They Would’ve if They Could’ve but They Couldn’t

To be honest I never had any doubts about President Trump. I do write a lot about him and his administration because he is obviously on the cutting edge of a new way of political thinking. But even so, it was remarkable how well he held it together over what was in all reality a political assassination attempt. In a less media driven time they would have literally just tried to kill him. But these days that’s not how things are done. Killings don’t happen the way they do on television and movies. People aren’t so bold as to have a personal conflict. Rather, they work the peer pressure angle nearly 100% of the time. And if they can’t beat you, they do their best to ignore that you exist. That is the normal method, but it’s awfully hard to ignore a person who had put his name in capital letters on his airplane for all to see, and named so many prominent buildings after himself. I knew from the beginning that a person like Trump was needed to break down this human limit that was so entrenched in American politics. However, it is always good to see a plan come together.

In the great chess game the best thing Trump did over the last few years, not just for his presidency but for the efforts at maintaining a true republic was the nomination of Attorney General William Barr to serve as a true AG. Unfortunately, because the game was above his head, Jeff Sessions wasn’t up for the task and the parasites were able to exploit his goodness to get at Trump. The FBI, the Obama White House and the DNC were sloppy in their insurrection attempts and left behind a lot of evidence regarding their behavior because they figured nobody would survive what they were throwing at Trump. They knew that the fundamental weakness in all human beings was the need for public acceptance which they controlled completely through the media and legal system, they from their point of view could see no ending other than Trump stepping down from office and saying, “to hell with this.” But Trump, the man who rose to fame by firing people has done more terminations of employment than anybody in history and so it went that he made his move against Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Barr. Once William Barr was in place Bob Mueller had no choice but to clean up his act and end his investigation.

Mueller didn’t go quietly however and you can tell by the way he wrote his report. He was digging for anything he could get on Trump. But there was nothing there. Trump was a gigantic public figure living in the public eye well before he became president, so he is accustomed to scrutiny in every aspect of his life. That made him uniquely prepared for the Mueller investigation. Mueller’s frustration about how little control or respect that Trump would give him was entirely evident in the report, which are the references to possible obstruction of justice. Only the real obstruction was that the FBI had rigged everything in the favor of the previous powers of Washington D.C. and Trump wasn’t yielding to that power the way it was expected that he would, or should.

Mueller was obviously on a witch hunt and resented that Trump wouldn’t play along which meant that the leverage the FBI was trying to apply to witnesses, like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and General Flynn weren’t working. Michael Cohen did flip but Trump fought it all the way in the media taking all the air out of any case that Mueller was trying to build, purely off a false premise. Once a real Attorney General was in place, the antics were over and Mueller had to wrap up his nothing case leaving the hopes and dreams of the Democratic party to go up in flames. The media coverage of the Mueller Report was truly fascinating even thought I personally expected it. It was still rewarding to see a good guy like Trump win in a case like this, because it paves the way for everyone else. What happened with the release of this report is nothing short of a major victory for freedom and republic government. The whole thing isn’t just about Trump winning a case against him, it’s about the failure of the system to assassinate a person who falls out of line from their control and I can’t think of another time in history when something like this has happened. Trump has risen above the powers that normally control us all. It took his big personality and tremendous financial resources to do it, and a lot of tenacity, but he has done something that just occurred for the first time in history. And the world felt it.

Like I said, assassination attempts by people on this earth are not bold and personal. They are distant and very passive aggressive. In other times there was no choice but to kill someone with a weapon in clandestine fashion, while they were drunk or sleeping. But that is not how our world prefers to operate. You can tell that when at a street light next to another car. People don’t like to even look at each other let alone get close enough to kill them. So our methods of assassination have evolved into killing people through systems control, such as institutional mechanisms—separating them from group affiliations. Very few people can deal with not having a good relationship with their peer groups and once they know who those people are, they don’t often let other people into their circle of influence easily, which is why people don’t look at each other or sit next to one another unless they absolutely have to. If there is an empty seat away from a person, most people will take it. The only way people choose to sit directly next to another person is only out of a lack of options. Our institutions have learned over time to control those options which effectively have steered us all in directions desired by those who were most lustful of power. But none of that worked on President Trump because he really didn’t care to be in any of the various power structures that resided in the Beltway culture. He was a true pace setter self-driven and that is what gave him the edge and ability to overcome the obvious political hit job that the Mueller Report was. And now its his turn to launch his own investigations and that has everyone terrified, which they deserve to be.

So yeah, I write a lot about President Trump, because historically speaking he is the hottest thing going. Supporting him for President for the reasons we are seeing I think was one of the best things that any of us could have done as American citizens. He has changed the very nature of politics by exploiting the weaknesses of the previous establishment and the pain from that other side is something I’m enjoying quite a lot. I didn’t want to have to fight them all with violence, and they certainly didn’t want to do things that way. Yet what Trump has done is so much better than the other potential results. By surviving this attack and forcing everyone to live by the law and order they proclaimed to represent, through a real Attorney General like William Barr who has been there and done all this before the peer pressure leverage game simply fell apart and for the first time in history on such a large-scale, an individual beat the institutionalized attacks that had always suppressed such efforts. And that is a very good thing to see as we now move into completely new territory politically. As we do, I am very happy to have Trump in the White House and will do what I can to keep him there. What the other side has coming they deserve every bit of it not only for the benefits of justice, but for the efforts of the human race. There has been a lot at stake, and now its our turn. So it’s time to make it count.

Rich Hoffman

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