Corporations are Learning Who is Really in Charge: Customers are earned, not slaves to progressive sentiment

Most of my readers don’t like it when I do Star Wars articles, but especially in a post Covid-19 economy, or the economy that we’ll have after the November of 2020 election. I take measurements from many places and see the breadcrumbs in the least likely locations, certainly not places others in the economy are deducting wisdom from, so these occasional side roads are useful to readers with a mind to consider them. Many of the predictions I made about coronavirus, the Marxist plot that is global in nature and has seeped into our medical system at all levels, and the push by politicians to unite the Democratic Party behind sheer chaos and below the line thinking were made by using the places I look as opposed to what others do to arrive at conclusions and for me, the way Star Wars has evolved over the last few years as a property now owned by Disney. What I am saying about Star Wars, and what I have said over the last ten years or so are very much part of a micro economy that could tell the future story of Nike, Disney as a company, the NFL, NBA, Wal-Mart, just about any corporate entity that is trying to align itself to deal with this next decade that is unfolding before us.

First, I have to say about Star Wars and what Kathleen Kennedy did to the expanded universe that was so popular in the books turned out to be correct. Disney finally after the ‘Rise of Skywalker’ movie came out has had to decide to get George Lucas involved again along with Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau to repair the franchise and one of the ways they are planning to do that is to repair the fan relationship to the expanded universe, just as I said they had to do. Kathleen Kennedy for those who need the review really screwed up Star Wars when she brought social justice elements to the film series and watered down the content so badly that with all the power that Disney has had fans just didn’t like it and the brand was severely weakened by the experience. I personally liked ‘Rise of Skywalker,’ but that was largely because Kennedy stopped screwing up and let the new generation make the movie they knew fans wanted. The contents of the story were not very good, but it was a step in the right direction. But now, Disney knows what it must do. It would have been better for them if they had listened to articles I had written on the matter before they destroyed their market share, but its better late than never. The big sign that getting George involved again is that they are apparently resurrecting the character of Mara Jade from the expanded universe, which is good. Kennedy had figured that people would always love Star Wars so she could afford to abuse its relationship with the fans and inject all the progressive talking points as a lesson to the viewers and a way to shape society in a more progressive direction. Obviously that plan has fallen apart and she is now out in Lucasfilm, the company that makes the Star Wars films for Disney now, as Favreau and Filoni are now running things with the original creator, George Lucas.

Kathy Kennedy is a product of the Hollywood culture, she and her husband Frank—the guy who got hit in the head with a chop block in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ have been producers for a long time, most of their adult lives. But in all that time they never learned to make movies as good as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. They witnessed up close how things were made and based on that it should have been assumed that they could make the pie as good as anybody. But they couldn’t and never did. At best, as in the Jurassic World movies they were able to copy what their teachers did, but they couldn’t produce original content. And in Kennedy’s case, who had been involved in movies like E.T. and every other big Spielberg film, she was so oblivious to the elements of what makes a great film, that she assumed Star Wars as a property would survive just by putting up the images and music, by in turning the whole franchise into a Black Lives Matter campaign add, or in returning to the progressive days of women victimization as if Democrats still thought that they were fighting for the right to vote. She was considered the best in the business of all the minds in Hollywood, and she didn’t understand. I did of course and so said way in advance of the trouble. I know why she and others didn’t know and I have put those reasons in my new book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. Not specifically about Star Wars, but more about how such people lose sight of the original goal of something.

The same thing that happened to Star Wars is going to happen to virtually everything else in the American economy. Such as the audaciousness of Target and Wal-Mart to become among the many companies demanding customers wear masks before shopping in their facilities over fears of Covid-19, or NASCAR banning the Confederate Flag and promoting Bubba Wallace, a very average driver who likely only has the job because he’s black, as the second coming of Christ. The fans get it, yet the corporation of NASCAR who wants to keep the sponsors all lined up is only thinking of the elements of what make people attracted to the sport, not the sport itself. Due to the shut downs and Marxist takeovers of many sectors of America’s economy people are still doing what people did, just as people who were Star Wars fans moved on and did other things once Disney screwed up the expanded universe, but the corporate heads have failed to assume that they can control their customers, not the other way around. It is the customer who ultimately votes with their wallet. Its not FedEx and other companies who threatened to take money away from the Washington Redskins to change their name in the NFL to make a bunch of Indians who weren’t complaining about it, who are in control. It’s the beer chuggers tail gating at 6 AM on a Sunday morning in America who are, and by changing the name it is assumed that they’ll just follow, like the Star Wars makers thought audiences would follow if they still had space ships, but changed the characters from white cowboys to blacks and white women fighting for equality.

Markets aren’t created, they are discovered. What makes people want to buy this or that isn’t a creation of the big corporation, its uncovered by development. People like what they like, the corporations are not in control. Rather, it’s the other way around as Disney had to discover with Star Wars, a proven commodity until they put their micromanaged hands all over it with social messages instead of just a fun story designed to pit bad guys against good guys for a fight everyone could relate with. A customer earned is a valuable thing, but the customer isn’t married to an abusive relationship for the rest of their lives. People have choice and all corporations have to understand that the best they can do is give people what they want, and work hard to keep them coming. But nobody is going to cry if people stop buying Nike shoes because the NBA is thought of as a China loving communist sympathizer and ratings drop through the floor because people want to be entertained, not lectured to. Whether its Star Wars or Apple, whatever the company is, having a customer is a great thing, and they should never assume that customer will follow them for the rest of their days no matter what they do. At best, the customer will follow until the day that the company stops giving them what they want.

It is the consumer who is in control, not the government, not the CEO of some company, it’s the value of where a dollar is spent who is. And that is an element that all big government types have been fighting and refuse to admit to themselves is the case. But then again, Kathy Kennedy had been groomed by Hollywood all her life to be a great CEO of the best entertainment property in the world, and she screwed it all up in a few short years, likely to never fully recover. And the same will be the case for the many companies who jumped on the Covid-19 bandwagon to inspire progressive change in society instead of serving the needs of the customer—whatever those might be. And that is what is going to happen next in every aspect of the American economy. The needs and desires will go on, but what will change is who delivers those goods. Big corporations are very vulnerable, but the money that is spent is not. Someone is going to make the public happy. And that lesson is one that many are learning as we speak as the Covid-19 media hype has turned out to be mostly a hoax and people will remember who panicked and who didn’t, and the world of tomorrow will be shaped with that sentiment in mind.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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