The Need for Truth in Government Starts with William Barr

What did they think he was going to say, they were the idiots who demanded that he come to congress to speak under interrogation? They could have left things alone, but they wanted to push Attorney General William Barr into an answer as to when he would deliver the Mueller Report to congress. And it was they who asked the question which unleashed the Tasmanian Devil of all assumptions. Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign for political gain? Aaaaah, yeah! Of course, they did, we have the proof all over the place and now there is an AG who is willing to look at the magnitude of that attempt, and it won’t be good for those perpetrators involved. And now they are mad at him? Hey, Barr did them a tremendous favor because I personally don’t have faith in the rule of law until somebody does something about the abuse the FBI conducted in conjunction with the Justice Department leading up to and soon after Trump’s official inauguration as President of the United States.

And as soon as Barr showed his intentions into the investigation of what will eventually involve many, many, many high-ranking Democrats they dug in their heels to call him a conspiracy theorist which is laughable. I hear the same things about the things I investigate, it is a way for the dishonest and corrupt to attempt to shape an argument so that their villainy won’t be investigated. But there is another way of looking at such an accusation, if they call you a conspiracy theorist when all you are doing is following the laws as they were written, and intended, then the accusers are guilty as hell and deserve everything they have coming to them. By calling you names like a bunch of playground imbecilics from grade school they actually believe that they can shape the public argument. But why wouldn’t they, it was their type of thinkers who shaped public education and made that type of peer pressure such a dominate force in public education, which is rooted in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, that if enough people believe something that it can either exist or not by sheer democracy. The belief of the liberal which starts in our grade schools, is that reality can be shaped by popular opinion. So if that popular opinion can be manipulated by control of the masses, then reality can therefore be altered, which is why it was so shocking for the Senate appropriations committee to hear Barr utter his opinions so openly.

I would go as far to call such a process of reality shaping as evil. What they call “democratic institutions” I call the manipulation of the truth. The expectation by Democrats was that they would get AG Barr to steer himself into a safe place for them by accusing him of lacking neutrality in his position, which is effectively just name calling him into a position they could control. Hidden behind the diatribes was the intent to trade relationships for outcomes that the democratic masses desired. Democrats put all their stock into the belief that friendships and a public opinion shaped by even the most stupid among our civilization are functions that should take precedence over reality, which obviously is not where Barr is functioning from. But for the “democracy” to work the way that Democrats desire it to, the fear of not having relationships with other people should take priority over the desire to live honestly, and to follow the law.

This quandary is actually far more common than it should be. The priorities of interaction certainly do favor peer pressure as opposed to rule of law. The entire Democrat party seems to be obsessed with such mechanisms which explains why they as a group are willing to follow each other over a cliff so often. Most of the time just the enormity of their sins hides them from the ramifications of reality. But not this time. The Trump case was always bad from the very beginning and before it’s all said and done, lots of people are going to be in trouble. From my own position I will never respect the FBI or our DOJ until heads literally fly over the sins committed in the winter of 2016 after the election of Donald J. Trump. It would be easy to become quite frightened by the expectation of justice that the Democrats proposed, that peer pressure take precedence of the rule of law. Opinions and invites to dinner parties takes for them far more of a priority than the facts of a matter and to see that in action is scary to any sane mind.

Yet that was the intention of bringing Barr to the Senate committee in the first place, to let him know that if he stepped out of line as the AG that he would be punished, not by guns and fists, but by public sentiment. The goal of the hearing wasn’t to get at the truth, it was to control it. And it was to make sure that they intimidated him into keeping his story within their made-up narrative, that the Russians were responsible for giving America Donald Trump, not a free election. And that laws were broken so that nobody would ever try to do such a thing again. And that if William Barr didn’t want his fine reputation smeared and ridiculed to no end, then he’d get smart and play along. But when Barr showed no such inclination, the air in the room evaporated and suddenly the future was not so certain for all the Democrats who had crossed the line and abused the powers of government for political gain, and at great cost.

So yeah, they have it coming. They did all this to themselves. And they have only themselves to blame. As I have been saying from the beginning, the government did abuse its power and luckily for us, Donald Trump did want to run for office and expose all these things. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have this opportunity to get at the real truth, that for which people in our republic actually want. If a society is not built upon laws, it is built with chaos and nothing more. It’s a kind of house of cards built with lies and superstition. And such constructs are easy to knock down if only you aren’t afraid of the results, which nobody should be. It was nice to see that we finally have an AG in America willing to take on these issues, and to stand for the rule of law rather than against it. To trade ethics for the dinner invite which so many people in his position fall in love with. The real honor of serving in such a high government position is the adherence to the rule of law and its preservation, not in the destruction of opinion and individualized value. With that in mind it wasn’t William Barr who insisted on giving such explosive testimony. All he did was answer a question. Democrats weren’t ready for it, that’s for sure. And they should keep that in mind before asking more questions in the future. But honestly, it’s already too late for them. The cat is out of the bag and its ready to scratch at all the threats around it, and it will be painful for those who tried to keep that bag shut up tight and prevent the truth from ever emerging.

Rich Hoffman

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