Mike DeWine’s “Dereliction of Duty”: Ohio’s Version of Colonel Kurtz that must be dealt with

I think the term “dereliction of duty” was legally watered down during the Clinton Administration years to the point where it lost its meaning. Yet, it does mean that a service member has willfully refused to perform their duties (or follow a given order) or has incapacitated themselves in such a way that they cannot perform their duties essentially vacating their post contrary to regulations, and under those definitions we certainly find that Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has done all that to the point where impeachment is the only correct way out. Without a correction of the downward spiral of trust that people have of public office we are likely to lose it forever. So avoiding the subject because of the politization of the term in high profile cases such as President Clinton, then the revenge that Democrats tried to apply it to current President Trump isn’t going to solve the problem. Governor DeWine for a while now has shown severe “dereliction of duty” and action must be taken by the legislature to get Ohio back under control again. While DeWine’s actions over the Covid-19 virus perception has been incredible, any failure to reel him back into reality will harm terribly the future of all law and order in the state of Ohio.

This isn’t a new problem and I have been thinking about DeWine for a long time. Like many Republicans, I could tell stories about what a good guy he has been. I don’t know him well enough to call him a friend, but I understand why many Republicans consider him as such. I also get that this is an election year and that Republicans want to unite the party behind President Trump, to get him re-elected and to deliver Ohio to the Trump camp with electoral votes. However, I also understand that DeWine has not been behaving as a Republican and has gone rogue in the executive branch acting more like a dictator and activist than a part of the checks and balances of government and he needs to be stopped. And from the top of the law to the beat on the street, everyone has been scratching their heads on how to solve this very real problem that has culminated into the mask mandates that are now part of the embarrassing administration reaction to Covid-19.

My thoughts on DeWine were that something had happened to his logical mind as a result of his relationship with Amy Acton, his Health Director. It wouldn’t be the first time where an employer had feelings for someone working for them, whether the reaction were sexual in nature, or just purely psychological, it was obvious that DeWine had some ill advised relationship with Amy Acton that was actually ruining people’s lives due to the Governor’s bad decisions which spawned from that relationship. But within the inner sanctums of Ohio government from many sources, sources that were very upset that the Governor had bypassed them in the legislature to push them out of any management of the Covid-19 crises I was being told that the situation was far worse and the sanity of Governor DeWine was in serious question. It was being proposed that the crises of Covid-19 invented by the media or not had crushed DeWine intellectually and he was retreating to his Christian background to make policy decisions. The specific problem with DeWine was that he kept insisting that his number one priority constitutionally as governor in Ohio was to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, to protect those most vulnerable. While that sounds good and might be a good polling question that is asked without the context of what it means, the term could mean anything as determined by the governor’s own judgment. That is why we have a legislature, to help a mind like the governor’s stay on course through a crisis. But he has ostracized everyone and has painted himself into a corner, which has then led Ohio into a major economic crisis which he has caused all by himself.

To answer my question about Governor DeWine I was invited by several VIPs to listen to the governor up close and behind the scenes. Like I said, I don’t like to kiss and tell, but what I discovered about DeWine under pressure shortly after it was revealed that Amy Acton had stepped down from her role as his Health Director was a rudderless politician that sounded an awful lot like Colonel Kurtz from the movie ‘Apocalypse Now.’ DeWine essentially attacked anybody who questioned his motives leaving the people in the room with him stuck between wanting to beat the shit out of him, and wanting to honor his position in that high office. People who needed to clamp down on DeWine were frozen as to what to do, they were lost. Nothing in their lives had prepared them for the insanity of the moment and it was clear that the old prosecutor in DeWine was using his reputation to ward off any correction of his current behavior. And when pressed, he kept coming back around to his primary job as governor was to help those who couldn’t help themselves, which again was a completely ambiguous job description. Anybody could claim to be helpless under such ill-defined parameters and essentially as long as the Covid-19 virus had no cure, then DeWine could claim forever that he needed emergency powers to fight it—alone. He had no intention of letting the legislature help him with the problem, which is how we arrive at the “dereliction of duty” problem and why now after so many billions of dollars lost from the Ohio economy, we must take action to remove Governor DeWine from office.

DeWine, because he didn’t let anybody help him, which was a choice, is responsible for all the lawsuits that are being imposed on government because of his bad decisions and the leadership that Amy Acton took Ohio under her care. The DeWine administration essentially followed the global models for Covid-19 and reacted to bad data that destroyed many jobs and lives in the process, and now it is known in hindsight that those statistics were wrong. The trouble is, now that the severity of the virus is known DeWine is still insisting on the same measures of reacting to it that he did before, which is clearly an attempt by him to hold on to his emergency powers. And because of that, we are now suffering through continued economic depravity, the mandate in many Ohio counties to wear masks in mid-summer heat, which is again discouraging to economic recovery and the personal comfort of Ohioans all of which will impact the long term growth of Ohio as a destination for business transactions. And to justify all that failure of judgment, DeWine continues to point out that people are in danger of their very lives when clearly that is not true. There is nothing to indicate that Covid-19 is dangerous or is even presently considered a “pandemic.” The officials who have claimed Covid-19 to be a “pandemic” particularly in the World Health Organization have been discredited as the Trump administration has moved away from those relationships for obvious reasons. Members of America’s CDC are still doing damage control from their failures as health professionals to properly deal with the severity of Covid-19, greatly overblowing the statistical analysis to justify their own existence, so there is nothing for Governor DeWine to justify his actions, except that he has simply lost his mind, and in the process, cut out all those who could have helped him find it again. And that is why he has been “derelict in his duty” to his very office, and why for the preservation of that office in the future, he must be removed. His polling is not as high as he thinks it is, or to the level the media is reporting. But regardless of that, law and order must prevail, and his actions have irreparably damaged that relationship to the point where only removal will bring trust to the system of Ohio government once again.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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