Jennifer Baker’s Attack on Chief Herzog: When the media tries to make a story for political insurrection

From the beginning I thought the case against West Chester Police Chief Joel Herzog in Ohio was nothing but a power move from two subordinates to knock off their boss using the modern cancel culture temperament as a platform for their own success, at his expense. As it turns out, Chief Herzog will be able to put this ridiculous event behind him and get back to work, the report on the investigation into the accusations against him is complete, one of the accusers Jamie Hensley quit his police captain job on June 23rd as the report was starting to show that he misstated the truth, and the other Capt. Gutman will remain uncomfortably on the force and will forever have to be that odd guy in the room who took a shot at his boss, and failed. Those two guys accused Herzog of using colorful language in public and private that is suddenly grounds for termination in today’s ultra-sensitive beta culture but was customary for the entire course of human civilization among alpha males. The only thing Herzog was guilty of was living long enough to be in a top job when the media and their communist insurgents in the Democrat Party decided to use a new strategy to overturn America and defund the police any way possible.

But the most concerning thing I noticed during this multiweek investigation into Herzog was to the level Jennifer Edwards Baker bit into the story from Fox 19. I understand aggressive reporting, but like we have seen from many members of the media over several issues, especially during the Trump years in the White House, was that as unelected bureaucrats, the media are attempting to shape stories for political purposes instead of reporting the stories as they happen. I doubt Jennifer identifies too heavily in favor of a political party, but she is part of that new reporter culture who knows what her bosses want for a story, and those executives in media are very much radicalized toward the objectives of political insurrection. The two West Chester cops heard the liberal dog whistle espoused by the media all over the nation to defund the police, the attempted impeachment of President Trump, the behavior of the FBI and DOJ acting against their boss the President and almost getting away with it, so they took a swipe at their own boss, Chief Herzog to take him out. Reporters like Baker at Fox 19 see the story developing in a well run community that is affluent like West Chester, Ohio and wants to portray that government as “good ol’ boy, backward run” so that they can inspire change, a larger government with more checks and balances to fulfill an overall political strategy that they are teaching in colleges these days. West Chester is a target for someone like Baker and her bosses at Fox 19 because they are small government and successful. So anytime those conditions are present, there is a media outlet looking to make a story out of tearing all that down.

Baker was in fact obsessed with the story tweeting about it regularly driving the narrative in the way that the national media was trying to push Covid-19 or the impeachment attempts by Democrats to rid themselves of President Trump. We were supposed to believe that if Herzog said things in private about women’s boobies and the racial observations regarding potential terrorists that he should be fired for having opinions and thoughts. The goal of these types of things is to change behavior so that any resemblance of a white masculine culture is eradicated. Even if Herzog did manage to keep his job through the blame game and power plays of subordinates, then he would be muzzled to allow future aggressors to gain strength for an eventual overthrow of the complete police department as a culture. If left to Jennifer Baker and Fox 19 the future West Chester Police Department would be run by Rocky Horror Picture Show drag queens rather than rough and tough alpha males who understand how to be tough, yet compassionate, but do notice that people look a certain way good or bad and can determine the difference.

Its not that the media was looking for justice in this case, they were hoping to inspire change. I caught Channel 5 doing the same thing about a month ago when Karin Johnson was encouraging Black Lives Matter protestors to go up into West Chester to take their marches there. I know Karin a bit as I’ve caught her before doing such activism with the Lakota school levy campaign. I understood her position, she’s an East Coast girl, used to be a cheerleader, she loves the whole school spirit thing. She doesn’t think about communism being taught in public schools, she thinks of making out with the quarterback after a football game and the sense of family that being popular in school can give a person, so she was an activist as a member of the media for the school levy. Even her cameraman argued with me about the validity of the tax increase in my driveway while doing interviews, so their left leaning radicalism is not a secret. It was easy to see her fingerprints on inspiring the Black Lives Matter protestors to come to West Chester. If not for the media coverage, the question should be asked, would the protestors even have shown up in Cincinnati?  I would say that the protests would have fizzled out in a few days on their own, but the media kept fanning the flames for their own agenda, and Karin fanned them in the direction of West Chester on purpose, because she wanted to report that story.

And that’s what Jennifer Baker was after with this blatant attack on Chief Herzog. Its bad enough that there are bottom feeder attorneys out there who are trying to bring down people like the Chief based on accusations from subordinates, but when you add the political agenda from the media which then feeds attorneys to take such activism against police departments to exacerbate the national movement of delegitimizing the police as a bunch of racists by exploiting power players like Hensely, Gutman and others to act and do the work of liberal activists who are very motivated in weakening all police departments around America, for political reasons of complete insurrection, we are looking at a well-established blob of activism that has no one single villain, but a system that is trying to overthrow our way of life. I doubt Jennifer thinks about big things like that while she’s trying to tear down the West Chester Police Department, all she wants is a pat on the head from her bosses at Fox 19. But the intent is just as malicious. She willingly played her part in an attack on the police that is very much part of our modern political insurrection that is threatening all our lives. I actually enjoyed reading some of the accusations about Herzog. I know I am willing to support more “old school” police officers instead of the type who make the “beta” cut and are so squeaky clean that you have to worry that they might be more concerned with “style” than substance. And when it comes to enforcing the law, we need fearless people who can tell a lot about people with a casual glance. What Fox 19 and the rest of the media want, is a cop paralyzed by fear of their potential reporting and being replaced by subordinates based on what they say—not what they do. And I personally don’t appreciate the media activism.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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