (1)

As to the why, well, I have made several cases why it’s necessary on these pages. There are a growing number of court cases that are adding to the relevance. I have included also on this document several radio broadcasts from Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW who has had on several prominent Republican leaders to talk about everything that has been wrong with the Governor’s reaction to Covid-19. I know many people are toiling over having to take action against Governor DeWine, because they have been friends with him, they know him and have for many years, many of them love his wife and think of her as a kind of extended mother. But when good people do bad things, they deserve what comes to them whether or not people like their character. If a good person accidently shoots someone, or runs them down in the street with a car, those good people are still subject to criminal enterprise. They may get a reduced sentence in jail because of their good character, but if we don’t honor justice blindly, then we lose it for everyone, which is largely what we see happening now in our streets during this election year. Not taking action against DeWine because people like him, which most of the critics say as a way to take away the edge of criticism, will not restore the respect of our system of government that has been lost by the Governor’s own decisive actions to listen to a faulty radical in Amy Acton and giving her dictatorial powers as a Health Director covered by the office of an elected governor who sold himself as one way, then decided to behave contrary to those expectations. That in itself isn’t the problem, the problem is that DeWine abused his powers for an extended period of time and has brought great harm to our economy and future outlooks for business investment under a false premise espoused by Amy Acton to follow a destructive political climate that has been harmful and very personal to every Ohio citizen, regardless of party affiliation.

I understand how Republicans and even Democrats feel about taking such action against a sitting governor. Nobody, well at least not many people, likes to throw rocks in a glass house. Most people are guilty of something, so they don’t feel morally compelled to pass judgment on a friend and colleague. And DeWine knows that, which is why he has acted with no respect for the legislative exchange that is supposed to protect us all from a dictator drunk on power as an executive. People fight hard together to fund raise, to win elections, and they form lasting friendships in those bonding experiences that make it hard to impeach someone when wrongdoing is noticed. That’s why its been so long since anybody has been impeached in Ohio. To say the least, modern politicians and other high rollers have less conviction than the type of people who wrote our state and federal constitutions, which of course is another reason why we see anarchists and anti-American forces raging on the news every night attacking everything even remotely considered American. Its not enough to say that we should impeach Mike DeWine just because he abused his power over Covid-19, but we must restore respect to the process of government, regardless of political affiliation. Failure to take action in this very obvious case will only further erode trust in government which obviously has been eroding away for nearly 200 years year by year.

Yet the case is obvious, when you listen to these radio broadcasts, and read the attached documents, one which covers three of the impeachment cases from 1805 to 1809, that of Judge William Irvin, then of Judge Calvin Pease and George Tod. Reading of those cases it is obvious that we have lost several steps in our Ohio legislature and it really doesn’t matter that we behave ourselves during an election year while we try to unite the party behind President Trump so that he can win Ohio. Right is right, and its hard to do. But if we don’t do it, we will lose our government forever, and there will be no future. DeWine is counting on the political machine and his friendships to give him cover-fire for deep, constitutional violations of abusing his power for a sustained period of time that has caused vast health problems and economic doom. Even if he had good intentions, he is still guilty of the ramifications which were made worse because he did not share counsel with the legislative branches to help him make the correct decisions. He simply hid Amy Acton from those angry at her, for ruining their lives over Covid-19 and continued to ignore the legislature looking to solve the problems in Ohio not with more government orders made in the dark of night without intelligent debate, but with actual laws. What DeWine has done at a minimum of analysis was not to violate some criminal statute, but rather, which is consistent with most attempts at impeachments in the past, he violated the public trust. We aren’t looking to throw Mike DeWine in jail. But he does need to be removed from office so that future office holders do not attempt to do as he did in 2020 with Covid-19. Its not a matter of “should” but is certainly a matter of “must.” The evidence is in abundance right here, the work has been made easy for you.

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