More Proof Trump Won the 2020 Election: People all across the country are still excited about the President

Another way that you can tell President Trump won the 2020 election, but that it was stolen from all of us by a government of criminals who knew their only way to stay out of jail was to illegally take power from a falsified election to hide behind, such as Governor Cuomo from New York and The Lincoln Project pedophile John Weaver, is to talk to people who actually voted, or to measure their enthusiasm in the post-election status.  People know that these politicians and figures are some of the worst of us and that is why they voted for President Trump and continue to support him after all that’s happened.  People get the game and they have a sense that is precisely the reason that the Capitol remains fenced up and barricaded to the world, because they are hiding from us, not the other way around.  They know what they have done criminally and fear what might happen if we ever figure it out to the level where we may act on it.  Well recently, as I have been talking about, my wife and I took a really big trip that involved many thousands of miles from one end of the country to the other.  Some of the states were blue states, so we had a nice sample of what the post-election America was saying about our political system and let me just say something that goes unsaid amongst many of our truckers who obviously know and understand the same thing.  Based on the enthusiasm for Trump that is still very much alive, there is no way Beijing Biden won that election.  The election of 2020 was a completely manufactured event made up by a complicit media for outcomes that served them, not the people voting.

I would say it’s a very scientific sampling of America to drive through many of the states from the central portion of the state to the deep west, nearly to California and to report the observations political of the remnants.  After all, similar experiments are how we arrive at carbon dating, or even positions on any kind of global warming.  By driving many thousands of miles over a vast distance as talked about in the video above, my wife and I counted hundreds and hundreds of Trump signs still up along the highways and in small towns, many of them maintained still and flying proudly.  But over all that distance there was not a single one for Joe Biden. Not a single one and that is after traveling to Ruidoso which is known for its liberalism of California transplants.  There was no trace or enthusiasm for a President Biden, not in any form over all that area.  But for Trump, there was still a lot.  There simply isn’t a chance that over that vast distance of many cultural changes that such an observation could be wrong.  Simple math will tell the rest of the story.

We are a country of roughly one third of our three hundred million population that is registered to vote.  Yet if you take the 75 million people that we know voted for Trump after all the destruction of votes by the Post Office, and precinct workers radicalized by liberalism, that is a very large number.  Trump gained more votes than any other Republican in history, so that by itself says something.  Yet to win, Beijing Biden would have had to obtain 80 million votes from that many people who disliked Trump and wanted to vote Democrat/communism.  That number by itself encompasses all the registered voters in the United States which puts the total vote count well over the registered voters who could have or wanted to vote in the 2020 election.  If that were true in any way, then the enthusiasm would still be out there so close to the previous election.  If there were many thousands of Trump signs left over in people’s yards and some new ones obviously put up after the election to rebel against the election results, then Joe Biden should have a portion of his own still displayed proudly.  Getting that many votes if we are to believe that he has the support of 80 million people in America would show supporters of his own proudly still flying flags and signs for the campaign.  If anything, there is always a portion of the population that hasn’t had time to take down their signs from a campaign a few months after an election.  However, with Biden, there was not even a little bit of a trace that Biden was even running. 

Now I’ve been around plenty, I know where the Biden supporters live. There are areas of south Columbus in my home state of Ohio that still have up some Biden signs.  Chicago is the same, and so is Atlanta, but they are in very regional neighborhoods and they do not extend out into the country from vast metropolitan areas.  The trip I took did involve cities like Kansas City and St. Louis and we made our observations from other places besides all the highways that connect the cities.  Additionally, and I didn’t ask for it.  But I dress in a way that must have provoked trust among Trump supporters, but over a two-week period, I had many dozens of people just approach me to vent about Trump.  Unprovoked by me, coming from people angry at their governors, and seeing in me a trusted ear they could level their feelings to.  There is some real anger out there that the New York media and The Hollywood Reporter would never see unless they left the few blocks of their residence and actually saw what was happening beyond their comfort zone.  Most people believe they have been cheated and they feel exactly the same about Covid 19.  What started the conversations was the nature of lockdowns and my question about masks, whether or not they wanted me to wear one around them.  That’s what opened the door and what came out was rage and fury toward this current government that has been robbed of another Trump term of making America great again.  There were especially a couple of old women in Oklahoma who were chain-smoking rebels who have seen better days who would not let me go.  Once they realized I was a trusted voice, they unleashed their anger for posterity to witness.  Its people like them which is why Nancy Pelosi continues to have the Capitol barricaded.  She’s afraid of people like these women because she knows they know what the government has done.

That is what I wanted to see from my trip, I wanted to get away from the news and see my America by traveling a bit and seeing what was going on for real beyond the news cycle.  I didn’t intentionally corrupt my experiment with a predisposition.  I had a feeling I’d see what I saw, but I did not think that it would be so audacious, that people were still that revved up about the election.  People didn’t know I was coming or what I’d be looking for, so the many Trump signs that I saw were there for personal reasons, not to win over friends. They wanted people to know that they were rejecting this false government of the Biden administration and that if given a chance once again, that they’d vote for Trump until the day that they died.  And they were not shy about it.  Mathematically the truth is impossible to miss.  Just because the Chinese purchased media refuses to look at the massive evidence of voter fraud and the political class is refusing the same, it doesn’t mean that the voters themselves have accepted or have any plans to accept the results of the election and that little wrinkle was clearly not thought out beforehand.  The assumption was that people would fall in line as they do in countries with dictators like China, Venezuela, and Iran.  In America, people were not so compliant, and that rebelliousness has been impossible to cover up.  And the results are now quite obvious.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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