Above The Line Politics and the White House Correspondence Dinner

I had some strong thoughts while visiting the Republican Headquarters in Butler County at Bridgewater Falls the other day about the nature of politics and the temperament of our current culture. The headquarters is at the back of the shopping complex and faces the highway there and I actually caught myself looking both ways to see if anybody was watching for a moment and instantly caught the ridiculousness of the issue. Sadly we have allowed politics to become such a dividing issue and the burden again has fallen on Republicans to make all brand of liberals feel more comfortable with their thoughts, and that just has to come to an end. There is nothing wrong with visiting the Republican Headquarters in the middle of a fine day, or even people knowing that you are a Republican. It wasn’t that long ago that knowing those kinds of things wasn’t considered so taboo, such a closely held secret. As usual it is the result of the liberal side of things that have sought to make such things so, largely because they are so insecure with their thoughts that they can’t stand to have them measured against other ideas. Its their way or the highway and that has gone on for a long time, and Republicans have yielded, at least until President Trump has been refusing to go to the White House Correspondence Dinner and instead holding his own events on those nights such as the one shown below.

I’ve been very conservative all my life. There has never been a time when I wasn’t. I worked as much as I could at the time for the Reagan campaign as a 7th grader, doing debates with other students for extra credit and even giving interviews from a student’s perspective to the local newspaper. And as always I have been able to 100% of the time sit down with people who didn’t think the way I do and talk to them in a friendly way. As a matter of fact, unless I am first attacked of course, I can’t ever recall having disagreements in conversation that were ever cantankerous, where I have had a political fight with anyone. I can talk to anyone at any time about anything and I have always been respectful to other people’s opinions. I may not like them but I don’t beat them over the head to change them either. My thoughts have always been to allow people to come to their own conclusions about things and that usually if given the tools of thought, that most everyone comes around to my way of thinking eventually. So why make an enemy of them? Now if they choose to be an enemy, that’s perfectly fine with me as well, but I never seek to make them that way. That’s on them, completely. And once they are an enemy, I treat them that way—especially on these pages.

That’s my experience on how Republicans generally behave, they typically live and let live—to a fault. Republicans have not stuck up for themselves near enough, and this has allowed liberals to believe that they are equal at the table of thought by insisting that their below the line victimization status can sit at the table with the big kids and be validated as they cruise through life with the training wheels on thinking they can win the race. They can only win if Republicans cripple themselves and join Democrats below the line. The premise as it is stated by them, and I have a lot of experience with this as well, is that all people and all thoughts are equal and that they have an equal say at the table. Well for those who have followed me on these pages over the years, before Trump was even a consideration for public office, I exposed this lunacy quite openly. I had several debates about local issues from a truly conservative point of view on WLW radio and television all the time. I was quoted in the newspapers nearly every week and the other side couldn’t beat me in any debate so they did what they do to every conservative, they try to personalize and destroy the person who is in front of them, then ostracize them from group activity as if to punish their behavior forever. My enemies who made themselves that way, lobbied all the news outlets begging them not to have me on anymore because they couldn’t beat me. But it was their intolerance that caused all the anger because their positions were so weak that they knew they couldn’t hold up to real competition which is the core of their problem and it persists to this day. The problem is completely theirs. People of different opinions should be able to talk, but that is not the liberal position. They want to destroy opposition, not work with it. And we have seen to what extent. What they have tried to do to President Trump and the people who elected him is every bit as bad as what I described, and then some. It’s now obvious to more people why, Democrats don’t have anybody who can beat Trump in an election. They are losing everywhere. They picked up some House seats this year because many Anti-Trump Republicans left the party and retired leaving open seats that were filled by Democrats. It didn’t really matter because those Republicans were RINOs anyway. It was good to finally get to see who was who on the battlefield, so it wasn’t considered a tactical loss, more of an intelligence gathering exercise. And Democrats are losing because they can’t compete if they have to run a race without training wheels. In reality their political philosophy falls apart. Their philosophers, Sir Thomas More of Utopia, and Immanuel Kant, eventually leading up to Karl Marx had some thoughts that have not held water over time and that is the facts of it. That is also why I don’t go around body slamming Democrats all the time. I generally wait them out. If they are smart people, they will eventually think the way I do anyway. But that tolerance is completely one-sided.

For the first time in years the White House Correspondence Dinner didn’t have a comedian making fun of the sitting president. Trump refused to go because he wasn’t going to participate in a below the line activity. As a businessman Trump understands the game and he knows how to lead. And leading isn’t participating in the blood sacrifice that liberals want from their leaders. Republicans and Democrats for many decades going back to Bob Hope have attended this White House Correspondence Dinner and taken the jabs from the celebrities who attended with good heart and not allowed it to be personal. But the essence of that activity has been to allow all the participants to function with the training wheels of thought on, so nobody really challenged each other anyway. This is the same below the line thought that goes on in most group-oriented activity, where individual traits are made fun of so that group protections are sought out for cover. Such as making fun of a person’s weight, or their hair, or the way they talk so that conformity into group assimilation takes place, which is how liberals like things. That way individual thought yields to leaderless consensus. When presidents went to such events and allowed people to make fun of them as individuals that satisfied the ancient city-state need for a blood sacrifice of a king for the benefit of his constituents, which is the foundation of all liberalism. And of course every society since the dawn of mankind has failed when those sentiments are yielded to. It may take a few thousand years to get there, but they all fail eventually. Trump is changing that presently making this latest Dinner much more conducive to above the line thinking, which is and will always be leadership driven by individual responsibility and behavior.

The answer to the question is that it is not Republicans who have to do anything different. We should not hush our mouths or look both ways before going to the Republican Headquarters as if we were going to a speakeasy in the 1920s. And the media should not have been allowed to become so liberalized. That is one of the reasons I started this site was my experiences with working in Hollywood, and through the local media channels showed me that yielding to pressure from liberals to keep my thoughts to myself or else weren’t going to fly with me. I’m not going around beating people up who don’t think like me. But don’t think for a second that you are going to threaten me just for having opinions. Opinions I might add that have the backing of all human history behind them and are quite relevant. And we all have in President Trump a guy willing to stand up for our beliefs on a big stage and that is really good to see. The changes are happening, and we can see them making the world a better place. But we have to understand that it isn’t our task as conservatives to make liberals feel better about themselves. Only they can do that and often what they discover is that they have always been wrong. It’s just a matter of time for them to realize that and join the rest of us above the line.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Above The Line Politics and the White House Correspondence Dinner

  1. Liberals rarely change their minds. They are liberal because they have been trained to be on a guilt trip for all of the poor people on earth. You cannot educate a socialist. My dearest friend is from France. She is a true Socialist and can see no other point of view. We simply agree to disagree. She can’t see anything good that President Trump has done. She also can’t see any mistakes made by President Obama. She believes Macron is doing a fine job, and never sees the mobs of immigrants all over Paris. This is the reasoning of a liberal, deny, deny and deny again. Last year her family visited all of the “icons” in Paris. She denied seeing mobs at the Louvre, Sacre Cour, or even Versailles. Yet, when I watch the BBC or DW News they show the Yellow Jackets and the mobs of immigrants laying in the streets deficating there too. Socialism is not working, the EU is not working and many other countries will figure out that they are not gaining anything by being in the EU. England is finding out it is difficult to get out. In fact you have to buy your way out. My point is that Socialism has become a replacement for religion for many people. Once it takes over people do not face reality. They see what they want to see and will never admit they are wrong.

    Most Republicans in this country will admit the elected officials they disagree with. The 41 that refused to run for re-election, I say good riddance. The new people sitting there are equally useless. Maybe by design! Sadly, I see corruption locally too. No one seems to be accounting for the money coming and going. Too many people are afraid to speak up.


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