The Roots of the Liberal God-King Sacrifice and their Emergence into the Modern Democrat Party

There is another aspect to the whole ancient sacrifice notions that find themselves into modern politics, which I have previously described regarding abortion. The notion that the masses have more understanding about the nature of universal knowledge than the powerful individual who may gain illumination above and beyond the population to deliver boons contributing to social growth goes back a long way and in the book by Duarte Barbosa titled A Description of the Coasts of East Africa and Malabar in the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century told the story quite graphically. It was there, as in most places around the world at the start of the ancient city states, particularly around the equatorial zones where agriculture had replaced the need for hunting that the belief was most prevalent. We hear the same primal understanding in the relatively modern work of Karl Marx and the followers of socialism. The cult of killing a king or powerful administrator is an old one and those ancient people of course tied the need to the celestial bodies and their astrological occurrences. But you can see the same attitude attempting to emerge in the 21st century with the rise of Donald Trump, out of a capitalist American culture colliding with the heathens of the earth and their ancient superstitions.

I find it odd that these things aren’t talked about more often, I read Barbosa’s book quite some time ago after Joseph Campbell’s Primitive Mythology covered it in that famous 1959 book. Ironically as much information is available to us in the modern time, with the internet and Amazon mass book store just a key click away, much of this information is lost to, which makes any reader wonder what else has been lost to the deeper reaches of time. The politics of our modern age seems almost aware of its own role in this vast conspiracy, that the same ignorant mind that mandated the 12 year cycles of their god-kings in Malabar are the same fools demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump—a commitment to yielding to the laws of the universe before mankind starts to believe that it is in the driver’s seat of its own existence. That is after all why the sacrifices in the early city states killed off their kings, because they believed it was necessary to yield to the forces of existence and that belief is still quite common 5000 years later in 2019.

This account is from Campbell’s Primitive Mythology which is easy to find and starts on page 165. The god-king of the south Indian province of Quilacare in Malabar (an area having a strongly matriarchal tradition to this day) had to sacrifice himself at the end of the length of time required by the planet Jupiter for a circuit of the zodiac and return to its moment of retrograde motion in the sign of Cancer—which is to say, twelve years. When his time came, the king had a wooden scaffolding constructed and spread over with hangings-of-silk. And when he had ritually bathed in a tank, with great ceremonies and to the sound of music, he proceeded to the temple, where he paid worship to the divinity. Then he mounted the scaffolding and before the people, took some very sharp knives and began to cut off parts of his body-nose, ears, lips, and all his members, and as much of his flesh as he was able—throwing them away and round about, until so much of his blood was spilled that he began to faint, whereupon he slit his throat. And of course, everyone lived happily ever after—or so they thought. And who was it that came up with all this idiocy? The mother goddess complex of those same cultures which was trying to negotiate their life-giving ability with the nature of the universe, which gives birth then devours us all into death. To the primitive and ignorant, such a conclusion might make sense. But to us in these modern times, it’s just stupid. Yet we still have elements of these mental illnesses in our modern political movements, especially among Democrats in America, and liberals around the world. Go to Malabar today and the same beliefs are very close to their minds. No wonder they vote themselves under the rule of socialism and communism. They just don’t know any better.

Behind all notions of liberalism is the fearful understanding that they as individuals lack the courage to face the realities of the universe, the life and death nature of all existence. They observed the realities of their time and reacted to it with the creation of religions and mythologies. Regarding conservatives however, and particularly the type of individuals that Greek epics began to contemplate and eventually Ayn Rand captured in literature is the notion of the overman. The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick understood how the pieces fit together when he used Richard Strauss’ music “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”—based on the work by Friedrich Nietzsche of the same name, to open his film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mankind had reached beyond the limits of the earth and was starting to evolve beyond their own nature, or–which is the theme of the popular History Channel show, Ancient Aliens, returning to where we started. But never-the-less, the impulse to individual action and overcoming the elements of nature is deep within us and emerges in the development of our specific minds. But for those imprisoned in close group collaborations where the weakest link hemorrhages positive thought development for all, all they can know to do is kill like the universe does.

But actually, the way liberals and their ancient city-state sacrifices thought was all wrong. The true nature of life is that we cast thousands of sperms at the egg of a possible child but only one makes it. And so it is in our emphasis as conservatives of individuals, you never know who might invent the next airplane, computer, or technical breakthrough. It might be any one of us, or any of our neighbors, or their friends and we should not get in their way as a culture, but help them any way possible to achieve their hopes and dreams, because that is how society advances and how perhaps we can divorce ourselves of the universal laws of life and death or to put it Biblically, the Tree of Knowledge as opposed to the knowledge of good and evil. I would argue that the birth of western civilization was the questioning of this schizophrenic notion not first in the Bible but in Zoroastrian understanding which predated it for which Nietzsche’s Zarathustra character was born.

So when you watch the news dear reader and see that President Trump has been very successful yet virtually everyone is calling for his head and their expectation that he like his predecessors might metaphorically sacrifice himself to the whims of the stupid and illiterate, that great anger would persist. Instead we get a god-king who likes the role and is doing it well. To hell with the sacrificial nature of it. After all, isn’t that what the media wants, they want fallibility, they want to know that the President can be consumed and destroyed, and they want to know that he would be willing to do it for the sake of humanity, before his head became too consumed with its own power to no longer need the constraints of superstition to keep it in check? Yes, that is the essence of it all and the truth of our times, and why we can’t all live together. Only one way of thinking will survive into the future, the question is will it be a step backwards or forwards. We can’t have it both ways and in the context of history, we know where backwards goes, because we’ve been there before and didn’t like it.

Rich Hoffman

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