What Roswell’s Aliens have in Common with 2021 Election Fraud: Government has shown that we can’t trust them

My wife and I went on vacation to Roswell for several reasons, one of which was to investigate the election fraud of 2020 in the presidential election.  Roswell was a great place because they have a great museum and research center in the downtown area that is dedicated to the Roswell alien crash of 1947.  The museum was not the kind where all the facts are known and you can come away with a firm understanding of what happened.  Rather, it has a little fun with the facts that are known and they present it in the way that I have participated in a lot of Lean Manufacturing events, the whole museum was like a white board where all the evidence was thrown up for all to see, even the most ridiculous elements, and through deduction, a picture of the situation becomes clear through the process.  My concern for this investigation was not whether or not it was aliens that crashed at that event.  I personally don’t care if it was beings from another planet, or if it was a Skunk Works program of some kind, or if it was directly related to the nuclear attack program that was very much alive and well in Roswell at that very specific time in history. As I said in the video above, it could have been that our government in the United States was even embarrassed for it to get out to what degree they were working with former Nazis right out of World War II into building the Atlas rocket program that would become our space program, right there in Roswell specifically at that time and something may have gone out that the media would have exploited, that would have made us all look hypocritical and dumb within the military.  All those things and more could be behind the crash site in Roswell of something that over 100 people personally witnessed.  But the thing that most intrigued me was in how similar the cover-up of that event was precisely the same as how the election fraud against President Trump was conducted, as if it came from the same playbook even 74 years later.

In the Roswell case as in the election fraud of 2020 going into 2021, the government position was to challenge anybody who questioned their authority on the matter as unpatriotic.  Further, Constitutional suspensions were conducted to control the flow of events, as if the government had an obligation to rob people of their individual rights for the good of the nation—for national security. In the election fraud case of this presidential election, the assumption was that the belief in elections was more important than reality of voter fraud in order to maintain the structure of our republic.  In the Roswell case, the assumption was that we couldn’t let Russia have secrets of our military, or that we couldn’t become aware that there was a relationship of our country with beings from outer space.  Such a revelation might destroy the fabric of mankind with the reality that we are not alone.  Either way it shakes, the assumption by the government that upon their decision, Constitutional suspensions or rights were acceptable and necessary.  And the people of Roswell, even under duress by serious harassment accepted this premise politely and most of the story stayed contained until the dying days of the witnesses.  Knowing how well such mechanisms worked in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 it should not be a surprise that the events of 2020 were treated in the same way by the tech companies and their relationship with government, especially with coronavirus protocols and the way it was used to cheat in the election with ballot harvesting.  If people started asking questions, they would be accused of conspiracy, and unpatriotic activity, and mostly that would contain the crime from being discovered by the masses. 

However, even after all these years, people still don’t believe the government story about the weather balloon.  It may well have been true, but because of the way the government reacted, people did not believe their explanation.  The government during Roswell lost the trust of the people, and that lack of trust added to many events over the years has only increased.  We could add to the Roswell incident the events of Ruby Ridge, Waco or the Oklahoma bombing.  We could add 9/11 to all this, the creation of ISIS by essentially the Obama administration to incite terror in the Middle East for reasons that make no sense to logical Americans.  I could walk down my road to the Middletown Mound, a precise copy of the Miamisburg Mound that hasn’t been excavated since 1869 and uncover the bones of giant people—another massive cover-up by government to use Indians as a cover story for a civilization of large human beings who ran an empire in North America well before Christopher Columbus ever thought to sale the Atlantic to discover the New World.  To call these things conspiracies are wrong because the evidence is there in the mounds, yet the government won’t let us dig into them to recover it.  The mound by my home was looted in the last century with the top essentially cut off, but both mounds are very similar to the Salbury Hill in Avebury.  Why did Building 7 collapse after the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11?  Nothing hit it?  Who was the third terrorist at Oklahoma City who many said was a Middle Eastern man?  Its not that these things happened, or that we might discover some super-secret if those questions were answered.  Its that the government has taken an active role in concealing the details and when people get too close with their questions, people’s Constitutional rights are violated time and time again, and their patriotism is questioned as they are ridiculed to no end.  Yet the questions never get answered—on purpose.

What the government does wrong for whatever reason they feel they must use deceit to misdirect attention is that they only delay the inevitable.  When they use these tactics, they may conceal the information they want concealed for the moment from whomever they are hiding it from, but they also add to the list of things that people can point to and not trust.  People are still pointing at the government as a result of the Roswell conspiracy and have evidence of a cover-up that indicates the government can’t be trusted.  And even 100 years from now, people will still be pointing to this modern government and talking about how the presidential election was stolen from Trump.  The mistake the government always makes is that they dig deeper in suspending constitutional parameters to exacerbate the situation making people’s lack of faith in government to grow, and as the years go and more and more conspiracies are added, the situation just gets worse.  So no matter what the truth of election fraud is, people will never fully trust the government, which is a shame, because its supposed to be working for us.   These kinds of things should be looked at and analyzed, but when government screws up and they seek to cover up their intentions from the public well then, they lose their credibility which is never recoverable.  They can hide information, but they can’t stop people from asking the questions which is the perpetual mistake.  It would be better for people to know the truth than to lose the trust in government for the people and by the people.  These kinds of conspiracies only show that the government is doing its own thing for its own reasons and that they see us all as pains in the asses who are not capable of understanding basic things.  And the truth of the matter is that the government is the one with trust problems and based on their behavior, have proven they are not on our side, and have no intentions to ever be.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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