Lee Wong Strips and Shows Everyone his 70-year-old Nipples at a Trustee Meeting: Using racism to hide incompetency

I heard about it after it happened and was waiting for the video to come out from the West Chester Trustee meeting to see for myself.  However, by the time the video did come out it was a national story because it fed a media narrative, especially from NBC that they were pushing, and Lee Wong served it up on a buffet for them to delight in.  Sure enough, on the NBC Nightly News there was the video of Trustee Lee Wong stripping off his shirt and showing us all his 70-year-old nipples after grandstanding for several minutes about his old military record which he retired from and showing off what he’s calling a scar he received during his service.  I wasn’t going to talk about it unless the video proved to be as ridiculous as I heard it was because Lee Wong is an old story in my community of West Chester and honestly, I thought the guy had embarrassed himself enough over the years.  But in a lot of ways he stuck a stick in the eye of the community that can’t be forgiven and he tried to buffer the effect with this grandiose strip show he provided at what should have been a professional trustee meeting where all the elected representatives do the township business.  But the level of radicalism was just the kind of thing that filled a national narrative that wants to divert away from the follies of the Biden administration, the mountain of evidence of voter irregularities due to all the Covid rules made willy-nilly by more radical Democrats all across the nation, and the sudden outbreaks of gun violence under the new administration that is really a major policy breakdown from liberals that they want to paint as anger toward Asians.  That’s where Wong came in.

This is what’s really going on which you never hear about in the news these days because they take the sensationalism and apply their own context to a story to fit their political agenda.   In this case, they don’t want to know anything about Lee Wong, they just wanted to see his nipples from him taking off his shirt at a township meeting.  So let’s set the record straight on Lee Wong for the national audience who doesn’t know anything about him which are now looking at West Chester as a cesspit of racism because of his pure selfishness in trying to hide his internal poll numbers which show him slipping in our community in popularity during an election year.  Hey, if there is any anger at Lee its not because of the color of his skin or his face resembling an Asian, it’s because he is a Democrat putting a Republican next to his name because that’s the only way he could get elected in a very conservative county.  He’s been in elected office for many years and people get tired of him legislating like a Democrat then when people call him on it he goes straight for racism to cover it up and try to keep people from looking too closely to what he really is as a representative in our community. 

It used to be that people were more accepting of RINOs who were obviously not very politically passionate toward the party they run under.  A guy like Lee could get away with it for decades in the past until people started waking up during this last decade and realizing how the shell game worked, and Lee has been caught in it.  Recently he made a run for the 4th Senate District in Ohio and he came in 3rd out of three which was very embarrassing to him.  And the word on the street is that he has lost his brand even within West Chester where he has been a trustee for a very long time.  Its obvious to political people who see these kinds of things, and fundraisers who give out money to politicians for their campaigns that Lee is a dead duck.  There are several challengers who donors like a lot better than Lee coming up to challenge him in this year’s race as trustee and fresh off his embarrassing loss for that senate seat, Lee Wong had to do something to get some attention.  So he did what Democrats always do, they accuse the community of racism hoping to freeze people’s true opinions about him so that they are afraid to not support him in fear of being called a racist.  And of course, NBC took the torch and lit it for all Democrats to see.  Maybe now, Lee thinks, he might get some fundraising for his fall election so he can put out some signs hoping to turn the tide that has built against him.  

In West Chester, Lee has been elected, and he has served in office, but he has failed over many years of trying.  People have voted for him, but they have grown tired of him acting more and more like a Democrat than the Republican he claims to be.  Not having an answer for that behavior, Lee turned to the nuclear option of racism hoping to increase his public persona, which obviously worked for attention.  I would say it’s the wrong kind of attention and will hang on his neck like a weight he doesn’t want.  Some of the biggest follies Lee has had fairly recently is when he aligned himself with China several years ago as tensions well before President Trump came on the scene started escalating with the communist country.  There are lots of Chinese people and Asians in our area and people accept them openly.  But not all of them go around looking to build bridges where they came from like Lee does.  Most Americans figure that if people left somewhere, its for a reason.  However, Lee has continued to show support for China any time he can, especially in the Sherry Chen case who was a scientist accused of spying for China who lost her job.  Lee’s defense was simply that it was racism that caused her to lose her job, not that she was thought to be a spy for China.  People don’t forget things like that, and that’s why people have been questioning Lee’s patriotism.  It’s his track record, not his face that is the problem.

In a time where China is more and more openly hostile toward the United States, Lee has went well out of his way to promote China as a friend which taking off his shirt in public and showing a couple of scars he received in military service a lifetime ago were meant to hide.  Yet Lee did it to himself and now he’s made it worse by trying to play the race card to get himself some attention during an election year where he has challengers and very few people who want to give him money this time around.  That fundraising gap was quite obvious during his senate run, and it looks like these other candidates are going to get the money to knock off Lee.  So its not a matter of racism that has hurt Lee Wong, it’s his own incompetence which those types of people always look to hide behind some social cause.  This latest Asian aggression story, which was made up by the media in reaction to the Atlanta shootings to divert away from the cause of sex addiction is the same tired tricks that has gotten Lee in trouble before.  Only this time, he’s gone way too far and put West Chester in an embarrassing national spotlight, all for his selfish reasons to attempt re-election when its obvious that people don’t want him anymore.  Not for his race, but because he’s incompetent.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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