Name the Enemy

It is too early to call the burning down of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris a terrorist attack by radical Muslims, but it was certainly too early to say that terrorism wasn’t involved. But that’s exactly the storyline even while the 900-year-old church burned to the ground, that terrorism had been ruled out, even as radicals had been desecrating old cathedrals all over Paris for months. These days radical Islamic immigrants have moved into the neighborhoods around Notre Dame so it would be disingenuous to the cathedral not to explore the possibilities. So I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think that it was Islamic radicals who burnt down Notre Dame in an attempt to erase away over 900 years of Catholic history, and they did it during Holy Week, just before the events of Easter. I’ve been there, I’ve walked those very streets and I feel safe to say that the Muslims there—a small percentage—but enough to set a massive fire want revenge for the first Crusades into the Holy Land and they are attempting to wipe Catholicism from the face of Europe, starting with the old cathedrals.

Terrorism Suspected in Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

I’ve talked before about what a dump Paris is. The city is no longer a beacon of goodness that it may have been at the start of the 20th century. The city has been open to very progressive ideas for over a hundred years and its place as a stabilizing factor of culture has been overrun. It is now just another city in history on its way to ruin, the way Troy was, or any other antiquity from the memories of the past that finds itself watching its own demise. The religions of the world, especially Christendom and Islam are at war, even though they come from the same parents and the ending has nothing good in store for either of them. But the people involved are just too stupid to know better.

Notre Dame was and I suppose still is one of my favorite monuments of Europe. I firmly believe that if not for the domination of the Catholic Church continuing the ambitions of the Roman Empire, that western civilization may not have held together long enough to make a lasting impact in the world. Even though in the short-term, the effects of religion were stifling, the resistance to freedom were just enough to launch the Renaissance, the days of piracy, explorations and conquest of the New World, and eventually westward expansion, all attributes that have led to the start of America and the greatest economy in the history of the world, and most upward leaning culture. Notre Dame played its role in the whole escapade and it was one of my real treasures in life to have visited it and stalked among its history as it was.

But the enemies of western civilization have been hard at work undoing our history for what they think are valid reasons. And they have war and complete destruction in mind. I heard it in the cafe’s of Paris among Islamic patrons sipping lattés and waiting for the very few restrooms that were available that revenge and destruction of the west was all they could think about, and it had been that way since they were little kids. Their parents raised them on revenge. Their mosques preached revenge. And so in Paris as immigrants in the embrace of a city that welcomed them with open arms, arms opened with guilt more than love, they sought to enact that sentiment and prove their alliance to a god who could care less what they do or how they did it. Murder thousands of people or lay homeless in the street chanting segments of the Quran. The gods of history don’t really care.

When I have visited the many cathedrals of Europe, Notre Dame being one of the finest examples I think of literacy. Of course the Bibles studied there were not common when the cathedrals were built, but it was quite something for common people to come to such places and feel the majestic appeal of reading from scripture and thinking above the line for a change. To come to such a beautiful place and think about bigger things was a tremendous undertaking for the human race. It didn’t matter if it was a cathedral, a mosque, or an ancient temple from Egypt or Mesopotamia, the idea was always the same, to create heaven on earth so that the participants would endeavor to better things in life. There is nothing wrong with any of that. So it is quite an evil thing to do which is to seek the eradication of a previous religion and their means to a higher form of living.

Granted, Catholicism had gone around the world and destroyed many religions itself and built cathedrals on top of ancient reminders of lives lived and now gone in the form of advanced culture. But the efforts at Notre Dame were ambitious and as pure as anywhere on earth, and Paris rose from its efforts to become one of the world’s greatest cities. That lofty platform however does have limits. Paris gave up its values and has thus fallen. And they did it by regretting their success and believing that they owed the world something, so they let in the enemies of its culture and made them to feel welcome, which of course was the Trojan horse that has led to the present circumstances in Paris. It won’t take long and Parisians know it, the western culture they know and love will be lost to time.

Part of that lost attribute to success is their willingness to appease the enemies of their culture by so quickly dissociating the desecration of their greatest landmark, Notre Dame to the acts of terrorism when in reality the intent had been shown and the neighborhood around it has been talking about it for weeks. You know the culture is conquered when they won’t name an enemy. For a cathedral that had been lit for centuries with candles and torches, a small electrical fire or a cigarette wasn’t going to cause that kind of damage. There would need to be an accelerant to get into that dry old wood quickly, and with great expansion. We weren’t born yesterday. The fear of being called Islamophobic is much greater. Paris would rather watch its symbols of greatness burn to the ground than be called names.

We are seeing an attack not just on symbols of western civilization, but on Christianity as we know it. The war is Biblical in scale and was predicted in the Book of Revelations, sure. But even as we watch the actions occur we are still empowered to stop it. We don’t have to live up to a prophesy if we don’t want to. Future cathedrals like Notre Dame don’t have to be burned down to make way for the Vico Cycle. We can say no, and Paris should. The radicals in those neighborhoods around Notre Dame, they shouldn’t have their way with western civilization without an adequate defense. But first everyone has to admit to themselves what’s going on, and not just seek to blame such a tragedy on an accident, so not to inflame the enemy. Name the beast and go to war with it. Then eradicate it into oblivion. That is the only proper path forward.

Rich Hoffman

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