The Demon Democrats and their Below the Line Thinking

It’s one thing to have political differences, but something that was obvious about Joe Biden’s first campaign rally, which I didn’t think was very effective, was that it was a battle for the soul of America. Only for his Democrats, they were like demons inhabiting the body of America and the rest of us were exercising it out so we could go on to live our lives. The demon had become a parasitic entity, as they often are into our political life and this election, like the last one in 2016 was essentially an exorcism. And the differences are stark, and irreconcilable. A demon can’t share a body with its host, it has to be driven out conclusively, and with conviction. In saying all this, I don’t think Joe Biden will make it through the primary process. I think Democrats have moved too far to the left and the reason is really a simple one, it really comes down to above the line and below the line thinking. And the two do not mix.

I’ve had more exposure lately to below the line people than I’d care to, but the experience was conclusive in that it articulated this Biden situation and his attempt to appeal toward the union vote, which is as a culture a very below the line activity. When we talk about below the line thinking we are of course reflecting back to the great book, The Oz Principle which is a book on business that quite effectively defined these elements. Essentially below the line thinking is a victimization status, where the participants do not feel connected to their fate, whereas above the line thinking feels that fate is well within their control. This is why I say that the two are not compatible. Proactive measures and victimization do not go together—they cannot coexist successfully, so in that regard Joe Biden was right.

They are easy to see, these below the line Democrats, everything to them is the fault of someone else or of circumstances beyond their control, and they are quite happy about that. Their direct descendants are the rock chuckers and the rain dancers who as natives across the face of North America, Africa and just about everywhere south of the Equator attempted to appeal to the gods so that their crops would grow. It wasn’t up to them to grow good crops, it was up to the whether and ultimately the gods who controlled it, and thus, the Democrat mind was born otherwise known as a (liberal). Of course we can have sympathy for that age of people because they didn’t yet understand science and a means of overcoming droughts through irrigation. If a month came along that didn’t bring much rain we have learned as a species that human sacrifice on an altar ripping out the beating heart of some poor sap didn’t really help. Irrigation could easily solve the problem once an above the line approach to the occupation of agriculture was introduced. And that is pretty much how it is with everything. Science and thought can replace victimization and mystical input.

I would say I’ve known a lot of Democrats over time and something they all have in common is this tendency to blame everything but themselves for their circumstances and problems. And that is what defines their politics. They can be quite good at identifying their victim status, but they are terrible about overcoming them, because that is not their nature. If they were to ever become a different thinking type, they would evolve into conservatives. Conservative values are not Nazi or Jew hating. They do not hate Muslims and are not the actions of white supremacists which are all traits present in the Biden launch of his campaign, that he is out to stop President Trump on his remaking of America into a nation of white nationalism. None of those traits are of conservative values because they are all victim statuses. History if looked at honestly has all these answers if people would only look. How could Trump be antisemitic if he has been in full support of Israel, or even Trump supporters? They can’t be Nazis and Jew haters at the same time. But that doesn’t matter to Democrats because the only way they can see the world is through the lenses of victimization. It gets them off the hook for any responsibility and places it into circumstances beyond their control.

The union types who do support Democrats no matter who they are live their lives like the little birds in a nest waiting for mother government to show up with a worm to give it to them for sustenance. Conservatives go and get their own worm. I don’t see politics as a division of ideas as much as I see them as an evolution. Democrats to whatever degree they present themselves are unevolved and not yet ready to take command of their lives. In some cases they never get there and like those baby birds, they end up food for some other animal because they never learn to fly and do for themselves. They stay in the nest too long waiting for that worm from the mother to come, but at some point the mother stops coming and they are left to fend for themselves.

That is what Biden is trying to appeal to, he is essentially offering to let America stay in the nest longer and that he will feed them worms if only they’ll vote for him. Democrats desire more than anything to keep all their constituents in a victimized status because it’s essentially all they have to offer as a philosophy, dependence fulfillment. Trump’s message is to get out of the next and to get moving on your own life. Those two thoughts just aren’t conducive. The Democrat does not bring forth an equal point of view, but a parasitic one, they are looking to be taken care of, they want the world to come to them and to be responsible. They want nothing to do with personal responsibility. They must remain victims of their own fate otherwise they stop being Democrats which is why union membership is down all across the country from where it was. People learned that to be in the labor unions they had to surrender parts of their own self initiation toward life. It’s not a political point of view as much as it’s an emotional evolution of their own souls.

To that effect it is that simple and that is what this upcoming election is all about, is America going to retreat into a victim status, for which it never really has been? Or is it going to direct its own destiny and free its people to migrate above the line and to unleash the potential of life that is found there. We can’t have it both ways, and clearly I would say that this election is more above the line than the previous one. People are better off now than they were four years ago and that is going to be a tough sell for below the line Democrats to convince people otherwise. Yet that is their real fear, that they are losing that victimization appeal to the realities of above the line thinking that is emerging more and more politically. I’ve been at this stuff for a long time and I see a drastic difference. I understand that it takes sometimes a long time for regular people to see the same thing, but the shift is here now and Joe Biden hopes that nobody really notices. His way of looking at things is like that exorcism that we were talking about, and his grip on the soul of the host is about to give way and for him and them, it is truly terrifying—because when there is nobody to blame but themselves that crisis is something they are not equipped to handle.

Rich Hoffman

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