Woke Disney’s Glaring Problem: The negative impact of Showing the New Indiana Jones Movie at the Cannes Film Festival

I always get excited about new Indiana Jones movies, and I know enough about this upcoming one, the fifth movie in the series over a 40-year period of time, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, to say I think it’s going to be a pretty good movie, and that I’ll like it. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I see Indiana Jones’s impact on publishing. Most of the top ten books sold in publishing have some kind of Indiana Jones influence. That character was a wonderful creation of George Lucas, a guy who wanted to be either a drag racer or an anthropologist; instead, he became a filmmaker. And what he did was much better for many industries, especially history; he made it fun through the character of Indiana Jones. I see Indiana Jones all over each copy I receive of Biblical Archaeology Review, which I have been getting for over 40 years now. It’s undoubtedly my favorite topic. Because of my very popular blog that, I operate like a newspaper, many people think I am obsessed with politics. And I am very interested in politics. But mythology, comparative religion, and history, in general, are what I put most of my efforts into. I spend about 70 hours a week professionally. I spend about 30 hours a week on political “things.” And the rest of the time, I spend reading, exploring, and contemplating. It is not uncommon, as many people with hostile intent have learned, that I am up often at 2 AM walking around my yard or going up and down my street thinking about things I have read. I don’t sleep much because I love history topics so intensely, and I am always in some sort of study of those topics. Indiana Jones made history as an industry that made normally boring topics, fun, and I think this new film will do much as the previous films have done for the study of history, bring joy and adventure to it, and the human consciousness will grow in healthy ways. 

And because I’m interested in this subject, I watched the coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, which played in the middle part of May in France, where Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was shown to a large audience. The Disney people, especially Bob Iger, the CEO, think they have a good movie in the new Indiana Jones film, and they decided to rush it out to reviewers to get some positive buzz going on the film. And they need it; as I have been talking about, Disney is in big trouble on multiple fronts. They have invested too much in ESG scores, BlackRock political values, and their company’s commitments have been slowly destroying them. They are not the same company they were ten years ago, and ten years from now, I think we will perhaps not see them in entertainment as an influencer at all. It is that bad for Disney. And I’m not a fan of Bob Iger, a big-time liberal who has committed to the global citizen movement, gambling that globalism would be the new transition economic force, so he has steered his company in that direction. But globalism is failing across the world. People want American nationalism, and even in broken-up countries on the other side of the globe, people want to think about the idea of America, not a bunch of bureaucrats in the European Union who the Administrative State so paralyzes they can’t even tie their shoes or a China approach with centrally managed communism that completely steamrolls the individuals of society into mashed potatoes who serve corrupt oligarchs like some top-heavy aristocracy. 

But I don’t think Bob Iger is an idiot. I think he did a pretty good job as the Disney CEO over the previous decade. However, it was a house of cards that was eventually going to fall, so I think it was a horrendous idea for him to return to attempt to save Disney because he was just going to sink himself in the process. He knows he needed a hit with Indiana Jones, so he stepped in and encouraged the filmmakers to make a film that people would want to see, to take out some of the Kathy Kennedy from Lucasfilm’s wokeness that was showing itself to be very unpopular with Bud Light, Target, and essentially the rise of the MAGA movement in politics. Bob and the gang made a pretty good movie that they thought would serve fans enough and not compromise their commitment to ESG measures, and they were in a rush to show it to the public. And, of course, the results were devastating. It was the worst thing they could have done. It would have been better in this media climate to surprise everyone at the release date instead of trying to create positive buzz for the film a month early. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny comes out on June 30th, so that’s a lot of time to have people who now hate Disney because of its commitment to woke policies to criticize everything that they do, from The Little Mermaid to the destruction of Pixar, the ruin of Star Wars, and now another Indiana Jones film that many of the critics who saw the film are saying is worse than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 

I personally liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It injected into publishing hundreds and hundreds of interesting books that I spent many thousands of hours reading over the last decade, so I was very happy with it. And I think that will certainly happen with this new movie, The Dial of Destiny, with the plot point being that of the Greek mathematician Archimedes. I think the concept for this film is much more interesting than a time travel movie like Back to the Future. This one deals with quantum entanglement, which people know is something I spend a lot of time considering and the nature of dimensional reality outside our four dimensions. But Disney underestimated the negative power of new media, so once their critics like Variety and the BBC came out negatively against the new Indiana Jones film, the new media types on YouTube, who have become the new influencers, pounced. It didn’t matter how good or bad the new Indiana Jones film was because it’s a Disney project, and as a company that has been committed to woke policies, they have made themselves open season for intense criticism, which will impact the opening of the new film. Iger should have held his cards and just let the film tell its own story when it was released. I’m sure I’ll find things I like about the new film, and I’m sure that the wokeisms will be there and I won’t like those. But I do think that Disney realized that Indiana Jones required some fan service and that they attempted to give that to this new film as a peace offering to their audiences. But it has had the opposite effect, and in some ways, I feel sorry for everyone involved in the film. They are feeling the pain of using their movies to sell political messages that the world doesn’t want. And when they thought they had surrendered to the fans a bit, they have only been slapped harder, which is the story coming out of the Cannes Film Festival. No matter how good the movie is, because of any connection to woke Disney, people are going to hate it because that is the political climate we are all in now. Globalism is the enemy; people know it and express themselves accordingly. 

Rich Hoffman

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What Happens When Your Little Sister Plays With Your ‘Star Wars’ Toys: The Fate of all woke corporations

There are likely fewer people in the world who wrote as much about Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property in entertainment as I have, or the fate of a multibillion-dollar investment, the Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida.  I was excited about it.  I have been a Star Wars fan most of my life, which is reflected in my work.  But it’s not just Bud Light that woke policies have crushed that the global push for a certain kind of CEO to now run these corporate boards ran by BlackRock have destroyed.  Knowing Star Wars as an entertainment property and a work of modern mythology, I could see early on the impact and ultimate failure of Disney’s quest to appease BlackRock and the other elements of the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum’s view of the world.  And it was evident in 2015 when the first of the next generation Star Wars movies came out in The Force Awakens that the future destruction of globalism was making itself most apparent.  What we have now is a kind of stubborn tenacity of globalism to impose itself on reality.  Whereas I have been saying for a very long time, many decades now, in writing, that the trend was going to destroy itself.  That was never more clear in how Disney as a corporation handheld Star Wars as soon as it purchased George Lucas way back in 2012 and have now chased off their audiences, which, prior to, looked to be eternally loyal.  I warned early on to all those who owned Disney stock to sell because the brands they, as a company, were building would fall apart, and that’s precisely what is happening.  As Disney is falling apart, so is globalism everywhere in the world. 

As scary as a post-President Trump world has been with all the horrible revelations that have been revealed, we are actually better off because market forces are proving that wonders of capitalism envisioned by the great Adam Smith book The Wealth of Nations to be as reliable as anyone could hope it to be.  Out of all the presently trained economists with PhDs in the study of social behavior and the flow of money, it really all points back to that seminal work that was released to the world when America was founded that has turned out to be exclusively true.  Disney had the money and power to hire anybody they wanted to be successful.  Just ten years ago, they looked to be an unstoppable entertainment company, but like the world presently is in general, all members of the Bilderberg group, and the World Economic Forum, Disney is a dismal failure that literally can’t do anything correctly.  They can’t produce new content that anybody wants, and what they do put out from their entertainment classics is so burdened with woke politics that it has turned away half the nation from enjoying their products.  Disney bet on their brand and thought it was so great that no matter how much wokeness they proposed, they assumed, as they all did when they adopted this Chinese communist model of corporate rule of the world, that people would follow them as leaders of culture and that progressive politics would rule the day.  Yet what they found out has been completely the opposite.  Markets serve people; they don’t shape culture.  They represent culture. 

That was never more apparent than when Disney built the Galactic Star Cruiser Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida, connected to the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.  I was very excited about Disney’s attempts and wanted them to work.  I was a big fan of the Star Wars Land and went to it as soon as it opened with my wife, and we made a nice vacation out of it.  I thought it was a stunning experience for a kid who grew up loving Star Wars, so I wanted the experiment to work.  But I saw the trouble too and had been talking about it, at first, very politely.  I did several radio shows with various guests around the country talking about the danger of woke Disney, which at that time, nobody understood what “woke” was.  And sadly, everything I said as a warning sign for Disney turned out to be true.  Disney didn’t understand Star Wars.  It was being run by a woman, hand-picked by George Lucas, to continue what he had built.  But she got swept up into this New World Order of the global citizen movement and turned Star Wars into what a little sister would do to your Star Wars toys when everyone was kids.  Girls might take your Star Wars figures and put lipstick on them, and instead of them having epic battles, she would sit them at a table and have them drink tea.  Kathy Kennedy essentially did that to Star Wars, designed for 8- to 12-year-old boys, and started producing all the content for girls.  And she thought that the boys would stick around and that the market expansion would now be more inclusive of girls and empower women. 

So when the Star Wars hotel opened as a kind of cruise ship last year, right after the Covid lockdowns, after ten years of development and over a billion dollars in investment, fans were stunned to learn that the $6000 per room 2 day all immersive experience was essentially the little sister version of Star Wars.  Star Wars is about rebellion against tyranny.  Not singing songs and drinking drinks in a bar with aliens walking around.  But Disney didn’t listen to the fans; instead, it lectured them about what it would be like, and the results were devastating.  Just over the hotel opened to great fanfare, it is now projected to close in September of 2023 because it just never took off.  People rejected the idea, and it wasn’t so much the money; the lack of the Star Wars experience ultimately destroyed it, really, before it ever got off the ground.  It proved something that will eventually happen to all corporations who have embraced woke policies, from Ford and General Motors to Bud Light, Miller Light, and Target.  Corporations don’t and never will run the world.  They will always serve society in general.  Not the other way around.  I warned everyone.  Some people listened, and those that did are better off today than they were.  Just as I have warned about the climate that still wants to vote for President Trump as opposed to the corporate approach of Ron DeSantis, they don’t know what they are doing.  Professionals who make their living off these kinds of things have drunk the Kool-Aid and found out that there is a lot of bad stuff in there, and they’ve learned it too late.

In general, what happened to Disney and the Star Wars hotel and brand is a warning of what will happen to everyone in the future of corporate globalism.   People don’t want woke and corporations who assume that their products are so beloved by the public that people will follow anything.  Corporations who believe that have another thing coming.  And that was never more obvious than in the closure of the Star Wars hotel so soon after it opened.  The smartest people in the world with the most financial resources could not change the kind of reality that Adam Smith articulated in his economics studies.  And those rules apply in every market sector.  Entertainment just being one that is obvious.  Which is a fine indicator of things to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The New Alamo in America Coming in 2024: It will be fun

The bizarre approach that Miller Light had in attacking their beer-drinking customers recently with a suddenly out-of-fashion feminist position was very revealing. On the one hand, it was a message to the public by the beer-making corporations that they were making a power move and saying, don’t think you will escape wokeism just because you left Bud Light for Miller Light. Woke policies are coming to a corporation near you brought to you by BlackRock and friends. We are taking over all your corporations to the point where you’ll have nowhere to go. So, get used to it. But then there was the more absurd notion that feminists were actually going to take the sex out of beer drinking and get away with it. As if they didn’t already know that many men drink beer, so the women in their lives look better, more like the girls in beer commercials, and that this latest attempt to ruin culture with a bunch of dumb rules and regulations pointing at social appeasement was actually going to work. I found the information interesting, actually quite revealing and encouraging even. At least now we knew how to get young people to stop smoking pot in our culture, put some of these woke ads out showing transvestites and angry potato-looking women using the product, and it was a sure bet that consumption would go down. Yet a bigger plot was unfolding, and it became obvious that the election of 2024 was presenting us with a unique opportunity. America was having a modern version of the Alamo, and it was unfolding on a global stage. 

The attack on American corporate culture in almost every category reveals much about what the enemy has been plotting and scheming behind closed doors for years. Suppose you want to listen in on the latest Bilderberg meetings that were held May 18th through May 21st  this year at Prestana Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. In that case, you can save yourself the plane ride because the Miller Light commercial reveals everything any secret society might want to contain. The strategy is clear from the globalist aggression against sovereign nations, especially America. And the pressure is something they are not holding up well to. The arrogance of the woke policies against companies that Americans thought were distinctly American, like Bud Light and Miller Light, like what Disney is going through, and they are doing it to their own detriment because the system put in place is that entrenched through the kind of CEOs our culture is making these days, is bringing to a collision a long-held belief in the powers of communism and what it could actually do as a means to global control of the world. The attack is on choice, slow conditioning toward sameness, and the assumption that people are so stupid that they will put up with it, as opposed to the market forces that brought all these various options to our minds in the first place. It’s a who-created-who kind of debate unfolding in many unique ways in the year 2023 and the election year of 2024. And this plot is unfolding even more dramatically as those same forces presented Ron DeSantis to the world as the next presidential candidate, as Elon Musk is part of the symphony of discontent attempting to sell him as an option to Donald Trump. 

I’m not a fatalist; I always think there is a chance for good things to happen. But even the Alamo, as history remembers, resulted in the massacre of American heroes. We are about to have our own kind of last stand in America with the 2024 election and the hostile forces against America, know it. And I see it as a unique opportunity to have a revolution against these globalist tyrants without bloodshed, which usually accompanies these kinds of military attacks. That is, after all, what BlackRock has been doing to American companies; it has been an attack designed by the forces at the World Economic Forum to change the world into their desire. Not the consumer sentiment measured by market value.   What is the real issue here? Who decides market value, the choice of market saturation in the pursuit of profits by corporate interests, or the arrogance of corporate interests to believe that they shape public objectives like some cow being provided to migrate itself straight into the slaughterhouse to be consumed as a sacrifice to the efforts of global collectivism. Even King Solomon’s Temple was aligned with the needs of sacrifice as its core tenant of design. The Temple was aligned with the east, where the sun would rise and settle in the west, where the Ark of the Covenant resided. A high priest would offer up a sacrifice, probably a sheep or a goat, on the east side of the Temple, then sprinkle the blood on the Ark in the Holy of Holies in the west part of the Temple, believing that it was necessary to appease God. And many of these crazy characters involved with globalism believe much the same thing, and sacrificing profit, sanity, logic, and political power are at the foundation of their actions. And we are seeing a kind of Alamo situation setting up for the 2024 election, with many ideas colliding for a final stand. 

It’s a good thing to have this kind of Alamo standoff; it means that our constitution works and that hostile forces that might plan against America can be fought without bloodshed. As ugly as everything is, the beauty is that our checks on such powers are keeping the forces of globalism from doing what they’d like to do without resistance. And it is great that someone like President Trump is making himself available to be the headliner of this modern Alamo fight. It has forced the attackers to reveal their positions too early and often. It has stirred up anger that politics usually don’t have the opportunity to express. When globalism feels it must attack beer brands, for a lot of people, that’s the final straw. And it suddenly has awakened even the most casual voter. So it will never get easier than this election of 2024 to defeat globalism and fight for our country’s preservation than this upcoming election. It may be the only time in history when such an opportunity to fix things would come from simply controlling an election. To ensure we have an honest election without all the American intelligence and tech billionaires contaminating the election process for their globalist candidates. In this election, all people have to do is show up and vote because it will never get easier than this. The 2024 election won’t require people to take up arms and fight in a bloody rebellion to take back their country and overthrow hostile intent. All people will have to do is show up and vote. And you can see that already becoming known to people as they have stood by President Trump through all the news headlines that have been thrown at him. The more the established order throws at him, the more people support him, leaving Ron DeSantis’s fantasy an option not even on the table, where the globalist forces thought it would sink Trump. The strategy is clear; the hostile characters are now well-known and have been exposed to their hiding places. And 2024 is shaping up to be a modern version of the Alamo in America, a final stand between capitalism and communism, between sacrifice and life, and good against evil. And I think it will be a lot of fun, and America will invent future patriotic songs to commemorate the terror of these times with ballads of heroics and tenacity.

Rich Hoffman

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The Interview Between President Trump and Steve Bannon: A political class that wants to keep the bar low hate those who challenge them

For some strange reason, people have all the wrong values about what makes a good president, and they are reluctant to support President Trump in public. And when I say that, I’m thinking of people who think Ron DeSantis is a better option. This past week, Ohio Senator Matt Dolan made it clear that in his future political efforts, he wasn’t in favor of Trump, which is just bizarre that he thinks that’s a smart political calculation that people will respect. Because when Trump recently sat down with Steve Bannon to give an hour-long interview on the Warroom podcast, the Trump everyone should know was clear to see. Steve Bannon used to work for Trump, was one of his chief strategists, and they know each other well. And Steve knew how to get the soft side of Trump out in the interview. And it was glaringly obvious why Trump won the first time and continues to win. And in being so obvious, it’s then clear who all the bad guys are out there, making it much more conducive to defeat their hostile interests. I’ve said I like Matt Dolan as a person. But what in his mind does he think is needed in politics that he couldn’t support Trump? It’s not that Trump needs Dolan’s support. Instead, the other way around, for anything Dolan might want to do as a senator in Ohio, Trump would be an excellent name to have behind it. But somehow, they were likely the same people he listened to when he changed the name of his baseball team from the Indians to the “Guardians.” Too many politicians think that playing nice and sucking up to the mob will show the voting public that they are willing to work with others instead of fighting for their rights as their elected representatives. 

One of the reasons Trump has been going around and doing interviews on outlets like The Warroom is because he’s putting out a new book, Letters to Trump, which is a collection of letters from many celebrities who have sent the President very nice letters over the years. And in many cases, it’s letters from people who have been recently hostile to him once he entered politics. Names like Alec Baldwin are featured. People at this point forget just how popular Donald Trump has been for many decades; after all, he did have 14 seasons of The Apprentice, which was the top-rated television show produced by NBC for a long time. Under any other condition, if a president or former President has been on a television show, that show would be on syndication perpetually. But it’s hard to get any copies of past shows of The Apprentice under any format, even DVD because the media culture has so invested of itself into the destruction of Trump’s image that they would gladly sacrifice any amount of profit for themselves to destroy any potential of President Trump entering politics again. Why? It certainly works against their self-interest. Leaks from the recent Tucker Carlson firing at Fox News indicate that there is a belief among the executive staff and board that if only they could get rid of Tucker covering Trump accurately, it might harm his re-election chances. Fox News isn’t that influential, folks. More people watch the Warroom over the course of the week; that is the changing marketplace. Yet we see these little pockets of the belief that the media is compelling, especially among cord-cutters, and that politicians think that it’s still fashionable to play softball in politics when the opposition wants to eradicate you and your country along with it.    

The book Letters to Trump is filled with lots of personalities that essentially show how cheap some of the biggest celebrities of our culture are, that they were so nice to Trump when they thought there might be some opportunity for them by sucking up to him while he had the number one show on television, or even before when he had all the hotels and casinos and was on the cover of every tabloid magazine with a new hot model during his playboy years. Everyone wanted to be near Trump; they wanted a donation from Trump or a kind word from Trump. Then to see how many of those same people have turned against Trump once he entered politics is very jolting to people who aren’t prone to such contrasts. But people get it; Trump is still the leader in the polls for all the same reasons Trump had the top-rated show on NBC for 14 years, which the media is trying desperately to hide. Everyone thinks the people out there are stupid. But people get it. They know Trump is the answer to many political problems because he’s a real person who has done real, significant things in life, and our politics is run by looters essentially who do very little and take a lot from the world to produce consistently bad results. And people want successful people running their country with a proven track record over many years. And Trump is undeniably that. He did great the first time around; people had good lives with Trump as President, no matter their political affiliation, and who in their right mind wouldn’t like that?

Watching this interview with Steve Bannon and President Trump was more interesting than other interviews because both men have accomplished a lot in their lives before ever entering politics and had very interesting things to discuss. And that is why the political establishment so hates both men. What people who hate Trump, or Steve Bannon for that matter, hate most is the effect of accomplished people in politics. It really comes down to the old labor union’s jealousy about merit. If one person works harder than all the others, it makes all the lazy people look bad. And where the rubber hits the road with Trump, many lazy people make a lot of money off political inefficiencies, and they hate Trump because he wants to solve the problems. But to the political class and all the support groups that advise them, there is a lot of money to be made off chaos. So they never intend to solve the problem. They want the problems. And voters want solutions, which is why they are done with politics the old way. They want Trump because they want results, which is what many of the bootlicker types out there are terrified of. It’s not just Trump himself they fear, but their own role in a world that expects results. How can they compete with a President Trump, who has accomplished so much over a lifetime, and feel like they have a co-equal seat at the table? So rather than improve themselves somehow, they would rather tear him down to preserve their public appeal as a looter-class politician. And that was all so obvious in Trump’s very unique interview with Steve Bannon. People understand what the problems are in the world. They understand the threat of globalism. And they don’t see anybody else out there who can fix it. But Trump can, and that’s what people are supporting, someone who isn’t afraid to fix things. Who doesn’t write suck-up letters to people hoping to get a job. But they want the person that all the suck-up letters go to because they want to win at life, and not experienced the managed failure that the political class has given them for over a hundred years. 

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Biden, President of the Destruction of America: Of course, the global terrorists love the job he’s doing, and they want him to keep doing it

The Biden presidency only makes sense from one perspective: the globalists who want to see an end to America. They don’t care how old he is, how compromised, how perverted, or even what his health condition is. All they care about regarding Joe Biden is that he will do precisely what they tell him to. He does not report to the “American People”; he is an asset of globalists, specifically the Chinese government, who then work for the Desecrators of Davos and the borderless world losers who have been working to collapse the world for many years. Biden is their reelection dream. He is the result of their rigged election, and they like him just the way he is. Yes, they want him to finish the job of destroying America. They want him to run again, even if they must push him out to a stage in a wheel barrel. The whole point of the Biden presidency was for the New World Order globalists to flex their muscle and break all the election traditions America so favorably valued. Biden was selected by those who control the election apparatus. That’s why they knew Biden could run out of the basement and would not have to campaign with an actual ground game. Everything was for show. Many of us knew it back in 2020, but now the evidence is piling up with the prospect of a second term, where Joe Biden is in even worse shape, leaving people perplexed as to why he’s running at all. Because the globalists want him to, they want a destruct button for America in the White House, and in that regard, they think Joe Biden is just fine. They love the job he has been doing, and they want him to do more of it. 

But to see all that, you must be willing to admit that our country is under attack by globalist forces who want to see an end to us all. And many people just can’t get there in their minds. Indeed people aren’t that evil? Is nobody that cruel? Elections couldn’t possibly be rigged? Well, of course, they are. Elections are rigged worldwide, and our reliance on technology has only fed that temptation. Look what these same globalist forces did to Bibi Netanyahu in Israel. They tried the same ouster that the precise same people are doing to Trump now. There are many people in the American government, many with communist sympathies, who are much more openly communist today than they were back in the days of the McCarthy hearings, which were 100% true. Hindsight tells us a lot on the matter. Those people did not want President Truman to support the 1947 resolution to formally recognize Israel as a state in the land of Palestine. And that classic fight between Baal and Yahweh continues to this very day in the world of politics. Then President Trump actually had the nerve to put an embassy in Jerusalem, which even more formally was a recognition of Israel by America. Of course, Trump had to be brought down. Of course, America was going to be the target of terrorism. Of course, the campaign of terror would have to be modified into something more effective than running planes into buildings and inspiring some marijuana-smoking kids into a mass shooting at a local school. There are many bad guys working in our current government who think the Bible should be out of the schools, openly worship the modern versions of Baal, and hate the concept of Israel with every cell in their body. 

But what’s the new terrorism? Look what they did to Bolsonaro in Brazil; they literally tried to kill him. Then in this last election, they obviously rigged the election to throw him out, just as they did Trump in America. This is the same game plan by the same people all over the world. And we don’t name the evil because we assume we have national sovereignty, that we run our own elections. Not anymore, not in this internet age where you can put money in the pocket of a Joe Biden or a Mitch McConnell and fill up their bank account. And once they are compromised, they would be powerless to say anything about any quiet attack on America by flooding the border with possible terrorists who would bring violence to the streets of American cities and deliberately try to crash the welfare system and blow up the American economy. Who would facilitate the poisoning of America’s youth with drugs from the border, helped along by the CIA and other agencies who want to prop up the chaotic power of the drug cartels paralyzing border sheriffs and ranch owners with the prospect of open war and violence from those gangs of thugs, endorsed by the Biden administration? Then when they are caught in America, plenty of Soros funded district attorneys will put them back on the street for the continued terror of the American public. And George Soros isn’t alone as an anti-America terrorist, as someone who resents the power America has had as a Christian nation that supported the creation of Israel and put a stick in the eye of all Arab nations and their thoughts of a caliphate against Western civilization. 

You bet your ass they cheated in that last election; they wanted Joe Biden. They want America filled with tens of thousands of such compromised figures, and they intend to lie, steal, and cheat right in front of your face. They have American elections rigged. They have paid off the media whores with easy money and lucrative New York jobs that are enticing for the compromised and unethical. And they have the lazy CEOs of the world licking their lips with hunger at a communist international alliance that makes those challenging boardroom presentations easier if the shareholders think that ESG is the new value, not traditional profit. Many of these hostile forces against America in our own country want Joe Biden. He is the president of the domestic terrorists, the godless heathens, the global terrorists, the drug dealers, the sex traffickers, and the violent thugs killing people over turf wars in American cities. When Joe Biden says, “finish the job,” he means the end of America, and only someone as dumb and unethical as him could tell it to the American public with a straight face.   Yes, those types of people love Joe Biden, he is the president of the destruction of the United States, and they are happy with him, so the conversation about Biden running again or why there aren’t any more Democrats better than Biden who could or should run. Because the system is rigged and run by globalists, who have complete control of all we see and hear, and they are showing off now how much control they have by parading around this fool and watching us argue over him as if any of the conversations was relevant. The globalists are in control, keep their people in power through election fraud, and don’t think anybody can stop them. And in that arrogance, we see the signature of many acts of terrorism against America and its people.  

Rich Hoffman

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The Meaning of the Pride Flag: It’s a religious debate, not about fairness

It’s time to stop arguing obvious progressive intrusions as unfair. When Lakota school board member Darbi Boddy took pictures of obvious sexual grooming in the halls of Lakota, and the defense was that the evidence was the result of political tolerance of sexual lifestyles, the reality was much more severe. The rainbows that were being taught to young children in the schools of public school were not just symbols of sexual alternative lifestyles; they were the roots of a cult that was religious in its nature which actually goes back many thousands of years to the worship of the goddess Ishtar from the Mesopotamian region. In essence, the rainbows in the halls of Lakota schools were the same religious symbols with precise meanings, as though there were images of the Christian Cross hanging on the walls with the Ten Commandments. And when the issue of transsexual rights came up at Lakota schools in April of 2023 regarding the bathrooms, the nature of the discussion was not one of fairness but of a religious cult that is actually behind the trans movement, which exploded into American culture late in June 1969, just a few months before the Woodstock music festival and a month before the Moon landing. Many things were happening to America to sabotage the space program from NASA, and the KGB was hard at work to backdoor communism to an unsuspecting public through its young people, which is what happened at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The examination into the root cause of the Stonewall Inn riots was that many of the participants were worshipers of the Cult of Ishtar and were using its sentiments to undermine the Christian nature of America through alternative sex practices, such as gay rights, trans rights, and the ritual practices of drunkenness and ostentatious pornography. Since that time in 1969, since the rest of the world was not landing on the moon, and there were lots of hostilities toward America that wanted to sabotage the effort, the same kinds of religious cults that destroyed previous civilizations, such as those from Sumer were introduced to do essentially the same in the United States. And for the diligent lawyers out there, the foundation argument for all this is in the excellent book by Jonathan Cahn called The Return of the Gods. In that book, he presents lots of evidence regarding the Cult of Ishtar that argues that the Trans movement is not about fairness or tolerance but is strictly a religion that should have the same rules applied to it that have been used to any Christian reference. If we cannot hang the Ten Commandments on the walls of our public schools and court houses, then we can’t put any rainbow references toward the Goddess Ishtar either. Because that is what the rainbow symbols refer to, Ishtar and her cult of followers. The rainbow was the battle flag of Ishtar, and the colors have particular meanings. So the argument that we have had regarding the use of rainbows in the halls of public schools and the evidence that America is a tolerant nation that will show compassion for people who are confused about how they feel inside and what biology they were given at birth, and the desire to desecrate their sexual rolls socially, the real issue was that of competing religions, the desire of one religion, the Cult of Ishtar and the Cross of Christ. If we had to accept Trans rights and activism, then public places had to tolerate prayer in the classroom and reference to the cross as the symbol of Christ’s crucifixion to die for the sins of mankind.  

The rainbow flag dedicated to the Goddess Ishtar was designed by Gilbert Baker, a drag queen and very openly gay man, on June 25th, 1978, just nine years after the riots at Stonewall. By 1994 that rainbow symbol was adopted as the official symbol of gay Pride and became recognized worldwide for that effort. Now the goddess Ishtar was a symbol of sex; she was a prostitute who was very promiscuous sexually. Whether she evoked in mankind the primary traits of sexual conduct and their perversion to satisfy the whims of a perverted deity or whether her reverence was purposely promiscuous intent on the downfall of whatever civilization adopted her practices as a priority, the results cannot be ignored. A worship of her by occult practitioners is why we have such a desire for drunkenness and sexual misconduct in our public schools and colleges to this very day. As stated, the KGB, which very much wanted to destroy the kind of culture from within that could put a man on the moon, was dusting off whatever aspects of ancient occult that might ruin America. And we are seeing the wheels set in motion then clearly in our present times because nobody has made an honest attempt to stop the madness. We instead have reacted by answering the argument posed, are we a tolerant nation? The answer obviously is yes, and we have been putting all our effort into fighting that accusation rather than the actual merits of the case that a religious ideology has been purposely trying to alter our country and destroy it at the foundations of its Christian belief. 

In the rainbow flag of Ishtar are definite meanings to the eight primary colors, with pink representing sex, red representing life, orange representing healing, yellow representing the sun (sun worship as a deity, turning the culture to worship of solar gods, solar power, reverence to the forces of the sun) green representing nature, (climate change, ESG measures) turquoise representing magic, (dark art, occult practices) indigo representing serenity, and the last color violet represented the spirit of sexuality, in whatever form it manifested, gayness, lesbianism, transsexuality, all the alphabet sex practices that are being shoved at us today as a value system. The purpose of the priority is to desecrate our traditionally Christian nation and replace it with the flag of domination by the Goddess Ishtar. It truly has nothing to do with sexual tolerance and social inclusion but desecration and undermining of our culture from its roots by hiding behind the concept of Church and State. I do not doubt among my readers that some very clever lawyers can see these implications. Once case law is established that the rainbow symbols are references the same as the Cross of Christ and prayer in public places, we have a whole new way of looking at this vast evil that has been cast upon our culture. Darbi Boddy at Lakota schools has had the right instincts about this issue from the start of her term. And the anger at her for pointing it out goes back to the kind of social activism that was evident at the breakout of the transexual movement beginning at Stonewall in New York City in 1969. These things didn’t happen by accident and aren’t about fairness. They were always attacks on American culture meant to corrupt our youth, and now many of those corrupted youth are running our country from a political position and are embedded in our media and other places of authority. And they worship the Cult of Ishtar, and their reverences, such as the rainbow flags of the Pride movement, are religious. Not symbols of inclusion but the battle flag of cultural domination and social destruction purposely invoked from ancient history to destroy America and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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Attack of the Billionaires: It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer

Like the sons of the queen from the great Shakespeare play Titus, the sons of George Soros intend malice and destruction for America by many of the same manipulations expressed in a microcosm within that famous play. With these frequent visits to the White House under the mask of a Biden presidency, illegally secured by globalist forces through massive election fraud brought on by Covid regulations, by the sons of George Soros give a window into what Americans have discovered about their government. They aren’t in charge of it, and we have allowed these billionaires to get in behind the scenes and shape policy in ways that voters have lost control of. And if Trump had never become president, we would likely have never discovered it. And as bad as George Soros and his sons have been, the reach of their ill intent goes much further than just them. When we look at a wide selection of billionaires, such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and many others, it is quickly realized that we have a lot of whores in our government who will do anything for easy money and these billionaire types have been caught using their excessive power through finance to essentially destroy the concept of America through a lot of easy money. In some cases, like with Peter Theil and Elon Musk, their activism has been beneficial toward restoring the Constitutional Republic, which America was designed to be. But then, in the case of Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Bloomberg, and many others, the plan by them has been to secure their political position in the world by using their finance as a weapon of war to change the country into their vision, not the one represented by popular vote. 

The 2024 election was never going to be about policy, as the RINOs want, the Never Trumper types who keep trying to throw these soft-shelled Republicans into the field to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. It’s almost funny to watch their childish attempts. Who in their right mind thinks that Asa Hutchinson is going to do anything positive for Republicans? It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer. Only one Republican is offering himself into the presidential race with any serious chance of beating the kinds of menaces that are actually controlling America, and that is President Trump because he’s a billionaire and can afford to play the game the way the other billionaires are playing it against our country. We’re not talking about easy Republican positions such as cutting taxes and having a firm stance on abortion. We are dealing with a kind of evil in politics that far extends into the kind of manipulations only explored most effectively in our lives through the art of Willian Shakespeare. It’s not a surprise that Alexander Soros, one of the most active sons of George Soros and his globalists friends, has visited the White House so much. They have been caught in more ways than one and likely wouldn’t even be talked about if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. But they have been caught, and people see what the problem is, and Trump is their champion to get it back under control.    So no matter what the news has stated on the matter, no matter what the influences have been against President Trump, people know that at this point in history, Trump offering himself to the White House is the best way to beat this influence of the billionaires from their purposeful destruction of America. 

Do Ray Dalio and people like Larry Fink intend the destruction of America? I’ve read all their books, especially Ray’s, and the literature of Larry Fink’s friends in the World Economic Forum, and I would say they have an insane view of the future that does not incorporate the United States and capitalism in any way. They want a micromanaged future where governments they control through finance manage the entire global population. And that they don’t see what they are doing as destructive. They view themselves as helpful, as an insane person might view “help.” They don’t like the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations; they want the centralized authority of Karl Marx, which is how so many corporations have been scammed into globalism.   It’s hard for them to trust that innate nature of people, as has been the case in America. So the attacks toward the moral premise of the country’s foundation have been to erode away that “invisible hand” with financial influence in a way that destroys the way a Republic is supposed to function. And these billionaires continue to throw wood on that fire with a scam that is perpetuated by the media because many people in the media are the same kind of whores as is common on a K-Street corner. They perform different tasks to get it, but whoring out integrity for the exchange of easy money is the primary driver of much of this evil and deceit that we have witnessed over a long period of time, and the Republicans have failed to meet that evil until President Trump came along late in his life with all his power of brand to fight it. And people gravitated to him, understanding what the real problem was. We didn’t have enough mean tweets in our culture to fight the real villains because the billionaires were spreading around too much money to the donors, and all the regular politicians who were struggling to raise enough money to even run for office weren’t free enough as people to have their own opinions on things. 

I know I am glad that President Trump is willing to even put himself out there at this stage of his life. That he’s a fighter and is so well revered when he shows up at cage fighting exhibitions to thunderous applause shows that the folks out there get it. They understand what this fight is all about. But the billionaire class out there thinks falsely that the world of globalism will be a new version of aristocracy, which they will be in charge of because of their wealth. They may have had success in life that made them very rich, but they have lost their minds on how they could or would use that wealth to control others. In America, there is an expectation that government would get out of the way of ordinary people, and work in the background, whereas European socialism takes center stage. And that is the vision of these billionaire influencers. They want the China model, which they have helped prop up. China didn’t get all its power from being the smartest on the planet; they have the finance from the World Economic Forum to spread parental communism to all the nations of the world like some overly concerned parent might not let a child ride a bicycle without a helmet. The kid just wants to ride the bike, but the neurotic parent is afraid of every scratch and dent that might occur along the way. So it is the neurosis of the billionaires that is the real problem, their insecurity in protecting what they think makes them so unique, which is their wealth. In an aristocracy, they have more meaning because of it. In a free society, they are only as important as the next person. They may be able to buy more toys, but their influence is just the same as the beer-drinking MMA fighter, and they find that appalling. But Trump supporters get it and are looking to him as a billionaire to fight off those corrupt influences. And the political world should be glad that Trump is their champion. Because if people didn’t have that hope, they would turn to more aggressive methods, and the billionaires wouldn’t like those. And no trips to the White House would be able to do anything to prevent the inevitability. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Communists Attack: What the actions of Alvin Bragg show about the menace that has been hiding in the background all along

I’ve explained it many times since the news of the Trump indictment was made known at the end of March 2023 that I think it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. It’s wonderful news, certainly not detrimental. I’ve been warning about this kind of thing for a long time, and people would say, “oh, that’s just too inconvenient to know about; I have to take my kid to soccer practice.” Throughout the last decade, many of those articles can be found by going through the search history on this site along the sidebar; I have talked about the communist infiltration of America so people could do something about it. At first, it came from the Soviets, from the deliberate KGB infiltration of our institutions during the late 50s and 60s. But we think incorrectly that communism went away with the Reagan presidency and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But no, it just went underground, and with the attempts of globalism, communism is their pick for the government of that one world order because it’s much easier for them to manage from the United Nations. And China, the propped-up country of globalism from the World Economic Forum, where the country went from a third-world country in the 1960s to the new superpower in the 2020s, it is that form of communism that the globalists and their controlled corporations have picked to rule. And that communism has infiltrated our American society in most of our institutions, as I have explained in detail by going on radio stations and writing many articles about it, most exhibited in the great Cleon Skousen book The Naked Communist. In it, the former FBI agent, back when the FBI was filled with good guys and not a bunch of communist sympathizers, Skousen provides the 45 Goals of Communism, which I read to everyone when I first started my Rumble channel. And now, finally, people can see with this Trump indictment that all that was true and then some. Communists are making their move, and their desperation is showing. 

When it was obvious that the 2020 election was rigged, that is why the first bit of information I offered to explain it to people was from that Skousen classic. It has been inconvenient for people to name the word communist into anything that was American because people just couldn’t bring themselves to admit to what degree it was a problem. Even President Trump has been reluctant to go there in his speeches. We have talked about socialism in an open context, especially regarding the Obama presidency, but as I and many others have done, we have shown that many of these insurgency figures, such as Obama was, had many communists in their background. And that would hold true for modern members of minority neighborhood anti-Capitalist groups such as where this New York DA comes from, Alvin Bragg. This communist movement has been with us, working in the background for longer than most people have been alive. Communism didn’t die with the Soviet Union; it just shifted to the emerging China. There are many more communists and socialists in the world than there are capitalists, who are at war with all competition. The globalists have been using the greed and manipulation of China to spread their European export, the communism of Karl Marx to the world for world domination, and we can see their effect most in our institutional controls, such as education, our judicial system, our entertainment, just as Skousen warned about in 1958. Most of the trouble we are seeing in the world now is coming from the global moves that the communists are making, and to not name them is to declare that nobody actually wants to solve the problem essentially. 

I remember specifically a radio interview I did on The Naked Communist while I was on a professional engagement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was in a fancy hotel restaurant having a very nice dinner with some power players saving the world on the economic end. We were all having a very nice time along a river that was pouring into Lake Michigan, from where all the fine wines were being poured into specific glasses designed to let the well-vintaged stuff breathe. I told everyone to excuse me momentarily while I went to the bathroom. I went back to my hotel room and did a 45-minute radio interview with a talk show on Cleon Skousen’s Naked Communist, which blew the doors off the audience. Then I returned to my table almost an hour later. People had been drinking, so they didn’t notice much that I had been gone, and we resumed our business talk very successfully. But when dealing with international commerce, as that talk was all about, the discussion about communism was not something even people drinking a lot of wine had the stomach for. It was OK to talk about kids, the sports they were in, and basic entertainment observations, such as what was happening with the Kardashians lately. But any discussion about communism in these governments we were dealing with was simply off the table. But the radio audience was captivated as if it was the first time they had ever heard such a thing. That just shows how sneaky the communists are, they penetrated our culture in such a way that nobody wanted even to discuss their very existence, and because of that, communism has grown into the monster that it is today. It was strange for me to have that Milwaukee experience because within the span of a few hours, I went from advanced talks about international commerce that were worth millions and millions of dollars to discussing communism, which to me was like having one large conversation about global concerns. But for the various members of the audience, the topics had to be separated to accommodate their sensitive understanding of history and the real threat that was actually in their own backyards.

I see the shock of many over this Trump indictment as a great thing. It forces people to look at this communist problem for what it is, finally. The blind trust that people have in our institutions has been dangerous. But yes, communism is a major problem in America, and it’s a global movement with literally billions of members. And they see America as the last bastion of freedom that stands against their political movement, and they are in full attack mode, just as I warned about now for decades. But people didn’t believe me. They were curious, but it was much easier to just laugh it off as a conspiracy theory. Yet I have gone way out of my way to educate people about these dangers, and now Alvin Bragg has made my job so much easier. People can see it for themselves, and it’s scary. But the monster in the closet was always there, even if people hid under their sheets. What we are seeing coming out of the New York DA office, and not just with Trump, but others, such as Steve Bannon from the Warroom podcast, it has been infiltrated by communists who realizes that the MAGA movement is the best form of populism that could kill their aims at global domination. And to meet that threat to their political order, they are crossing the lines and stepping out of the shadows for all to see. I think this is great because it forces people to wake up to a threat that has always existed. The communists are attacking because they are desperate. Over 100 years of plotting and scheming are being threatened by America’s self-defense, Bill of Rights, and Constitution as applied through MAGA Republicans. And they are being forced from the shadows to fight, and in doing so, are showing themselves for the first time in many cases, which is something I have wanted to see happen my entire adult life. So I’m quite happy about it. Indicting Trump was the best thing that could have happened.

Rich Hoffman

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The Indictment of President Trump: A gift that will change the world–they don’t have the guts!

Actually, the original influence for the religious symbol of the “cross” was in reference to when the planet Marduk collided with the planet Tiamat between Mars and Jupiter, destroying it completely, leaving behind the asteroid belt we see today, and seeding life on Earth in a modern context, within 400,000 years. But most contemporarily, the cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ as the classic struggle between institutionalized religion controlled by the state, and the kind of independence that Jesus Christ was teaching, and the punishment for it. The symbol of crucifixion became a whole new religion that changed life on Earth forever, and the death of Christ gave life to a new way of thinking, which would eventually become the country of America, by the evolution of the story of the Bible which ultimately inspired the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The cross utilization was a reverence that the Romans had in their mass killings as a sacrifice to some of that ancient history mentioned, but the reality became something far from the original intention. If suppression of Christ’s teachings was the goal, then the reality was greatly disappointing to the established order; they started a whole new religion that would permeate most of the world and cause them to lose control entirely of their empire. And in many ways, the mug shot of President Trump will have the same effect. The intentions of corrupt powers often don’t learn from history, and that is essentially what Democrats have done to themselves with the indictment of President Trump and the publication of his mugshot, which was always their intention from the beginning, to show the world that they are in charge and that the world must bend the knee to their government of communism, socialism and tyranny as a global menace. 

It’s not an accident that two of the world’s greatest works of literature, the Bible and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, both feature their main characters being crucified at the end by ominous tyrannies represented by out-of-control governments. In Atlas Shrugged, it was John Galt who was tortured at the end and made an example of to serve the state and to show power over all of mankind’s hopes that fantasies of individual Government would be possible. It was, after all, in our own Declaration of Independence written on July 4th, 1776, that we said as newly created Americans, “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” It goes on to say explicitly “that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and provide new Guards for their future security.” And that is what is happening now; our government has grown out of control; it is evil, and to hold power, they are abusing that power, most notably with the indictment of a former and future president. The abuse is widespread; the J6 prisoners had every right to get control of a government they could see was not reporting to them, which caused the government to dig deeper into its own evils, culminating in the violation of many constitutional concepts to preserve an insurgent global force that seeks the destruction of us all. 

My wife actually said it all perfectly what the prosecution by the radicals of New York means regarding Trump; she stated to me simply that we are dealing with two ideologies that just can’t live on planet earth together. Our side, “conservatives,” have more of a live-and-let-live attitude and have accommodated other points of view. But the other side wants our complete destruction, and those ideas are not merged. They simply cannot live together. And she’s right. We’ve been turning the other cheek for too long, trying to make it work. But it’s just not possible. And that last desperation from them, “the globalists” who run our government presently are abusing their power everywhere, hoping to destroy all of us before we figure out what they are trying to do to us, which is destroy all opposition and enslave the rest who bend the knee to them out of self-preservation. There isn’t any middle ground with them; it’s complete destruction of the American concept or nothing else. And when we see such a government at work, as stated in our founding documents, we have every right to throw off that tyrannical Government and to start over. And based on the actions of the government swamp toward a freely elected President in Trump, there is no redeeming value in them to preserve. We are at that point now where we must start over our government for the management of our sovereign country away from the globalism that has been imposed on us with a kind of military force conducted through the destruction of our financial system.

I think it’s great that all this has happened to Trump because of what history tells us it means. The Trump “mug shot” will become a new kind of cross, and all Americans will view it as a sacrifice, which is precisely what it has been. I personally don’t think the government has the guts to go through it, but I’m hoping so. We are lucky Trump has been willing to go through all this, even if he doesn’t like it. The flimsy laws that these prosecutors of Trump are just as ridiculous as those leveled at Jesus Christ, for which he was killed for, and the fictional character of John Galt from Atlas Shrugged, where the ultimate sacrifice for the demand of public consumption was pressed upon him to break him and force all of civilization to follow. We are dealing with that here, and the results are known. Trump’s campaign for 2024 will be elevated to Biblical levels. People needed to see just how corrupt our modern Government is and be reminded that they actually had control all along. And it is in our time that we are called to act on their tyrannies, as our own founding documents demand of us. And like the cross became a symbol of something new, the Trump Mug Shot will become just as powerful, if not more so. Populism worldwide is waiting for a trigger effect, and the actions of this mug shot by the corrupt DA of New York will put it in perspective for people. Which I think is the greatest gift in politics, something I have been hoping for my entire adult life. This government overreach by these desperate Democrats with roots in global commerce has nothing else but fear and intimidation to work with, and it has forced them to make this dreadful error. Much as the Romans did when they killed Jesus Christ. It was Christianity that would eventually destroy their empire under Constantine. And through this crucifixion of President Trump, the Democrats will destroy themselves along with their globalist alliances. But what’s different with Trump is that we have a whole Bill of Rights that will prevent the actual death, and the resurrection of his presidency is contained within our founding documents. We don’t have to put up with tyranny, which this Government clearly intends. We have a right to end that Government, and now they have given us every reason in the world to do so without any second guessing. 

Rich Hoffman

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Losing in Blackjack: What the Silicone Valley Bank failure means to our economy

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank is just the start of something much worse that is about to happen in America, and nobody can say they weren’t warned. It’s much worse than just banking management that are entangled in risky practices, but these are the effects of a Cloward and Piven attack strategy that has been in play for some time and is at the heart of ESG measurements. When a bank like Silicone Valley Bank lends money to a lot of business startups based on sex, skin color, orientation, nationality, and minority status, then those businesses fail, then obviously, the money will have been wasted. Nobody pushing ESG, including in the stock market, ever figured out how monetary value would be replaced by social scores because there is no value in sentiment. Only in actionable behavior are the efforts of productivity measurable. In that regard, Silicone Valley Bank is not the first, nor will it be the last. But it will be one of a series of failures based on the toxic ESG values that have been pushed on the finance world for several years now, and the results are in these monstrosities of sentiment resulting in horrendous results. The scam was never going to work, and if this is the best that a college-educated society can produce, then nobody should have dared to crawl out of the stone age. Because what’s the point? It’s not a mystery as to the cause, as many are now considering runs on the banks to gather up their wealth before it all disappears. Just remember before you do that this is a similar situation as we saw with Covid, a purposeful attack on the American infrastructure to bring down the economy of America by hostile foreign characters, and this failure was a planned occurrence. Not an accident. 

The ultimate game was to collapse the stability of the dollar and then prop up that value with government bailouts, which is precisely what Janet Yellen of the Biden administration is proposing to do. Why do you think the former head of the Federal Reserve has been so active in World Economic Forum activities and even a figure involved in Ukraine? Why are these people making secret trips to Ukraine in their positions, Janet Yellen, Merrick Garland, and those with no jobs related to anything in Ukraine? Anybody with the haircut of Janet Yellen coming back from Ukraine and asking for more financial aid to that strange country and its politics is just as dumb as the person who wants a haircut as she has. Who could think that a haircut like she has is a good idea by choice? Yet such an assumption is just as foolish as trusting her with any financial advice. She did during her role as head of the Federal Reserve as they all do; they ran the Fed recklessly and as a big government stooge printing money with quantitative easing that effectively wrecked the economy. It started before the collapse of 2008 when bad loans to the housing market crushed the industry. At that point, a unique relationship with Larry Fink, who would go on to make BlackRock one of the most influential companies in the world, would buy up that bad debt, and the Fed would print fake money and flow it into Wall Street, with an arrangement to Fink, and they would buy up the assets and use all the funny money to take control of the boards of many corporations, to impose these ESG scores on them and change the value for which they operated. Gone were the profit and loss statements of tradition, but now it was all about how many gay activists were in management, how many minorities, and whether men could suddenly have babies and would have to go on maternity leave. With such values, what did anybody think would happen?

The way these banks have been lending has been like the gambling addict at a casino late into the morning from a crazy night of drinking and whoring around mindlessly, playing Blackjack. Who in their right mind would bet all their money through every round, thinking they would hit 21? Hitting 21 in Blackjack, of course, is the ultimate goal. For finance, it would be like loaning money to the next Google startup company and having them all become gloriously successful every time. But unfortunately, in reality, there are not many Googles out there, and in Blackjack, hitting 21 is an extreme anomaly. Usually, you can get close with a 17-20, but you rarely hit 21 without going over. An aggressive player trying to impress someone from the opposite sex will constantly hit over 21, and they will lose all their money rather quickly. This has essentially been the strategy of this new ESG market. But I would not say it has been stupid, just as the dealer in Blackjack always has the ability to play the game after all the other players have played their hands. The House statistically wins the most often, and in this banking game, the House is the Federal Reserve. And they are not loyal to the American economy.

In conjunction with the government, the Fed has allowed people to conduct their lives with risky behavior so that they will become trapped and need the government to bail them out. Then once that happens, people will give up their independence from the government to get out of the mess they put themselves in. Like the Blackjack player who spends their life savings betting on 21 at the table only to find out that they have lost all their money, but they still want to play, they borrow money from the House to continue playing. But the House can print their own money, so it’s no skin off their back. Meanwhile, the gambler just keeps getting deeper and deeper in the hole until they lose their personal independence for the rest of their lives because they are so far in debt. And that is the military strategy against the American market, which was purposeful. It was designed to destroy value and replace it with sentiment. The banks, hoping always to hit 21 just like any mindless gambler might, bet on all the wrong risks based on all the wrong values, and of course, they have lost far more than they’ve won, leading to these banks collapsing.

Meanwhile, for those who have lost their life savings, the Fed, with indirect means of supplying money, is just printing money and giving it out like candy. And people will take it because they don’t want to face the destructive facts. In such a desperate state, they will continue to support an all-powerful government because only such a government can back the money they have printed to stay in power. And in this way, Republicans and Democrats find themselves united at the Blackjack table, hoping to hit always 21 in desperation because it’s the only option they have as a result of ESG values that have changed finance into such a devastating industry run by thieves down on their luck and trying to hide it with quantitative easing. And after years of such behavior, we only see the beginning of such failure.   The government gains power, while the individuals lose their freedom and become slaves to those they are perpetually in debt.  

Rich Hoffman

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