Trump’s New Social Media Platform: I can’t wait!

Going all the way back to Myspace, the social media platform, I have been very weary, and have pushed back against the tide of building a big social media personality on the terms of the creators of those spaces  I used Myspace for some of the professional activity I was involved in back in their prime time, and I was in Los Angeles when Facebook was breaking through and the company was using some of the celebrities I knew to convince people to make the switch to the Zuckerberg company as influencers.  When I heard the pitch from Facebook, I was alarmed at how that 21-year-old kid, Zuckerberg had become a billionaire so quickly with essentially the next generation of Myspace, a free platform for social media sharing of music and video at the maker level.  Due to that meeting, I never signed up for a personal Facebook account which remains the case to this very day.  I don’t trust them, and I don’t like them.  And now, because of all the massive election tampering that Facebook, Google and Twitter participated in during 2020, I have purged them all from my life as much as I can.  I used to use Twitter everyday as a kind of news feed, but since they removed Trump from the platform, I can’t stand to even open it anymore.  A lot of people I know are on it still, but I don’t like them as a company.  I don’t like Jack Dorsey personally, and I want nothing to do with them.  I would have deleted my account, but I have over ten years of history there that is tied into my blog, so my reaction has been to just stop using it.  These days for my blog, I use mostly Rumble to produce my own content pushing aside Twitter and YouTube until it becomes clear where the world is going. 

I had a good feeling after the election based on the things I was hearing close to Trump that he was going to be starting his own platform, and recently Jason Miller confirmed it.  Really for two decades I have been waiting for just such a person like Trump to create a social media space that I felt I could invest myself in.  In the past, with my blog, and video coverage first on YouTube and now Rumble where I have many hundreds of videos already, I sort of halfheartedly participated because I never liked the characters who were running the companies.  I have been saying for a long time that conservatives were going to have to penetrate those entertainment markets to really protect the brand of conservatism truly.  Conservatives used to run Hollywood, such as John Wayne going all the way into the 80s, but we have allowed liberals to move into those markets out of a thinly veiled sense of fairness only to find ourselves eventually edited out of existence.  All that culminated in 2020 with the censorship first of anybody who questioned Covid-19 medical practices, then ultimately the election for president that had obvious tampering that was unforgivable.  Just the amount of money and tampering that Facebook involved itself in was a mandate for major reforms in social media, so I have been waiting patiently for the news that Jason Miller just recently delivered about a Trump social media platform.  This is an action that has to happen if conservatives ever want to have a voice in a public arena again, so I am glad to see that it will soon be an option. 

Conservatives are going to have to make their own movies, produce their own music and publish their own books.  I’m not going to lie, this election cost me a lot, I have a book of my own that I was working through with Amazon’s Book Baby to publish.  They have great resources at Amazon and if you are publishing a book, they should be one of the first places you go, from a business perspective.  But after what they did to Parlor, I immediately cancelled my book knowing that they would likely cancel me once we got too far into it to go back.  I found a very good conservative publishing group out of Florida that I have gone with instead and we’ll see how it goes.  They are nowhere near as deep as Amazon so the hill to getting a product to market is a lot steeper, but ultimately I feel better about who I’m working with, and to me, that’s what counts.  The book will be out later this year, delayed by several months because of the switch in publishers, but I will enjoy the process more knowing I’m working with like minded people and that I don’t have to dance around all their woke company policies just to participate in the marketplace.  Ultimately, the consumer should decide the success or failure of a project, not the companies themselves by forcing the entire marketplace to adapt to their social stance, which happens to be extremely progressive/communist. 

With a Trump social media platform, whatever form it takes, I will certainly be one of the first to sign up, and I will likely invest quite a lot of myself into it, to help where I can because I can get into anything that Trump is a part of.  Why be a victim to the media moguls out there who are liberal when you can be your own media mogul?  Trump is in position to do such a thing, and I see it as a unique opportunity to make it successful and bust up these vast liberal empires that have been rotting our culture for several decades now.  Going back to that Facebook pitch, everyone knew I was a conservative, but Myspace didn’t care so much about that then.  But I could tell with Facebook that the trend was going in the wrong direction.  It looked like a mousetrap to me, where they made communication too easy with friends and family because they were going to sell the information they gathered on you as the user of the product.  Because you were their product.  Back then, people from different points of view could get together as we did in Hollywood in the pre-Facebook days.  I could promote my books and my bullwhip work, people enjoyed it, and it was fun for people to exchange ideas.  That all went out the window once it was realized that social media evolved away from bringing people together and moved into turning people into products and that abuse of them was perfectly acceptable in this newly radical liberal society of Silicon Valley domestic terrorists. 

American society should always be about choice, and with the news that Trump is going to provide that choice, I see excitement brewing on the horizon.   I’m certainly excited about it.  I’ve done my part to be as free as possible to enjoy it too.  I’m glad I switched publishers and made personal decisions that align well with the next steps of the Trump campaign for 2024.  The first thing he needs to do is to control the message so that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg can’t tamper with the future elections.  Instead, I will be cheering on the end of their companies every day and when they eventually do fail, I will be very happy on that day due to the way they have behaved toward America.  Until Trump’s announcement, I just stood in the background because there wasn’t another option.  However, now there will be, and that is the first big step into fixing so much of what is wrong now.  The solutions start with choice. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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