The Communists Attack: What the actions of Alvin Bragg show about the menace that has been hiding in the background all along

I’ve explained it many times since the news of the Trump indictment was made known at the end of March 2023 that I think it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. It’s wonderful news, certainly not detrimental. I’ve been warning about this kind of thing for a long time, and people would say, “oh, that’s just too inconvenient to know about; I have to take my kid to soccer practice.” Throughout the last decade, many of those articles can be found by going through the search history on this site along the sidebar; I have talked about the communist infiltration of America so people could do something about it. At first, it came from the Soviets, from the deliberate KGB infiltration of our institutions during the late 50s and 60s. But we think incorrectly that communism went away with the Reagan presidency and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But no, it just went underground, and with the attempts of globalism, communism is their pick for the government of that one world order because it’s much easier for them to manage from the United Nations. And China, the propped-up country of globalism from the World Economic Forum, where the country went from a third-world country in the 1960s to the new superpower in the 2020s, it is that form of communism that the globalists and their controlled corporations have picked to rule. And that communism has infiltrated our American society in most of our institutions, as I have explained in detail by going on radio stations and writing many articles about it, most exhibited in the great Cleon Skousen book The Naked Communist. In it, the former FBI agent, back when the FBI was filled with good guys and not a bunch of communist sympathizers, Skousen provides the 45 Goals of Communism, which I read to everyone when I first started my Rumble channel. And now, finally, people can see with this Trump indictment that all that was true and then some. Communists are making their move, and their desperation is showing. 

When it was obvious that the 2020 election was rigged, that is why the first bit of information I offered to explain it to people was from that Skousen classic. It has been inconvenient for people to name the word communist into anything that was American because people just couldn’t bring themselves to admit to what degree it was a problem. Even President Trump has been reluctant to go there in his speeches. We have talked about socialism in an open context, especially regarding the Obama presidency, but as I and many others have done, we have shown that many of these insurgency figures, such as Obama was, had many communists in their background. And that would hold true for modern members of minority neighborhood anti-Capitalist groups such as where this New York DA comes from, Alvin Bragg. This communist movement has been with us, working in the background for longer than most people have been alive. Communism didn’t die with the Soviet Union; it just shifted to the emerging China. There are many more communists and socialists in the world than there are capitalists, who are at war with all competition. The globalists have been using the greed and manipulation of China to spread their European export, the communism of Karl Marx to the world for world domination, and we can see their effect most in our institutional controls, such as education, our judicial system, our entertainment, just as Skousen warned about in 1958. Most of the trouble we are seeing in the world now is coming from the global moves that the communists are making, and to not name them is to declare that nobody actually wants to solve the problem essentially. 

I remember specifically a radio interview I did on The Naked Communist while I was on a professional engagement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was in a fancy hotel restaurant having a very nice dinner with some power players saving the world on the economic end. We were all having a very nice time along a river that was pouring into Lake Michigan, from where all the fine wines were being poured into specific glasses designed to let the well-vintaged stuff breathe. I told everyone to excuse me momentarily while I went to the bathroom. I went back to my hotel room and did a 45-minute radio interview with a talk show on Cleon Skousen’s Naked Communist, which blew the doors off the audience. Then I returned to my table almost an hour later. People had been drinking, so they didn’t notice much that I had been gone, and we resumed our business talk very successfully. But when dealing with international commerce, as that talk was all about, the discussion about communism was not something even people drinking a lot of wine had the stomach for. It was OK to talk about kids, the sports they were in, and basic entertainment observations, such as what was happening with the Kardashians lately. But any discussion about communism in these governments we were dealing with was simply off the table. But the radio audience was captivated as if it was the first time they had ever heard such a thing. That just shows how sneaky the communists are, they penetrated our culture in such a way that nobody wanted even to discuss their very existence, and because of that, communism has grown into the monster that it is today. It was strange for me to have that Milwaukee experience because within the span of a few hours, I went from advanced talks about international commerce that were worth millions and millions of dollars to discussing communism, which to me was like having one large conversation about global concerns. But for the various members of the audience, the topics had to be separated to accommodate their sensitive understanding of history and the real threat that was actually in their own backyards.

I see the shock of many over this Trump indictment as a great thing. It forces people to look at this communist problem for what it is, finally. The blind trust that people have in our institutions has been dangerous. But yes, communism is a major problem in America, and it’s a global movement with literally billions of members. And they see America as the last bastion of freedom that stands against their political movement, and they are in full attack mode, just as I warned about now for decades. But people didn’t believe me. They were curious, but it was much easier to just laugh it off as a conspiracy theory. Yet I have gone way out of my way to educate people about these dangers, and now Alvin Bragg has made my job so much easier. People can see it for themselves, and it’s scary. But the monster in the closet was always there, even if people hid under their sheets. What we are seeing coming out of the New York DA office, and not just with Trump, but others, such as Steve Bannon from the Warroom podcast, it has been infiltrated by communists who realizes that the MAGA movement is the best form of populism that could kill their aims at global domination. And to meet that threat to their political order, they are crossing the lines and stepping out of the shadows for all to see. I think this is great because it forces people to wake up to a threat that has always existed. The communists are attacking because they are desperate. Over 100 years of plotting and scheming are being threatened by America’s self-defense, Bill of Rights, and Constitution as applied through MAGA Republicans. And they are being forced from the shadows to fight, and in doing so, are showing themselves for the first time in many cases, which is something I have wanted to see happen my entire adult life. So I’m quite happy about it. Indicting Trump was the best thing that could have happened.

Rich Hoffman

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