The Plot of ‘Hamilton’ (the play) Reveals the Marxist Revolution of Covid-19: Why CEOs, politicians, and general losers help spead terrorism to save their own necks

By now dear reader you know that I was completely correct in stating very early that Covid-19 was a global terrorist attack against any notion the world had toward free markets, particularly in the United States. Those who have a hard time believing the vast conspiracy might say that something that large scale would fail, it’s not as if there was a big meeting with a playbook handed out saying that Doctor Fauci would do this, the World Health Organization would do that, Amy Acton in Ohio would bend the ear of Governor Mike DeWine by showing him her tits at just the right time as the sun was at a certain point in the sky and an eagle flew by with a fish at exactly 500 feet above the surface.

Its not that the plan had a bunch of elements of insurrection in it to pull off the heist of American freedom, rather it was planned for decades to be unleashed through our education system at a future date where it could be attached to a crises. Those insurgents picked Covid-19 before there was even a Christmas of 2019 and the ball was in motion before the world celebrated a New Year of 2020. Its not that all the participants were following orders, its that most people were trained already how to act before the act was a thing.

But now you can see what was behind the Covid-19 scheme from the start, it was Marxism designed in the rules and regulations of the World Health Organization and flowed down through all the many colleges and their students around the country. A year before Covid-19 economic shutdowns were implemented in March of 2020 Mike DeWine and his lover Amy Acton the Health Director of Ohio sought from congress emergency dictatorial powers, so the dialogue was well in play while the rest of us were living our normal lives of Christmas shopping in July, baseball scores, and pre-season football not knowing that global Marxists in doctors clothes this time would be on the attack for American liberty. Marxists had tried the red flags of Antifa, the terrorism of ISIS, the backstabbing aggression of China, and many, many wars fighting communism at the level of the military all over the world, from Cuba to Vietnam. Now they had trained their doctors, Hollywood had made the movies planting the seeds of fear in the public, and 2020, during the Trump re-election year the attack would come from the medical industry trained by Marxist schools of thinking to implement a new normal in the world that robbed America of its power, would put the breaks on Brexit, stop the revolutions in Hong Kong and Iran and get normal everyday people to accept Marxism as a day to day occurrence.

Its not that every corporation in America was in a super-secret Bilderberg meeting where they were given the roadmap to insurrection. Rather, their CEOs were trained to take the middle ground on every issue which would make them easy to control. What was it that Aaron Burr said to Hamilton in the now famous Broadway play, “don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. You wanna get ahead? Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” That’s how they teach people to fall into compliance. Of course, everyone knows that Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in a dual, and that was the climax of the Hamilton play. It’s considered high art to see a play in New York so many of the top CEOs in our nation attended that play, and other liberal artistic events around the country, whether it’s a PGA match, a tennis tournament, or just a wine banging dinner party in someone’s penthouse where the women don’t wear bras and their evening wear shows their breasts every time they bend over a bit. It is there that minds are made and strategies are fashioned and the words of the artists plant the seeds of compliance into those unwilling to rock the boat as they have been granted positions of respect as a revolution of Marxism was fully brewing. That is after all what the re-imagining of Hamilton, a founding father was in that Broadway exhibition. It wasn’t to celebrate the Revolutionary War, but to retell it from a minority perspective, and inspire them to have their Marxist revolution at the first chance possible.

So it was planned to have a Covid-19 shutdown, to expose the weak governors and CEOs in America who were trained to do what they were told, not to think for themselves and then to use their level of comfort against them to do anything to save their own necks once they were tricked into supporting Marxist policies. Everyone trusts doctors, right? So, they used doctors as a Trojan Horse to bring terrorism to America in a way that 9/11 couldn’t. The terrorists learned not to attack America directly, by bringing down their buildings with bombs and attacking their great economy with violence. Because Americans would just rally behind those acts and unite to fight a common cause. No, this attack would get them in their homes and take away their essential freedoms shattering their confidence on their home turf. The terror of a deadly virus would do the work of terrorism before conducted with actual violence. If you wanted to hear the plot, all a person would need to do is go to a “Hamilton” after party in New York where the liberal and famous would talk openly about the plot. Or you could go down a few blocks to the Saturday Night Live after party and hear the same kind of thing—liberalism bragging about their intentions for progressive revolution and Marxism for all. For those in those inner circles, the attack was decentralized. It didn’t have a general. It just had radicals trained in Marxism who were willing to wear the mask to undo America from within.

CEOs heard the warning from Burr, “fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” If they remembered nothing about the Hamilton play and knew even less about the actual history they would know that Aaron Burr was a member of the actual highest orders of the Illuminati and he had plans to start his own country, and when it failed, fled south down the Ohio River to avoid the fate that Thomas Jefferson had in mind for him as a terrorist himself. What people saw at the end of Hamilton was the hero killed for all the good he fought for by the man who gave him the warning at the beginning. And once back in their cars driving home, and enjoying their lives as captains of industry and wanting to preserve that station as much as possible, they found themselves helping terrorism hoping that when the next Marxist revolution came, that they might be allowed to stay in the ruling class, due to the favors that were done. That is how Wal-Mart, Target, Disney, NASCAR, the NFL and all these other big companies hope to survive the new Marxist revolution that was always planned to come as a result of the terrorism of Covid-19. Government used the virus as a grab for power and control over all aspects of the American economy, and they have no plans to give it back.

We know the Covid-19 scam was false because of the way tests for positive antibodies have been counted as positive COVID cases. That is the reason for the explosion of results that we are seeing in places like Florida, where Trump must win in the upcoming election. The way that testing has been conducted and the kind of federal money that is attached to the results are how you can tell. But once people realize that the testing is meaningless and that the media has been crying wolf all this time, the plot quickly falls apart, as it is now. This isn’t the revolution that the Marxists wanted, and this isn’t the way it happened in the play, ‘Hamilton.’ The case is literally falling apart in front of the terrorists very eyes and panic is setting in. Which is good, because America is writing its future as we speak, and the fight for freedom is quite alive and well. And one thing that is truly scary to the terrorists of Marxism is that if people aren’t afraid of being killed by the attackers, because they are more prepared to do the killing than the terrorists are, then what happens then? Well, we are seeing it, and its not good for the Marxists.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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