John Weaver is What’s Wrong with Politics: The Lincoln Project was always a smokescreen for sexual perversion and a Washington culture wanting to abuse power

Of course, we all remember The Lincoln Project ads meant to harm President Trump by claiming there is some immoral aspect to the White House approach to politics.  Yet now we know as is usually the case that all the goodness that politicians and political action organizations truly intended which is to lay cover for their sexually perverted desires.  That was certainly the case with The Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver who now proclaims that he is a homosexual and that is why he was manipulating toward sex at least 20 young men abusing his relationship with them under the premise of employment.  Weaver on the outside was preaching morality under the Republican Party, but on the inside, he was cheating on his wife and kids with gay relationships with young male staffers which dictates that we address this issue for what it is.  Whether its John Weaver, Andrew Cuomo, or the secret list of participants on Jeffrey Epstein‘s orgy island, it is obvious that many if not most of the politicians in Washington D.C. are addicted to power which they can only get from political appointments and the abuse of that power for sexual addictions that are on the top of their minds at all times.  And the more an organization like The Lincoln Project preaches morality, the more they are actually trying to hide as deviants and sadistic sexual abusers. 

What is most disgusting about all this behavior is that the perpetrators have a belief that they are of a higher order than the rest of us, that what they do is on a different set of rules.  Such as the Epstein situation where he supposedly committed suicide and just sort of disappeared from the criminal scene after he was caught having sexual relationships with underaged girls.  Epstein was facilitating sex with very high-level people and because of it, the justice he should have had coming just disappeared from the news, just like the election fraud of President Trump.  Regarding The Lincoln Project, many people knew what John Weaver was doing, but they didn’t say anything about it.  Even during the 2020 campaign as people were aware that Weaver was abusing young boys who were working for him, nobody said anything.  It was behavior that people accepted.  Yet we were supposed to accept that President Trump’s behavior was reprehensible and that he should be removed from office. 

The truth of the matter is that most of these people get into political positions not so they can help manage the country, but because they want to control the law so that they can fulfill their sexual fantasies.  Its not like John Weaver is alone in his actions.  Likely there are many more people just like him than not, and that most of the young people serving in these political apprentice positions are finding themselves abused frequently.  Its not a remote occurrence, and the politicians get away with it because they are the law.  They get into those positions so they can be abusive, and their stations give them a cover story toward their aims at sex abuse.  Even if you take John Weaver’s poor excuse for his behavior by saying that he loves his wife and kids but that he’s a homosexual, nobody who is that confused about what they are should be telling anybody how to live or advise them on political matters.  The Anti-Trump Lincoln Project was never about making the Republican party better, it was always about preserving a system of abuse that the political class enjoyed, and Trump was unraveling that in front of their faces, and they hated him for it. 

As a former Playboy, I have always trusted Trump because much of that behavior is a phase in people’s lives, and obviously being married to Melania was good for Donald Trump.  It was the focus he needed to do bigger and better things in his life.  And with him, he never ran from his past.  But when it comes to these do-gooder John Weaver types, I always worry about them.  I would like to believe they are what they say they are, but often their activism for goodness is a smokescreen for perversions that they are trying to hide from even themselves.  And the ease for which other people knowingly accepted the behavior says that they too have the same problems.  Nobody who enters their adulthoods still thinking about stupid sex issues should be in a position to legislate or shape public policy about anything.  Anybody who is a homosexual trying to still maintain a fake marriage and being a fake father to fake kids is doing far more damage to our societal network than President Trump ever could have under any malicious circumstances.  People like John Weaver are what’s wrong with the world, or the Prince Andrews of the world looking for underaged sex under the tutelage of Jeffery Epstein. 

I would go as far to say that if a legislator is thinking about sexual fantasies at all, they are not qualified to be in any kind of power and should be removed.  If someone is in their middle ages and they are still looking for sex with boys and girls, they should not be in politics.  The art of politics should involve people who no longer care about those kinds of things.  Sex is a small part of our overall lives, its safe to say that if anybody is spending more than 1% of their week thinking about any kind of sex, they are facilitating a mental deficiency.  They certainly shouldn’t be running a political group like The Lincoln Project.  Instead, we have learned that John Weaver isn’t the exception, he’s the norm. 

We should all be insulted that all the action against Trump was intent to provide cover for these sexual escapades while trying to transfer psychologically the crime to the President when in all actuality, he was totally innocent.  It’s a sign of our troubling times where the people who are most guilty of the crimes of our nation are in fact the policy makers and legal minds shaping our culture.  And that they aren’t making policy for the good of mankind, but for the ability to have sex with an underaged kid and to hide the vile behavior behind morality.  By criticizing Trump for his approach to management, it provides an illusion that the critics are on the up and up, hiding from the public that they are really much more evil than what they accuse others of being.  And we get a full understanding from the John Weaver case within The Lincoln Project, that these sexual abuse stories are just the tip of the iceberg, that there is much more to these stories than what we are told, because nobody has the courage to address them in public.  Because in all honesty, there are more people functioning from sexual disfunction than there are out of truth, justice, and the American way.  President Trump tried hard to be honorable and respectful to the office of the president, but what The Lincoln Project losers really wanted is a JFK, an imperfect person who had sexual problems too and functioned from those types of weaknesses.  Knowing that, should concern us all about everything political. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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