There is Nothing Scientific About Masks: Government is as Neanderthal as it gets

There is nothing quite so spectacularly ridiculous than an idiot politician wearing a stupid mask who says to follow the science and that anybody who doesn’t is a Neanderthal.   Yet that’s what we have been hearing from Joe Biden as more and more states are lifting their Covid mask mandates.  Frustrated that the federal grip on the emergency crises mode of the made-up pandemic was weakening, he called Texas governor Greg Abbott a Neanderthal along with the governors of Alabama and Mississippi for turning away from the unscientific panic of wearing masks and accepting the reality that people are sick of wearing masks and never should have started in the first place.  Liberals are always about calling others what they truly are especially in this case.  There is nothing scientific about mask mandates.  Every one of the CDC commercials you hear on the radio or on television where they talk about masks working is a complete lie.  Masks do nothing to help stop the spread of any kind of virus.  They are token approaches to crises management that have as much value as Dumbo’s feather.  Its purely psychological in nature, it has nothing to do with science. 

To say that masks work it would require some kind of statistical baseline from known history.  Considering that its just been for the first time in history that we have decided to approach virus management the way we did in 2020 is the first problem.  The second is that from state to state, there wasn’t any real consistency about virus containment.  There were states where people were on full lockdowns, wearing masks and doing social distancing to the extremes while there were other places where very few people wore masks even at the height of the virus.  I would point back to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August of 2020 where half a million people ignored Covid all together and it didn’t turn out to be a super spreader event.  During the Trump campaign he often had rallies where nobody wore masks, or some people wore masks, and those places didn’t have more or less case counts than places where people were wearing masks like a psycho.  To say that masks work to stop the spread of coronavirus any analysis would have to take all these statistical variations into account and make some sense of them, which of course nobody has done.  All we have is governors like Dummy Mike DeWine say to us that masks work based on some voodoo belief system arrived at by the way they interpret faulty data. 

This is the kind of stupidity that you get when your society doesn’t have a functioning education system.  This is common core math, or the same kind of nutty behavior that we get from Bill and Melinda Gates who now want to get rid of advanced math from schools because they say its “racists” to have “right” answers.  They propose that people just memorize whatever answer the government gives them and to stop thinking for themselves.  Reality is what we tell you it is, you don’t need to do all this statistical evaluation.  Just listen to what we say and leave it alone.  If we tell you that masks work, then masks work.  End of story.  That the danger of a society that has lost the ability to think.  And that is how mask mandates became a thing in 2020 to start with.  People just did what the government told them to without considering the consequences.  What nobody wanted to admit to themselves was that the government screwed up so bad with Covid-19 that they kept digging themselves deeper and deeper in the whole of credibility.  Each lie they told required them to keep up with the story in the media and to support their conclusions with phony data by phony doctors for phony outcomes.  And that so many people followed blindly says everything as to the danger. 

But science was never the guiding light.  It was always voodoo belief that made people think that masks could help at all with the Covid virus, which was only different from other viral outbreaks in the way that we measured our reaction to it.  We had never counted case counts the way that we did with Covid and it is that which drove the public narrative so that we would accept a change in our voting laws, which was the point of Covid from the beginning.  Democrats knew they needed to cheat in the elections in 2020 so they got behind Covid as a way to change election law.  That was the cause of the change in how we dealt with this virus.  The masks only made everything seem more real.  The masks were a visual reminder that there was a virus, otherwise we could ignore the concern and continue living our lives.  By believing that there was a deadly virus, the masks made us feel that constant reminder that there was a danger out there, even if it was all made up.  But feelings are not science.  Science would require evidence, and for mask mandates, there is no science anywhere by anybody who can say that masks did anything to help stop the spread of Covid.  All masks did was remind people that the government wanted us to always be thinking about Covid-19, about the case counts so that when they changed the election laws for the November elections, that we would accept the results of that chaos. 

Every business that was lost in 2020, every life lost to suicide, to misery over the government’s mismanagement of Covid-19 was a cost of the Democrat desire to take back power from the populous movement of President Trump.  It was war, it was an attack on all of us to impose new Covid rules on the nature of virus outbreaks and to tie our society up in senseless bureaucracy.  But it was the masks that reminded us that life was not normal and that we had to operate each day as if it would be our last, because the government told us so.  For the government, Covid was a heist of our election system.  For the rest of us, it was just one more pain in the ass that increased our misery index which government caused us.  And instead of paying attention to the real thing we were distracted by the wearing of masks.  But it was always fake, it was always superstition.  It was never about science.  Not back then and certainly not today.  There isn’t a single scientist who can tell us legitimately that masks do anything scientifically to help with the virus.  If anything, they make the spread much worse with their contaminated fall out.  A hand that touches a mask then touches a door is a much surer way to spread a virus than not having the mask at all and exposing a face to plenty of ultraviolet light. 

But to call people who don’t wear masks Neanderthals?  That is a stretch.  To point to the government and to say “follow the science.”  No thanks.  There is nothing scientific about government work or their results.  They say what they must in order to get funding.  That doesn’t mean their results can be trusted.  And it certainly doesn’t make them qualified to make policy decisions for the rest of us.  They can’t even run a BMV correctly.  They certainly aren’t able to determine the science of mask wearing. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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