I Feel Sorry for Kings Island: More government tampering that is ruining yet another market sector

I did finally go to Kings Island to ride the new Orion roller coaster, and it wasn’t disappointing. It was fantastic and another fine treasure of the Cincinnati area. Kings Island did a great job with it, however, it was a sad experience. Sure, it was good to go to Kings Island again after the Covid nonsense, but it was a stifled reflection of itself. The thing for me that I couldn’t get passed after they opened again in July, once the government of Ohio finally “let them,” was the reservation system a day in advance. The masks I am against as well, but I am somewhat accommodating when on some business property where they require masks. But the reservation system was a deal killer for me. Well, as it turns out, they didn’t need the reservation system because there weren’t enough people wanting to come to the part to even worry about it. On a prime day for Kings Island to be open on a Thursday in the middle of summer, there were barely enough people there to fill the space at the entrance of International Street. Most of the rides were 5-minute walk-ons which is great for someone like me, but the pain I could feel from Kings Island wasn’t worth it. They were hemorrhaging money just for being open and it made me physically sick to see.

I was in the line for Orion when I saw a message from the Hollywood Reporter come through on my phone reporting that Disney had pushed out the release date for Mulan again along with any future Star Wars and Avatar films because of Covid-19. Looking around at the magnificent Orion roller coaster that Kings Island spent $30 million on, the largest investment in the park’s history, they were counting on long lines and for the park to become a vacation destination this year. But the Covid crowd attendance was devastating to them, and it was obvious Disney was thinking the same thing. They were going to hold out and not hemorrhage money on this current market that the government had severely interrupted by what they call safety. But to me it was all bullshit. Most politicians are not the smartest tacks in the box, most of them would not do well in the private sector so they hide in the public where the government can promise them a paycheck. Governors like Mike DeWine was a fine example of that, his reaction to Covid-19 was as a panicky parent insecure about their parental role in keeping children safe, so he was quick to distort the law and go all in on Covid-19 as a big government micromanager and to stick its fat ass in the middle of our economy to slow down everything. And it was costing companies like Cedar Fair Amusements millions and millions of dollars. And to add fuel to that fire, government could care less.

For readers of this article who don’t know my general impression of Covid-19 I think it’s a purely political thing, it has nothing to do with the deadliness of the virus. As has been proven, Covid-19 might spread easily, but governments around the world screwed up when they allowed radical medical professionals to establish new measurements on this particular coronavirus that were purely political. They gambled that it would be more deadly, hoped that it would in fact, so they could justify their political over-reaction to it. So I don’t trust any of the authorities involved in Covid-19, including President Trump. I think he got suckered into the alarmist propaganda of White House medical advisors during an election year and that he must play along, because many people who want to vote for him believe all the nonsense. But for the minds of the matter, Covid-19 was a terrorist attack on our economy and Kings Island was the obvious victim for sure. All during the “plandemic” I’ve personally been able to avoid a lot of direct impact to my life. I love going to restaurants, amusement parks, and movies, but I also love reading, video games, and hanging out with my family. So, with many of those social things not available I have just read more books. I have barely noticed what the outside world was doing. But I’ll say this, they weren’t going to Kings Island.

Government is there to help people conduct their business without killing each other, to establish the basic rules of an orderly society. It is not to get in the way of a micromanaged economy that puts severe limits on the creativity of the human race. What government has been doing and what Mike DeWine specifically was interpreting was his job as an executive of Ohio government was wrong. The media was driving the dialogue of falsehoods that even Trump had to follow, that the role of government was to keep people safe, which was clearly incorrect. And the attackers of America knew that they could really screw up our system by attacking the definition of “safe” with Covid-19. It was a plan hatched out of China after the last Trump trade deal and it involved many American corporations placing their bets on the eventual outcome which involved a collapse of American capitalism into much more socialism then eventually a united world under communism for which China would rule completely at the head of the United Nations. For me the obvious measure of lost billions and trillions of dollars from the American economy caused by this terrorist act was in entertainment. When people aren’t entertained and thinking about things besides basic survival, you can see the future GDP of our entire economy wrecked and destroyed quickly thereafter.

I know quite a few people who do work in the Walt Disney and Universal Studio theme parks in Florida and I have been curious what it would be like to wear a mask to those places and Kings Island gave me a snap shot of that effort. At Kings Island while I was there it wasn’t too bad of a day, it was about 84 degrees with the threat of rain most of the time. And let me tell you, it was hot under that mask, terrible even. No wonder nobody was going to the park and with around 4 weeks left to be open with all the payroll that Kings Island has on the books, it was clear they were going to lose many millions of dollars this year. They were losing money just to be open to keep what fans they did have plugged in enough not to lose their brand recognition completely. It will likely take years to build their business back up if Trump is elected and we get back to normal around the world on November 4th. But it will likely take much longer than that to get back to normal and that will be devastating to companies like Cedar Fair Amusements who run Kings Island. The heat at the Disney Parks would be much worse of course and its clear they are seeing the same kind of fan attendance which excites greatly the socialists who are clapping at the demise of American capitalism which is so well represented in our entertainment culture. The situation is far worse than even I had been saying, and the damage in many cases will be irreparable.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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