The Bus Driving Labor Union Losers of Petermann

Personally, I think Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools is doing a good job, and in general the Lakota school board, for the most part. Managing one of the largest school districts in Ohio isn’t for the incompetent and these guys are a lot better than what we’ve had in the past. A lot of the union leveraging games have been removed from their general management and I am supportive of them, so long as they aren’t asking for more money in the form of taxes. I was glad to see that Miller did his best to make sure that parents of the many thousands of kids who attend Lakota each day know where to put the blame regarding the Petermann bus driver’s strike, or the potential for one by getting out in front of the issue. Meanwhile, he did what he could to get information out about the negotiations where a bunch of spoiled unionized bus drivers were demanding more money and better working conditions, or else.

And as it stood going into Monday night of this past week, the drivers were threatening to walk off the job all the while professing their divine love for the children, they transport each day which personally made me sick. I think the proper response would be to fire every last one of those ungrateful lunatics. Driving a bus is not hard. If anything they should be paying the school district for the right to do so, because as a subcontractor of Lakota schools they cost a lot of money to provide convenience to the residents so that their children can get to school each day. But honestly, especially for retirees just wanting to supplement their income as bus drivers later in life, they should consider the job a privilege. There is nothing complicated about it, in a lot of ways it’s what I would consider a loser job for loser people. I wouldn’t mind doing it for fun, but once you put money to it, it sort of cheapens the whole role for me. I think busing could be done by community volunteers. It costs enough in fuel and maintenance to run a bus, let alone some fat ass loser who sits in the Kroger parking lot with three or four other busses and their drivers during the school day waiting for their pickup times.

School buses are increasingly an irritating element to our community. They stop at every damn railroad track and when they have to pick up a kid on a double laned highway, such as RT 4 nobody really knows if they are supposed to stop or not. The busses all in the name of “safety” become a major traffic impediment. Buses are slow and are cesspools of bad behavior among the kids. When you walk the halls of any school you can tell the kids who have their parents drive them and those who have to ride the bus, because there is a lot of bullying and peer pressure on those bus rides that are completely unnecessary and it has an impact on the overall consciousness of the children. Ultimately parents should be taking their kids to school instead of sending them on the bus. Of course, not everyone can afford to, but they should try.

Back in the levy fights of Lakota pulling busing from previous school boards was the tactic of extortion they used to encourage busy parents to pass the tax increase, so that the kids of the parents could have that free ride to school back. In a wealthy district like Lakota the ploy didn’t work very well, because parents for the most part had the financial resources to drive their kids to school and many never did use the bus again after the busing did eventually come back. So explain to me why we need these bus services? It was a pretty dirty trick to try to pull off a last-minute strike with only a month left in the school year, less actually. And to send parents to bed not knowing if a bus would pick up their kids in the morning and take them to school. Any worth that the product of busing did provide was eroded in that single moment at the end of Monday night going into Tuesday with uncertainty hanging in the air.

As I’ve said many times, school teachers have no business being involved in any kind of socialist union. But even worse is a busing union. What the hell are bus drivers doing in a labor union? As we now know, and I’ve been saying it for decades, all labor unions are socialist organizations. Why do we have a socialist organization running our school transportation and having access to our children with radical employees who are perfectly willing to walk off the job just to get more money? It brings into question what they might do for money in other circumstances if they are so cheap. I wouldn’t trust them, and I never did while my kids were growing up. I made sure my wife always had a car to drive them to school, EVERY day. I certainly wasn’t going to turn over the life of my children to such labor union radicals.

I will give credit to Matt Miller for setting the record straight and getting his message out there on the news to make sure parents knew exactly what the situation was. He did his best to communicate the conditions to parents. But he shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. Lakota subcontracts those busing services out to avoid these kinds of problems. It would be my suggestion to immediately shop a second source. A single point of failure is a promise that this will happen again. Lakota over this upcoming summer while all these unionized drivers are basking their fat asses on a beach somewhere need to find alternatives. An alternative to Petermann since they obviously don’t have management control over their drivers.

But even better, parents should just take their kids to school and keep those buses empty. Show those drivers just how little they are really needed and let them sit in the parking lots of storefronts wasting time on the clock all day knowing that nobody really needs them. That is the best way to handle this situation. What those bus drivers did was disgusting and their willingness to leave kids without a ride was very disingenuous. And they need to feel a sting of reality from it. Because you can bet dear reader that the moment they think everything has cooled off that they will try it again. It might not be next year, or the year after. It will likely be a new generation of kids that flow through the school system every four years or so. But they will do it again, they’ll ask for money they should be paying the tax payers for the privilege of helping our community children. Since they are members of a socialist labor union, they should already be thinking that way. But as usual with them and the many like them, they are really just out for money and the easiest possible way of making it. And to hell with whomever it hurts in the process.

Rich Hoffman

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