The Danger of Safety: How communism is snuck under the door of governments

You should always be careful when you hear the word, “safety” because we’re not talking about a bunch of over-coddling moms keeping kids from hurting themselves all the time.  Literally in the modern age, safety is a thin disguise for communism as it has tried to permeate western cultures for over a century and has sought to drive risk out of our society which of course is the fuel of capitalism.  By extinguishing that fire of ambition, the communists have sought to trick Americans into trading away the gifts of risk for the stability of safety.  And they have tried to sell it to us disguised as our best interest.  This is certainly the case with many campaigns in the united states particularly with the MADD movement, the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers campaign that was so popular in the 80s and 90s, then followed by the seat belt movement involving laws in states mandating their use.  Then of course Covid-19 has taken the lessons learned by government over the years and put a blow torch to such campaigns expanding the government connection to safety in an ultimate push to control and regulate most every aspect of society in such a way to make it safer, or in other words, to make way for communism.

As I said in the video above, a healthy society should be able to have both, safety and a tolerance for risk.  One of the reasons I love amusement parks so much in fact is for this very reason, they manage both quite effectively.  We don’t typically worry about dying on a big roller coaster, but we certainly can enjoy the thrill of the speed and elevation drops.  A good capitalist society can have both, a risky society that advances the culture, and people can live to see another day.  But as we know, typically the higher the risk, the greater the rewards, and what communist insurgents are always looking for is a way to convince people to give them more power and to expand their efforts.  And there is no better gimmick than in convincing people that they can be safer in the world if only they give government more power and are willing to give up risk to achieve the task.  However, in all communist countries, including China there is always a drab overcoat to their imagination and technical innovation that comes from just this kind of problem.  A society that eliminates risk from itself also drives away the gifts that come as rewards from daring escapades and hair-raising endeavors. 

Without question the mask mandates are a campaign similar to DUI checkpoints and seat belt enforcement, to slow cook our minds into accepting a safer society and to recognize a government manufactured threat with the end result intending fully to replace capitalist endeavors with more government managed communism gradually to turn the American mind from tradition to the safety of government’s embrace.  After all, masks don’t do anything to stop the spread of coronavirus, and even health directors will have to grudgingly admit to it.  But what it does do is give the “perception” of care and a consideration of others which psychologically prepares the mind for communism, which for government is their end game.  Of course, for timid people who don’t have the stomach for risk and grow queasy around danger all this sounds like a reasonable trade-off. Facebook has done the surveys and they have determined through their analytics collection that there are likely enough Americans who will accept communism if it proves to make their life safer, so that is why the sudden audaciousness of government movement, because they believe their numbers and are acting on that knowledge. 

I would argue that the pinheads at Facebook and other places did not ask all the right questions and that their information is tainted with bad data.  The human spirit isn’t so simple and often hides from itself the yearning that free people have for danger.  That is after all what is behind the escape velocity of any typical teenager trying to blast away from their parent’s planetary foundations.  The rebellious teenager is willing to risk a great many things to launch themselves into their own orbit and escape from their parent’s limitations.  The reality is that by the time those kids are 40 they will find that they stay within the gravity well of their parents and often fall back to earth to crash land and find quiet appeasement in the safety of their failed missions never to try again.  These are the targets of communism, the failed adults of western civilization to put behind them their rebellious pasts and disguise their sudden lack of ambition as being safe for the “greater good.”  That’s when they become the dad from Farris Bueller’s Day Off instead of the Rebel Without A Cause.  Often there are bad memories of their failures with risk and they want to change the subject, so why not communism?  Why not safety for all?  Put on a mask, follow orders, and let the government take care of you.

Well, I don’t have to explain the dangers in all that.  People know and understand it, even if they act to the contrary.  Secretly many people are rotting in life because they have turned away from danger in their lives, from the risk that gives life to life and makes a society healthy.  The growth from facing down your fears and becoming more and better with the results.  The secret ingredient that all communist countries lack which forces them always to steal the secrets of the West because they can’t make the rewards of risk at home in their overly managed societies, is that they can’t survive either without risk.  And being the parasites that communists always are, they have not thought about the cost of what global communism will give them, once all the world is under the same timid spell.  Who will innovate?  Who will drive society forward?  Because growth doesn’t happen without risk.  That is the great failure and ultimately, the great danger of a society without risk.  The risk is the slow destruction of a culture and the people in it.  Ironically the better society, and the safer society is the one where risk is embraced and managed and the rewards accepted and appreciated. 

With all that said, be careful when you hear politicians uttering notions and merits behind safety.  They don’t mean that they want to protect you because they value your actual life.  What they want is to control you and convince you to give them more power over your personal liberties.  They’ll rationalize it with a trade for your very soul, sure you might not have to worry about things killing you all the time, except for the government itself if you step out of line within the herd, but you won’t have to explain failure to your family or friends when you fail to achieve all your dreams in life by falling back to earth when things don’t go well.  The government’s proposal is to just rob away the temptation for danger so that nobody can have the occasional successes which do drive society forward.  Because everyone will be equal losers kept that way to a way too powerful government of incompetence and malcontents with the intellect of a penny left in the bottom of a well for 1000 years.  That therefor is the danger of safety.     

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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