The Windmills of Texas was a Terrible, Liberal Idea: When Democrats want to kill people to save their idea of the earth worship

I’ve seen them before, the windmills that are now part of so many power grids all across the nation.  Recently on a long drive through the American West I was able to see them up close as many truckers who supply our many businesses do, driving down from Kansas into Oklahoma and on into Texas and New Mexico you can’t miss them.  There are vast expanses of those windmills for as far as you can see.  It was a major investment that was impressive.  The size of them was impressive.  But after a while they lose their mystique and they just become eye pollution.  Now, if they worked wonderfully, perhaps all that eye noise on the vast landscape would be worth it.  But as we learned especially in Texas as they were hit with a century unique snowstorm, which I was right in the middle of, that the windmills froze up and became useless making many people in Texas completely vulnerable to the zero-degree temperatures.  It was a complete disaster to allow wind power to become such a part of the Texan power grid, its no wonder that the governor Greg Abbott was the first state in the country this week in removing the statewide mask mandate.  After that mess, he owed the people of Texas some relief, which he’s a good governor and was smart enough to realize.  The lesson here was that if you follow liberal policies, even a little bit, that doom is soon to follow and that is precisely what happened to Texas with its over commitment to wind power. 

Fortunately, I was there to be able to see that disaster up close, the windmill failures.  I felt sorry for everyone, but luckily, Texas was able to get back to warmer weather much faster than other parts of the country would have been, if not the deaths would have been much higher.  This was just another example of how stupid liberal energy policies are, or just mitigations for what they perceive as climate change.  Every year California goes through their wildfire season which is essentially a massive case of mismanagement of forest undergrowth because they put perceived environmental concerns over the logic of real science that is beneficial to human beings.  The desire to eliminate human energy footprints in the world due to superstitious concerns has proved to be the most treacherous aspect of their energy policies, which can be seen obviously in the loss of power in Texas during the 2021 unique snowstorm.  Its exactly the same kind of lunacy as we have experienced under Covid-19.  Bad liberal management of resources and future forecasts of crises management.  The amount of failures that we are seeing that come from liberal policies should terrify anybody downstream of their mistakes and the evidence is now impossible to ignore. 

In Ohio, there was much scandal made of the Ohio Republicans in conjunction with the bailouts of two nuclear power plants.  In spite of the FBI assisting efforts of liberals to torpedo the deal that would preserve nuclear energy in Ohio it should be obvious to everyone what was really going on.  The same greenie weenie policies from environmentalists who want to cover Ohio with windmills and solar power, without really understanding the long-term consequences should be obvious to everyone by now.  They want more than anything to control the people of Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma—everywhere by controlling how much power people can get, so that they can forcibly remove human beings carbon footprint as the end result of their activism.  Its not about providing successful energy needs in a next generation state, its about limiting the power consumption of the human race by weening them off the needs for power.  But while all that activism is applied, nobody thinks about not having power for weeks on end when the temperature outside a home is below zero, and there is a very real chance of people dying.  The dysfunctional desire to preserve the earth while killing off human beings is something every legislator should be concerned about.  We continue to see time and time again that liberals do not care about the results of their decisions as they may inconvenience human beings.   They see humans as an impediment to their case of earth worship and their politics and science is bent to reflect their intellectual deficiencies.

Based on what we know now, we should understand that nothing liberals propose in regard to energy source maintenance is for anybody’s good.  We should see every proposal made by liberals as antagonistic toward human endeavor.  The wind power energy generation is a horrendous expense and a technical blemish on reality.  If liberals really cared about the environment, they wouldn’t consider building that many windmills dotting the entire countryside for miles and miles in all directions just to avoid a few nuclear power plants that most people would never see, and would be a lot more reliable in power maintenance.  Just as if they didn’t want to see forest fires every year in the West, they would do grounds maintenance to clear up all the undergrowth and protect people’s homes.  Instead, they secretly want people’s homes destroyed because liberals don’t think the homes should have been built at all in the first place.  The less that humans populate the earth, the better the policy as far as liberals are concerned, and the evidence of their actions comes out every time there is one of these natural disasters, crazy snowstorms, forest fires, hurricanes, etc.  Then when they are caught, the argue that snowstorms are caused by global warming, they say that forest fires are caused by global warming, they say that hurricanes are caused by global warming and that there are only 10 years to correct the situation without a shred of evidence that they can point to for testimony of truth.  There is a whole lot more evidence of election fraud in the 2020 elections than there is that climate change is even a remote concern for our present day.  Yet we are making decisions based on liberal views on climate change while we ignore the other issues that are far more certain.  Meanwhile, people are suffering every time a liberal policy fails, as it did in Texas.

Its one thing to be politically critical of the other side for all kinds of reasons, but its another to be up close and personal when everything fails.  Usually, I only see the liberal stupidity from a television or radio broadcast, from the safety of my home.  But for the windmills freezing up in Texas, I was right there in the middle of it watching it in live time.  And the mass stupidity was obvious.  Without question, the Republicans of Texas got suckered into accepting these greenie weenie proposals from liberals in order to shut them up over some other issue by giving a little here to protect something over there.  But the totality of the failure is that windmills should have never been a part of any deal.  Its easier to say that in hindsight now that the tragedy has occurred.  Nobody knew what would happen to the windmills should a zero-degree snowstorm ever hit Texas.  But now that it happened, the lessons can’t be ignored.  And what we do going forward should be understood for the day after tomorrow.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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