The Masons Are Responsible for Most of the World’s Problems: Their attempt to create a centrally planned utopia has only created Hell on earth

I hate to be “that guy,” but you must expand your scope to accommodate more evidence when you run out of obvious answers to the problems we see. And to that point, it’s quite clear that most people in America these days don’t know who is really in charge of our political order. After that ridiculous Biden speech and the way the Administrative State has shown its teeth against President Trump and MAGA in general, we have to accept that there is more going on than what we are shown and the reasons why. And the thing we never discuss legitimately, and when we do, it becomes Lucifer worshipping conspiratorial, is Masons’ effect on our politics and civil government. After all, and I’ll admit this all day long, if it weren’t for Masons, there would be no America or a Bill of Rights. They came to America to establish their New Atlantis and pursue the ideal society of utopian understanding far away from the tyrannies of Europe at the time. But like all organizations, and like even school boards, Masons don’t agree on everything, and after a few years of the American experiment and the massive failure of the French Revolution, they invented Marxism to topple the royal families of Europe and many of them considered that a better idea for their plans of global order back to an Egyptian style societies where they,  the “Plato’s philosopher kings” would rule the masses for their own good from the shadows like a parent teaching children to walk. If people stumbled, they’d come along with their collective wisdom, set things right again, and then retreat to the shadows to conduct civil society. One thing you never really see on a campaign ad is “so and so candidate, Master Mason of the 33rd degree from the Lodge of St. Ignace, and a conservative.” All you really get is “fiscal conservative” and maybe “high school coach.” I mention St. Ignace because I was just there in upper Michigan and while walking through town saw that right on the lakefront, there was a Mason Lodge, a very large one. But like them all, every town, large and small, looked empty and abandoned. Only you never see them go up for sale to become the next Dollar Store. Why do you think that is? That’s a lot of real estate floating around out there in both America and Europe that nobody seems interested in buying for as little use as they seem to have in society.

I’ve read several Mason books and many other esoteric references published about them and by them and, for the most part, found them entertaining. Much of their history happened before I was born in the heyday of the progressive movement, at the turn of the last century, and you can see quickly if you take a long view of history that they have been hard at work in shaping the New World Order that George Bush started talking about. The only real organization besides political groups that are connected to the creation of the state of Isreal in 1948, the invention of Marxism to topple Russia in the middle 1800s, the start of both World Wars, and especially the flow of communism into China were patient and purposeful and the only handoff of these things from one generation to another for continuity of completion that occurs like the hands of a clock, too slow for each generation to notice, just as the Mason halls always seem to be empty, but fast enough to see a lot of activity from century to century as each generation does their part in the Master Plan. FDR was a 32nd Degree Mason, and Truman was a 33rd. Many presidents, including Washington, were Masons or associated to a large degree with them. And to the present, the face-melting that goes on with Trump is that he and the MAGA movement are not part of the plan. For the Masons, it’s the French Revolution all over again, where their schemes have flown out of control beyond their ability to reel them back in. But you can see their evidence everywhere if you know what to look for. 

They get away with it because they aren’t covered on the news, they aren’t talked about in politics, and they do most everything outside the patterns of our everyday lives. That’s why they call them a “secret society.” I don’t think of them as being scary or super smart. They wouldn’t do their stuff in secret if they were so great. I’ve been in many Masonic lodges and understand what they are after. They wanted a global utopia as they envisioned it, about the resurrection of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and the structure and technology of Egyptian society as it was likely inspired by the prehistoric sophistication of Atlantis, which taught the Egyptians all they knew. This first became obvious to me by reading the excellent book by Claire Lee Chennault, the leader of the famous Flying Tigers of World War II against the Japanese, that larger plots were occurring when General Stilwell simply wouldn’t let Chennault defeat the Japanese, only to wear them out. To wear out the Chinese nationalists in the fight and grind down the Japanese attackers. By the time the nuclear bomb, ordered by Truman, was dropped on Japan, there wasn’t much left from either side after the fight. And that allowed communist forces to move in from the North and, by 1949, to take over China. Chennault begged Stillwell for the opportunity to defeat the communists before they could take hold, but the U.S. military was following a plan, a different strategy than what was talked about on the news. By the time Chennault wrote his great book, The Way of a Fighter, to warn of future wars in Korea and Vietnam, the military was done with Chennault and pushed him off into the sunset, ignored. 

It’s not a coincidence that the nation of Israel was created within a few years of the start of communist control of China. And the United Nations was created at that same time as well. Looking back on history now, it makes sense as we watch the same forces at work today, with Covid, the Ukraine war, and the massive transfer of wealth through trade from America to China. Egyptian society was always oriental, and the guiding stars of eastern religion like Sirius and others from astrology always point to the dominance of the East over the West, including the three wise men who came to the birth of Jesus Christ. You might remember when Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon reached out to help Mao Zedong get his country off the ground from the destroyed wreck it was after the war and become one of the world’s last superpowers. Without Nixon, China would have never had a seat at the table of world power, but if you look at the trade map from the year 2000 to the present, it is clear how trade has been transferred to China from the United States. Clearly, the Masonic order had abandoned their ideas of utopia in the New World and put their efforts into a New World Order centralized in the East under the parental care of communism. But Trump threatened all that with his trade tariffs, and we all remember the panic even from House and Senate Republicans over Trump’s trade war with China. Well, now you can see why everyone was so upset. The Masons had been involved in nation-building and realigning the entire world of global politics for several hundred years, strategies communicated through the many Mason lodges over many generations of stable, hidden control. So they had to get rid of Trump as they had started wars in the past, but this time we caught them painting themselves in the corner and trying to tiptoe out of it. They were caught with Covid. They were caught with election fraud. And now, their control over intelligence agencies like the FBI is so obvious that it’s no longer hidden. Their desperation has shown their fingerprints on just about everything that is wrong with the world, and the plan is falling apart in their hidden hands. But like I say all the time, don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do. And when you do that, you can see by the trade map over just twenty years what has been going on, and then conclude the rest of the puzzle pieces. And it’s not so mysterious any longer. Trump is not part of that Masonic plan. Just like the mob wasn’t supposed to chop off the heads of King Louis of France and his innocent wife, Marie Antoinette. The mob got out of control then, and it’s getting out of control now with MAGA, and it terrifies all these hidden manipulators intensely. Which is exactly what everyone needs to understand is the fundamental importance of the politics of our modern times.

Rich Hoffman

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Climate Change is the New Huitzilopochtli: They want you numb and dumb to make the sacrifice easier for them

We’re not just fighting political parties worldwide that have different ideas about things. We are fighting the basic tenants of good and evil that have roots into the past many thousands of years, and that evil continues to resurrect itself through the various liberal movements of our modern times. But not since Moses came down out of Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, which started mankind on a path toward self-government as opposed to the worship of many pagan gods, has this evil been so well defined. We see it today manifest as the Biden administration and their connection to globalism through the Desecrators of Davos. But just a quick trip to Mexico City, which was built upon the conquered Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, will give a clear look into that vast evil as it was revealed to the world in a much more literal sense for all of human history in the various cannibalism cults of human sacrifice that are attached to every city-state culture. Today we call the behavior of the city-states liberal in nature. But in previous times, before evil attempted to disguise itself from this new Judeo-Christian outlook on the world, the Aztecs and Mayas were quite literal representations of how evil worked in the world through the influence of pagan beliefs to sacrifice all human endeavors to their jealous and corrupt yearnings. You can still see much of Tenochtitlan all over the modern city and contemplate what went on there before Cortés came and wiped their culture out altogether, leaving behind only the name of Mexico to remember the culture of the blood-thirsty Aztecs that had a religion that was essentially a mass production facility of death. 

In the center of Tenochtitlan was a giant step pyramid, not unlike the pyramids from the rest of the world, all part of one global culture of sacrifice that, in many cases, predates modern written history. These cultures consumed hallucinogenic drugs and thought they were talking to gods from beyond the grave who needed appeasement through the mass death of fellow human beings. It wasn’t unusual for the Aztecs, led by Moctezuma, to kill many hundreds of people per nightly ritual. Most of those people came from surrounding conquered territories and would be put in fattening pens to make them more delicious to eat when the sacrifices would take place to the God of War, Huitzilopochtli, known otherwise as Hummingbird. Huitzilopochtli was pronounced (Wechilopchee) in the Aztec tongue. The belief was that if Hummingbird was happy, that he would grant them productive conquests of their enemies with supernatural aid. Once the human sacrifices were fat enough to eat, they would be marched up the pyramid to the top, where high priests would lay them out across a sacrificial slab and cut out their still beating heart with an obsidian knife. The heart would be cooked on a heated pedestal for the spiritual consumption of Hummingbird. Then the body of the victim would be cut up into pieces. The heads and torsos would be tossed down the pyramid’s steps to a maniacal crowd below, while the arms and legs would be put into a big pot and cooked as a stew for mass consumption. Although the movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson covers this kind of ritual well from a Mayan point of view, if you want to see for yourself how these things were done, that is an excellent movie to watch. As brutal as the movie is, it doesn’t come close to showing just how terrible and evil these rituals were and how common they were in a pre-Christian world. 

Well, imagine being one of the people who had to march up that tall pyramid only to be killed at the top and having to watch the people in front of you by the hundreds be killed, to hear their screams of terror, and to be chopped up into pieces while they were still alive and knowing that you were going to be next. To ease their minds, there were members of the priesthood who would distribute a drug to the people being sacrificed called Ithli, which was a mind-numbing agent that would dull their thoughts and make the terrible things that were about to happen to them much more manageable. After all, it was much easier to have the people the Aztecs intended to kill walk up to their deaths under their own power rather than carry them up there, kicking and screaming for all they could muster. In many ways, we take more precautions in modern-day slaughterhouses for cows, so they don’t see what is about to happen to them than previous cultures of human beings did toward fellow humans. So making those sacrifices numb and dumb with drugs was a key to pulling off a successful mass sacrifice. The less people could think about what was about to happen to them, the better the whole event would go. 

Of course, this is the root cause of the same mass sacrifice that liberals use today to appease the same pagan gods, but only now that they changed the names. Climate change is their new Huitzilopochtli, and a persistence global drug culture of legalized intoxicants serves the same purpose. Liberals, the direct descendants of all sacrificial city-state cultures, have given up the pyramid killings of the Mayans and Aztecs and now utilize mass killing through the medical industry and other devices of human harvesting where death rates are encouraged and reckless, disastrous lives advocated for to satisfy the gods of liberalism where individual integrity is looked down on, but consumption of the spirit for the masses considered a lofty goal.   When we talk about globalism, and the evils of the Great Reset, where it’s evident that mass death was the goal, not the deterrent, it’s the same old gods and the same mentality of mass sacrifice to them that we are seeing. It is also why all liberalism is evil; we are not dealing with rational political parties. We are dealing with an evil that inspired Christianity in the first place, the human answer to the thousands of years of stupidity in trying to appease mindless spirits who mask themselves as gods and speak to the drunk and intoxicated maniacally to create destruction and mayhem to all civilization. You can surely see their work in the Biden White House, the many evils that just the Hunter Laptop has revealed. We can see it in the FBI raid of Trump’s home in Florida. We can see it in the open border policies where women are raped daily, children are destroyed, and the drug cartels are empowered with almost a wink and a nod from our own CIA and FBI. And the hatred of America from those globalists who want to kill mass society for all the same reasons that the Aztecs killed their prisoners is much more common than anybody wants to admit. We are not dealing with rational political disagreements here, we are dealing with an evil that has been with mankind since the beginning of time, and America was an invention to destroy that evil. Not to yield to it. We are meant to destroy these sacrificial cultures once and for all, and when it is asked what is behind the MAGA movement of our times, it is nothing less than the destruction of evil on earth once and for all. Anything less would be considered not acceptable. 

Rich Hoffman

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The History and Mistakes of Masons: Understanding why Never-Trumpers are failing all over the world

People are always anxious whenever the subject of Masons or Freemasonry is brought up because that indicates in popular culture the camouflage of conspiracy theories that many of these secret societies have used to hide their political manipulations over the years. And people naturally assume that they are made up of dark and evil forces who secretly control all our lives, and much of that has been on purpose to help sell their effectiveness in the world. But like all things, the truth is often a combination of many things, good and bad, and can’t be summed up easily with the definitions our public educations and media culture have given us. Instead, an expanded understanding of the world around us is required to understand what is really happening in the example of the massive Liz Cheney loss in Wyoming and the activism of Joe Biden abusing his authority with the FBI to break into a former president’s home in an attempt to eliminate a future political rival. And many people are still spinning from the effects of global government dominance regarding Covid, so they don’t really know which way is up these days. But it’s not too complicated if you understand what forces are at work. But yes, to explain all that, a general history of Masons in America and Europe must be understood, and to know that their goals, as they always have been, were to take the world into a global unity where eastern religions became the primary influence, just as it was in Egypt during the many thousands of years of rule there. Masons see Egypt as the ideal society, and the goal of the higher degrees has been to return to those eastern religions, and to a large degree, that is why America was formed in the first place. To escape the Roman Catholic persecutions in Europe and carry their ideas for a New Atlantis to the New World and build their ideal society. Ben Franklin was a Mason; George Washington was a Mason. Many of the founding fathers were, and it is accurate to say, America would not have happened without Masons. That is why there is a giant Egyptian obelisk just outside the White House in Washington D.C., the city of Masons and their dedication to the traditions of the Gnostics, the Cathars, the Knights Templars, and then finally, Freemasons. 

I’ve been in many Masonic temples, there is usually a large building in every city and community across America dedicated to Freemasonry, so it’s impossible to discuss anything political or religious without them being part of the conversation. Yet, they are never really included because they are secretive about their function. Masonic temples are often very Egyptian in their design and purpose, and it lures their initiates to continue with their studies for great wisdom by referring to one of the longest-running societies that we so far know about in the history of the world. But, they see themselves in two ways: freeing the world through education in ways that the Roman Catholics and western civilization have generally failed at up until the time of America’s westward expansion. But they also see themselves as the great philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic, working in the background and helping humanity guide itself along a productive life. And everything is fine until people don’t do what they expect them to do. From the perspective of the Masons, the American Revolution was a success story. Things worked out pretty well, and an excellent Constitution and Bill of Rights were formed based on the long failures of civilization up to that point in time. But the French Revolution turned out to be a disaster. Masons conducted their actions in secret for a good reason because in their past roles, as Knights Templars, Cathars and Gnostics, they were invariably hunted down and killed. So they began to plot the downfall of all world rulers through Freemasonry, which led directly to the American and French Revolutions. Because of the violence and failure of the French Revolution, because the French turned away from freedom and back toward monarchy not long after Napoleon was no longer emperor, they turned to Karl Marx for a new way to topple monarchies and top-heavy aristocracies, which is how Lenin was sent to Russia from Germany. And why to this day, the Desecrators of Davos operating through various masks of Marxism have involved themselves in the various trade guilds and dominate finance. It was always part of the plan from the beginning. Each generation would take a portion of the plan, and they would pass the baton to the next generation through the various Mason halls toward their goals of globalism and the eventual restoration of an Egyptian type of society, with them acting as the great wise advisors to guide mankind through the ages, as they saw things. 

But there was a little bump in the road. While the Masons were planning the overthrow of the colonies of Europe, and the rest of the Masons, including Napoleon and several of the Spanish leaders, were all on board with helping facilitate the utopia of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis in the new world, the Louisiana Purchase was more of a plan than a calculated good deal, just as President Jackson had always wanted to take Florida from Spain. They gave it up without much of a fight for the same reasons. And so too was the Spanish American War where Santa Anna, the Mason was extinguished without much of a real fight. While they fought for their sovereign countries, they were all brother Masons. Like NFL teams playing against each other on Sunday, they may have played each other on the field. But they were all playing for the same NFL. In their quest for freedom from tyrant kings from Europe, they unleashed a new kind of human being in America, the gunslingers and expansionist adventurers who found freedom under the new Constitution and did not even want to listen to the philosopher kings of the high degree Masonic order. What we call the establishment is really a brotherhood of Masons who thought they were making a world of free and enlightened people, but once they arrived at their destination in America, they found, as they did during the French Revolution, that things got out of hand, and they are now unable to put it all back in the bottle again. And now, in the 2020s, after many thousands of years of struggle, they don’t understand why people would pick MAGA over their Masonic order, their philosopher-kings built by their Liberal World Order, the Seven Liberal Arts by way of education. Now you can understand why the Never Trumper movement hates Trump so much. Trump was not a Mason. He was not a product of their Liberal World Order. He was an ostentatious, materialist, capitalist, fearless, non-crying human being as far from Egyptian society as a person could get. This was not a person guided by the Star of the East; he did not worship Isis or schedule his day around horoscopes and the bright star of Sirius. He didn’t seek guidance from the supernatural to do things; he did them on his own and with extraordinary recklessness. So in that way, by empowering the West to overthrow the dictatorships of the world, as was the plan—then to use the West to rebuild the world by propping up China and reestablishing eastern religions that unite the world, Americans went their own way and even pushed away the Masons from their lives. And they picked Donald Trump and the MAGA movement over their thousands of years of plans handed from father to son to grandson through the ages to the ultimate rejection that we see today. And that is why that look of desperation was on Dick Cheney’s face when Wyoming was poised to reject his daughter in an election. And why the FBI is willing to break the law to preserve the more profound law they serve, the Masonic order that built them in the first place. And now it’s all falling apart, and they have no idea what to do about it.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the CDC is Changing their Covid Guidelines: Backing away from the greatest scam in world history

So here is what’s up with the CDC guideline updates regarding Covid that has health experts up in arms with anger which they think there are still 400 deaths a day occurring due to the way that deaths are measured. The ridiculous belief of that bureaucratic health expert class was that they would rule the world if only they played along. But now, the rules are changing and getting much less restrictive, and they are upset about it. Since it’s obviously hurting Democrats in polling for the midterm election, the CDC has dramatically loosened the Covid guidelines to near irrelevancy, two years too late. But it’s at least a recognition of sanity that has long been overdue. Now people who have been exposed to Covid, regardless of vaccination status, no longer have to quarantine if they aren’t showing symptoms. Infected people who choose to use rapid tests can end their isolation after day five, even if they still test positive. People are no longer recommended to stay 6 feet away from others to avoid infection. And it’s important to know, which has always been the case, that the CDC does not have legislative power over any of our lives. What they have are “guidelines,” not laws. We never had to do what they said, we never had to shut down our society the way we did, and we never had to let people die in isolation the way we did. As it has turned out, far more than 400 people a day around the world have died or been harmed with Covid restrictions and the vaccines we took to avoid it than ever actually died of the actual virus that was made by world governments in a lab in China and distributed to the world to conduct political change in 2020 to essentially steal the American election and give it to Joe Biden. That’s what Covid was really about, and now after two years, the CDC is finally trying to fade into the background, only because they have damaged the Democrat party to such a large extent. 

But its more than any of that now, after a few years of public policy meant to give more power to mindless bureaucrats in health care, the plan that was always in the back of their minds including in 2010 when Nancy Pelosi was pushing through Obamacare, the take over of a massive sector of the American economy by government for mysterious reasons, now you see what they had in mind. Now there is plenty of history of crime that the government has gotten itself involved in and plenty of books that have hit the market that have laid out the case against the health officials who abused their power with Covid. Gone is the idea of the nice local doctor who was looking out for our health, and now that image has been replaced by a white-coated tyrant who is just another representative of big government tyranny intent to rule every aspect of our lives with an abuse of authority only conceived in the worst of dystopian novels from the past. There have been a lot of good books on the subject, specifically The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy, which is fantastic. You can read that book and now see significant court cases prosecuting the CDC and all its government doctors. They knowingly caused deaths and destroyed people’s lives for malicious reasons, and the cases are spelled out in crayon in that Kennedy book. Then there is Naomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others which establishes the truth of what Covid was; it was a connection to The Great Reset for Klaus Schwab’s takeover of the entire world economy. But coming up in the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 are some very good books that are going to seal the deal on Covid and all the corrupt minds behind it. And with a new congress just elected, there will be hearings to recapture public trust, and many in the CDC will be punished, to say it mildly. That is why the CDC has suddenly changed tune. Fear due to their implication in the crime that affected us all.

I have been talking more lately about the Masons and the many characters who work behind the scenes, such as the trade guilds of Europe who are behind the Desecrators of Davos, who often tamper with political tides around the world to suit their own wants and needs. We know from history that the Masons were involved in the American and French revolutions. They were also behind the Russian Revolution, Marx was a Mason, and their goal over several hundred years of political activism was to bring down the monarchies of Europe and free people from their perspective into a new kind of global republic, one that Plato envisioned based on Egyptian society where philosopher-kings ruled everyone with a kind fist, not the fist of a monarch. That same Masonic movement carried communism down into China and Southeast Asia, chronicled in Claire Lee Chennault’s great book Way of the Fighter. It was clear that FDR then Truman wanted China to be taken over by the communist party, the same way Russia was. Nixon and Kissinger would a few years later give China a seat at the table in world trade, and now we see what the plan always was as China threatens to take over the world run by communism with the winds of change blown on by the Masons behind political movements around the world over the last 300 years. It’s in knowing that history that I wasn’t suckered into thinking Covid was anything but a weapon of terror used by those same old forces to help Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset from the very beginning. Bill Gates was caught funding much of the operation and has now been put into these books with the proof. 

It is wondered why none of these people have gone to jail yet for these crimes against humanity because they control the law. Bill Gates gives a lot of money to progressive groups, and to keep that money flowing; people are willing to break the law to get it. That is why George Soros, a known hostile agent of American ideas, continues to be a menace in the light of day. People want his money. We had seen before Covid came along a new kind of military force in the world, and they work behind the scenes in finance and trade. When Trump as president, threatened that Liberal World Order that had been nurtured along by the Freemason movement over centuries, they weren’t about to have him destroy all their hard work toward globalism, toward the utopian idea of a one-world government that they controlled for the perceived benefit of mankind. So they took him out, and they used China to do it. China owes its entire existence to these ghostly characters behind the political scenes, so they complied and let China loose upon the world to essentially take out the Trump presidency in an election year and give Klaus Schwab his Great Reset now rather than later. Schwab already had his book ready to print just as the world was learning about all the health takeover that the World Health Organization had imposed on the CDC to lock us all in our homes and keep us separated to stop the spread of a virus they created to change the politics of the world. You don’t have to take my word for it; it’s all in a series of books by authors who have done the research. Now, knowing the intent of these global criminals, it’s time for us to do something about it. We have the benefit of hindsight, and it’s time to start making people pay for the greatest crimes in American history. That is why the CDC changed its guidelines and is suddenly trying to drift into the background. And that is the only reason why.

Rich Hoffman

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“Walk Like an Egyptian”: Why Alex Jones is the king of populism and the secret of all secret societies

As vicious as it is and has been, I think the silver lining of all these assaults against Alex Jones will prove his life work to be worth the effort. With his Great Reset book coming out, which is very, very good, by the way, and a movie about him, and Steve Bannon’s Warroom putting its arms around him in new and unique ways, the efforts to prosecute him in the court of public opinion is only going to make Alex Jones more accessible to people who might otherwise be resistant to his message. I’ve always enjoyed Alex Jones, but it’s not enough to just talk about the surface conditions of things; I like to know the superstructure underneath. I don’t get much new information from Alex Jones, so I don’t talk about him often. For me, the role he plays in populism is critical, but it’s for the masses. As for my personal inclinations, I am much more interested in the more esoteric aspects of things. But those approaches aren’t readily accessible to a mass audience. Yet, perhaps now that more people know who Alex Jones is outside his regular Infowars audience, they may be ready to open their eyes and see what has always been there.

Regarding that, we are in a time when more people than ever are asking questions that only the Alex Jones side of populism can answer. Still, more profound than that, to understand a deep scandal that has essentially been with us since the start of all civilization, going back to even before the Egyptians and occupants of the Indus Valley, the plot for world control has always been with us. Then to understand, as I propose in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, for the first time in all that history, America has it right with a new philosophy that has emerged that is part of a natural evolution, tens of thousands of years in the making. And that the struggles to contain people like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon have failed, and something very wonderful will come of it all. But first, we see a lot of ugliness, and we must understand it before comprehending where all this is going. 

To grasp much of what Alex Jones has covered over the years, you must first understand who the enemy is and why they want to control mass civilization to the extent they do. Who are the “globalists,” and why do they want to rule the world so badly? I’ve never liked to use the term “globalists” personally. It’s a Carroll Quigley thing, and I personally have always found people like that guy revolting. I’ve read the books and studied their nonsense, and the term globalist just makes me sick and makes me think of losers like Bill Clinton and George Bush types. I’ve hated these people even when the world was good, in the pre-Covid days, before the Administrative State went after Trump with everything they had from 2015 on. I would go so far as to say that even when life was at its best, Top 40 musical artists were coming out on the radio weekly, and video games were coin-operated at an arcade when American life looked most prosperous. Everyone who wanted a job had one; I read the books of globalists like Quigley and the gang, hated them with every essence of my being, and watched everything they did with great scrutiny. Alex Jones did too and built an entire media empire out of that hatred called Infowars. A small percentage of the population felt similar about the goals of globalism. Over the years, Alex Jones continued expanding his media reach to the point where the globalists decided he needed to go. He was targeted for destruction in much the same way that Inquisitors from Europe destroyed rivals to their churches at the time, to protect their true intentions for religion, which is to control mass society with a common belief. The way they meant to control people was to control what you believed, and from that threat, Alex Jones created Infowars. Now that the cat is out of the bag on globalism, the modern Inquisition from global progressives cannot hide their disdain for the populist movement any longer. Trump’s administration gave them too much of a scare, and now they are out for blood, fangs out. What used to be considered a conspiracy theory is no longer a theory. Its fact.

Of course, that has unsettled people, and now there is a great hunger to understand all the various secret societies behind the globalist movement. And for many people, they are bewildered by all the options; there is talk about the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Masons, devilish blood cults that feed off of young people and participate in mass public orgies that are disgraceful. Who were the Knights Templars in the world, and why are they relevant? And if all these groups have their roots in serving Christ, why are they dancing around campfires in the woods and worshiping goat heads and pentagrams? Well, as it turns out, considering all the secret societies that there are and have always been and the nature of all the major religions, it all comes down to two points of view, no matter where in the world you might find yourself. There are the “dualists” and the “materialists.” And once you understand that, it all makes a lot more sense. Dualists are the foundation of all religions from the emergence of the city-state and go back to the times of Egyptians, even further and believe that the purpose of life is to shake off the body’s prison and be reborn as a spirit. It’s very much an oriental concept and still persists in the earth worship movement. When we talk about climate change, we are simply talking about people who want to put the latest mask on the dualist movement. Then, the materialists evolved out of the Roman Catholic acquisition of Christianity and emerged to keep their empire intact. Because of their power and force over governments they pushed anybody with any other beliefs to go underground and start secret societies. Secret societies survived thousands of years of persecution by putting on the mask of Christianity and then revealing to the highest initiates much later their true intentions for an oriental religion that shakes off all materialism and works toward spirit alignment to everlasting life. If you want proof of such a thing, just look at the giant obelisk we have right next to the White House in Washington D.C. It doesn’t get much more Egyptian than that. Or think about the old Bangles song, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” The influences on our culture are literally everywhere. But they are hidden and work in the background to guide all of society toward their ancient aims of mass sacrifice to the same old stupid gods of destruction and mayhem. 

The conflict in the United States may have always intended to free those secret societies from the Roman Catholic Church’s purges and create a utopia in America that recreates paradise lost in the New World. There is a lot of talk these days that North America is where Atlantis resided and was destroyed by the Younger Dryas calamity and that Egypt emerged from the ashes of Atlantis. So the creation of America was always meant to get back to the roots of what was great before, or at least by the measure of the duelists. The American Constitution was written to prevent European governments from imposing religious persecution on the freed minds of American inhabitants. Meanwhile, the push toward globalism was a long-planned creation to spread the dualist religion all over the world, putting China as the model for the future, communism, anti-materialist socialism with lots of centralized planning to manage society back to Egypt as it was, it would be again. But the American experiment had gone wrong for the globalist types. By trying to defeat the Roman Catholic inquisitions, they had created a new kind of person, a free person with the will not to be controlled by anybody. And now they have a problem they can’t put back into the bottle and erase. Americans were created, and people like Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, President Trump, and many others are the spokespeople for a new form of populism that is a new kind of religion, not of the original two that have caused all the wars known to history. But something else. And for that something else to live and grow, we are living history moment by moment, and something truly remarkable is being born, for which the entire populist movement around the world is creating as we speak. And it’s nothing like what we’ve seen in the past, but something radically and wonderfully new. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Root Cause Analysis of All Political Problems: Mankind was meant to have dominion over nature–nature by itself is pretty dumb

The root cause analysis of all political problems is a very ancient one. I would say that it goes all the way back to the start of our present recorded history and likely goes back much further than that. What was invented in America was very special and has been part of an evolution that well exceeds the last 10,000 years, but is best expressed in the opening books of Genesis in the Bible, particularly Genesis: 28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be Fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” I would say until that passage was written in the Bible, put together by the Romans to unite their empire, mankind had been stuck on the Vico Cycle rut that always created a society of perpetual beginnings, moving through the standard cycles of theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy. Over many thousands of years of civilization, the Egyptians never figured it out, and they look to have built most of their society on a previously unknown ancient civilization, and what they gained from them was only a fraction of what was. Greek and Roman societies studied the Egyptians, who were essentially oriental in their approach to the everlasting, and saw themselves as perishable, except when it came to the embodiment of reincarnated Egyptian gods born again as Pharaohs. The Romans put together selected parts of the Bible but left out many others to control mass populations in Europe as they pushed their competing religions East into the orient. There has been a lot that went on, but everyone got it a little bit wrong until at least mankind began to think in the way of that which was put in the first pages of the Bible in the Book of Genesis, where God gave mankind dominion over nature. Not the other way around. 

Suppose you dive down with a root cause analysis of all the major political and religious movements of our current time and ask why so many people hate each other. In that case, the problem starts with mankind’s relationship to eternity and the misplaced idea that materialism is bad and that dying into a spirit is good, without question that is the core problem with the current climate change activists. Suppose you speak to them with the cameras off where they are comfortable and unguarded, perhaps with a few glasses of wine down their throats. In that case, they will admit to some variation of the four major religions presented to us by the standard bearers of humanity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Of those four, all of them view the modern world’s materialism as evil and the ascendency into the world of the dead as good, to leave the material world behind and embrace our spiritual natures. But, and I would cite the great work of the great Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo, a hero of the climate change religious fanatics of the world, that the greatest thing in the entire universe that includes quasars, black holes, concepts of a multiverse, anything and everything is the consciousness and imagination of the human being. I don’t say that just because we are all human and we can’t think of anything better due to our own human limits of perception. But in the observations of the universe and the rules that govern it. The creative force of the mind captured in a human form takes the tools of nature and puts them to the best use. The concept of America, while it might have been formed in rebellion against the tyranny of the Catholic Church, guided by what was left over from the Roman empire, what was created, as I often state in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is a unique new kind of human with a different kind of religion in America, where materialism reflects the boundless energy of nature captured and put to practical use by human beings and their wondrous imaginations. And the importance of this is that it has broken a destructive cycle of continued rebirth that has been limiting human development for many thousands of years. As intelligent as the Egyptians appeared to be, with lots of lost technology that we are still trying to figure out, it’s evident that their civilization wasn’t the first to rise and fall. We see those forces at work now in the modern age, violently and with great panic.

The current political order, especially Democrats and progressives, is trying to fit the world to that old religious model of sacrifice to the gods and yielding to the forces of nature. But our human intellect, captured whether on purpose or by accident in the creation of the Bible and passages like those in the Book of Genesis giving mankind dominion over nature, to use the tools of nature to create and perpetuate thought, which looks to be the greatest power in the universe, or the multiverse, then now we see what all the fuss has been about. The world’s religions, as the limits of mankind’s translations, presented them, have not been big enough to consider the true implications of what it meant to be human. To begin with, what role did humans play in the cosmos, and why did they have such vast imaginations? Even though the human being may be very small in relation to the rest of all matter in the universe, which may just be but one little cell in the grand body of God, the conscious reality of that small contribution looks to be the key to everything. Imagine if the cells of our own body decided to allow disease to manifest within us and did not fight them. We’d become sick. And so it is with the schemes of the universe. Our role in the whole thing is not to sacrifice ourselves to the body of nature but to act with our minds to correct nature with our imaginations and ability to think. 

I often point out what a mess nature is if allowed to grow independently. What the human mind brings is conceptual understanding and an ability to organize. Nature by itself can only do so much. It needs the human mind to make it better, and when the Book of Genesis was created as a conceptual faculty of thought, and America was the first time in history it was allowed to be put to use, then great things started happening, and the greatest country in the history of the world formed, and everyone wants to come to it to enjoy what can be done with a free mind and the toolbox of nature to perform great things. Yet, the rest of the world, the nations, and the religions that control them have not yet accepted this new way of thinking, this morality of materialism that runs contrary to all the things they understand about how the world works. I would say that all of them, millions and millions of people over many tens of thousands of years, have been wrong. They missed the point. Nature says that in its chaos of calamity, we can have a Younger Dryas period that has a comet hit Saginaw Bay in Michigan and created a life-ending cataclysm that likely destroyed a civilization that was much more advanced than the Egyptians were, that everything the Egyptians knew was part of the Vico Cycle where much was lost in the translation. But dominion over nature says we destroy the comet before it destroys the earth, and humanity continues to think about big things rather than wasting all their time sacrificing to the gods and trying to catch enough food to live another day. Nature is dumb; it’s not in charge. God, whatever version of God or religion that gives a relationship to such conceptual needs, is a thinking human being that can act with imagination and make nature better. And until the rest of the world figures out what Americans already know and defend it with their guns, they will continue to struggle as civilizations always have. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Midterms Aren’t Enough: This problem goes back thousands of years

As we talk about the midterms and the massive increases of House and Senate seats that are projected for the GOP and watch with mystery the obvious ruse of Nancy Pelosi poking the stick at China, seemingly going against the Biden administration’s pro-China policies, we need to understand just how desperate Democrats are and to what extent globalists around the world will fight to keep power. And we also hear that Joe Biden has Covid yet again; the Democrats saw that Joe polled better when he hid in the White House residence, just as he did when he ran for President by hiding in his basement; they intend to exploit every advantage they can get their hands on fully. The Never Trumper movement will do anything to keep Trump out of office, including running a third-party candidate to help Gavin Newsom get pushed over the top as Bill Clinton did. Never-Trumpers don’t mind dealing with the Democrats in office. And, of course, Democrats will do anything to obtain power. They aren’t just going to accept a red wave vote and disappear into the night. They will fight until the very death of themselves and their party. They aren’t going to respect the will of the voters. So be cautious of every trick and expect them all to be played. It might be too late for them to correct course by the midterms. Just like the recession forecasts that have been talked about all of 2022 only to come true ultimately, the midterms will also. But Democrats will spin it with their eye toward the next goal, much as they did with the economy. They are what any definition would call the very foundations of evil. Not because they think differently, but because of their intentions toward mass society, and they are getting ready to make their final stand. Once the midterms are won, the fight will just be getting started. It’s not very long until 2024, yet it’s a very long way away as well, and a lot can and will happen. 

For Democrats and global progressives, the political fight in America is not just about ideas on how to manage society. It’s a religion to them. That is why they are willing to work with Never-Trumpers, and there is essentially a “uniparty” in Washington D.C.  Most politicians in political theater, whether it’s Fox News or CNN broadcasts are essentially the same. Everything they have ever been was shaped by two opposing forces. Yet the MAGA movement is the natural evolution of a third political force that has tried for many years to manifest into reality but has always been lost by one of the two basic religious philosophies. President Trump represents a threat to that entire world order which is older than history itself.

On the one hand, members of the dualist religions believe that all life on earth is evil, driven by materialism and that the goal of all humanity is to escape from the limits of the body and be resurrected as a spirit for eternal life. Then there are those religions, such as the Roman Catholic Church, which intended to be the government on earth over every micromanaged aspect of people’s lives. They intend themselves to be the gates to God, putting themselves between everlasting life and the material needs of existence. No matter what time humanity has found itself, one of those two forces has shaped all political theater suppressing any other ideas that might have emerged. So what the administrative state, as we call it, is fighting for is nothing less than a preservation of the old order and preventing any new ideas from emerging. 

There is a reason no other ideas emerged beyond those two forces, the dualist religions and the kinghood of the other dominating entire regions to the embodiment of a ruler on earth. Most of the secret societies we always hear about have operated in the background to preserve these orders, and they are hard at work right now to keep this threat of President Trump from emerging again. Donald Trump is an exciting creation of the American lifestyle. This materialist literally lived in a golden palace high atop America’s most capitalist city of New York with his beautiful supermodel wife. He had top-rated television shows, wrote books, and was the face of American capitalism in ways that significantly threatened the order of anti-materialists who have always maintained the religions of dualism, earth bad, eternity good. Trump showed that a person could be a materialist and could be smart about eternal life. He is an eternal optimist, never crying in public and not even slowing down for the death of people close to him. Trump is very much a creation of the Power of Positive Thinking, which is uniquely American and is terror to the old religions of the world who use the fear of fire and brimstone to control people from birth until their graves and claim to have influence even into eternity. That lack of fear and respect for the duelist religions and the king state concepts of the modern pope or some monarchy are reprehensible to the political left. And they will not disappear into the night with a golly-gee, shucks mentality. They will be out for blood and must be dealt with knowing that.

Expect every trick in the book. Splitting the vote with a three-candidate field is the most obvious, but I would caution everyone not to fall for it. This new Republican Party under Trump is something very different from what it has been in the past. Immigration running from terrible conditions worldwide is looking toward the Republican Party. They don’t want America to become the kind of places they ran from. Democrats planned that those immigrants, illegal and otherwise, would vote for big government because of the giveaways. But most people coming to America, no matter where they came from, want the preservation of family, want the freedom to make money, and try for the American dream. They reject globalism because they have seen what it does to communities where it has sunk roots. And none of that is part of the Democrat plan. It’s not part of the Never-Trump plan either. For the first time in human history, something is emerging in America that is different from the other stagnant religions of the world, the duelists and the king-state. What Trump has represented is a uniquely American idea of religion that is not controlled by the previous embodiments of social organization. It honestly terrifies those who currently want to be in charge. These new rules are what the next elections are all about. Yes, there was election fraud in the last election, at least. There has likely been election fraud in the previous decades as well, knowing what we do now about how political parties run elections while they are in charge and just how little they think of people in general. And they will try again. But what’s different now and likely for the first time is that people are aware of the problem and act honestly in their own self-interest. That self-interest was defined by one of those two previous religious ideologies. But now, there is an American stamp on it that transcends all the aforementioned controls and the administrative state in the halls of institutionalism that had run the terror. They don’t know what to do to hold on to power when so many people continue to turn to Trump for a change, a change away from them and their rules. And to maintain their illusions, don’t underestimate them at all. Because they will do anything to keep power. Cheating in elections is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones: A world war nobody has been talking about between the religions of Christ and the underground cults of nature worship

Since they were erected in Georgia, right in the middle of the Bible Belt, the Georgia Guidestones have been a tourist attraction dedicated to the New World Order, complete with occult references toward planetary religions and an intent to de-populate the earth and turn the world back to nature; they have always been viewed as an attack on American culture. As many in America were told that we couldn’t have the Ten Commandments in our schools and courtrooms, but we were supposed to accept attacks on our culture like the George Guidestones, it’s easy to see why people celebrated when they were destroyed mysteriously just after the 4th of July. America is a kind nation, built on Christianity, complete with a turn-the-other-cheek mindset when satanic challenges seek openly to desecrate the foundation of America and to restore to humanity the same pagan religions that America was born to get away from. There has been an in-your-face arrogance from globalists who have wanted to put up such monuments and dare us to do anything about it. Like the apocalyptic artwork at the Denver airport, the Georgia Guidestones were erected to look like a modern Stonehenge, complete with astrological alignments obviously dedicated to the ancient religion of globalism, nature worship, and the undoing of America. And many visited the Guidestones as a tourist attraction, enchanted by the mystery of who built them and why in 1980, at the start of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The evidence points to Ted Turner and his crazy communist wife Jane Fonda as the minds behind the madness. These early leftists wanted to take America to a New World Order and were very arrogant about it. But the truth is, the Georgia Guidestones represent an anti-American sentiment that dared us to do something about them. 

When I first heard about the destruction of them, early in the morning just after the 4th of July of 2022, it was evident that it was an inside job, meaning people connected to the club of New World Order advocates, or as they are calling them today, the Liberal World Order. Ted Turner is still alive, although he’s pretty old, and so are a lot of the liberal radicals who are in his club. People celebrated their destruction, and my initial comments were that if people felt they needed to vandalize the monuments to the New World Order, then it shouldn’t be viewed as an act of terrorism but as a “mostly peaceful protest,” based on what we learned from the political left when they sought to burn down our cities, defund the police, promote open borders, advocate for the illegal drug trade and the poisoning of America, vaccine mandates that are killing people, and the destruction of statues and monuments that pay reverence to the heroes of American foundations. It’s only fair to strike back at the New World Order. But not so fast, I thought then and am more convinced now, that it was an inside job and that by blowing them up, the mysterious losers behind the Guidestones were hoping to deflect some of the rage they see coming their way in an ever-growing political movement in America built on a foundation of MAGA. This isn’t the Tea Party anymore, where liberals thought reading books about the real history of America was an act of terrorism. No, there are many in America who are angry; they are angry at the Covid lockdowns, they are angry at the stolen election, especially in Georgia, and the obviously rigged ability behind the Kemp political machine, which serves the globalist uniparty. The electronic voting machines which Kemp put in place and is defending helps the Desecrators of Davos with their global agenda by controlling election results and keeping people from rioting. So Georgia, as indicated by those Georgia Guidestones, just as we see in Denver, was targeted for attack in the middle of traditionally conservative areas, for globalists to impose themselves on the domestic populations and to turn them purple from the inside out through social pressure and stolen elections. 

The silly logic of the whole thing is that it’s easy to know who owns the property on which the Guidestones were built. Its also easy to know who paid for them to be built and who did all the work for the alignments to celestial bodies with drilled holes very precisely placed, that were dedications to an ancient religion centered around nature worship that goes back tens of thousands of years, easily predating any known religion on the face of earth presently. There is a paper trail, and it’s just as much a lie that Covid wasn’t created in a Chinese lab to say that nobody knows. Plenty of people know who built and paid for the Georgia Guidestones. Yet we have been told it’s this mysterious guy under bizarre circumstances, and that’s it. Yet while the destruction of the Guidestones was a criminal act that took place in a residential area and was a crime scene, the construction equipment to destroy them the rest of the way was on site almost before the sun was even up on the same day as the explosion. Nobody moves that fast. Typically there would be investigations for days. Who called them? Someone arranged for the construction crew to arrive within hours to completely destroy the Guidestones, all in the name of “safety.” There were videos there of someone planting a bomb and escaping in a car. But no arrests, nobody even with those cameras has a license plate number. Its as if the authorities in the region wanted to erase the Georgia Guidestones to take away the edge that was forming under a more MAGA America. Globalism is being attacked in the open now. The people who built those antagonizing monuments are likely second-guessing poking the wasp nest of America that they so arrogantly poked and prodded all these years. If authorities wanted to arrest the destroyer of the monuments, they clearly could if they wanted to really know who did it. The most likely explanation is that the people who built the monuments called for their destruction so they could erase the ties to themselves due to the events in the months to come that could expose them as anti-American activists for globalism and the pagan religion of climate change that is essentially the religion of the anti-Christ.

That’s what we are dealing with, the evolution of humanity, and what religions serve best moving into the future. The planet worshiping globalists have an obvious ancient reverence toward nature which was placed clearly upon the Guidestones to align mankind toward nature worship and to reduce the earth’s population to a sustainable level under 500 million, a ridiculously low number. Yet, all of civilization has prospered under the ideas of Christianity, even if we talk about the major destruction by the Catholic Church around the world, killing in the name of Christ all pagan religions that came before. The pagan religions of globalism, of nature worship, went underground only to resurface in the modern age through climate change, the ultimate revenge for mankind’s assertion that nature must serve the minds of man instead of mankind serving nature. They always intended revenge against any Christian nation formed under such ideas, so the Georgia Guidestones were certainly born from this international conflict. And it’s been the Crusades all over again, only instead of fighting over Jerusalem; it’s been over the basic idea of mankind’s place in the history of the cosmos. Yet, most of the innovations that occurred once mankind decided to use the concepts of Christ as the religion that could build nations have been obviously prosperous, and America is the proof. The war against that premise is quite a modern problem. And a reflection of that conflict is the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, which many celebrated but were built mysteriously and destroyed even more so. However, understanding the nature of the war itself gives a hint into much of what is to come, which won’t be good for the globalists, as they see the writing on the wall and are making plans to go underground once again because the heat is getting hot in the kitchen. And their first priority is their own survival. 

Rich Hoffman

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Problems with 5G: The occult of Apple, neutrinos, and non-ionizing radiation from Wi-Fi networks

Up until this point, I have not thought much about 5G technology. After all, I support technological innovation. But after Covid and watching the behavior of the big tech companies regarding Covid and election fraud during 2020 and how they took active roles in subverting truth, I’m not so sure that they have our best interests in mind regarding 5G technology. It looks to be great for them, but not so good for us. And that was the feature of a conversation that I was in at a public meeting where there was a lot of justifiable concern about wireless networks in public schools and whether or not they should exist and expose children to ridiculous amounts of non-ionizing radiation, which we know emits from Wi-Fi networks. The compromise was that schools should spend the extra money to hard wire their internet devices rather than rely on wireless networks that broadcast all this information all day, bombarding young bodies with lots of unknown particles while in schools. Of course, there were snickers about this suggestion; we have all grown to accept wireless internet technology everywhere we go; it’s in our homes, at McDonald’s, our shopping complexes, everywhere. We are all bombed with non-ionizing radiation constantly, all hours of every day, all year long, and we don’t know the damage it causes us over such lengthy durations. In a post-Covid world, I am much less friendly to any tech companies and tend to think it’s good to have internet blind spots, places on earth where we can get away from “them.” We accept certain risks because it makes our lives more convenient. But then again, do we need to be plugged into their internet system all the time, all over the earth?   Maybe not.

Even though they are a liberal company, I’ve always liked Apple products. I was a fan of Steve Jobs and the geeky types who were part of the tech boom that exploded in the 90s. I always liked Bill Gates, for that matter, and have been a huge fan of Microsoft Office. When I would hear stories about the Apple logo having occult references or the box icon for Microsoft pointed toward supernatural impediments, I would laugh them off as overactive imaginations. But because of their conspiracies with Covid, the way they seamlessly integrated with the strategies of the World Economic Forum, the Desecrators of Davos desire to rule the world from a centralized government controlled by the United Nations, with vaccine passports and edited news that denied hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to dying patients, so that statistically they could have the death counts, and not the solution, I don’t trust any of them. I do not trust Apple news sites. I don’t like the way we have to rent everything from them, like Apple Music. It fits right into the Klaus Schwab tyrannies of world domination from a financial point of view. And I now think that the founders of Apple were lying when they suggested that the Apple logo was just some innocent invention referring to an Apple falling and hitting someone in the head with an idea. Based on their behavior, the occult origins of the logo make much more sense, that it represents the apple that Eve ate in the garden of Edan. The bite represents the fall from the garden, from the grace of God, which we are all supposed to strive to get back to through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Regarding the non-ionizing radiation, we tend to think that “they,” meaning government and the tech companies, would not want to kill their customers, so if it were dangerous, they would let us know. But after the push for the vaccine mandates that have harmed people with blood clots and even death, and then to witness the mass cover-up and the government deal with pharmaceutical companies to not hold any of them liable, we need to rethink this relationship altogether. It brings to my mind the very modern problem of what we know about neutrinos, which are bizarre subatomic particles that interact with us constantly. They are passing through us all the time as if we aren’t even present. They even pass through the earth, not slowing down in the slightest. We can’t see them, and they have no knowledge of us, yet we constantly interact with each other in mysterious ways. We only know about them because they occasionally crash into each other, and we can see the result. The persistent science points to these particles as aspects of quantum entanglement, which could point to particles that travel faster than the speed of light, breaking Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Scientists aren’t ready to accept that premise; yet another hundred years of research, it’s likely that we will eventually have to admit such things to ourselves. Meanwhile, neutrinos exist and affect our world. Add these mysteries to the unknowns of non-ionizing radiation, and we could be causing lots of problems.    

The bottom line is that the trust in technology companies has been broken, and we should not assume that they have our best interests in mind. They have shown they are committed to making “the administrative state” more powerful for centralized governments in a relationship they have to be at the center of all that control. They want to constantly monitor everything we do, what we read and think, and what we see. So in that regard, 5G serves them much more than it’s a convenience for us. In the same way that they give us apps for every little thing, the tradeoff has been to extract information from us that they can then use against us. So we have a lot to pound away at culturally to solve some of these problems. And where we can, we should reduce wireless networks, especially in schools. Kids don’t need easy access to Snap Chat and Tik Tok when they are supposed to be learning in school without a supercharged wireless network with no dead zones. That non-ionizing radiation impacts us in ways that we don’t understand, and based on the behavior of the people who advocate for 5G technology, we obviously cannot trust they have our best interests in mind. Instead, we should expect malicious intent from them and the worst that human nature can conduct as a behavioral standard. As we learn more, occult practices of a non-Christian nature are at the core of everything they do, which is why many of the leaders in these organizations have turned to the religion of climate science rather than Christ-based religion. The central tenet of Christianity is dominion over nature as all things are in service to mankind. Yet we see this pagan push from governments and the tech companies to make everything subservient to nature which points back to the motivations of the Apple logo itself as an Anti-Christ reverence, where a fall in the garden is preferred.   When you add their behavior to the push for the religion of climate change and the intentions of the globalist types who sincerely believe that the earth is overpopulated, and if mankind can’t be controlled in every aspect of their lives, that the death of people is acceptable to obtain the greater good as “they” interpret it, then we have significant problems and must limit how much control over our lives they really have. And that starts by limiting the effects of their 5G technology and where it can reach and when—then knowing that the debate of 5G in our public schools has a lot of merits.

Rich Hoffman

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Where the Evidence Leads: The spirit world of Ayahuasca and shamanic life of Pablo Amaringo

You must go where the evidence takes you, and the truth is, many of the categories of a profession that we organize in our lives are primarily designed to conceal the truth of things so that an elite subculture of human beings can operate in leadership positions.  They maintain this illusion by keeping large sections of mankind busy on trivial tasks that keep them in siloed thinking, designed to conceal the reality of what truly is from their eyes.  But if you really want to know what is going on and who is pulling the strings in our physical reality and behind the veil of humanity from the same spirit world that many find comfort in praying to, you have to think out of the box for the answers.  Many never question to whom they pray; they do it trusting that whoever answers is friendly and wants to see good done in the great fight against evil.  But, what happens if it is evil answering and playing the classic wolf dressed up as grandmother only to find that the big teeth are meant to eat you with?  Then what?  Well, those are the questions of our day where vast evil has shown itself not just in our governments of the world, but in Covid and the medical industry, and the mass hypnosis that is invoked through our mobile devices that keep us in a tech-trance not in our control, but by the mysterious input of Silicon Valley geeks and Revenge of the Nerds losers.  Yet they have power over humanity; why?

Increasingly, the ideas of the political left and the religion of climate change itself, if looked at for their roots, point to occult practices predating Christianity.  I’ve never been one who has taken drugs of any kind but growing up, I was very interested in all the brightly colored posters they sold at Spencer Gifts to be displayed with black lights.  I always saw the psychedelic drug wave given to America through the KGB as destructive, yet you can’t just look for your car keys under a light when looking for answers.  You may have lost them somewhere else.  But most people in life only look for answers where it’s most convenient for them to look.  And for me, if the answers to the current problems of mass spirit world involvement in our political existence is a real problem, and if that communication was happening by way of political sacrifice, mass rituals to appease those spirits, and the way to communicate with that world was through cultural intoxication, then it became very obvious to me, while I was dining with some friends at the Agave & Rye in Liberty Township.  Looking at all the bizarre Ayahuasca-inspired artwork there, perhaps the answers to most modern problems weren’t in the physical world, but in the spirit, where all kinds of crazy creatures existed outside our visual spectrum, perhaps in the realm of the neutrino, in particle activity that defied the physics of relativity and was faster than the speed of light.  Only a drug-induced brain could see and communicate with them, which is precisely what the latest drug cult of Ayahuasca, a mixture of two plants found in the Amazon River basin, induces upon the mind.

For about ten years, the name of Pablo Amaringo came up in my reading about shamanism in Peru, but it took the activity well outside my comfort level of curiosity.  But those who take Ayahuasca consider it sacred and a direct communicator with the spirit world.  So while I was in a book store I love a lot in Dayton, I decided to go over the deep end and buy an art book called Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo, which was the last book he put together before he died in 2009.  There is another taco place I like a lot called Condado at The Greene in Dayton, and there too is a lot of street art all over the walls that look modern but are displayed like the Ayahuasca art shown in Pablo’s book.  So I bought the book, studied the pictures, and read what Pablo said about them.  Now, Pablo was a nice guy who lived in a very remote part of the world.  They didn’t even have a TV in his village.  Their only entertainment was playing music in their thatched huts in the evenings with their families.  So there was no way that some of the images that Pablo painted in his paintings came from a conventional, modern resource.  Yet he paints about all kinds of crazy monsters, UFOs from other planets, and wild plant life brightly colored remembered from his Ayahuasca visions as a shaman to heal members of his community or speak to spirits there who talked back to him.  These were live conversations with entities not of earth.  They weren’t hallucinations induced by DNA coding deep in the wiring of the human body created through chemical reaction because the interactions were just as live as if he were talking to someone on a street corner.  So I have accepted the science that Ayahuasca strips away in trained users their filters to reality and allows them to interact with hyper beings on another dimensional plane, and that the spirit world is very much a real thing, and that it is interacting with us every minute of every day, much like ultraviolent light does, or the wind.  We can see neither, but their effects can certainly be felt.  And thus, Ayahuasca gives users a feeling into a realm they typically couldn’t see, and Pablo’s book gave people a chance to see into that world without having to take the drug. 

And in reading about various shamans all around the world, especially in remote cultures not trained in conventional ways of looking at the world, the spirit world is interactive.  There are good characters and bad characters everywhere.  And knowing that much, especially the way the drug culture has been thrust upon us by elements of the world that would like to destroy the concept of America, you can see why they would work very hard to raise an invisible army in the spirit world to make a menace of all our lives, from places we couldn’t quite reach by conventional means.  Before Covid-19, I might have laughed all this off, but after and seeing the sheer level of evil that people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have been capable of, there is no earthly explanation for their behavior.  The only things that start to make sense are to gaze into the world of Pablo Amaringo and to look for the keys where they may actually be hidden, in a place nobody expects us as human beings to go.  By visiting some of these crazy taco places, it is evident to me that our human culture perceives the problem at a remote subconscious level, and they are looking for answers in drugs, specifically Ayahuasca.  And even some of our most popular restaurants are starting to reflect that deep desire for solutions from which all the evil of the world is operating, just beyond our reach.  But we must reach it, and to understand it; we must be able to see it.  And by reading Pablo’s very unique book, Ayahuasca Visions, I am getting a much clearer picture, which is the key to solving these kinds of problems in the long run. 

Rich Hoffman

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