Ron Chernow at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the Reason for Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom

I am a fan of Ron Chernow’s historical books, I enjoy them immensely. In that regard I did make a point to watch him speak at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner and the result of that entire evening I think warrant’s the attendance of the President next year. I certainly understand why he didn’t appear this year due to last year’s major abuse of the 1st Amendment by comedians. I thought it was a classy pick to put Chernow as the headliner. That isn’t to say that I agree with everything that Ron Chernow says or his point of view on it. I am personally not a fan of Alexander Hamilton. As I have made it well-known, I think the Anti Federalist Papers are far superior to the Hamilton driven Federalist Papers, which I have studied both extensively. To say I enjoy them as a great work of philosophy in Western Civilization is an understatement. But I respect the work Chernow has done, especially in his latest book on Grant. And I believe very strongly in the First Amendment and also think to his argument that the Bill of Rights are paramount to any debate of American concepts. To that effect I must remind everyone that the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st. And both are hands off completely in any legal consideration, and I find it ironic that many of the journalists in that room cite the 1st Amendment as paramount to defend but seek to change the 2nd. It just doesn’t work that way.

Chernow I thought was respectful to that group of radicalized media contributors, and in the context of history he was correct. But they had become a weaponized faction of political diatribes and that is another problem all its own. Yes we need a media to check the powerful and to keep them honest. But we also need competition to keep the media honest, and in this present time we don’t have it. Many people ask me, weekly and dozens of times at that, why I write so many articles every day of every week month after month after month, and I don’t think they ever really understand the answer. Which is fine, I don’t really expect anybody to. But the foundation of it goes back to a discussion I had with Michael Clark who used to work for the Cincinnati Enquirer but now works for the Journal News as a softball advocate for big government positions. I always knew he had liberal leanings, but we had a good relationship in the beginning until I started this blog to effectively pound the Lakota Levy in my community into the ground. I was a little shocked when he told me that he found my blog as competition for his newspaper articles. It shocked me because I viewed them as separate media, but that’s not the way it was for him.

When I first got involved in this whole 1st Amendment crusade it was fresh off a recent trip from Hollywood where I was working as a stunt advisor for a project and had just got a fresh taste of West Coast liberalism. While sitting among Hollywood’s finest leading stars and listening carefully to them, some were the stars of the television show Beverly Hills 90210, and the Twilight series of movies that were so popular. Some just came off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and there were even more there to watch the production of this hot new RealD 3D technology that was going to revolutionize Hollywood, I had a really good introduction to what would become the liberalization of the entertainment industry. They put up with me because I had something they wanted, but they were certainly not tolerant about my Ohio conservative beliefs. I certainly didn’t hate them for their thoughts, but they obviously didn’t like me. What ended up happening with that project was they filmed my work and used it for computer animation in films like The Immortals and Iron Man 2, and they did that because they simply didn’t want to call me back for the live work. Not that I cared that much, but I thought it conspicuous that they felt that strongly about their political beliefs that they would make business decisions based on them. But that was clearly the case.

I came back from that trip and saw in my home town a Republican Party being torn apart by a changing tide. Many Republicans were being forced to publicly support the massive Lakota Levy in Butler County even though the concept of it was very liberal. So they felt caught between a rock and a hard place so I offered the strength of my name branding to help them out. I had the experience working in communications so I thought I could string that thread in just the right way and I did. But the deeper I dug the more filth I found, so in that process I decided to start my own kind of opinion column and this blog site was born. However, at that time the newspapers were trying to divorce themselves because the opinion letters to the editors were getting out of hand with the Tea Party movement and they wanted to get back to the message of staying on the liberalization of America agenda which was very important to them. I had seen it first hand in Hollywood itself, in the producers, directors and actors working in the business. And I was seeing it first hand in our local media. Not everyone mind you, but certainly a majority.

Of course I knew lending my good name to such a thing would cause trouble but I had that covered too. I mean who is going to physically accost me, which they did try. But I’m an expert bullwhip handler, and a handler of many other things. I put myself in that position to help out my GOP friends and it worked for several years before many members of the media stopped appreciating the spike in interest in their newspapers and wanted to get back to the plan, which meant they had to eliminate me. Their attacks were so vicious that it severely pissed me off and the rest is history. I will probably write these articles forever. I can write more than they can, and more intelligently and I think the 1st Amendment does need to be protected, even from the press who clearly had a monopoly on the subject. Who checks the checkers? Well, citizen media, and its very much-needed so that is why there is an Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.

My name is a good one for a reason, and I do protect it for obvious reasons. I never yield to a challenge, which has also pissed off more than a few people over the years. But I never start the fights. I do finish them, and that will continue. I have more energy than they do so that isn’t going away soon. And that is a cornerstone to the preservation of the 1st Amendment. Having energy and a literate approach to things in life I think is a good thing. I am not a fan of big government Alexander Hamilton; I am much more Jeffersonian. If I lived in that time I could have easily have been Arron Burr except he was kind of an idiot. But I understood his hatred of Hamilton so a duel to the death was something I understand and think would be good in our current time. There would be a lot less backstabbing if we had that kind of culture still. Yet what does remain is a need for positive discourse that is literate in its approach and that is what I set out to do. So I am in agreement with Ron Chernow that the 1st Amendment is needed and should be protected. But the press in that room is also part of the problem because they have attempted to use it the way a terrorist has abused the 2nd Amendment. And the best way to keep them honest is by methods such as what I have used in my own life. There are thankfully lots of good people doing just that, and it is helping restore in America many of the needs that our republic requires. Ironically, that is how Trump was elected, by this honesty from the American people finally getting out. Competition has brought forth the truth which is what we are all supposed to be going after in the first place.

The great hypocrisy is when those same media types hide behind the 1st Amendment but then decry the 2nd is where we get into trouble. The 2nd is just as important as the 1st, they are both needed to have a proper government and more countries should be learning from America how to do things in their own countries. If they learned from us they could advance as cultures as well. The Bill of Rights is a great work of western philosophy that should be duplicated around the world. But you can’t pick and choose, one supports the other. And while those media outlets present at that dinner were mostly nodding in agreement with Ron Chernow, they were also working to undermine the 2nd Amendment. And that is simply not an option. So long as that is the case, I’ll do my part to protect what I consider in the original works of the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers to be some of the finest thoughts on government discourse so far created in the long line of historic consideration from any known culture. My ambitions go far beyond politics, which is why I don’t mind lending my good name to the effort, it goes to the concepts explored in the great James Joyce classic, Finnegans Wake. I love the concept of America so much that I don’t want to see it fall to the Vico Cycle. It needs to live on forever as an idea that others should follow, and not be allowed to be destroyed hiding behind the shield of the 1st Amendment as a means to destroy the entire Bill of Rights in one, giant sweep of oppression and crime ridden anarchy.

Rich Hoffman

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