Who Cares about Joe Biden When Revenge is the Sentiment of the Election?

I almost didn’t even feel that a comment or remark should be made about Joe Biden announcing his run for the presidency, however, there is an undercurrent of knowledge to pursue on the matter. While the rest of the world is happy about Joe Biden, because they need their horse race to drive cable news ratings, the reality of the situation is that my predictions about the Democrat party which I made on a live radio broadcast several years ago is coming true right on time. I predicted then an end to the Democrats as we knew them and nothing tells that story more than the candidacy of Joe Biden. The values of Democrats in general as I have said for years are tied to socialist causes, and Joe is all about that soft socialism appeal. But we are well past the un-naming of those thoughts and deep into the world of outright socialism that a guy like Joe Biden, whom I’d consider a radical far lefty, certainly not a centrist, is out for a cold reality on the campaign trail. He has no idea what he’s doing because the world that made him has already died. He just doesn’t know it yet. Joe Biden has no chance of becoming president. 0%.

For the Democrats to work they have to be unified, as they are natural collectivists. But their weakness is that their ideas are not conducive to passion, only sympathy. And if the sympathy isn’t working, they have nothing to run on, which is why I think as a party they are ending. I know there is a lot of concern about the nation turning to socialism especially now that most Democrats are open about their commitment toward that group oriented planter philosophy which has greatly limited the intellectual appeal of all culture from the dawn of the city-state. I see the situation differently, that we as a nation averted a complete disaster by naming socialism as the villain to our demise before it happened. The Obama administration for which Joe Biden was the Vice President did a lot to scare people away from the socialism they had been planning and that drove enough Republicans toward Trump to elect someone who would change the political landscape, and for good. What is going to happen over the next year and a half is something I don’t see the Democrats surviving, especially Joe Biden.

Watching Joe Biden’s campaign announcement was the first clue that he doesn’t have one. He’s talking to a Democrat base that went extinct two years ago and only their ghosts remain. And ghosts can’t cast ballots. Democrats do cheat at voting and dead people do vote all the time for them, but nowhere near enough to ensure any kind of victory. He, and the rest of the mainstream Democrats are in a lot worse situation than Republicans were in 2012 and 2013. Back then conservatives were split and Trump emerged from that fissure to fill it with action that is at the foundation of Republican philosophy. The only way that Democrats could meet that debate which resulted in the election of President Trump, was to cheat, because their thoughts on matters has very little appeal, except among really stupid people. Understanding that much the Democrats performed a far worse scandal than what Watergate was for the Nixon administration. But they never planned to get caught, because they did run everything at the time, the FBI, the Justice Department, the White House, most of and the Beltway Culture. Heck, at the time James Comey and Robert Mueller were even considered Republicans. As was the Speaker of the House John Boehner. Now we know better, Comey and Mueller were obviously pushing for Democrats to gain more leverage and they were willing to use the law as a way to assist Hillary Clinton into the Presidency. And John Boehner quit his job and became an advocate for marijuana. So much for conservatism.

I heard the story of George Papadopoulos who was working for the Trump campaign as a minor leaguer and how he was arrested after returning back to the United States after a foreign trip. The way the FBI talked to him and handled the entire case is something that in my mind provoked an open revolt. Rather than go peacefully with the FBI in my mind Papadopoulos should have kicked all their asses right there at the airport. Anybody speaking in such a fashion as they did to him upon the arrest doesn’t deserve compliance, they deserve their asses kicked and then some. No badge could overcome that basic understanding of a federal arm of government abusing its power than that case. It was quite clear after hearing Papadopoulos tell the story. And that kind of harassment didn’t stop there, it persisted into many people who were supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump, which then exploded when he actually won. Now its time for revenge for all that, and the politics of the Joe Biden crowd just don’t get it. That is obvious due to the nature of the announcement video that they put out, which was one that was edited after advisors approved it, not liking the first one. We are not in the days anymore where teams of advisors can navigate a candidate into the White House. That process is too slow for today’s news cycles, and Biden will wash out over that trait alone.

It will be the revenge for all these Democrat led investigations into Trump that will be the nail in the final coffin, and they all have it coming. Republicans are known for turning the other cheek, but that is the difference that all these Democrats are failing to understand, that is not the way it is now. In the revolution of the Republican party that took place early in this current decade, the more aggressive part of the party won out, and now revenge is very much part of the 2020 campaign, and there is a lot there to expose. And Uncle Joe had his dirty hands in the bowl too. He’s not going to come away looking pretty on this one. None of them will. The great thing about President Trump is he isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

I thought as many did that Trump should have pushed to throw Hillary Clinton in jail right after he was elected, along with those who helped her run the biggest political scandal of all time. Trump wanted to live and let live. He won the Presidency and wanted to let bygones be bygones. But the Democrats went for his jugular and they didn’t make it. Now its his turn and those who support him. They won’t survive. Trump likes to win and they gifted him with the political timing of a party already on the edge that will have many of its leaders on the precipice of real jail time and that isn’t going to help Joe Biden go anywhere politically. And if Joe isn’t the guy for the Democrats, then who is? There are so many running and they all lack any kind of focus. The next best candidate is the open socialist Bernie Sanders and that doesn’t sit well for all the Democrats who still wish to conceal their socialist natures. Yeah, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats and I will have to say, they deserve everything that is coming to them. Including the loss of the House of Representatives.

Rich Hoffman

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