We Are All Being Suckered

Among the protestors at the border wall visit by President Trump at El Centro in California was a person holding a sign referencing that “love had no borders.” It reminded me of the hippie mantra that has been around for quite some time about how private property in America should be abandoned so that communism ideas could be utilized in a giant fenceless world like it was when the Indians had the run of the planet and were dancing just to make it rain. The premise of this borderless world that is being proposed is nothing short of ridiculous, and it ignores many basic foundations that are part of any relationship with reality. The truth is quite the opposite from what was on that sign from the Trump protestor. Love demands borders, not the other way around. Borders indicate value in something and a means to protect it from a lack of value. Without a border, there is no value, and that is precisely the same conditions present in all relationships. There needs to be a barrier of some kind to keep out the rif raf. If everything is always open, then there is no value for what is the foundation of any relationship.

This actually says a lot about liberalism in general. Where conservatives get into trouble is when they start accepting the same premise, as we all get that exposure in our basic religions. I grew up pretty involved in the Christian ideas for things but had to draw a line once I realized how bad and socialist many of the ideas about a mainstream religion were at the foundations. To be a good Christian means that you have to be a bit of a socialist. I wouldn’t say that I gave up religion, only that I outgrew it. I personally couldn’t live with the schizophrenic nature of religion, so I had to move on to more individualized concepts. The idea that is proposed in most religions is the same nonsense advocated in most political societies, a non-value judgement in loving your neighbor as yourself. The whole turn the other cheek ridiculousness is just stupid. It says that no matter what someone does we are not supposed to judge them for it and that we are supposed to provide love without consequence. That of course doesn’t make any sense so I have abandoned all those foundations of thought in my life. And you have to in order to understand the necessity for a border wall. This is exactly how Republicans have been suckered into helping the borderless world advocates advance their cause, by accepting the Christian ideas of loving our neighbors as ourselves no matter what value the neighbor brings to the table.

Democrats are quite audacious when they are proposing that California be a sanctuary state, that the illegal nature of immigration be ignored completely and the laws that are currently in place be looked over as if they weren’t even there. It’s laughable really. What makes them thing that they can ignore rules about the American border but that the rest of us are going to obey their rules on something like gun control? They have completely advocated for breaking the law in regard to immigration yet every time there is an excuse they seek more rules on gun control thinking that somehow we are all going to just fall in line and obey a bunch of new rules that they propose. It’s all very ridiculous, and ignorant. They think what they do about us because of their experience, that we tend to be nice law biding people and even when they act poorly we forgive them and let them off the hood from their bad behavior. This as every spoiled brat knows is how respect is lost for all authority and the value is cheapened to the point of chaos. The Christian teachings for which the Roman Empire first fought, then advocated for enjoyed the idea because it made it easier to control the people of their empire under common themes, but it certainly didn’t help individuals have value for each other.

Just imagine if someone wanted to go across the border in China, or Russia? Wouldn’t anybody advocate for open borders there? Absolutely not. Does anybody think they could swim over into Japan and just start walking around unchecked? 100% not. The only reason illegal immigration is advocated in the United States if due to the fact that the Democrats want them in their political party and they want to undo the premise of value for which the United States has been built. Democrats are not for America, they are for its undoing. But before conservatives can act on that knowledge they have to understand the nature of the open border concept.

Love can’t happen unless there is value behind it. Nobody can tell another person that they love them without a basic understanding of the value behind those words. It’s not by any accident that when communists were trying to penetrate American culture at the level of our college campuses that free love was the means of establishing roots in our culture. People like sex so if the idea of sex without value could be established then Americans would accept other quandaries of the same nature, and eventually this whole borderless world concept might be accepted. But people learned as they still are, that relationships without value do not work, even if it’s just sex that is the foundation. Anybody at anytime can’t just walk into a bedroom and start having sex. Generally, among humans there has to be boundaries of trust that are proposed and the walls to personal access are only lowered when those boundaries are trusted, then sex can happen. But to say that everyone should just love their neighbor and love them no matter what that neighbor does is just stupid. It ignores all the basic laws of value which is then defined by love.

Like that protestor, most of us function every day with a mix of messages that we get from various aspects of cultural development. Some of those ideas come from our religions. Some from our political nature, from our entertainment, from our upbringing. But in most of those cases these days the influence of long generations of war have left us fragmented in what we believe. The staunch Republican who understands the need for private property and capital investments into making our economy grow are also those who go to church on Sunday and are told to act like socialists and to chastise those who make money and if you do have a lot of money that the only way you can get into Heaven is to give it all away. So we are also told that these illegal immigrants are poor and that we are supposed to all welcome them with open arms and ignore that ridiculous border. But while we are focused on all that we don’t pay attention to why those people were poor to begin with, that they were made that way by the political systems currently in place to attack our border and our concepts of civilization for the advancement of valueless ideas. And once we accept that nutty idea we would accept the political structure behind it. A destruction of the foundations America was built upon and the acceptance of a one world nation ran by liberalism. That is their dream, but to get it we have to accept that love has no meaning or borders and that to be good Christians we must give everything up, including our country for the betterment of a world in need so that we can all get into Heaven. And for that we are all being played as suckers.

Rich Hoffman

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