Why Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill is Good

I wasn’t too hip on him in the beginning but Mike DeWine is turning out to be quite a good governor in my state of Ohio. This past week after the House and Senate put a heartbeat bill on his desk banning abortions once there is a detectable heartbeat, after six weeks or so, he signed it into law. Now Ohio is the fifth state in the country to have such a law and it makes me proud on many levels. Of course there will be court challenges and the liberals are concerned that this will violate their ability to kill as was granted to them with Roe v. Wade, but on a much deeper level than the usual political theatrics, signing such a commitment to life is a dedication to the future of civilization, and it took guts. I often say that I think it is better to kill a child than to condemn them for life under bad parenting. But some children manage to do well, even with the emotional handicaps that they inherit from screwed up parents and over time I have become more rigid on abortion due to the nature of it in the deep psychology of what we should consider the expectations of an advanced culture. No society that calls itself advanced should honor in any way the predicates of death ad that is certainly true at the center of the abortion debate. Anybody who is for abortion is for the mass murder of fellow human beings. There is no such thing as a woman’s right to choose. Bad things happen such as rape or incest which open up the need for more stringent protections of the innocent, mainly the mothers which is a different story. But in regard to abortion, the avocation of killing little babies goes back to a deep dark secret in the human condition that has been there for many thousands of years, and its time we shake it off in favor of advancement.

When considering the Ohio Heartbeat Bill I couldn’t help but think of the Hindu mother-goddess Kali with her long tongue out to lick up the lives and blood of her children while on a murderous rampage. She is the prime example of the sow who eats her farrow, the cannibal ogress who is like the universe itself there to devour all life. A particular problem in most city states throughout time was the notion that sacrifice was needed to advance and this was predominately prevalent in planting cultures which most big cities

throughout time contended with, from Ancient Egypt, Sumer, to the Maya and Aztecs. Particularly the closer to the Equator that any group of individuals resided, the more their cultures embraced cannibal sacrifices to negotiate their observations of how the universe operated. In all existence as we see, the universe springs forth life, but also that same loving spirit consumes us all into death. The only way our primitive minds could deal with such a quandary was to go along with it to get along, so cannibalism and murder became our way as the human species to appease the murderous nature of all existence. In our modern times we have watered down the appeasement into Christianity, we no longer kill our neighbors and enemies to offer as sacrifices, we just go to church and drink the symbolic blood of Christ and eat his body in the form of bread.

We have seen nearly the same embrace of murder as is on full display with the goddess Kali in the Egyptian counterpart of Isis, or the Babylonian Ishtar. The mothers of these cultures are the life givers but they are also the life takers so that is how we have allowed ourselves to think of these things, obviously evolving into the concept of abortion—the killing of a baby so not to burden the mother in her service to the state—career advancement, sexual exploits to keep the mind of mankind off important matters of thought and productivity, or just the fulfillment of the bloodthirsty aims of the abortion industry which was revealed recently by undercover reporters working for Project Veritas. The evil on display is an ancient one, it’s certainly not modern. And it has within it the belief structure that mankind is not in control, but is at the mercy of the universe and must play at the death games to survive just so long to live the play of life that we know of as a human life span.

Personally, I don’t see much difference in the cannibal cultures of the equatorial zones where for a week preceding a massive cannibal ceremony the village will embark on a massive orgy where anything goes with anybody. Then a strikingly beautiful young girl is plucked from the audience and laid under a makeshift temple of heavy logs to have sex with a chosen young male. And once the two have mated and wrapped themselves in the ecstasy of sexual orgasm the giant logs are released and down they come to smash and kill the young bodies while they were at the peak of their embrace. At that point the primitives eat the youth in a vast ceremony and to these people all this is perfectly natural. My thoughts on the matter is that the typical nightclub is doing the same thing to our youth, just in a more watered-down version as Christianity is compared to the human sacrifice demanded by Kali. Yet the beliefs for the action are the same, people believe these things are necessary to advance in life when in all actuality, they aren’t. They are just the musings of primitive minds still stuck in the past.

That is the reason that those who stand against abortion who also find themselves conservative in nature are functioning from a more advanced perspective. Embracing life and giving every new contributor a chance at the greatness of existence is a high concept that doesn’t yield to the nature of a universe that gives and takes continuously, but builds upon itself for continued growth and prosperity, which for human beings is a fairly new concept. The idea that you can take and eat your cake because you made the cake is the truth of the universe due to the creative nature of the human mind, and nothing else. Nowhere that we yet know in the vast universe does this idea exist of creation, that we don’t have to appease some gods just to make it rain, or mimic the death culture of the universe by appeasing it with human sacrifice. We have learned over time, some of us, that the individual nature of every human has within it the ability to unlock new levels of consciousness built upon the desire for creativity by the human mind.

That is why it’s important and refreshing that Ohio Republicans have taken this definitive step. It’s not just in the moral aspects of life that the Heartbeat Bill is deserving of good recognition, but in its bold statement that as a culture we can embrace life, not yield to the whims of a schizophrenic universe whom one moment is giving life, the next, taking it away. Not all mothers are good, many of them complain about their kids all the time and it shows in how the children grow up. In fact, most mothers aren’t good, they are filled with resentments because of their biological whims for which the children were born in the first place which then puts severe limits on their own individual advancements. But the solution to that old cannibal cult is not in abortion, its in other aspects of our culture that need to support women as they continue to bring forth life. Not to surrender to the superstitions of old and just participate in a long line of murder which has become accepted over time for the ruin of many potential lives that will never see the light of day as abortion clinics sell the body parts to the modern cannibals of our day. There is so much wrong with abortion, which makes it that much more heroic that Ohio has taken a stand to support life and its continuation with a heartbeat bill, signed into law by a good-natured governor. There is hope yet that maybe we are finally getting it as a civilization. This was a big step forward.

Rich Hoffman

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