Trump and the Legend of Billy the Kid: Lessons learned from history of what people really value in government

In the video above I discuss some of the reasons that Billy the Kid remains a beloved outlaw as I recently traveled to Lincoln County New Mexico to study some of the real locations of the Lincoln County War.  The thoughts I had about Billy the Kid were very much ignited as I watched President Trump give his speech at CPAC where he didn’t back off the election fraud claims he had as we all had watched the official government bought and paid for by the communist Chinese do much of what Sheriff Brady had done during the Lincoln County War, acting as a cover for the villain Murphy and the antagonists of peace and justice in 1878.  Billy the Kid and his band of outlaws the Regulators killed the Sheriff in an ambush, in revenge for the killing of John Tunstall.  It’s a bit more complicated than that, but for this story, this is enough for context.  By the point of view of the law, the murder of the sheriff was clear villainy.  But by the point of view of the Regulators, it was justice for the criminals who had hijacked the legal system.   The resulted historical perspective is what we all remember, and what time and history sifted through as acceptable honor.  In history, Trump will be remembered much the same way as Billy the Kid.  Not because of any outlaw behavior on Trump’s part, but in the way that people recognize justice and how forgiving they are of people they perceive are fighting for justice, even if the legal measures of the day think of them as outlaws and villains.

 My wife and I were hungry as we had been exploring the Ruidoso mountain town all morning after a snowstorm had ripped through the area earlier that night before and the whole town was fighting through the covered roadways.  We managed to find a really cool little Mexican restaurant on the main strip.  We couldn’t eat inside so from the hood of our car we ate our food and watched the activity in the deep valley of the popular ski resort.   Most everywhere I looked there was some memento to Billy the Kid.  Everyone wanted to attach themselves to the popular outlaw as modern society seemed to have no problem with the Kid character, even though his actions could easily be aligned with the terrorism of Timothy McVeigh or the Unabomber.  Billy the Kid was an outlaw, as was Jesse James, but even well over a hundred years had passed and people remembered them fondly forgiving the many people they had killed for the pleasant memory of freedom fighters who recognized an oppressive legal system and acted against it for the good of humanity.  In the Kid’s case, Sheriff Bradly was bought and paid for by the Murphy clan and understood the politics of what Murphy was trying to do in Lincoln, buying up the law and using it to crush his political enemies. 

Who could say anything less about our modern political system, most people understand how our government has turned criminal and they see Trump as the freedom fighter who is stepping out of the boundaries to bring justice to our nation, even if it gets a little messy.  They value the vigilance and see that the greater good is at work behind the actions of an outlaw.  With Trump its in insisting that the election of 2020 was stolen by the legal system, and he intends to challenge it and undo it so long as he can.  People see it as a similar necessity as Billy the Kid and the Regulators killing off Sheriff Bradly and slowly destroying the political grip that Murphy had on the legal system, so that justice might return to Lincoln County with such outlaw actions.  Of course, the lesson of such outlaws in America is that people are more than willing to forgive them so long as justice is the result—real justice.  Not the justice that politicians contemplate, but the kind of justice that people understand, even if people die in the interim.  The lesson of Billy the Kid is just that kind of story.  Many of the things people remember about Billy the Kid may not have happened at all.  But its more what people want to remember that counts, and which lasts the centuries. 

People have long forgotten most of the characters of the Lincoln County War, but they remember Billy the Kid because for a short period of his young life he managed to live free of the ominous presence of an oppressive and corrupt legal system.   People will remember President Trump 100 years from now or 2000 years from now as the person who took on global corruption in much the way that Billy the Kid shot Sheriff Bradly in 1878.  The truth of the matter won’t matter at all, what makes a legend a legend is what people want to remember about it.  And Trump has given people the right to have such thoughts, and they will take on a life of their own.  That is the result of things that liberals and micromanaging political types always forget about people.  China has its own problems even as they attempt through the Biden administration to make themselves look like the best option for the world, they have serious masculinity problems in their own way.  They are a culture drowning from a lack of creativity and strong family culture and those population traits will reveal themselves in the next decade as the first signs of trouble are obvious now.  People and their legends exist beyond borders and government rules, they live in the imaginations of hopes and dreams.  The people of Hong Kong understand, as do the descendants of the Lincoln County War.  Presently the MAGA movement is writing tomorrow’s history in spite what modern media wants us to believe.  In truth, people will worship the outlaws, not the compliant government officials and the manufactured truth of those who wish to hijack justice right in front of our faces.

As we finished our meal on the hood of our car, I could feel a great deal of hope in that Ruidoso mountain town as the snow thawed and people came back out on the streets to resume their lives.  Like Billy the Kid who was a murderer and an outlaw who did as many terrible things as he did good, people will forgive the bad for the memory of the good.  President Trump to my eyes has only done good.  Any bad that has been attached to him is manufactured by political enemies who wish to do bad but can’t so long as he is in the way.  But either way, people will only remember the good in Trump, not the poor messages that modern villains try to paint on him which should be a lesson to all of us in understanding how our present times will be remembered.  I would say to you, remember the lesson of Billy the Kid, and understand that Trump will no matter what, be remembered much better and for many more reasons.  And with that as an indicator, the future looks quite bright and it should be.  Because we deserve Trump and America is better because he’s in it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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