Moving On: Government screwed up, but people are finding ways to sidestep them for their own happiness

To say I have been pissed off about the government’s reaction to Covid-19 is an understatement. I’m not a supporter of government bureaucracy anyway, so what I have witnessed so far this year of 2020 has been absolutely reprehensible. Government is slow and terrible in regards to the BMV, and public schools, why in the hell should we listen to them about sicknesses? The free market should be free to deal with that, government should keep their noses out of it as far as I’m concerned. But we have a republic in America and most people aren’t so smart so they elected liberal losers with broken minds to represent them and that’s what we have seen with the Covid-19 reaction around the world. The way I live my life, I hardly personally notice, it hasn’t changed my daily routine too much, only when I have to deal with something that government touches, but it became personal when the health department of Darke County put pressure on the Annie Oakley Days committee to cancel this year’s event out of concerns over the stupid little virus. I’ll give them credit, they held out until a few weeks ago, but in late June, they finally threw in the towel. Government had ruined that too, which is something I look forward to every year. As to the science to why government always fails, I have covered that topic elsewhere, especially in regard to Robert Persig’s “Metaphysics of Quality,” which anybody can look up to learn more. But, government as it is established since the inception of humankind is designed to fail, every time it is considered, so the least of it that we have, the better off our society.

However, I have some positive predictions to share based on my observations on the matter, the resolve that is conducive to all free people in that long evolution we have from being cave dwellers to a species building tools to take us out into space for further migration. Before I go any further you have to understand that my view of Covid-19 is that it has simply been used as a political tool to alter the course of economic action that everything liberalism touches can impact. It is meant to take away from us happiness as voters of world affairs so that we will vote otherwise in the upcoming election. It is the ultimate voter tampering and its being done on such a large scale that most of us simply choose not to believe that government is that malicious and untrustworthy. Everyone has to come to that reality on their own, but it doesn’t change the nature of that reality. Government has its hands in most all of our commerce, so they have been able to manipulate our food, our entertainment, the way we interact with each other—our jobs—just about everything and it has been disgusting.

To deal with that problem I did what I usually do when there is a major crises in my life, I go and develop a new skill and learn something that I either didn’t have time for before or the problem wasn’t yet on my radar. In this case ammunition was running low and nobody could get any. I like to go shooting at the range when I’m working out problems and since government had scared the crap out of all of society with their devastating and massive overreach, they had inspired people to rush out to buy guns and ammo to prepare for the apocalypse that the news media was assuring us was coming over Covid-19. So to get ammo, I had to make my own, so I took the plunge into reloading which I had been thinking about for a long time, but finally decided to go out and invest in the equipment so that I could make my own ammunition by the thousands from now on. Government anyway has shown a tendency to try to control the buying and selling of guns, and taxing ammunition to punish gun owners the way that government is always trying to tamper with economies, so making the move to making my own ammunition in my garage has been a very rewarding experience.

And to be honest, as I’ve talked about before and will get into again in more detail due to the way the St. Louis couple, the McCloskey’s have been treated with their firearms at their residence, I highly encourage ghost gunning through Defense Distributed where you can by a milling machine and machine out your own AR uppers then buy the rest of the components to manufacture your own guns for private use, and to side step the whole government tracking nonsense. The government cannot be trusted to manage home or personal defense, especially when they are the idiots causing all the current race riots just so they can again, attempt to manipulate an election. Watching what the FBI and former DOJ officials did under White House guidance under the Obama group, I will never trust those government officials again. I want them to do a good job, I don’t want to do their jobs for them, I expect them to work for me as representatives, but I expect them to come up short and to try to hide their shortcomings with a manipulation of their power for their own preservation. So I will never trust them, and they are not qualified to determine whether or not anybody can have a gun, what kind, and to what extent. I started my new hobby of reloading so that a store or dealer wouldn’t let me down again with supplying ammunition when I want it. And I think we should all be thinking about building our own ghost guns with private machine shops that the government has no idea even exist, so that they won’t be able to take them from us later, as they fully intend to with the same crises vigor as they have overstepped their boundaries with Covid-19.

And that is what I see happening with Covid-19, people are doing that with everything, wherever liberalism touches corporate America they are finding alternatives. Government may destroy the current entertainment culture as we know it, they may force everyone underground with the mask wearing, they may have complete control over the mainstream media, but I see people everywhere sidestepping government and living their lives anyway. If they can’t go to a baseball game, they are just playing more video games. If they can’t go to the movies, they just watch Netflix. If they can’t go to the store, people are just buying off Amazon. Yes I feel sorry for all the brick and mortar stores that are going out of business. Government is just destroying its own tax collecting scheme with a short-sighted election tampering strategy. But life is going on, people are “finding a way.” They don’t need government and will find their happiness wherever government isn’t, and when government pushes them to the ends of the earth, a free people will fight back when they have no other choice. But they won’t become compliant like the people of China, or some other Eastern culture.

I have found reloading to be an enormously rewarding new hobby. It is saving a lot of money for one thing, but the self-reliance is wonderful. Yet I’m not the only one discovering it. Many people are and that is the side product of failure that government didn’t anticipate. Instead of a society that is more compliant and scared of every little thing, they have pushed people deeper into self-reliance. The corporations that have been taken away, like Disney, Nike, every government sponsored firework display, sports, people are finding replacements and they really don’t care. It is government ultimately that is cutting off their own heads in the process and will greatly find that they have ruined their own revenue system by this economic disruption. And that observation was never more obvious than in this year’s 4th of July celebrations where most government sponsored events were cancelled. Yet nobody really noticed because there were so many backyard shows that nobody could tell the difference. That same trait will flow over into everything and life will go on. Government will have to shrink because the money coming in for them will force it to.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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