HR1 is an Attack: Changing voting laws is a military strategy, not an increase in voter representation

Of course, HR1 is unconstitutional, but the attackers of our country don’t care about that.  They seek to destroy the constitution so one more legal challenge to upset the applecart is fine with them.   Its no skin off their back. As I said in the video above, the voting rules changes that were the result of Covid-19 was a military attack.  It was a different way to destroy our country not with armaments, but with procedural discourse.  The goal of HRI is to make permanent all the voter rules changes that were made possible in 2020 under the emergency powers.  Now that Democrats have gained both houses of congress and the presidency under those rules changes, allowing them to cheat massively by counting votes that would have otherwise been illegal, they want to institutionalize that fraud so that they never lose power again.  When you find that there is great reluctance in talking about voter fraud during the 2020 election at the center of it is this premise that nobody really wants to admit to.  Republicans don’t want to believe that its possible, and Democrats are hoping to get away with it before someone stops them.  But the intent is of course to make election fraud the future of voting. 

Truthfully, voting must have an I.D.  Anyone looking for less wants to cheat.  There must be signature verification.  Again, anyone arguing otherwise wants to cheat.  There should be one election day, not months and months of early voting which opens up more opportunities to tamper with the results.  Mail in voting must have a strong chain of custody.  And they can’t be counted for weeks after the election as was the case with the 2020 presidential race where they just kept counting until Joe Biden was the winner.  That the cheaters in that election expect to get away with the most extensive voter fraud case in the history of America should alarm everyone.  That no court wanted to admit that it actually happened reveals a lack of will to protect constitutional needs, which is precisely why HR1 is so dangerous.  But if we can’t agree to these very basic things, we simply can’t have an honest election because there is too much power to be gained in cheating and obviously we have all seen the consequences now.  There is no honor system that will keep everything honest.   We need rigid voting laws and we must stick to them.

Its not just a matter of standing up to HRI but it’s the Democrats in general who want more than anything to empower their base, which has a hard time doing anything on time, to vote.  They started this mess with early voting so that their base might find time to cast early since they can’t be relied on election day to do their job.  Democrats must cheat to win and they like early voting because it gives their people more time to get off the couch and to vote.  Of course, the question is do we have any responsibility to lead a voter to the water to drink.  Should our society be guided by those who really don’t care to follow the rules?  Well, for Democrats, of course that’s how they feel.  Republicans must return to challenging the merits of even early voting because it has cheapened our election system in the wrong direction and opened the door for election fraud as an expectation, not an exception. 

The assumption that voting should be open in all these different forms to as many people as possible shows a complete lack of respect for the rules, because it’s the results that are only desired.  Voting integrity is not important so long as voting options can get a victory.  Rather than learning to have elections that follow the rules, we have thrown out the rules to get the results that Democrats want and that was only solidified in 2020 when the courts showed no will to challenge the premise.  It was more important that people believe in our elections, not that they would have many reasons to question the results if they admitted that the process was deeply flawed.  This is how a military operation who would want to destroy the objective would want us to think about such things, to have everything so murky that we wouldn’t understand the conditions of victory.  So to win an election do you work to get the votes from voters who follow the rules, or do you find a way to get as many different forms of voters to throw input into the chaos and count everything over extended periods of time. 

A preview of how this type of voting could destroy our country could be seen in the Senate runoffs in January.  The Democrats easily won applying all these new rules, even though the race had been much closer.  Once you started counting from all the different sources, and applying unverified signatures with mail in votes it was easy to beat the Republicans who typically play things straight.  Since Republicans do play by the rules they will always be harmed when the rules aren’t clear, which is what HR1 is all about.  Republicans could cheat the way that Democrats do, but that goes against the way they do business.  Democrats are so audacious about it they dare Republicans to try and cheat knowing that because of their love of rules, Republicans will never feel comfortable cheating.   So, there is nothing in HRI for Republicans.  There is nothing “constitutional” about it either.  There is only a path to victory for those willing to exploit chaos by utilizing all the options to get the result needed to win. 

It was never about fairness, in getting as many people to vote to see what kind of representatives our country really wants in government.  It was and always will be a military strategy to undermine our rules so to topple our republic into chaos for which we could be easily conquered.  Then to sell the voter fraud, Covid from the beginning was designed to allow for this election fraud by causing chaos that could be exploited by all these various voting methods, no signature verification, weak chain of custody on mail ins allowing for tampering.  And of course, changing the nature of the deadlines making it so that the final count was left in limbo allowing the counter to keep counting until they had the results they wanted is the core of the problem, and is what is most at stake.  Democrats remember cannot live within the rules, and if forced to, may never be able to win another election.  But if they can remove the rules, and make it so that anything goes when it comes to election conduct where it’s the amount of votes counted in whatever means they can get them, then they will never lose.  And that’s how you destroy a republic, using chaos and Covid to alter the rules for the benefit of those who intended insurgency.  Was their election fraud in 2020, yes, massive amounts of it.  But because of the way Democrats conducted it, as if the fraud allowed more voters a “voice” Republicans to their own detriment were unable to overcome the objection, so in the wake of that, HRI is a very real problem. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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