What Gina Carano Means to You: Corporations have it all wrong

The good news is that these modern liberals camouflaged as communist progressives have no idea what they are doing.  They have a plan that was given to them by more out of touch losers in the financial and political markets globally that is disconnected from reality, and they are too stupid to understand that corporations don’t have a monopoly on joy.  People have and will choose alternatives for instance if Disney World doesn’t represent their family values.  It’s one thing to be tolerant of something like gay rights, but its quite another to have them constantly ramming down our throats uncomfortable liberalism and still expecting us to buy their streaming services and visit their theme parks.  It’s happening everywhere, this woke censoring of conservative business practices threatening to take away economic activity from people who are known conservatives.  After all, that is how they have managed to control people in China.  Stupidly, liberals have assumed that the same process will work in America, which is how Disney and Lucasfilm specifically came to think that they could get away with firing the very good and talented Gina Carano from the television show, The Mandalorian.  When Gina came out as a conservative, Disney assumed that being in a Star Wars project meant so much to her that she would have to hide her political beliefs to stay employed.  Instead, what has happened, and will continue to happen is that the brand of Star Wars and Disney as a parent company is continuing to erode away in value, and soon, will destroy itself. 

I’ve been talking about this Star Wars problem for a long time, as it was first shown in entertainment a few years ago what the trend of the country would be if Democrats ever gained control.  When Kathy Kennedy managed to get control of Lucasfilm, the production company that makes Star Wars projects for Disney, she went crazy with progressive sentiment and wokeness that has severely damaged the Star Wars brand, because she assumed just as all liberals do, that people would give up their values so that they could enjoy the products of corporations.  But that’s not how Americans think, rather, they value and spend money on corporations that represent their values, like Chick fil-A, or My Pillow.  Even when there are boycotts and protests, people still vote with their money and any corporation that thinks it can take a 20% to 30% hit in revenue and survive well into the future is smoking crack if they think they will survive this political game of wokeness.  They are playing chicken with a freight train locked to the tracks of reality and its going to hurt them a lot more than it does the consumers.  And that is essentially the story of Star Wars under the ownership of Disney.  The Mandalorian was an attempt to repair that lost branding, and now Disney has screwed it all up again by targeting a conservative actress. 

What’s wrong with all this isn’t the political beliefs, it’s the one-sided nature of it.  Mark Hamell, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker is one of the most openly liberal people in Hollywood and has been very derogatory against President Trump and Republicans in general.  So has the Star Wars directors Rian Johnson and Ron Howard. They openly espouse progressive policies, and we are all expected to like it and to put up with it.  But they aren’t one bit tolerant of an actress who is a conservative, and they think that’s going to fly because people love their product so much, that they’ll surrender their values to have it.  I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan for most of my life, and even I have lost a lot of interest in the movie franchise.  I don’t care about it much at all any more because of all this wokeness.  I was enjoying The Mandalorian because Gina was playing my kind of character.  Of course, I liked her, she was a conservative.  But if they give us some Captain Marvel weirdo in Star Wars, who is going to want to buy that Star Wars figure at target, or play that character in some future video game?  Not me, and by the reaction of Star Wars fans, not many of anybody else.  The value of Star Wars or Disney is in bringing people like Gina to our television sets, or at the movies where we are willing to buy a ticket to watch.  Gina isn’t lucky to work for Disney or Lucasfilm, they are lucky to have her.  Just like any corporation is lucky to have a customer.  The customer isn’t lucky to have the corporation and that is the fatal flaw that liberals simply don’t take into account with this communist strategy.

Nobody will be hurt more by this behavior than the credit card companies, or media companies, and sports organizations who have forgotten that the customer rules in this world—not the other way around.  But liberals like the movie actors in Star Wars, or the producers who thought it would be cute to fire Gina Carano over her conservative viewpoints while Mark Hamill yacks on and on about evil Republicans and still continues to work in Hollywood have cut their own throats.  Hamill is still essentially living off the work he did 30 years ago in the original Star Wars movies.  Gina is a kickass MMA fighter who can do many things in her life.  Disney was lucky to get her.  Gina wasn’t lucky to land the role, and that goes for all companies who have disillusioned themselves into believing they can operate in America like the Chinese communists do, by treating the customer like a burden instead of doing everything they can to earn their business.  Because in China, people don’t have a choice.  They are trying to eliminate choice in America right now, but people have lots of choices, and that will continue.  The entertainment industry may kill itself off, but people won’t miss them.  They’ll find an alternative and that is the reality that only now Disney is learning.  You know why Disney is still making people wear masks in their parks, right?  It’s because they need an excuse for their terrible revenue, because they have no movies coming out, park attendance is way down, and they have destroyed most of their successful brands with their gross indulgence into unworkable liberalism. 

In the end, all the corporations who are playing this liberal censor game will end up broke and poor because they listened to the wrong people.  They should have known they were getting sucked into a trap of communism when they went after the 1.3 billion people in the Chinese markets.  Those people were never free to participate in an overly managed economy.  But China used them to lure all these big American corporations into their trap.  For Disney, it will prove to be the biggest mistake they ever made and it will likely destroy them.  I think it already has honestly.  The Disney brand has taken a big hit and they will never be able to repair it.  But Gina Carano will continue to have success, because she is a talented person, and people like her.  And when it comes to communism, that is the way to kill it every single time—with choice.  When people can choose, they are free, and the communist intent of these modern corporations will destroy themselves without considering the basic market forces of any basic course in economic value. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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