Trump Wins Re-election in 2020

Congratulations to President Trump for winning re-election in 2020. He deserved it but for what he went through during his first two and a half years, we should all consider ourselves lucky that he wanted to even run. Oh, you are right dear reader, it’s only 2019 and there are still many months of election process to endure but this game is over before it even started, the Democrats have nobody and who they do have is about to be pulled into the criminal conduct list of bad activity centering around trying to pull all the people close to Donald Trump in jail just for him winning an election, and for their participation in trying to bring so much great harm to the president himself with all these phony scandals that were 100% politically motivated, they deserve everything they are about to get. Let’s see, when was that when I predicted on live radio that the Democrat party would come to an end? Somewhere around 2020, 2021? Yeah, the reason I’m talking about this now is because its easy to see what’s coming by listening to the people close to the President on Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox News this past Saturday night. With the Mueller Report finished and no more bullets left in the metaphorical gun, it’s the President’s turn to punch back and given his reputation, he won’t hold back. For those who want to see the Swamp drained and have for a while now, it’s about to happen.

Of course President Trump needs to actually run for re-election and do all the campaigning work. And we will have to do our part in going out to vote for him. The Democrats aren’t done with their lying, cheating and out-right scandal driven lunacy. But, and it’s a big but indeed, Robert Mueller who was no fan of President Trump and had poked the bear aggressively only to find him locked in the cage with that bear as the stick broke in his hands had to release the report now. He’s known for many months now, perhaps even years, that there was nothing to the Russian story and that Trump won the election of 2016 fair and square. If he waited even longer it would be too close to the next election and his case had run out of gas. When Roger Stone failed to turn up anything meaningful, the Mueller investigation sputtered to an anti-climatic end right then and there and many of us knew it all along and have been saying so. But now the rest of the world will now see it and it will be a life changing moment.

We’ve always thought about it, but never had the evidence regarding the “Deep State” been so obvious, its like trapping for some elusive animal that has been eating all our food in the garden while we slept and one morning we woke up and see the animal locked in a cage and could get up close and study the creature. That is what its like now with these bad characters abusing their authority within our government suddenly being caught. They overreached in trying to pin a criminal case on a sitting president because they thought they’d always be in power so if they failed, nobody would be left standing to come after them. But what does a 73-year-old man who has a reputation of punching back once punched have to lose in completely unleashing Hell upon the Democrat party when he has all the power to do so, and justification for it have to lose? And he has an election to win with all these gifts to use during a re-election campaign, where even after everything that’s happened, he’s at 50% approval?

I’m not a cart before the horse kind of guy, but when everything is going downhill, you really don’t need a cart to pull the horse, gravity does all the work. And that is where Trump finds himself knowing that the battle has turned. In all great wars you can tell when the other side loses momentum. You can even see it in sports, even though two teams are playing one side is clearly winning while the other will lose. So it is in politics, all those connected to the false narrative of the Russian story and came after all the President’s men with such aggressive fanfare are now very vulnerable and won’t be able to survive what happens next. They are so used to being in power and having the power of fear over everyone on the conservative side of things that they won’t know how to handle this situation. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me over the last year concerned that President Trump wouldn’t make it to a second term because of the way things looked politically for him. They came to me knowing I was a staunch Trump supporter and that I might know something that could show them a light at the end of the tunnel, which I have provided. Now the enemies of the President know what that light was, it was the Trump train coming to run them over as they stood there looking stupid. For a moment I was worried that Trump might let off the gas but judging by his post Mueller Report actions, it looks like he’s about to give that train all the gas it has, and why shouldn’t he? They’d do it to him.

And that is the only way out of this, Trump has to run them all over and win his re-election easily because the world is watching. The pivot point has transpired whether or not everyone realizes it, and the stagnation of global socialism and the communism of China will have no fuel to fill its continuation. I have written about these topics everyday not because there is nothing else to write about, I can think of thousands, if not millions of things. I’m in no danger of writer’s block, that’s for sure. But this fight to keep President Trump in office and motivated to keep doing that job I think is the most important thing in the world right now. His re-election is and has been the key to the future of the United States and for our country to continue, all these Deep State villains had to be exposed. For those of us who have been fighting this fight for a long time we literally had a Trump card in the White House, and he’s not afraid to use it. They threw themselves in front of the Trump Train and they need to be run over spectacularly, and with great finality. It was they who acted maliciously, and that intention deserves definitive life changing justice, and the President is in a position to have his turn and not squander it all away. The reason Trump is in this position is specifically because a Mit Romney or any other standard conservative party member didn’t have the heart for it. They tried to polite their way out of these fights with the Deep State, which of course never worked, but fueled them to becoming even stronger. But not this president, not President Trump. His re-election has pretty much been given to him on a gold platter and we should all be thankful that he knows what to do with it. And by the sound of those closest to him he’s about to unleash Hell, for which the Democrats won’t survive, and they deserve the fate they will find. Every bit of it.

Rich Hoffman

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