A Speakeasy in New Mexico: When living a normal life is against the law

One of the reasons I wanted to go so far away for vacation this year was because I was sick and tired of the government mismanagement of Covid.  I wanted to be around as few people as possible, so my wife and I headed to the deserts of New Mexico in our RV to get away from the world and its stupidity to read books and relax.  The election year of 2020 was rough, I was involved at too many levels over such a long period of time and after I needed to recalibrate.  So, it was a good time to travel out into the far reaches of the country and get a sense of things, which we did.  But I didn’t know that New Mexico was still on lockdowns much the way New York and Michigan had been.  Their governor there was an idiot Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham, who like most of the Democrats during Covid showed exactly why governors can’t be trusted with emergency powers for long periods of time.  They couldn’t handle the pressure and the roots of their political party, always pointed toward personal tyranny revealed itself in policies that were destroying industry.  It was a good thing we were traveling by RV because we had our own kitchen and could eat all of our meals there, because still after all this time Governor Grisham had all the lockdowns in place and there was literally no place to eat.  Struggling restaurants could sell takeout, but there was no seating in a dining room, and the people I talked to were furious about it. 

We traveled all over the state going to see things that I had always wanted to see, but in all those places, dining rooms were closed forcing restaurants to get creative in how they served food just to stay open. In one such instance we stopped by a really small-town way out in the desert.  I won’t say where because one thing all these restaurants are terrified of are narks on Yelp giving them reviews that tip off health terrorists who then come to their places and shut them down for not adhering to the unconstitutional rules of these mindless governors.  Its easy to say to people to fight their challenges out in court, but most of them are operating their businesses day to day, they don’t have the money for a court fight which has only made the blue state governors that much more abusive in their rule making.  Anyway, in this town there was literally only one restaurant and it looked like it had been closed for a very long time.  However, we were 100 miles from anywhere else so we parked the car and walked around it looking for any signs of life within.  My wife was ready to walk away and look for an alternative even though as I said, the next place was literally many miles away so before giving up I pulled on the door, and it came open.

Inside were a surprising number of people, the restaurant was open and there were signs of life.  Now we knew where everyone was in the town, because until that point we saw nobody out walking around.  But with the windows blackened out to the outside world, the owners of this restaurant were openly defying the governor.  And they weren’t even wearing masks.  They were being so defiant.  They were weary to see us at first, but we made fast friends as I let them know how grateful I was to see them open and not mandating masks.  Once we understood each other I was able to get a couple of really delicious hamburgers for $5 each.  Sure, my wife and I were hungry, we had been hiking around in the mountains all day and had very little food up to that point, but that hamburger was as good as any gourmet hamburger I had ever had.  As we ate there were families with their kids coming and going, everything was very festive.  The sheriff came in and made a purchase, so it was good to see the town supporting this little place, and the law defying the tyranny of the incompetent governor.  It was a very happy day and exactly what I had gone on vacation to see.  People behaving as normal, defying the stupid Covid restrictions that our out-of-control government had been using to provide cover for their election fraud intentions of 2020.  It was a step back to the way the world was, and how it should be again. 

Everyone knows my opinion on Covid-19.  Its always been a scam, a method of putting a muzzle on humanity by changing the rules of the game.  In 2019 people would have called Covid a cold and people would have fought through it only to get better again.  In 2020 to pave the way for election fraud later that year the government changed the rules of how we measure a cold and tried an experiment which has impacted most everyone in North America and cost them many billions of dollars in value.  Especially restaurants who like this little place in New Mexico were unfairly targeted barely hanging on to their livelihoods.  And the government will never admit to their complicity in the matter, into the many lives they have destroyed just so they could control the election results with mail-in ballots.  Democrats were hoping to cancel all in person voting in 2020, but Trump was already showing the hypocrisy of the mask mandates and the social distancing by hosting full on maskless rallies where people were packed together concert style.  My opinion about Covid isn’t popular because people don’t want to admit to themselves just how evil government can be and was during 2020 just to gain more political power, but history will remember it all well, and my opinion will become more popular as time progresses.  That’s how we arrived here, but even now, over a year later, with a vaccine out and an obvious end to Covid well on the horizon, case counts are dropping, but the liberal governors are still clamoring to their emergency powers because they love the authority, and have abused their power terribly, to much cost of the people they are supposed to represent.  As long as people believe there is danger, they can get away with their abuse of power.  But the moment people realize its all been a scam, well then that’s where the problems start. 

It was good for me to see so many people calling bullshit on the Covid virus.  They were open, the whole town was supportive of the decision, and they weren’t even wearing masks because they had figured out the obvious.  It helped them that they were in the middle of nowhere, far away from Albuquerque and the Marxist college towns that made New Mexico a blue state.  But given that remoteness, they were also the first to see the truth of the scam, and to defy unconstitutional rules that cost them but cost the government nothing to issue.  It may have been one of the best hamburgers I had ever had, and we did give them a very big tip.  I didn’t mind, I felt compelled to support them for their bold decision, a decision that the rest of the world will eventually have to arrive to.  For me, in the middle of the desert far away from everything, I had found what I was looking for and it gave me hope, which was very much needed.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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