The Cheating Spouse: Democrats are French kissing communists in the streets as Trump does the right thing

I said it after the election, and I’ll say it now again, I think it’s a good thing for President Trump to take a rest and stay quiet for a while.  In a divorce where the spouse climbs out the window to run toward outright communism, the dumbest thing any of us could do would be to chase after their dumb asses like fools.  Trump did a great job as president.  Now that there is an obvious divorce in America and the liberals are openly French kissing the Chinese communists in the streets right out in the open and flashing their tits to anybody who will throw beads at them, Trump would not do himself well, or any of us for that matter to go running and begging for Democrats not to leave America for the temptations of government control through communism, their new lover and future spouse.  We have been the United States, but when the other side is hell bent on their own destruction for what they think is greener grass elsewhere, and they are perfuming up and sneaking out the windows of our house for someone else’s arms, the cheated-on spouse should never make fools of themselves by chasing after them. 

I mentioned it in the video above, I’ve been married for a long time and over the course of a long relationship a couple will see all kinds of things.  But the key ingredient into keeping a marriage alive is the willingness to work through things together.  However, if one spouse is wanting to leave the marriage and is starting to sneak out of the house toward something else, there isn’t much the other spouse can do but to let them go.  To chase after them and plead with them not to destroy the marriage is useless.  If they want to destroy it, let them.  Don’t let them take you down with them.  That is always my advice and in this post-election world where we have learned that the Democrats have already put a ring on the finger of Chinese communism, we are better off to let them do it and to choke on it.  The sooner the better.  In that regard, it has been great that Trump has resigned himself to very few comments as the world turns to chaos and demise.  The Democrats can no longer hide behind Republicans and erode everything from within.  They own the troubles they are creating outright and will have nowhere to hide when it all comes crashing down. 

CPAC is always a good event, and it will be good to hear from Trump once again.  But when you build something great like making America great again, and the other spouse of the United States just wants to tear it all up so that they can have a new lover, then any further action that includes them will only wear out the Republican side of things.  If the spouse wants to cheat, let them out of the window and to run off in the night to their lover.  But don’t be a fool and drive them to their lover’s house.  Get on with your life, let them destroy themselves and come back to you begging and pleading loyalty once they realize what they have done, and put yourself in command of the situation from there on.  But as things are now, the Democrats are arrogant the way all cheating spouses are toward the grass they think is greener on the other side of the fence.  Anything that Trump does or says will only serve as a distraction from their very real problems in running government, and in order to solve this problem forever, Democrats need to have their noses rubbed in it once and for all.  If they are hiding all their mistakes behind President Trump, they’ll never learn their lesson.

It would be great if we didn’t have to go through this divorce, if our family in the United States would stay together, at least for the kid’s sake, the future of the country.  But when one spouse is cheating and the other is sitting on the couch like a sucker, it doesn’t do anybody any good.  Republicans surely have been the suckers sitting around trying to keep a marriage together where the other spouse clearly wants nothing to do with them, and instead wants a new marriage to the United Nations.  And without Trump leading them directly, Republicans under Mitch McConnell have actually been driving the Democrats over to their new lover’s house to look like they are “cooperating.”  All they are doing is making fools of themselves.  It’s been embarrassing to watch.  That is why it has been refreshing to have Trump nice and quiet in Florida playing golf and letting everything play out.  It won’t take long for the Democrats to realize their new lover has bad breath, is too fat and ugly and is actually a terrible spouse.  By making forbidden fruit out of them we have only delayed the inevitable.  They wanted to cheat and the more we fought them the more they wanted to do it.  Trump went around fixing everything and that’s not what Democrats wanted.  They wanted a reason to hate their spouse so they could justify their cheat.  By not feeding that fire, it allows this cheating spouse to see just how green that other side of the fence truly is.  Now that they are there, they see that all that green grass was fake and that it was easily rolled up to hide all the dog shit that was really there underneath, and that the smell is unbearable.  It won’t take much to make them want to come back to their nice house with the previous nice spouse and seek the shelter of a truly good life that they took for granted before. 

The question for all of us isn’t if we will have the opportunity to reconcile.  As sure as the sun is coming up the Democrats will be on our doorsteps with hat in hand looking for a second chance.  We must decide if we really want to give it to them knowing that once they are comfortable and well showered, they’ll likely return to their cheating ways opening us up to all sorts of scandal and uncomfortable realities.  Yet I would recommend having that decision rather than having the decision made for us.  It is always good to be in the decision-making role than the victim of other peoples decisions and so long as Trump continued to make himself the focal point, the villains of our marriage would continue to hide their malicious intent behind the President, which then kept people from seeing what was really going on.  And in just a few months the Democrats are already seeing what kind of new relationship with communism they really have.  When it was forbidden fruit, it was sexy and fun.  But when it becomes the reality of everyday life, its not so appealing.  Their new lover has lots of problems, and few of them have any real solutions.  That dog shit is knee deep and is always with them.  Suddenly the little things they didn’t like from their previous marriage seem silly, like leaving the toilet seat up, like the patterns of everyday life, or even the routine of life around the house.  Introducing chaos and complete destruction with the new spouse wasn’t what they had in mind, and because Trump has not chased after the cheating spouse, reality has come faster than it would have, and now everyone has a much better understanding of the situation. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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