How Religion Hides and Helps Marxist Insurgents in America with a Mask of Christianity

How do you know when you hit the target? Well its how people react to it. When you get close in life to the things people want to hide, those most afraid of that information getting out make quite a ruckus, and a nice congratulations to Glenn Beck for doing just that. He went onto the Sean Hannity show and promoted his year-long research into the cause of the migrant caravans flooding the American border with Mexico and he published the results on YouTube hoping that President Trump would take notice and attack the root of the problem instead of the symptom. I’m glad to see it because I have grown apart from Beck over the years even though we both shared a friendship with Doc Thompson. In fact, it got so bad that it strained my friendship with Doc because of Beck’s hatred of Donald Trump. It put Doc in a strange place to be friends with me and his employer Beck. It was a true civil war, Trump supporters against everyone else. But Beck has come around over the last couple of years as many have toward the Trump presidency and its good to see him thinking correctly again. His work on the curious case of the Adalberto Memorial Methodist Church in Chicago was particularly good and worth a look. To understand the money behind the migrant caravans and how they are organized, just watch this video and the murky scenarios of their evolution begin to become quite clear.

On more than one occasion I’ve said it. Religions easily spawn dangerous cults, such as the Jim Jones colony back in the 70s. Socialism, communism, and Christianity are very closely related to each other in values so it doesn’t take much for a little church in Chicago to become the conduit for a global enterprise of open borders and a Marxist assault into America from the south. They aren’t alone, and they certainly have help, UNISEF and the United Nations are in on the deal as well, along with many other billionaires besides George Soros, but when it is wondered how these caravans are being organized and nurtured along during their long journey, look no further. We know the answer and Glenn Beck has done the job of reporting with his clip. Of course instantly all the primary outlets for mainstream news attacked the Beck video as a radical conspiracy theory, but the evidence is quite clear. It’s hard for people to see due to their love of religion. The enemy is hiding in plain sight behind our churches and their leaders, but it’s not a mystery as to the cause and effect.

As we’ve discussed many times the plan has always been to perpetuate the poor plight around the world by aggravating their condition with war and poverty so that they would be motivated as a member of the masses to move from wherever they came from to something like what happened in Syria recently or at the American border with Mexico. Displacing people is a military maneuver then hiding the conduct behind churches is not a new idea, but its difficult to act on because as human beings we all have a natural compassion that gets in the way of decisive action. Our Christian tendencies would agree, why not help people who are suffering through difficult conditions. However the question should not be whether or not we should help them, but why do they suffer. What is the root cause of the suffering? And why is it being implemented? In the case of the border insurgents coming from Central America and Mexico the conditions of their origin were deliberately depleted to motivate them into action, which is a strategy of change agency. And the eventual collapse of our welfare, and political system are of the same nature. The attack comes to work its way into our lives through compassion and before you know it, there is no more America. And the enemies of the world will then celebrate. They don’t care how many people die or suffer through their maniacal plan; they only care that it happens.

The connections between Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Adalberto Methodist Church in Chicago and another activist group, Familia Latina Unita become quite evident when viewed through Beck’s reporting. In the video, he connects Pueblo Sin Fronteras founder Emma Lozano to the church and the church to the asylum case of Elvira Arellano and behind all that is a lot of progressive activism and money flowing from dark sources, such as George Soros. And it’s no surprise that all this is going on in Chicago, one of the most progressive and dangerous cities in the world. If you just visit downtown you likely won’t see what’s carefully hidden from view. You can shop and visit the historic sites without being shot, but go just a little south or to the west in that vast progressive landscape between the city and the O’Hara airport and you’ll get a sense of it. And many of the most radical activists born out of that very Marxist culture get channeled into activism through little churches like the Adalberto Methodist Church at 2716 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60622. Many think its impossible for such a little church to be at the center of so much controversy and could lead such an invasion into America from even a remote location. But that is because it’s hard for those same people to see the intentions of malice that is hidden behind many churches who are really advocating Marxism socially and secretly. The teachings of Christ are easily adapted to the motivations of social insurgents, so it doesn’t take long for revolutionaries against American capitalism to organize under the crosses of Christ. Just never forget that the cross is a symbol of death and resurrection, not of prosperity. The metaphor behind many radical churches across America and the world in general is that death on earth is the goal with a resurrection in heaven, and many of these progressives are thus motivated. They don’t care that people suffer in the here and now, it’s actually expected. They believe what they teach. That’s how they sell such suffering to themselves.

I personally believe that having religious values is better than not having them. People without values are even more dangerous, so I would not advocate giving up religion or going to church if that is all that holds you together dear reader. But understand what they are trying to teach you, and have been since before the times of Christ. Understand that the goals of most religions in the world are not redemption for the soul carrying itself into the afterlife, it’s for the control of the people in the here and now. Capitalism by itself is a very moral concept which frees people from this delusion and the enemies of that concept of course do not like that people are free to find heaven on earth and to see it the way Jesus actually taught. The goal of the progressive is to change the world into misery so that people are motivated into following them on a sick and twisted path concealed behind what they call good intentions, but the real motives are to destroy independence and thought.

It’s nice to see Glenn Beck back in action. I’m sure a story like this was hard for him because he is a religious person. It’s also why he couldn’t see the value of Donald Trump in the beginning. Trump for me was a kind of King David or Solomon Biblical figure for our modern times. Not a moral man, a person who made a lot of mistakes but had learned to act correctly through his life to be just what we needed as a modern President for these very confusing times. It took Beck a while to see what the rest of us knew all along. But I’m glad he found his way to the truth. He is just another good example of how the truth is often hidden from us for analysis behind the things we hold dear, such as the religion of Christianity. Everyone on all sides believe they are doing the right things. The people of the United Methodist Church network certainly do, they believe that the teachings of Christ mean giving up a love of material possessions and helping people, especially the poor. But what gets ignored in these crusades is why people are poor, or why they need help to begin with. And that answer is often hidden from view and is where the real malice resides. So the reminder should persist, remember, Jesus was murdered because he was a threat to the system of control at that time. Much of his real message was lost over time by political activists who then controlled the churches. And that is why death is the focus of most modern religion and why so much suffering persists. Once you come to terms with that you will be able to see easily that these churches are not our friends, but our enemies and the way they attack us is through our compassion and empathy while all along they are the causes of the suffering to begin with.

Rich Hoffman

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