When Crimes Happen Faster than the Media can Spin Them: The Truth about the shooting spree in Atlanta

The political left could not afford for the truth to be told on this sex addiction case, because most of what progressive politics is all about is in pushing people into sexual addictions so that the government can expand under their haze and make more dependents out of people.  In truth, the Biden administration is all about sex addiction, it’s about the legalization of drugs, in making dependents out of all people.  People like Robert Long are the creations of progressive politics, people who are addicted to sex and want to take their experience beyond their computer where the stuff is piped into everyone’s home who has a computer, young and old alike, and can partake in their weaknesses for as much as they want.  Robert Aaron Long was a prime candidate for being mentally ill, yet he was able to buy the gun he used to shoot people that day knowing that he had been in treatment for sex addiction.  Now I’m not for deeper background checks, but the point is, people out there knew this kid was a loose cannon.  He practically gave himself up once police caught up with him during his shooting spree.  He left behind plenty of breadcrumbs and as quick as it started, police had their motive and their guy.  And almost as fast as that was Joe Biden saying that the killing was a hate crime against Asian people.

By admitting that these murders were sex crimes it would put as liabilities most of the Democrat platform as potential suspects, so there is no way that could be allowed.  Instead, liberals were trying to blame President Trump’s anti-China rhetoric over Covid-19 for the violence.  Now how about that?  Isn’t that a stretch!  Well, it sure was, unbelievable really that any official government would attempt to create such a picture even as the evidence was fresh from the crime scene with an admission from the guilty party who explicitly stated he was not targeting Asians.   They just happened to be working in that type of sex industry.  Here was an admitted pervert, a sex seeking addict who had been getting treatment admitting to killing off his targets so that he wouldn’t be further tempted to engage in sex with those places being dismissed so that a story of racism could be told instead.  You see, Joe Biden knows more about the elements of this murder than the killer himself.  Even when we have a direct admission the government decided that it would give us another set of facts to ponder, ones that they made up completely. 

This should serve as a valuable lesson for all those other cases where people wonder if that’s what the government is up to but doesn’t quite have the proof.  Here is your proof to what extent they will lie to you or manipulate the facts to serve their interests.  Events happened; people were killed. The killer was caught, there was a confession, yet the government made up their own story about the events anyway, in spite of what the evidence said.  It was atrocious really, the level of lying that the government so quickly had no problem portraying in order to protect their own political base.  If it wasn’t for sexual deviants, how many Democrats would there really be out there.  And if this story were allowed to stand as is with the evidence being so rigid against sexual crimes, then how many more people like Robert Long were out there?  How many potential murders were being covered up as we speak?  Probably hundreds of thousands, and the government would cover them all up if they could.  But for their own problems, often they have to wait for one of them to pop a screw loose and do something stupid, as happened here.  They knew to catch Robert Aaron Long so fast because they had been watching him, as they watch all of us.  They knew he was going to these places, and that illegal sex acts were happening, just as everyone knows.  Just as everyone knows where to get illegal drugs that liberals want people to get.  They ignore the laws they don’t like so that they can create more people like this 21-year-old sex addicted kid.  They want them out there breaking the law, sexually abusing other people, because it spreads turmoil everywhere making more and more dependents onto government.  Its all part of their Democrat game. 

Then when they do snap and go too far, as Long did, guilt climbing into his thoughts to push him into some sort of countermeasure, then the Democrats lose control of their society quickly.  But they are not going to admit to that, instead they look for ways to exploit the problem against a political rival, or to make an argument in favor of gun control.  They don’t care who dies, only that someone does so they can use it to grab for more power. If the game has never been clearer, then in the wake of this Atlanta shooting where the police work was so clear, the suspect so cooperative and the chain of events unfolding quicker than the media could distort everything to the liberal narrative, such clarity would not be ever so defined. 

This is what I have been talking about regarding life after Trump.  The political left is so desperate to cover all their crimes and all their bad behavior with the tricks that are now so worn out, and they are so sloppy now that the media has shown themselves to be so complicit that they aren’t even trying to put that extra little bit of pepper on the cheese anymore.  And with Biden being so mentally slow, and just reading the note cards they give him, he’s not even trying to sell it the way these guys in the past have.  It just comes out now as raw nonsense and is openly confirming everything people like me have said about false flags for years.  They try to shove these news stories into being, then when they get them, they try to shape the narrative to their advantage and it usually works.  Except in this case the killer was caught in record time and admitted to the crime before the White House could issue their statement.  And by then, it was too late. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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