Teachers Don’t Want to Go Back to School: They’ll use Covid-19 as an excuse forever if we let them

I’d be lying if I said I hate to say it, because I do love saying it. I’ve been saying it for a long time, and I said it most recently when the Covid-19 plandemic broke, the teachers were never going to want to go back to school. Now of course we all know good teachers here and there who are the exceptions to the rule, but that rule is, parents put up with the government schools and their socialist training because it gives them free babysitting while they live their clueless lives as young parents following their peers over a cliff to their doom, economically, and spiritually while the teacher unions that control the government schools are essentially a lazy group of workers who at best want to train tomorrow’s Marxists to overthrow America. They don’t care about the children and they sure as hell don’t care about you dear reader. All they really want to do is sit on the couch and eat a doughnut. If they could use Covid-19 as an excuse not to work, you can bet that they will, and have. They won’t go back to the classroom until someone literally picks them up with a tow truck and drops them off with force back into the classroom. Apparently, a lot of people are surprised by this. I am not one of them.

It should go without saying that I support the Trump Administration plan to reopen schools this fall, or those schools should lose their federal funding. Why would any of us taxpayers be on the hook paying for things that aren’t happening. If teachers are too scared to come to work over Covid, then the school can either find new employees, or they can surrender their funding and stay closed. But the proposal that funding does anything for government schools is preposterous. Even if schools are open, they are terrible wastes of time on a child’s mind since we all know by now that the product of the education is socialism and communism. You can see that by all the Black Lives Matter protestors and ANTIFA crybabies, those insurgents are the products of public education. Most of us had to go through that terrible enterprise and we are reluctant to call it a waste of time. But for what we pay, we could get so much more and we should demand better. Because honestly, the goal of public education as it was designed by Dewey was to train young minds toward Marxist causes, what they named in America—progressivism.

Teachers who belong to these teacher unions do not want to work; their goal is to do as little as possible for the maximum amount of money they can extract from the taxpayers. The way that schools are funded are even part of the vile process as they are designed by legislatures also caught in the Marxist trap, to rob from property owners, to attack literally private property, and diminish its value as an objective of American life. Our money is literally robbed from us by government and given to these Marxist groups who then contribute to liberal politics and intend to instruct our next generations in the way of progressive thought turning them against their parents and all we get out of the deal is free babysitting. It is a vile enterprise that was terrible before Covid-19. Now that its time to go back to school for the fall, and teachers have had literally most of the 2020 year off school, yet still getting paid, they don’t want to go back and they’ll use every excuse they can find to stay home. And government, their employer has given them one in Covid-19. And if that one ever goes away as a media driven circus, it will be the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Teachers never plan to go back to normal, yet they still want more funding.

I’m happy that people are finally seeing what I have been saying for so many years. Most people were willing to put up with this terrible imposition on American life because of the free babysitting service, because of the occasional local kid that made it big and went into major league sports and the feeling of community that often gravitated toward school activities. The gross Marxism wasn’t something that people talked about; it was running in the background, but people didn’t want to think about it. It was like that uncle that has an alcohol problem. Or that child molester family member that everyone wants to avoid discussing but still comes to Thanksgiving Dinner pretending like nothing ever happened, so long as people got the basics out of public education, tax payers were willing to look the other way. But the government has screwed up even that, they have now ruined professional sports. It is doubtful that even that will ever come back to normal. And if the teachers aren’t at least giving that free babysitting service, what motivation is there for anybody to want to fund this mess? There isn’t any. And that is what the short-sighted losers in the teacher’s unions have not thought through. If they aren’t there to at least pretend they’re doing a job people want, then they provide no justification for their existence. It puts the cheese on the cracker for a lot of people in seeing what public education has always been about.

It’s a good time to draw a line in the sand, and the Trump Administration gets it. People want the schools open so they can drop their kids off and get back to work themselves. People just aren’t willing to pay for a service that isn’t there for them, and the teachers aren’t there and have no intention of coming back. Many unions are even talking about going on strike if they must return to work over health concerns about a dangerous workplace, because of the made-up crises of Covid-19. Government has severely screwed up on this matter leaving losers like these teachers with a loophole to worm out of work that was completely unintentional. Yet there it is. And it is forcing a showdown that has needed to happen for decades. Its time to put the money to the kids not the district and force local districts to manage their employees with competition instead of extorting money from property owners and giving it to Marxist organizations like teacher unions to hold kids hostage to their radical intentions, and to force us to pay for it. Its about time that we have this discussion and I would say that the over-reaction to Covid-19 has brought forth another great discussion point that the government never meant to illustrate. The bottom line is that if schools don’t open, they should not get any federal money. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday had a cow over that proposal, but it’s becoming more mainstream by the day. The old control that the teacher unions working in conjunction with big government has crushed its own argument, and people are not happy with it. And ultimately, all this is for the people anyway, or at least it was supposed to be. Everyone is learning too late that the customer experience is all that ever mattered. Not that fat ass teachers who refuse to work yet want to be paid fortunes to teach our kids Marxism at our expense.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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