The Attack of our Judiciary: How evil works in the background of the Bar Association

One undeniable way that evil moves through the world is in penetrating our society through rules and regulations, making compliance the value of morality while the act itself might be sheer evil. And that is often where our judiciary finds itself. If they follow the law, they often find that it has been corrupted by evil and malice, yet they are compelled to stand by it by law. This was the fatal flaw of the Israelites in what I think is one of the most important lessons of the Bible, in the Book of Judges, where the people of Israel want a king like every other nation and beg for Saul. God rebels against his own people and plucks King David out of the crowd, undermining King Saul for most of his life. Saul becomes a kind of bumbling, jealous figure who, as the first king of Israel, is disgraced by his very existence because, as God tells Samuel, the people wanted Saul; I gave them the God they wanted, which was God’s way of punishing the people for violating his vision for them. Until that point, Israel did not have a king and would not have a king; regional judges managed the affairs of the people, leaving it so that there would be no other God before Jehovah, not on earth or in heaven. It was this notion that was built into our own Constitution, a society that would have a judiciary to balance out the tendency of mankind to be corrupt with equal power over the other branches of government. Such a concept is a slap in the face of the lazy tendency that humanity has had to have a king, something of a representative of God on earth. 

I’ve had the benefit, likely guided by some divine logic, of getting to know a lot of judges over the years, starting with my teenage life. I’ve often talked about the get-out-of-jail-free card I had in some very wild and violent days of my teenage years. A judge offered himself as a mentor to me as I was surrounded by crime and malice. That judge was very much what the kind of people from the Bible had in mind, wise, composed, and a bit defiant against tendencies of social power. He understood my rebellion and didn’t want to see me in jail over it. So, he was there to help keep the doors for my life propped open instead of being thrown in prison for the rest of my life when obviously there was a lot of good life to live. And since that time until just yesterday, I have had judges in my life and have had the opportunity to know them as people; whether it’s a supreme court chief justice or a regional municipal judge, I have a value for them that is unique based on my experience, and the understanding of what the Founding Fathers wanted to do with them while starting America, taking lessons from the Bible on how to start that ideal society. Judges were to be established as protectors of philosophy in a civil and strong society, and it was a great concept.  One of the greatest things President Trump did during his term in office was appointed many conservative judges. But in doing so, he revealed a much more sinister plot that became obvious, the destruction of our judiciary at the level of the Bar Association, where liberalism has been taught for a very long time and has been injected into the concepts of law and order at the start of many judges’ careers. 

The mechanisms of evil we are talking about here have been around for a long time, and it indeed showed itself when the Israelites first founded their country. Human beings are terrified of self-government and want to be ruled, whether by a god, by some regional religion, or by a king. The tendency of the lazy is to allow something to tell them what to do, and for the lazy, they don’t care if that mind is focused on justice or evil intent. So the malice that we find today against a judiciary is the same malice that the people of Israel found when they tried to run their country without a king. Then once kings were established, then we saw a parade of historical references where kings abused their power because power was too focused. The story of King David taking the young woman Bathsheba, getting her pregnant, then sending her husband to the front lines of war to have him killed by circumstance is a good example of how a good person was corrupted by evil and the temptations to abuse his power and authority over innocent lives. God eventually punishes David with even more violence and mayhem, but obviously, the cycle never improves after that, cycling through all kings and emperors around the world until you get to the United States, where our presidency has a check on their power designed to eliminate just this very kind of problem. Yet the enemies of America want that problem to exist, so they have baked into the procedures to judges’ frustrations through the Bar Association that will ultimately get the people of America to give up their judiciary. It is much easier for evil to influence one person in a kingly role than a series of people following the rule of law to protect high society. But if they are stuck following such restrictions, then the second best thing is to corrupt the laws that such a body of government follows, the legal profession itself. 

This has been most obvious regarding election fraud; whether the case was the Trump case in 2020 or the Kari Lake case in Arizona in 2022, judges find themselves in the strange position of not protecting the individuals involved, as they should be, but in following corrupt laws as established by the rules of wokism coming out of the Bar Association.   I have had discussions with many more lawyers during 2022 than in most past years. This issue has come up often, were following the process was more important to those lawyers than the righteousness of the entanglement itself. And the evil of a matter resides behind the processes. It’s the same trick I have explained to various trustees in rubber stamping United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 policies at the local level because zoning is filled with progressive planners who learned to be that way in the various liberal colleges. The needs of evil are to frustrate the population in general with their systems of government, whether it’s trustees, judges, or general politicians, and to direct them to the desire for a king, a regional king, a national king, or a king of the world. And in that way, evil would be much better positioned to control that one person. We see this problem in just about every workplace where people don’t like their overpowering boss. The abuse of authority over a population is a continued problem that flourishes where there aren’t checks and balances. And I can promise that the local McDonald’s has all the same issues, and the sentiment is exacerbated by the corporate policies that don’t teach leadership but submission to a process where evil hides its signature. In so doing, the tempers of the population are rallied to the causes of malice. That can take the form of a worker’s revolt crying for communism to make everything fair against the greed of corporate profits. Or in the local judge, who finds themselves rubber stamping election fraud because the pressure from their own progressive Bar Association may never forgive them if they don’t follow the unwritten rules of voting certification challenges that, if utilized, would topple the entire political system. Rather than do what’s right, they help evil conduct its affairs, just as the people did when they begged God for a king. And that’s where the downfall of any civil society starts when the judges can’t judge but are controlled through their fraternal affairs toward the work of malice disguised as justice.

Rich Hoffman

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The Technology of Crystal Skulls: “To destroy my enemies in their sleep”

For whatever reason, this year, which is different from years in the past, I’ve had a lot of people visit my office to reflect on the previous year and speculate on tomorrow’s opportunities. And every one of them has taken notice of my love of skulls, pictures, monuments, odds, and ends of every kind that would be hard to miss for the uninitiated. Even my books that have been published have a purposeful reverence for skulls on the cover of them. So obviously, that provokes questions about my commitment to the seditious side of human life. Then, of course, they see my crystal skull, which can look quite menacing, provoking questions about its crystal ball-like appearance. And my response to those questions about why I have it is obvious, “because I like to destroy my enemies in their sleep.” Consistently with this is a look of shock followed by my continued statement, “of course, there has to be some defense mechanism against all the forces of liberalism and jaw-dropping collectivism that inhabits the minds of the malicious. That crystal skull destroys people from the inside out and rearranges their personal constitutions making a mess of their sanity, and it works great. Why fight people face to face when you don’t have to, except for the traditional measures of valor, fairness, and justice?  When you have people coming at you from every direction and all levels of maliciousness, you need some reason to thin out the herd, which is why I love this guy,” I say, holding my crystal skull. Usually, the meeting of seasonal greetings ends at that point, and the conversation ends with well wishes and goodbyes, then backward glances as they make haste to be somewhere else. 

I am, of course, referring to what people believe is the nature of crystal skulls which is quite a thing in New Age speculation that people have been wondering about since the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull was found in Belize by his adopted daughter while he was looking for the lost continent of Atlantis. Since Plato wrote about Atlantis, people have been looking for the lost civilization, which has picked up steam recently in very positive ways. There has been a lot of debate about the crystal skulls ever since that 1920s discovery, as most conventional archaeologists have deemed them all hoaxes. For whatever reason, many of the crystal skulls that have been found have been located in that region of central Mexico, including the one I have had a small obsession with that is currently in the British Museum. I made a pilgrimage there a few years ago to see it for myself; it’s a little less polished than the Mitchell-Hedges skull, but it’s on a big stage with all kinds of interesting stories behind it. Once there, I had a pretty sizable argument with the curator, who was on staff at the time and was tired of my questions about the display. It’s a similar story there that there is at the Cincinnati Museum Center’s display on the Cincinnati Tablet. These objects just don’t fit the historical record as they have been introduced, and museum personnel really don’t know where to showcase them or in what historical timeline. Are they Indian in nature or something else? I am in the “something else” camp. I think there is a lot of merit to the Mitchell-Hedges pursuit of finding Atlantis where he was looking. The various mound cultures all over planet earth indicate a global culture obsessed with observations from the sky that existed before the last Ice Age uniformly everywhere, indeed not regionally, and following the scientific rules of diffusion and cultural migration that is linear in its evolution. 

I love skulls for lots of complicated reasons, most of which make them esoteric symbols of life, not the death that they are utilized during the golden age of pirates. I like them for both reasons, for the punishment of enemies, but mainly as the symbols of life where the cell structure of varied lifeforms that make up a human body collect to form an individual person, out of the goo of all life energy that exists. The skeleton of a person gives something for all that life to hang onto, which makes an opportunity for a focused life that otherwise wouldn’t occur. The skulls then become symbols of that transition from life potential goo and the collection of it into a human body for the development of imagination and thought, what I think are the most miraculous elements in the entire universe, in whatever lifeform they collect in. The development of human imagination and intellect is a miracle of nature captured within a skull, and everything is built around it. And the crystal nature of the purest quartz that many of the crystal skulls are made of communicates with other life forms and energy that exist outside our everyday 4-dimensional existence. We are dealing with at all times over 11-dimensional realities, so it’s a developing science to understand how and why things work. I tend to think that crystal skulls are part of the ancient technology category, much like some future culture would ponder our cell phones of today, 4000 or 10,000 years from now, and their use of silicone chips and quartz to store information. 

I have run experiments on some of my quartz crystal skulls, and I can report that with them, there is usually a 10 to 15% buff to the reaches of my personality. I have worked to correct sentimental desires from such an experiment, but the results are noticeable. The ability to communicate beyond terrestrial limits opens up many opportunities, but it can be dangerous. Information is free-flowing, so madness or deceit can be the result for many people. There is a reason that occult references were very popular in our entertainment culture, such as in The Wizard of Oz where crystal balls were used as a convenient plot device. People at a subconscious level understand these things, and they run deep into our past as a culture that goes beyond their use as a taboo meant to discourage their use for the forces that want to control human thought and action in our visible reality. But suppose you have a forceful and resolute personality. In that case, the ability of crystal objects, like balls, skulls, or even jewelry, can certainly increase that influence across multi-dimensional realities for good or evil. This is similar to the use of Urim and Thummim from the adventures in the wilderness of Mt. Sinai, where Moses, Aaron, and the various high priests of the evolving Israelites spoke to God in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant. See Exodus 28:30 for just one of the references. 

Paranormal research, to me, is just science waiting to be discovered; I don’t see anything hoaky about any of it. Ghosts are likely explained by an individual spiritual energy that has simply lost their bodies or in bodies that exist on another level of reality found quantumly in dimensions higher than the four we operate in. So there is a lot more going on that we don’t understand because our science hasn’t figured it out yet. And I think in many ways we are more advanced today than we were 10,000 years ago, but in other ways, there is obviously a lot of technology, especially in interacting with multi-dimensional existence that was far superior in the past, just as we see in the moving around of big rocks. There was obvious technology available in the past that we have forgotten presently, which is why the rationalization I had with the staff at the British Museum was so preposterous. He believed that the British Museum crystal skull was a hoax because he couldn’t accept that very ancient people could have made it. After all, the technology wasn’t available until very recently. That has never sat well with me; its scientifically lazy, and now that we’ve seen to what extent a government will lie to people, with Covid, with election fraud, over just about everything, then I think everything the government has said about anything is subject to a reappraisal. And ultimately, my love of skulls reminds me to consider everything when making decisions, not just what is seen, but what is unseen, or not so easily seen, in the light of our living day because there is so much more just beyond our site that has an impact on a successful day and the treasures that are possible in a living life.

Rich Hoffman

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Another Leftist Attack on Christmas: What January 6th really means

I think people are too busy to pay much attention to the battles that happen around them, which directly impact their lives. And whenever we get to a new Christmas season, it’s obvious how there are forces in the world who despise the Christian holiday and would like to defile it. I have been convinced that many of the world’s problems begin and end with the general perspective of the Israelites who invaded the land of Canaan and took their homeland from them just because God promised it to the people of Moses. That battle between those two sides essentially became the central premise of the battle between western civilization and the orient, with the orient being represented by the zodiac-worshipping Canaanites and their long history into mysterious relationships with what people at that time called gods. That oriental fight against western civilization never went away, and it manifests in many ways that many don’t even understand. And one of those most obvious attacks that are most deliberately concealed from consideration is right in front of us. Such as why January 6 is being turned into a holiday for terrorism by the political left. Is it just about the certification process that happened in 2020 when an election was stolen from President Trump and given to the Chinese-owned Joe Biden? And protestors stormed the capitol to show they would fight back against a corrupt government? Well, on the surface, that’s what they’d like you to think. But evidence points to a much more sinister plan that ties into this ancient fight between the orient and western civilization. Because January 6 is one of the two dates that Christians celebrate Christmas, and using that day of the 6th is yet another attempt by the political left to destroy the premise of Christianity and its foundations of western civilization. It’s the war on Christmas through a back door that many people don’t know about, and there is always more to the story.

The actual birth of Jesus Christ was likely in the spring, as Hippolytus proposed occurred, during Passover. So the speculation has been that Christmas was selected on December 25 and January 6 to overcome the pagan holiday of Saturnalia and the worship of the sun god Sol. After all, when God said to Moses and the people of Israel that none should have any other gods before him, he was talking about the people in the land of Canaan, whom God was pretty obsessed with destroying. After all, he was a jealous god and wanted nobody to worship any others but him. In the land of Canaan with all their worship of the ancient religion of the zodiac, going back tens of thousands of years which has been proven by the interesting ruin in Turkey, Gobekli Tepe, to have been dedicated to the constellations of the zodiac, specifically in pillar 43, of Scorpio. This is relatively new news as previously it had been thought that the Sumerians invented the zodiac, but now we know that it’s a much older religion and is at the center of our modern secret societies. So this position that God had to wipe out the Canaanites who worship the Sun and the moon has deep roots that persist to this very day. Eventually, the date of December 25 would win out in the western world, whereas January 6 would be recognized by the oriental Christians, which is much less visible to American concerns. But to a culture that is dedicated to the zodiac religions, and the modern climate change fanatics certainly are, a message to the world, mostly invisible to Americans, that the zodiac religions are making a power move against Christianity by demonizing January 6 as an Anti-Trump holiday is an obvious strategic move that goes far beyond the news headlines in popular media. Americans wouldn’t put up with such an attack on their December 25 holiday, but they are willing to throw a bone at those against the January 6th celebration of Christmas. 

These date fluctuations are part of the 12 days of Christmas, where the Sun stays within 1 degree on the horizon during the winter solstice, going out to January 6. So whether Christmas was celebrated on the 25th or the 6th didn’t make much difference. As far as the Romans were concerned who wanted to unify their crumbling empire, their goal was to replace pagen worship of the stars and planets with the unifying figure of their new state religion, Christianity. But as I have said many times, even though Christianity is the gateway into Freemasonry, what you learn at the higher levels is that its astrology that is their God, and this all traces back to the actions of the Israelites building Solomon’s Temple on top of the Shetiyah megalith, which was well in place many years before during Canaanite occupation of their domestic land. So things get pretty confusing when trying to figure out if the Masons are Christian or worshiping the old gods of pagan tradition in the land of Canaan. The answer to that drifts off the trail a lot. It involves the Sirius binary star system, the goddess of Egypt, Isis, which was identified with Sirius, and ultimately involves migrations between the planets and all kinds of interesting considerations. But Christianity won out in Canaan and took over the region. There have been fights between the orient, which the Middle East was considered all along, and the West, with both sides fighting essentially over the same plot of land, but more importantly, the premise of authority over the direction of the world. 

Obviously, China is an oriental country where the god there is essentially government. But the World Economic Forum climate fanatics believe the same thing, with the addition of earth worship through nature behind their vehicle to the everlasting. To the John Kerrys of the world, a deep commitment to the old religions of the land of Canaan is very much a reality. Most of these people claim to be atheists or use Christian masks to hide their real commitment to earth worship, just as was done around that Shetiyah stone for countless centuries before Solomon’s Temple was ever built. But those forces are seeking revenge, they want revenge against the Israelites of Moses and Joshua, and they want Christianity destroyed today, even for the times that the Roman Empire imposed Christianity on them during the unification of the empire under Constantine. And today, those old forces are at work again, this time to desecrate a Christian holiday, January 6, and convert it to an act of terrorism in the minds of the masses. It’s an old fight, but it has nothing to do with the protest over the certification process to steal the Trump election and give it to the pick of the orient, Joe Biden. Instead, it is about eradicating Christianity, out of revenge against the God who declared war on the land of Canaan long ago for lots of reasons that involved a fundamental philosophical difference in how to conduct life on earth. Obviously, the Christians would create the greatest country on earth with the help of the Masons. The philosophy of the Bill of Rights came from Masons. But the ultimate goal then gets murkier as various factors obviously have differences of opinion about whether God should have ever attacked the land of Canaan to stamp out the efforts of the previous zodiac-worshiping religions. And in that battle, January 6 was targeted as an effort to destroy Christianity and show the world, specifically in the orient, that America was in decline, starting with its foundation religion. 

Rich Hoffman

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Genocide in America: Why the world hates us, and what we should do about it


‘ve been thinking about it for a long time. Specifically, the Bible comes up more because of it because it’s the original question that impacts just about everyone on planet earth. Was it morally justified for the Israelites to take the promised lands from the Canaanites? What provocation could there possibly have been for a God of any kind to justify the mass slaughter of men, women, and children just because a God said so? There were other gods; clearly, this one was very jealous and wanted no other gods to be worshipped in any way possible. When the Israelites did, they were punished harshly, often with death by stoning. We are talking about a very violent episode that built much of our views on modern politics, is the creation of the country of Israel justified against the Palestinians, and why does Israel have such a right to exist at such significant cost to human life and effort? It really is “THE” question of our times because its answer then resonates with the founding of America and the general presumption of global politics in all latitudes of concern or longitude of displacement. These are big questions, perhaps not as big as why no nation on earth has claimed Antarctica for themselves. But this one is at the core of the most human discussion. Was it genocide for the Israelites to run the Canaanites from their land with such a bloody conquest? After all, weren’t the Canaanites just minding their own business, much the way the Indians of North America were? 

These are big questions, and I speak about the Bible more now than ever because we are literally in a kind of Armageddon presently, so a gut check of all our assumptions is necessary for context. I am prepared to argue in favor of the Israelites, no matter how much carnage and destruction they may have caused in the process. But that is a topic of its own for likely many other articles. But for this investigation, another more important matter came up, the definition of genocide as defined by five specific traits that everyone mutually agrees on. And those five traits were flushed out well in a new book I read called The Destruction of the Canaanites for all the reasons I mentioned.   It turned out to be a very thoughtful book by Charlie Trimm, God, Genocide, and Biblical Interpretation. Upon reading the book, I couldn’t help but realize that much of the world was applying methods of genocide against America to this very moment in time, and nobody was all that worried about it. We know that there are people in China, Iran, Muslim extremists, and the World Economic Forum who intend to use some form of genocide to eradicate America from the face of the earth, in many cases, for revenge for what the Israelites did in the land of Canaan. So we either find the action morally justifiable or condemn it and join Baalim’s global worshippers for our own survival. Realizing this, I have been using the Bible as the foundation of what comes next because, essentially, the entire western world has been built upon the premise of the Israelites destroying the whole land of Canaan just because God promised them that they could have it, after freeing them from enslavement by the Egyptians. How could one side be justified as morally correct when the other side would call it genocide and then spend the rest of history trying to commit revenge for the original action?

So we are being attacked with the intent of genocide right now, even by members of our own country as defined by the mutually agreed definitions. And they are committing that genocide out of moral outrage from the original sin of Israel destroying the land of Canaan, then using that justification for all the destruction of western culture to this very day. So what are those definitions? Well, here they are for your own analysis. And it will become clear what kind of strategy is being played out against the United States to this present moment. Here are the five definitions outlined in the excellent book, The Destruction of the Canaanites:

  1. Killing members of the group; (obviously, this is self-explanatory.)
  2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (it could be said that the policy of forced imprisonment, such as what we see from January 6th, and the general intentions of cancel culture are meant to inflict mental harm on the target of their opposition.) 
  3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (any advocate of a culture of divorce, open borders for the specific purpose of drugs meant to poison the mind of their terrorism target, and purposeful destruction of the country’s currency—such has been the explicit goal of American policy coming from the Federal Reserve.)
  4. Imposing measures intended to prevent birth within the group; (isn’t this what abortion is all about? And the new addition of Covid vaccines and the blatant reports of sterilization as a side effect in some of the drug users. In general, any use of drugs untested over time to impose a mass effect not advertised in the short run, with the long-run goal of impacting birth rates negatively.)
  5. Forcibly transferring children from a group to another group; (this is what public education is all about. Create a system financially that forces a mother and father to both work outside the home, leaving the creation of the family unprotected. Then to submit their children to a government school for their training. And as we have seen from the political left, public schools assume that all children belong to everybody. And the parents were too busy to pay attention or argue the fact. They have a house payment that is way outside the scope of one parent providing income while the other raises the children traditionally.) 

These are all examples of genocide, and all of them, except for the first one, is happening to us daily in America. And because nobody has defined it as such, nobody has been talking about it. People might feel the effects, but they don’t have the definitions to understand the attack. I would argue that genocide is perfectly OK if the target is evil. And the other side clearly believes that America is evil because of it’s support of Isreal, for instance, and our foundation on biblical concepts of Christianity. But the whole debate comes full circle to the justification of a rule of law. The Canaanites were worshipers of the old religion of astrology and the gods of old, while the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down out of Mt. Sinai were something different, something of thought and human assertiveness. And once that rule of law was submitted to the world, western civilization was created over the next 3000 years, and more, and the concept of free people became an option. And that is what all the fighting is all about. And to continue the process of human enslavement to the same old gods of pre-history, and up until the destruction of the Canaanites by the Israelites, the forces of what we’d call evil are intent on our own destruction, for their very preservation. Well, that is for the rule of law to sort out; the Canaanites were breaking the rules of law established by the Ten Commandments. Instead, they were worshiping the whimsical forces of universal laws and the moods of nature in a passive way, even if it involves human sacrifice to those forces. We are talking about human law founded by God to perpetuate all civilization forward, and we are defending that premise with violence if need be. Genocide happens as a result from of any of the participants.   Yet only one side is right in performing the genocide. And knowing that there is no question that it is happening to us in America right now, and the means of delivering that genocide is to deny that it’s happening at all by the enemies of existence, the mandate to defend ourselves from the act of genocide is the crises of our times which demands our attention.

Rich Hoffman

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A UFO Over My House: The Secret Society Hung League and the ancient religion of astrology and intersteller time travel

Well, of course, I believe in UFOs. There are way too many of them that occur too often not to notice them and to take note of our government’s reaction to them or the response of other countries. I’ve seen them before; I can tell many stories, especially when my daughters were growing up when we experienced paranormal activity, largely because we went looking for things, and unexplained events occurred. I tend to think of “unexplained” as needing more science. When you don’t have science to explain something, we call it paranormal because it exists outside of “normal.” And the governments of the world rule from within the safe confines of what is “normal.” But these are also the same governments who have lied to us about the reasons for getting into the Gulf Wars, who made Covid and unleashed it from China, then tried to force all people to take medicine from their political donors and lied to us about how to treat the virus because they wanted people to get sick with it so that they could control us. These are also the same people who have been telling us that there wasn’t any election fraud, even though we know by now that there was lots of it. So if the government says there aren’t UFOs, or they attempt to say they aren’t in contact with an alien species trading technology for peace, or something else, I don’t believe them. I have seen enough to know that there is something to the whole UFO discussion and that there is far more of it going on than anyone wants to admit. Most people, if taken out of a social setting, will acknowledge that they have experienced paranormal activity of some kind, but because of the social ostracization that comes with admitting it in public, just another form of control that governments use against people, taught to us in those dirty, rotten public schools, that is how these mysterious things stay hidden from the public. Isolating people from talking about their experiences helps keep secrets, secrets. 

I have two daughters, and over the years, hanging around me, they have had their fair share of paranormal experiences. Often we check these out as a family to prove they aren’t real. But too often, there has been something to the reports, and we end up with more questions than answers. One of my daughters has developed a keen eye for UFOs over the years, and she sees them quite a lot. They are often hidden in plain sight because people don’t tend to look up; if they do, UFOs are hard to see. UFOs are hidden in the procedure for airline pilots and military members. They exist outside our process controls for maintaining a pilot’s license. So the reports are often ignored or not mentioned for fear of sounding like a lunatic. But if you look up, anything above 1000 feet, even the big airliners, it’s hard to see. With that said, I wasn’t surprised the other day when my daughter came over to my house with fresh video she had taken from her front porch of a UFO right over my home. The craft was moving too fast to be a small plane and too low to be a big airliner, even coming in for an approach into Dayton or Cincinnati, which we see all the time. This was different; it was fast, and in the 4-second video, it can be seen moving behind a cloud before blending into the sky to disappear. The video was short because it took a moment to see it, pull out her camera, then zoom in on it to get enough of an image. And that’s how these things usually go. The video ended up a little fuzzy because she had to zoom in on it to get it to appear on camera. This was a pretty good one, but she sees lots of UFOs in her life because she has learned to look at things in ways that maybe other people have trained themselves to expect as “normal.” She, nor I, expect normal. I would say that we expect unique things to be hidden behind the expectation of normal, which is why many people don’t see these things. 

As I looked at her video and went outside to look at the spot over my home where the UFO had been, I thought about the various secret societies and their initiation rituals, such as those passed down from the Knight’s Templars into the modern Masons, and in this case specifically the ultra-secret Hung League in China. Because China has been in the news a lot lately over Covid lockdown protests, I always attribute planned crises, such as political positions to these secret societies and consider how much they are behind it. And when it comes to UFOs, it’s the initiation rituals that many of these secret societies have that give away their great interest in the stars and the life forms that come from them. As I’ve said before, many Indians, especially in America, when you get into their belief systems, believe that the earth was populated by Star People from the binary star system Sirius who settled ten planets, earth being just one of them. Hey, if the Indians say to worship the earth, liberals are ready to shut down our society over climate change. But if they say there are Star People who have settled earth and come back often to maintain our life here, they call it “crazy.” Yet, that’s what is said about travel from Sirius and other star systems. When you see the various motives behind secret societies toward astrology and processional interest in the constellations over time, it’s clear that knowledge is power, and the point of the secret societies is to keep that knowledge a secret so they can have power over people in general—the oldest motive in the world. Below is part of an initiation ritual into the Hang League that is typical of these secret societies, and you’d be surprised who is in them and why. I would say that the efforts behind politics make these kinds of beliefs normal:

The Hung League, considered by many the oldest religion of the Chinese, well before Confucius ever came along; these are questions of an initiate. And, of course, in the answer are the coded messages that let the secret society know that the initiate can behold the concepts of astrology. 

Q.           What did you see on your walk?

A.           I saw two pots with red bamboo.

Q.           Do you know how many plants there were?

A.           In one pot were 36, and in the other 72 plants, together 108.

Q.           Did you take home some of them for your use?

A.           Yes, I took home 108 plants.

Q.           How can you prove that?

A.           I can prove it by a verse.

Q.           How does this verse run?

A.           The red bamboo from Canto is rare in the world. In the groves are 36 and 72.

               Who in the world knows the meaning of this?

               When we have set to work, we will know the secret. 

The number 12 is the number of constellations in the zodiac. 30 is the number of degrees allocated along the ecliptic to each zodiacal constellation. 72 is the number of years required for the equinoctial sun to complete a processional shift of one degree along the ecliptic. 360 is the total number of degrees in the ecliptic. 72 X 30 = 2160, the number of years required for the sun to complete a passage of 30 degrees along the ecliptic, to pass entirely through any one of the 12 zodiacal constellations. 2160 X 12 = 25,920, which is the number of years in one complete precessional cycle or Great Year and the total number of years required to bring about the great return. You can also get to the number 25,920, which is the number of the Great Year from a Zodilocal perspective with 360 X 72.

I tend to think of astrology as the science of mapping time as it occurs on earth so that interstellar travelers will always have a reference for where they are relative to where they came from. We think of astrology as the horoscope we read in the paper, online, or in the Farmer’s Almanac, where star power influences us based on when we were born and during whatever period of time during the Great Year, which followers of astrology known as 25,920 years of processional time that our sun moves through all the houses of the zodiac. For instance, during the time of Moses and the Biblical Exodus, we were in the time of Aries, and goats were the offerings to God that were part of the appeasement process. By the time Jesus came along, it was the age of Pisces, the fish that people identifying as Christians put on the back of their cars. It takes 2,160 years to get from one age to another; the next one on earth is the age of Aquarius, etc. But to what effect does all this math matter? Well, if you travel from star system to star system, you have to know what time it is. So each planet will have its unique position relative to other celestial bodies, and any computer calculating space and time will have to understand that relationship. It looks like over time, people living on earth and interacting with these characters from Sirius or wherever else have associated astrology not as a clock for telling time but with its own religion, and that religion is at the center of most of our secret societies. As I’ve said before, Washington D.C. is loaded with a deep commitment to star alignments and the zodiac because it was built by Mason’s deeply committed to this stuff. 

So part of keeping that power over people occurring is the maintenance of secret societies and their true motives. Whenever I see a UFO, like the one in the video over my house, or hear about them, I think of this religion of astrology and the secret of government interaction with interplanetary influences. I don’t think of such concealed truths as scary; it’s just science and the quest to get more science to understand what’s happening in the world. But when members of those secret societies tell you that there is nothing to see, that’s when I say to look harder. And when the things they tell you aren’t real are flying right over your house, and you can see it, well then you know they are lying for many reasons that are important to them. But the truth looks to be far beyond most of their understandings. For them, such knowledge is power over their human competitors for knowledge. But for society in general, the truth is far outside our accepted reality, and to understand it, you must first be willing to look up and say, “hey, it’s a UFO.” And I’ve seen enough over a long period of time to see the connections between government, power, lies, and mass manipulation to maintain that power.

Meanwhile, there are many visitors to earth, and most are just doing their thing. And astrology looks to be their means of programming whatever travel computers they use to figure out where they are and what time it is at home because time moves at different rates depending on where you are in space and how that space is bent by gravity and other quantum forces. And much to the detriment of the secret societies, their secrets aren’t such secrets anymore.

Rich Hoffman

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Thanksgiving Wishes: One of America’s Best Holidays

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate what we value most. So at this time, I offer this wish I put onto social media.

And to that effect, the Bible is a place to reflect on what we value most. Enjoy the turkey. Tomorrow we go hunting for the bad guys! And the payment for their sins and scandal will be owed to our yearning hearts.

Rich Hoffman

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The Sons of the Law of One: A solar panel cult to force all civilizations to appease the sun as the supreme god

Well, of course, we have to talk about the ancient sun-worshipping cult, the Sons of the Law of One, and that it predates many of our current religions and political orders. But it gets scary when bad things come up, such as child pedophilia cases in my hometown of Butler County, Ohio, involving hundreds and thousands of well-known people. And if you don’t have a reference for the vast evil on display, you wouldn’t have an explanation for Masons who go into mysterious chants hoping to put a curse on somebody to destroy them or consider that abortion is the political left’s blood cult to appease the gods of ancient pagan religions. When you look to understand modern politics and the reasons people believe what they believe, you usually find out that there is occult worship behind the thin veil in almost every case, including the deep suspicions that the Clintons were involved in the Jeffery Epstein child sex cult, along with Bill Gates and many celebrities. The recent pictures from Halloween of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox only feed this curiosity, as well as Katy Perry and her broken eye. We live in a polite society that doesn’t talk about the real issues that cause the effects which drive our politics, and once you learn what does drive those issues, things make a lot more sense. But for them to make sense, you must reach into society’s occult practices to understand their politics. This is why I have been talking about Atlantis a lot more lately because that is a society that predates our written history and is denied by the established order for all the very reasons talked about, to conceal the occult practices that various groups of people participate in, and drive political policy to mysterious items of worship. In this case, the reason the political left is so obsessed with solar panels. 

We know about Atlantis because Plato, a well-known and accepted Greek philosopher, recorded that society in one of his works. And over time, Atlantis looks to have influenced early English mythology, Ireland, the Vikings, all of Europe, and especially Africa creating Egyptian and Sumerian societies from the outset. Atlantis was ancient when those societies were new. But then there are the Indian mythologies and the mythologies of the white-skinned ones with the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. And there are thousands of societies that rose and fell in between these historical events and the mythologies that people ended up remembering of them. So there are multiple variations to those old stories that have created many occult beliefs that have been followed with sacrifices to unknown gods, which can almost always be found working their influence in the political policies of our modern day. So also with the various Indian legends, since we are told by modern progressives that the Indians were so wise and that we should listen to them regarding all things, many of them believe that 250,000 years ago, Star People came to earth from the planet Sirius and settled 12 planets, of which earth was only one, and a minor one at that. The wisdom of these Star People made up what we know today in various cultures, especially Atlantis, which we know the first king was Atlas, who invented all that we know about astrology. And when you know what the high-order Masons believe, much of their action is driven by astrology, just as Egypt and many other cultures that we consider advanced. That is also why most of them revere the planet Sirius as substantial to their functional mythologies. For instance, in the Bible, Sirius is considered the Star of Bethlehem. And when we talk about the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 Disciples of Jesus, the 12 months of a year, or the 12 constellations of the zodiac, or the Twelve Tables appointed in 451 BC which led to Roman society from its primitive roots, this is where we get the origin beliefs. 

And from ancient Atlantis and the Indian mythology of the Star People from Sirius, who settled the 12 planets, is the concept of the Sons of the Law of One. It’s a sun-worshipping cult that identifies the sun of our earth’s solar system as the life giver and the ultimate god to appease. The Law of One then migrated into many of the cultures we currently recognize, and they all had a reverence for sun worship. Many of the human sacrifices that the Aztecs made were to appease the sun. Many of the myths that formed around the world, as a result, were sun god worship that in the absence of a Christian religion, all of society migrates back to this notion of the Law of One, the one sun, the life giver of everything, and for which we are all dependent. When you see that the political left is upset with space travel, it’s because mankind proposes to leave behind the control of the sun and essentially divorce ourselves from these ancient beliefs with self-fulfilling innovation and technology. But then again, many are using technology as a means to chain mankind to continued worship of the Law of One. We have seen that in the tech companies specifically and their infatuation with pagan gods from the distant past. And we certainly see it in the bizarre push for solar panels.

The only way to understand the insanity of the liberal push to chain mankind to the limited energy available from the sun with solar panels is to understand the ancient ideas of the Sons of the Law of One and the astrology invented by the Atlantean god Atlas and the knowledge he revealed from the Star People from Sirius. The push for all-electric cars and a society that destroys fossil fuels and forces everyone to essentially worship the sun as the primary means of living life is obviously a sacrifice of innovation to force compliance to the sun and its role at the center of our solar system. But when people are looking for logic as to why our political society would do such a dumb thing, they will not find the answer in the logic of scholarly debate or the rule of law in congress. They have to go back to the Sons of the Law of One, to the culture of Atlantis, to the horoscope cultures of the world, including the one you might have looked at today in the Farmer’s Almanac. Once you understand the occult logic behind the political maneuver, you can understand how stupid it really is. We are in an age of science and reason, not a society that must bend itself to the limits of ancient superstitions. We have rational minds who can invent our own means of power. But to those who worship other gods besides the Christian concept of commanding nature and instead yielding to it as all ancient cultures had to, especially Atlantis, then it should never be a surprise to see those cultures fail, just as we will fail if we follow the same dumb laws and appease the spirits of ancient hokey religions. But lazy people, they want an easy way to live life, and appeasing some ancient god or trying to appease the sun is a lot easier than inventing a thorium reactor or bolding blasting into space to create our own origin stories; not one started 250,000 years ago, or millions of years ago. But now, with America driving innovation and creativity to an unknown but exciting tomorrow. The clash essentially comes down to the brave and innovative instead of the lazy and superstitious. And the battle for tomorrow will depend on who wins that many generational wars.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the World Needs Many More Darbi Boddys: Without Dynamic Intellectualism the Quality of Static Order cannot be known

There have been a parade of angry emails and comments sent my way by people upset that I support Darbi Boddy, the newest Lakota school board member, so emphatically. They say about her that she is evil, unprofessional, reckless, disruptive, and diabolically a menace to our community. And to those comments I must laugh.  Evil to evil of course is evil, and I can live with that. But to the rest of the assessments, those are all values that I have which are essential to keep the Static Quality of society in its proper balance. Darbi Boddy should be hated by the static order of a corrupt orthodox, and that was always the point.  And obviously, we need a lot more disruption of that condition to get a properly functioning government school, if there could ever be such a thing. But more broadly considered, this is exactly why Steve Bannon is so hated in society, and President Trump. I am quite used to this reaction because I spend most of my time dealing with it, in all aspects of life.  I see great value in what disrupters to a static order provide in keeping corruption in check, but unfortunately many don’t understand why its so necessary.  They enjoy what a Static Quality provides to their life and once they know the rules of that static order, they are comfortable to find their place in it. But the values I’m speaking of come from outside that order.  I use a number of business techniques from well written books over the years, and I’ve incorporated my own version of my experience into my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to make it easier for people to bring some of these positive elements into their own process improvements.  But personally, I have some special weapons that I draw on often that have been with me for many decades and one of those is the work of Robert Pirsig and his Metaphysics of Quality as outlined in two books, the first, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the second, the sequel to the first, Lila.  Understanding those books will explain why people like Darbi Boddy and Steve Bannon are necessary in the world, and why they are so hated by all static orders.

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the author Robert Pirsig defines what the meaning of quality is.  His problem as a teacher which instigated this question and answer was why do we give kids good grades? Is it to evaluate their knowledge, or reward them for a standard correct answer, even if that answer was constructed to protect insane notions of reality.  Looked at another way, when a psycho analyzer might ask a patient what an inkblot means to them, do we get a correct answer as to the condition of the mind being asked, or do they select their answer based on a socially acceptable criterion.  Robert Pirsig found himself to identify most with the philosopher William James who had an IQ of 250 to 300.  I too find William James books enjoyable, but like the work of Robert Pirsig, they are mostly rejected by static order society because they are out of reach for common experience, which cares very much what their peers think of them, which keeps them chained to static order thinking.  Pirsig took his quality concept from Zen and further broke down the concepts into two primary categories, Static Quality and Dynamic Quality. I for my own use rename these terms Static Intellectualism and Dynamic Intellectualism because people find the word “intellectualism” more accommodating than “quality” which requires some baseline understanding of measure which many people lack. What is good quality, telling society what they want to hear, or understanding the contents of a problem and reporting it without fear of what that definition causes.  Both could be true depending on the value system of the culture.

Static Intellectualism are the rules of society, and its value system.  In the movie the Matrix, this is referred to as a “blue pill” existence.  Its football on weekends, good restaurants to eat at.  Saving up money to send your kids to college. Mowing your grass once a week.  Things that society values and lives to.  Dynamic Intellectualism are influences that might be called a “red pill” existence by the Matrix, they are influences outside the static order which challenge the assumptions of value.  In the magnificent book Lila, Pirsig’s characters find themselves on a round the world sailboat trip.  The owner of the boat picks up a crazy woman on his way down the Hudson River to pick up royalty checks in New York before heading out into the open sea for a trip around the world.  The boat captain is a particular man, highly organized and methodical.  But when he picks up a middle-aged woman to go with him on part of the journey, he finds her to be radically different than he is.  She has a very promiscuous life, she’s very random and challenging about everything and it drives him crazy as he’s locked on a small boat with her for several days.  This is where he tries to apply his Metaphysics of Quality on her and finds he must provide more detailed answers to these kinds of questions.  He determines that even though the woman drives him crazy, her challenging of his static order has provided valuable insight into his own state of quality, and his life is therefor much better off.  And generally, it is always determined in any culture that the relationship between corruption in a culture is its lack of Dynamic Intellectualism to test the Static Intellectualism of a culture.  Because without challenges, there are also going to be elements of that society that will seek to leverage conditions to their desire to cheat the system by rigging it in their favor.  Dynamic Intellectualism prevents this from happening by providing a measure that reveals corruption where it otherwise wouldn’t be seen.

When looking at an inkblot poured onto a piece of paper and folded over once, what does it mean?  Well, to the progressive psychoanalysis investigator asking a patient wanting very much to get a good grade and provide a compliant answer might say that it looks like a heart and that it reminds them that the world should be full of love. That would make the institutionalist and protector of that static order very happy, and they would record the answer with great enthusiasm.  But if one were to ask William James, or Robert Pirsig that same question, they would say, “it’s an inkblot folded over where the ink smeared.”  To the Static Intellectualism of that culture that would be the wrong answer and that would inspire the analyzer to give the patient a bad grade, and maybe even to declare the test taker, “insane.”  This is exactly what happened when the governments of the world tried to shut down our lives with Covid or told us that there was no election fraud.  It was the inkblot test, and the Static Intellectualism of the current order wanted an unchallenged answer to the question, what is a threat and who decides it is. By experience, the Static Quality of something cannot measure itself. It must be challenged by Dynamic Intellectualism in order to determine its “quality.”  And that is in essence the Metaphysics of Quality as defined by Robert Pirsig.  A lot of people have trouble with Pirsig’s books.  But they are worth reading and I can promise positive results if you do read them, even if it’s after 20 times. It is because of Dynamic Intellectualism that I value Darbi Boddy at Lakota schools. Why I value President Trump in the White House. And why people like Steve Bannon are so important to keeping checks on the media. Without Dynamic Quality, static systems quickly become corrupted and out of control. And without a measure, you can never know if something is good or not. Which is exactly why the world needs more Darbi Boddys. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Hate Liberals and I think God Hates Them Too: Why things cost too much

God never came to me and said that it is bad to hate people or things about people. I have heard plenty from people who think they have a better understanding of the world or comprehend scripture for me and interpret meanings they see for political reasons rather than understanding the truth of a matter. I would say that those people who tell us that hating people is bad are people I hate emphatically. It is good to have hate in your heart because it gives your value judgments some place to go rather than bottling up those emotions. I hate lots of things and lots of people. And I sleep very well every night and don’t carry around a lot of emotional baggage about anything. Because I don’t ask myself not to have value judgments, I am very judgemental. If I hate something, it’s pretty apparent; I don’t try to suppress it out of politeness. I let it out and communicate it, usually in some way that isn’t destructive. But I think hating is good and that the world would be much better off if we had value judgments and expressed them appropriately.

This is how it should be

I hate slow people. I hate liberals. I hate globalists. I hate people who waste money, are anti-family, and think about molesting children. This “love people no matter what stuff” is a lot of the reason we have so much evil in the world. And while we’re talking about things I hate, I hate evil. I am not a fan of the concept that evil does the world good by providing a measure for it. I am not an oriental who believes in the yin and yang concept of light and darkness entwined together and balanced in our lives on earth with a kind of harmony. I hate evil and seek to destroy it and everything that comes with it every day of my life, every hour of every day. And it makes me happy to fight evil, think about ways of destroying it, and to rid all life of its corrupt presence. I hate people who tell me that I should love others we know we should clearly hate because they are wrong. And until God says otherwise, my policy will remain.

Another thing I hate is roundabouts. I have lived in Butler County, Ohio, most of my life. I’ve traveled the world plenty of times, but a long time ago, I learned that Butler County was a great place to live, so I’ve stayed even when people I hated, like pin-headed liberals from the coasts, moved in because it is one of the best places to live in the world. I’ve put up with liberals out of fairness. But I hate them; they are terrible people, raise terrible kids, and make terrible lives for themselves that spill over into their neighbors, and from my perspective, there is nothing to like about them. So my wife and I were out on the town and coming home. Our route took us down a road in Butler County with three roundabouts that didn’t used to be there. I used to travel down that same road at 100 MPH, and now you have to slow down to 25 MPH just to go around one of these ridiculous European monstrosities of Agenda 21 invention. And while driving 100 MPH, there used to be vast fields full of corn and cows, and life was wonderful. Now it’s a bunch of snot-nosed levy supporters who roll over every day thinking that everyone is in a hurry to help get their kid to soccer practice so they can get a scholarship and send them to college to breed more people like Hunter Biden. But on this particular day, as we were approaching one of those roundabouts, a stupid little electric car with a slightly faded bumper sticker for Biden/Harris pulled in front of me and was going 27 MPH in an area where the speed should have been 45 MPH. Also on that slow little car that belonged in Europe, and clearly not in America, were “coexist” stickers, a Ukraine flag, and a “WeAreLakota” sticker from the local school. And I was stuck going under 30 MPH until we could clear the next roundabout, and I could roar past those liberal losers with 400 HP of American fury at the first opportunity. 

While I was yelling at the car in front of me, my wife was telling me not to hate people while also telling me about her trip to Walmart, where a friend of hers who has worked there for many years was distraught over the price of a dozen eggs, which had spiked up to $5 for a dozen. I told her for the ten millionth time in our many years of marriage that the cost of things always goes up when liberals inject themselves into anything because liberals are slow like that stupid little electric car, and when things are slow, they prevent the flow of economic value. When things are fast, they are generally cheaper because there are fewer barriers to a marketplace that can add more competition. But when liberals create too many rules and lay down across the tracks of progress, and slow the world down to their lazy speed, costs always go up. It doesn’t matter if its politics or process improvements in business, usually the first indicator of runaway costs are liberals who go too slow and bring too much bureaucracy to processes, and when it is understood why something is too expensive, it’s because of too many slow people in the process not doing the work that needs to be done, which then creates less of whatever is being made, which then creates artificial barriers to entry resulting in increased costs. In the business world, if it takes you three weeks to make a product with all the compliance it takes to do it, that product will cost a lot more than a product that only takes a week.

To illustrate that point, I was also out recently at 2 AM and drove by a casino that is by my home, and the parking lot was full, all the way into the outer lot. And I hate to see that because people who feel a need to gamble and take chances in life choose to spend their time that way instead of in a more productive manner. These great people are natural risk-takers; they were wasting their time betting on cards and numbers rather than applying those same skills to create new jobs which take precisely the exact attributes. A good government would find a way for those people to gamble their money in business instead of wasting it in a casino. The desire is the same either way, but a productive society always finds a way to get its risk-takers involved in building a productive society rather than sitting in a casino sipping mixed drinks while everyone else is sleeping. But I understand them; they are there in the middle of the night because fewer people are slowing them down in life. And there are fewer rules there too. It’s much easier to get the thrill of a win when you don’t have to deal with slow-thinking liberals who have slowed the world down to their speed, instead of things being the other way around where liberals are forced to go faster and to think quickly and to be more productive because people have value judgments against them that they don’t like. Yes, I hate liberals. I hate them because they are slow. I hate them because they are stupid. And I hate them because they make things cost too much, eat up time, and are pretentious in thinking they can hide their timid natures behind global bureaucracy. I have lived in the same place all this time because it gave me freedom from slow-moving liberals. And since they have moved to live next to me, there is nothing logical in suddenly loving them. No, I hate them. And to the way I think about things, that’s a very healthy reaction to their lives of destruction and mayhem. And I also think God hates them too. I don’t think the pinheads who interpret God’s meaning for things are smart enough to think for God. I think God is with me on the matter, and he hates liberals too.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Solved Mystery of the Newark Holy Stones: It’s not the Lost Tribes of Israel who brought them to America; rather, the other way around

I’ve known about the Newark Holy Stones for quite a number of years, but like a lot of things that happened during the Covid lockdowns and attempts at the government to flat-out lie to people in ways only conspiracy theorists had ever thought possible, it has brought new light to the story of these unique artifacts that have rocked the archaeological world most violently at the start of it. One stone, which they call the Keystone, was found in a mound just outside of the Newark, Ohio complex, which has some of the most advanced geometry in ground effigies. The mathematics contained in them is similar to that of the Great Pyramids and other sites around the world that whisper of sophisticated knowledge of stars and how they relate to an earth that was undoubtedly round. It was found not very far into the surface, which led many to speculate that it was a Masonic plot of conspiracy to establish in the region their influence. After all, it is a Masonic emblem essentially well known for its rituals. What was most perplexing about the stone was written in ancient Hebrew references that were clearly Biblical. The biggest problem with that was the date of the mounds was older than the Bible, leading many to discuss that the Mound Builders may well have been the result of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which would have supported the Mormon movement that was brewing in America in 1860 when the stone was found. From the outset, the relic was rationalized as a hoax mainly by the Democrats who investigated it. These were the days of the radical Abraham Lincoln who wanted to end slavery, and it was Republicans who supported the idea that ancient Hebrews had found their way into North America somehow and were part of the Mound Building culture that was so mysterious. 

Then there was a real problem that occurred when another Holy Stone was found south of the Newark site in the Great Stone Mound situated along an old Indian trail, where legend indicated that a person of great personage was buried there and that each time a traveler had passed by, they should place a stone on the mound to commemorate that. By the 1800s, the 40- to 50-foot-tall pyramidal mound was covered from top to bottom with stones that would eventually be looted with more than 15,000 wagon loads to use the rocks for a local building project. Then when archaeological enthusiasts could get inside it with the stones removed in 1860, what they found at the bottom shocked the world and still does. It’s called the Decalogue Stone and was found in a little stone chest that was buried carefully with a skeleton well entombed. And in the little stone box was a carved stone with a picture of Moses and the Ten Commandments in the abbreviated form written all about them. This caused quite a stir around the world as the Ten Commandments couldn’t possibly have been in North America at any point before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, so immediately, there was a push from academia (mostly Democrats) to disregard these Holy Stones from Newark as nonsense and hoaxes. After all this time, they are still considered very controversial and reside authentically in the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Ohio, just to the north of the Newark Mound site as it is today. 

Lately, over the last several decades, there has been increasing hypothetical evidence that the lost continent of Atlantis was, in fact, in North America, not located in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. Everything pointed to all cultures on Earth migrating out from the Americas. It was very advanced before the Ice Age, and during it, before everything was wiped out by the Younger Dryas cataclysm, which was a world-killer comet that struck around 12,000 years ago, suddenly ending the Ice Age and wiping away most of the life on Earth instantly, and melting massive amounts of glacial ice that increased the levels of the oceans with massive flooding and led to all the flood myths that so many cultures had from their pre-history. And it makes the most sense to me that with an advanced civilization in North America destroyed by the portion of the comet that hit central Michigan and carved out Saginaw Bay that only people far from the blast or high in the mountains during their global trade survived. And they took with them elements of their previous culture to re-populate the world starting over essentially. This makes much more sense if you view all civilizations from the point of view of the Vico Cycle rather than one continuous evolution. And this also explains why the mound builders of Ohio and the Mississippi Valley were so obsessed with the stars and alignments of Earth on the surface. This was clear to me after visiting the Stonehenge site. In Avebury, just north of Stonehenge, there are mounds like those seen in Miamisburg, Ohio, and other places. The evidence of a global culture influencing these constructions is obvious. And in America, also there were found the bones of very large people which showed signs of a lost race that history had wiped away. Digging into the mounds around Miamisburg, they found a skull and various skeletons that easily would fit over the face of a modern human. 

So getting back to the Newark Holy Stones, it is my belief that they are evidence of a pre-Biblical society only hinted at before being lost to the Vico Cycle and global cataclysm. We see evidence of the Vico Cycle, where the Biden administration wants to resort to a primitive society. If allowed to continue for the next several hundred years, all traces of modern human technology could be eroded away, and in just a few thousand years, even the biggest skyscrapers could be lost to history. Any society that was more than 10,000 years ago would be lost, which has likely been going on for far longer than that, and was the reason that so many who did survive the Younger Dryas extinction event built so much with land and stone, to preserve their culture in ways that paper and other organic materials couldn’t. The rate of degradation would at least allow future society to know that they lived. And looking at things understanding the Vico Cycle and world-killing cataclysms that happen much more often than people would like to realize, the seed for all civilization is in the Ten Commandments. One of the reasons that many still today think of the Decalogue Stone as being a hoax is that scholars say that no Jew would have written such a less-than-perfect version of the Ten Commandments. They would have written them correctly, or not at all, and the way that the Ten Commandments are written on the Decalogue Stone is crammed into every bit of surface on the stone. But they would be much more easily understood if these Ten Commandments were written well before the events at Mt. Sinai and the Exodus from Egypt. 

I have loved the Wolfram Von Eschenbach version of the quest for the Holy Grail told in his Parzival from around 1200 AD for many years and have always thought there was more to it. And recent studies have indicated that Eschenbach was a Knight’s Templer, a society of pre-Masonic heritage who actually wrote the book as a treasure map for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, which is still held in high regard and supposedly hidden in Axum, Ethiopia, behind a thin veil of political upheavals and death until the Masonic order can rebuild the Temple for the third time in Jerusalem. In that book, Eschenbach indicated that the Ark, which held the Ten Commandments, was actually the metaphor for the Grail, which he didn’t describe as the cup of Christ, but rather a Holy Stone. And that’s when I thought of the Newark Holy Stones with a fresh perspective. It looks like the Ten Commandments didn’t flow to us with the Lost Tribes of Isreal banished from the Holy Land and found their way somehow to America to work with Indians and build the mounds in Ohio. It looks like they never left and instead seeded the world with the broken knowledge of their lost civilization, which indeed migrated into Egypt and other spots in the Middle East and Asia. And the ingredients for a successful civilization were hastily carved on a stone to remind the buried beholder in that stone mound in Newark what would carry any society forward. And that is how we came to find the Decalogue Stone and why there are other such Holy Stones in America well before the Bible was ever written. And that is why they were never hoaxes. Instead, they were victims of the Vico Cycle, which many in power don’t want to admit to, so they’d rather pretend that they don’t exist rather than learn from history how not to repeat the same mistakes that have been made countless times in the past.  

Rich Hoffman

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