Why Socialism Fails Every Time

Even though I have been talking about the great socialist conspiracy for years, well before anybody wanted to admit that it was the goal of public education and government to bring it about. Why else do you think dear reader that most of Washington D.C. wants open borders, because they want socialism in America, even Republicans. Socialism puts centralized government as a top priority, and they work as leaders in government, so just like that, they have been advocating for socialism. So, with that understanding nobody can point and say that identifying the truth of the matter, as I have for many years under conditions not so pleasant, was a tin hatted conspiracy. It was always the goal for government to embrace socialism because it gave them something to do and made elections seem more logical and achievable for them to win. Make people more dependent on government and the voting patterns that promised re-election would be easier to understand. So why is it that socialism doesn’t work, such as in the most recent tragedy of Venezuela? That is the purpose of this article, to identify that hidden ingredient that often decides success or failure in everything, and for our purpose we can name it properly as leadership.

It was only a few years ago that my wife and I had been planning a nice vacation to Angel Falls in Venezuela. The country just isn’t’ stable enough so it’s not worth the trouble. When people become as desperate as they now are in Venezuela you have to watch your back constantly to keep your assets in tact, and that just isn’t worth it just to go see a natural wonder. But Venezuela should be capitalizing on its natural resources better than they are, such as tourist attractions like Angel Falls, but they can’t because they have pushed all vision and leadership out of their country. I mean how else does a loser like Nicolas Maduro who was just a bus driver end up president, it takes a lot of dumb people in a democracy to even allow such a thing in an open vote. Then there is the other president Juan Guaido with whom the United States officially recognizes as their leader who is running the country from the city streets. Venezuela is now a mess in every way that it could be and it all happened within a decade. The country continues to be one of the best examples of what a lack of leadership in a culture really does when it’s not present. When leadership is lacking, it can be said that nothing happens in the world. It’s not people and their labor that makes things move, its in the vision of leadership that effort is focused and made into something which generates cultural growth that economies work and governments emerge. Not just the will of the masses and their whims represented by a mass vote. Without leadership involved in the emergence of anything, the task itself will always fail.

Unfortunately, leadership is one of the least understood attributes of modern culture. Yet it controls the success or failure of everything. As a society we are sort of happy if leadership happens yet we don’t understand they whys and hows. We just know it when we see it. Fortunately, in America we find lots of leaders emerging in a variety of fields because it tends to occur when individuals are empowered to act with great autonomy. The more rules and restrictions to individual behavior, the less leadership emerges in a culture. For instance, we can see the lack of leadership in the sports world when LeBron James fails such as he has on the L.A. Lakers basketball team. The evidence is obvious when we see the best basketball player in the world sitting at the end of the bench cast aside by his teammates because they aren’t buying what he’s selling, and the record of the team shows it. We can see the results of leadership in sports all the time and we enjoy it in American culture. Yet we fail to find ways to generate leadership in our education system so most people grow up not understanding the value of it or how to bring it about.

When leadership is not present its obvious. A culture like Venezuela happens when leaders are put in jail because they are perceived threats to the current administration and the goal of the country is power through popular vote rather than the antics of leadership. Once the competency of any leader is lost to the cultural castigation of leadership than whatever the endeavor may be, failure is soon to follow. Leadership can further be broken down into a couple of categories. Direct leadership which is what happens when a person is in the field building a reputation for themselves which other people are quick to ride on their coattails. Such as Michael Jordon had as a young start out of North Carolina with a knack for hitting game winning shots as the buzzard sounded. Direct leadership is results based and it inspires in others the desire to follow that influence. Then there is influence leadership, such as what I do with this blog. Once you have a reputation that is beyond the control of any established state or organization, you can then use that reputation to carry others to lofty considerations. In that way an entire culture can be elevated with just a few simple words, even if only very few leaders are inspired to act directly. Without those basic elements of leadership in a culture nothing happens. Work, art, science, nothing happens in life without leadership.

Venezuela sitting on massive oil reserves and other avenues to great wealth can’t even play on the world stage because they lack leadership. Their culture through socialism has pushed away all their old leaders and stifled the growth of new ones. When leadership is pushed away from any process, failure is soon to follow. Leadership is the most important ingredient to any hope of cultural advancement whether or not we are just talking about sports, industry or even entertainment. If leadership is missing, what is being down will fail, 100% of the time with no exceptions. But to accept such a premise a culture has to be willing to recognize that it’s not equality that a society should value, because leadership is a value judgement that must emerge when exception is what drives activity and people show a willingness to follow the best in an effort to improve themselves.

Leadership is not a group decision, it’s what happens when a group follows someone who has a history of rising above the norm. Leadership inspires others to become more than they have been, but when that element is missing there is nothing to encourage others to do anything above and beyond their circumstances, so mundanity occurs and so does the efforts of the masses. This is the case under every example of socialism and why it fails. It puts an emphasis on equality among the masses instead of recognizing the basic fact of all nature and that is that leadership among human beings is the engine that drives all aspects of culture. And that is a truth I have yet to hear anybody else discuss. But if it takes leadership to bring it about, then so be it.

Rich Hoffman

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