The Trump Interview with Chris Wallace: If the President doesn’t win, there will be a vicious war

I thought the Chris Wallace interview with President Trump on Fox News Sunday was very good, and it showed clearly what is at stake with this next election. But I also think that everyone missed the point in the matter, the merits of the interview escaped them. Obviously, Chris was trying to play the Democrat representative with “gotcha” questions to stump the President. And Trump was classic in many ways showing exactly why he won to begin with. The biggest difference with Trump which people love and hate is that he’s not afraid to go anywhere and talk to anybody about anything, and both sides should agree that’s a good thing. However, we are not talking about normal times. The political left, which Wallace represented the nicest aspect of their point of view want an all out revolution and the topic of the interview really boiled down to one element, whether or not Trump would respect the results of this next election or if he would fight the results. Trump was elusive on the subject and for good reason. The Democrats plan to cheat, and they wanted Wallace to pin down the President to see if he would respect the results whatever the methods. Yet with all that has gone on so far over the past 4 years, the Democrats never respected Trump being elected, and so it should be said, they have a problem. Because if or when they ever get another president from their side elected, they shouldn’t expect to be treated any better than what they have given Trump, our representative. They have declared all out war and the only thing that has kept things peaceful is that we have a representative in the White House. Surely, they don’t think they are tougher than we are.

I watched over the weekend Michelle Malkin get attacked on stage at a Stand with the Cops rally in Denver, Colorado, rather viciously as Black Rights Matter Marxists charged the stage to assault her. The audaciousness of it took even her by surprise. I watched No Mask protestors clash with BLM and ANTIFA types at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio where dummy Mike DeWine, the liberal governor there has really screwed things up between the various factions politically. We are getting very close to all out armed combat which almost happened at that statehouse protest. Then of course there were the various riots across the country particularly in the progressive city of Chicago where organized attackers assaulted the police with frozen water bottles and umbrellas to hide their faces from identity so to escape eventual arrest. I would offer that if Trump is re-elected, which he should be, that things might die down a bit as the hope of insurrection from the political left would wear away at them. But if Trump isn’t re-elected and a radical progressive agenda is attempted to be put in place, then these fights won’t be anything. Real violence will break out and tempers will escalate to something nobody is prepared for.

Its not just Trump who assumes that these radicals who have direct connections to the Deep State are going to try to steal this election any way possible. Therefor, we don’t trust the results that will occur unless Trump is the next president. Any other outcome will lead to a war within the states. People in general have been very patient with all the crimes we have seen our government commit, but as long as Trump was our representative in the White House, we were willing to put up with it. Sure, we’d like to come to Michelle Malkin’s defense, and the countless other people harassed openly by attackers from the radicalized Democrats moving toward an objective of all out insurrection. But we keep hoping that someone is going to jail over the FBI debacle, the Mueller Report, and the Democrats deep ties to the Obama Administration spying openly on the incoming Trump Administration. We keep hoping that justice will be done so we keep our guns on the racks and our tempers in our pocket. However, the moment that none of those things are possible, where Trump isn’t in office anymore, whether that’s in 2020 or 2024, a rage of anger will emerge that the left isn’t prepared to deal with.

There is a very good reason that so many people don’t trust the government over Covid-19, its because they know and remember all the lies from before which show that government will lie, cheat and steal anything to acquire power, so there will never be unity behind an American reaction to coronavirus. There are only the suckers, and the skeptics in the matter and it was government that created that. People aren’t at fault for questioning things. They have a right to, and the government has let them down time and time again including in the present where they have been caught politicizing Covid-19 and now people see that there aren’t deaths or hospital overruns, that much of the coronavirus has been an overaction to nothing, and they are upset that government destroyed their lives over it. Those people are not following P&G to kneeling before almighty government and sucking the wee wee of Governor DeWine who has moved even further left than the never-Trumper John Kasich. They’ll boycott P&G, throw out the governor and start making plans to really fight in the streets. So far, the left has been unmatched because the political right is counting on Trump to win. If that is not an option and desperation takes over logic, look out.

I remember the early Tea Party meetings after Obama was elected. Back then we weren’t sure if he was a socialist or a terrorist bred for the job by Bill Ayers from the University of Chicago sent to us from Kenya. And people were ready for war then. Now that we’ve seen what we have, the day after the election will be bad if Trump is not the representative in the White House. I don’t think anybody on the political left, including Chris Wallace understands that level of anger. It was the anger that put Trump in place to begin with. Removing Trump won’t make that anger go away. Not having him as an option will however exacerbate that anger to levels that will make the current riots in the streets look like a playground for children. We’ve seen what the government of St. Louis is trying to do to the McCloskeys for using guns to defend their home from an angry mob. Nobody this time around thinks that justice is on their side, as the FBI has clearly shown us. And when you take all that hope for justice away, the Left is gambling that people will break and hide in their homes the way the Covid-19 experiment has shown. But always through this election year has there been hope that next week or next month, things will get better. The moment that hope is gone, so will people’s tolerance for evil. That is what I saw from the Chris Wallace interview with Trump, a barely understandable grasp of reality from the Democrats as to just how angry Trump supporters are toward that party and that if Trump did lose, what the next day would look like. And when people watching saw unconsciously the same thing I did, they were suddenly a bit more terrified than they were before, and for damn good reason.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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