The Marxist Plot to take over America is Old: In the end, free market desires will win out

Its not that its new, I wrote a lot on the topic over ten years ago and have done many radio broadcasts on the subject well before “pod casts” were even a thing. History has recorded in abundant detail the socialist and Marxist insurrections of Germany, Russia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Iran all over Africa, Cuba, Central America, South America, the Mexican Revolution, Europe and even specifically the Mandela communist insurgency of South Africa. Socialist International is what it used to be called has had jealous eyes pointed toward America for well over 100 years, so the battleplan they use to take over countries is well known, and now, under the cover of a virus outbreak during an election year, they are making their move to topple America as a capitalist country in the same way. The only argument that there is on the matter is that people just have a hard time believing that such a thing could happen in America, that there would be domestic enemies that radicalized. So the events of the day are stunning to them, unbelievable even as they see cars burning in the streets and people being beaten violently as Biden and the Democrats smile on with approval. Yes, these guys are playing for keeps. They want you to submit, or die—literally.

Corporations have been hedging their bets that some form of socialism will become a new norm in America based on the public reaction to Covid-19 and the tyranny of the many governors who have rolled over and played dead to the Marxist World Health Organization, so now we are seeing mandatory mask rules for private places of business like Wal-Mart, and Target otherwise people might call the hotline to the government and report them to the Health Department So that’s the setting for our present 2020 circumstances. However, even though it all looks scary I have some perspective for you dear reader. This perspective doesn’t mean you can take anything for granted in this year’s election. To my mind, it won’t even be close. If we all do our jobs, there should be a return to both houses of congress to the Republicans and President Trump should win with around 400 electoral votes. The acceleration of this socialist plot is largely to our advantage as capitalists, because this plan they are hatching is premature, they have acted before they were ready. They are forced to go all in now when they would have preferred to let the cake bake for another decade or so. And because of that they are set to see a complete collapse of their movement, strategically.

The reason why is that people have been moving toward more freedom for several centuries now and capitalism was born out of that desire. As the rest of the world moved toward one world government Marxism this is the reason America has such a high immigrant population and why its such a large target for global Marxists to overthrow, because those socialist and communist plans don’t work if people have options. Yet in America even under the current crises of Covid, people have choices, and ultimately so long as Donald Trump is on the ballot, that is where the silent majority discussion comes into play. And while in the short-run people have accepted the limits of economic activity with sports and other entertainment, its not going to work. Corporations are playing along right now to survive, but we are quickly reaching a point where choice will force free markets to ignore the stupid laws of corrupt governors and the Marxist medical advocates intent to destroy the American economy for good. In America there is simply too much choice for this Marxist attack to succeed.

Prior to Covid-19 companies like McDonald’s, Nike, Wal-Mart, etc, worked hard through advertising to build their brand to gain market share. They wanted you as a consumer to spend your money with them. However, as Disney World is learning, walking that fine line between government compliance and a product that appeals to individual freedoms doesn’t work well under a Marxist insurrection. They opened their parks this past week and even with the reservation system people are not flocking to attend their vacation destinations because honestly, its just too much a pain in the ass. Too many rules to follow, so people just aren’t going to spend $100 per ticket to attend. And that is what the NFL is going to learn, and the NBA. And soon, Wal-Mart and Target are going to learn it too. If going to their brick and mortar stores is just too much of a pain in the ass, people will order online or find some other workaround.

Even in modern day China where they have an openly communist regime that controls everything—but the black market, people still find ways to get what they want whether or not the government endorses it. People always desire to be free, and in places like the United States, people might be afraid, but if given the ability to vote for their own self-interest, they will. The silent majority are out there and they are silent for a reason. Corporations in their eagerness to comply with over intrusive government regulations have forgotten about them and miscalculated that the new normal will not last. Eventually corporations will have to compete for market share once again. They will not be able to ban the Confederate Flag at NASCAR events because it’s the only sport on television, or the NBA isn’t going to get away with Social Justice communism because their ratings have led them to believe people will put up with it. People for months now have found other things to entertain themselves with, they are spending money on those things, but in a free market, McDonald’s isn’t promised that money. They could fail by following the wrong market trends.

I’m one of those silent majority people. Sure, I write a lot in defense of President Trump, but I don’t walk around with hats and t-shirts showing how I’m going to vote. I work with a lot of people all over Cincinnati every day who come from very diverse backgrounds. If asked, I defend my positions, but I don’t sell my positions to everyone I meet. I’m a staunch concealed carry holder and I don’t go out and look to pick fights with people. I don’t want to kill anybody. I’d like to see people live through the day and have a good chance at life no matter what they believe. I don’t go to protests. I seldom attend public rallies unless I have a VIP pass and can get some distance from the crowd a bit. I go out of my way in life to avoid conflict if I can, which I share with most of the silent majority. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let some ANTIFA loser hit me in the head with a brick. And even if they could, if the Marxists did take over, how would they enforce their policies. I’m not going to back down from them. If I can’t live my life, then people like me would become their worst nightmare. They clearly haven’t thought this whole thing through. They don’t know or realize what they have done to themselves because they have simply followed the plan of Marxism around the world and have been trying to apply it to a culture that has lots of options for freedom.

Tolerance for radicals exists to the point where freedoms still exist. But the moment freedom is threatened, well that’s where people do start going to protests and people start getting killed. Freedom loving people who will allow themselves to be pushed to a limit still believe that an election can set the ship right again. But the moment that isn’t an option, the level of violence that would occur would be very scary to those advocating for Marxism. There simply aren’t enough compliant people in America to allow the math to work, and that won’t change. Even with the new generation raised in Marxist public schools there is still a love of freedom that they have through capitalism that they will not want to give up. They want to go to Wal-Mart when they want. They don’t want to be told they have to wear a mask, buy a certain product, or limit their living options to government’s ability to monitor them. The government can’t even run the BMV, let alone run everyone’s life down to the last detail, even with computers. Even with all the scary stuff we are seeing, America is different because of our society of choices, and the Marxists do not have a strategy to overcome that—and corporations are slaves to it, whether they like it or not. They need us, we don’t need them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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