Beijing Biden is a Loser: America likes winners, and the fake president doesn’t represent our values

Listening to that ridiculous press conference by Beijing Biden and his handlers and additionally, thinking of all the pushback that occurred from the coverage of Joe Biden falling down the steps of Air Force One, I think it’s necessary to address the main issue when it comes to government that everyone seems to get wrong.  It’s not about how nice we are to each other that promotes civility in our “republic.”  It’s about how much truth we are able to extract out of our debates with each other.  What makes the world better is competition.  Its what makes us sharp.  Its what makes society and drives innovation.  All this expectation about niceness is preposterous.  The goal of government is not to shake hands, have lunch, or get along by reaching across the aisle.  Its to win your argument and to force the best discussions into the light of day for the management of our country.  And if we have a president who falls down the steps of Air Force One embarrassing us to the rest of the world, a country that is supposed to have all the wealth, all the answers, and is the place that everyone wants to come to, then you should expect not to have sloppy politicians who can’t walk up the steps or give a spontaneous press conference confidently and off script. 

There has been an expectation of giving this old fool Biden a pass for what they are blaming the wind for blowing the feeble old man down on Air Force One, and then making fun of him about it incessantly.  Hey, after the way everyone treated President Trump, I am in a no mercy kind of mood on this topic.  I didn’t vote for Joe Biden and I don’t know many people who did.  They weren’t civil to my guy when he was in office, why should I be civil to their guy?  And if I were to be civil, for what reason would I do it?  That is not the purpose of government, to be civil.  We are supposed to fight, to argue, to push back so that the best and strongest ideas find their way into the framework of our nation.  If we give losers like Biden a free pass it only makes us weak and causes the world to laugh at us.  And you better believe that they are laughing.  The world functions from a shared understanding about competition and winning in general.  The world does not respect losers, even though people like Biden were hired by unelected bureaucrats to try and sell a world to everyone where the name of the game isn’t winning, but in how you play the game.  The participation trophy kids who were raised in public education to get a pat on the back just for showing up. 

This problem is reflected in an undercurrent that permeates our entire society, and has for many decades now, where the parameters of victory and being a good country have degraded our entire society.  It was the number one reason that progressives never could accept Trump, because he approached everything in life by winning and losing, which were values progressives were trying to “progress” beyond.  People in general do not want to be judged by the merits of winning, they just want to scrimmage, and get paid at the end of the day without breaking a sweat.  America though picked a winner in Trump.  The system took that away and gave us this piece of crap.  Then expect us to not laugh at him when he falls down the stairs and can’t answer basic questions.  Again, I didn’t vote for Joe Biden and neither did over 70 million other people.  Trump broke records in voting getting a much larger percentage of Hispanic and black voters, and the political system took all that away and gave us this mess.  People’s only sane reaction is to make fun of the loser Biden.  Otherwise, they might have more revolutionary thoughts.  Because at the heart of Americans, they love a winner, and they hate losers.  The Joe Biden sell would have been hard enough because of the way he was elected, with a flood of mail in voters illegally counted due to Covid-19 unconstitutional regulations not properly debated.  That is the main problem with all this, that government sought to tamper with the way we determine winners and losers in our elections, in society in general, and people aren’t happy about it. 

To the docile minded it would be wonderful to work in government and have no expectations placed upon them even as they make 40% more money than people do who work in the private sector.  The government club has a good racket of stealing money through the IRS, wasting money as members of government as if you could just print infinite amounts of it for their fun and joy, and there is no job expectation of performance for them.  They can take as long as they want to do things and if they ever do get a job done, nobody really expects anything from them anyway and the work gets tossed into a trash heap.  What makes all that possible is a society that allowed themselves to begin questioning the merits of government and how its supposed to interact.  By changing the value system from victory to shaking hands and playing the game nicely, government has managed to secure a good life for themselves at our expense.  Until that mean old Trump came by and actually expected people to do things. 

And that’s what we’re supposed to accept, Joe Biden as an incompetent, as a loser, someone who can fall down the stairs and bumble his way through a press conference barely able to stand up.  Because by accepting him, we will then accept a government that is stupid and lackluster in every way losers are.  Instead of the way its supposed to be where winners emerge from debates and conflict made stronger by a long wake of losers behind them.  That is how you get a strong nation, that’s how people become strong.  Sometimes they may end up winners, but most of the time they are part of that wake of losers.  But the process makes greatness in whatever combination ends up winning in the end.  To accept Biden we then accept a world where there are no winners, only compliant followers more intent to shake hands and show good sportsmanship than in pushing each other to be the best that they can be.  That’s why we still make fun of Beijing Biden’s fall down the Air Force One steps, and that’s why we make fun of the stupid way he walks and talks.  That’s why we hate everything about him, because he has been given to us as a loser to justify all the losers who put him in power with falsehoods and a value system that doesn’t accept the premise of victory.  The fault for the failure is not ours, its in the people that tried to pull off all this nonsense.  They expected they could take half a century to push competition out of our society and that millions of years of human evolution could be changed within a century.  Instead, they just deeply divided our nation irreparably.  Some people are meant to be losers, and they have found a home in the Democrat Party.  But those who like to win are and will remain Trump Republicans.  And those people aren’t going away.  Instead, they are still and continue to be, very pissed off.  And making fun of Dummy Joe Biden will continue spectacularly. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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