The Indictment of The World Economic Forum: Klaus Schwab’s crimes against humanity

I can’t say enough about Charlie Kirk’s little book The Conservative Response to The Great Reset, by TPUSA Faith Publications. You might remember that Jack Posobiec was in Davos to cover this year’s event when the World Economic Forum police arrested him just for being there and reporting on the Warroom.  So Turning Point USA has been onto Klaus Schwab and the gang of Desecrators of Davos for a long time, and the result of their work is in that little book, which came out as an Indictment of the World Economic Forum group itself for the creation of Covid and their knowledge of it beforehand. I remember when Klaus Schwab published his book in the summer of 2020, The Great Reset, just four months after the pandemic started. Or should I say, “plandemic.” Things were happening fast; I was reading a lot of books trying to figure out what was going on, America was in a lockdown, and President Trump was learning just how deep the forces against America were when he was trying to reopen the country during an election year after he had just gone through a second impeachment attempt by congress, before Easter. The health authorities wouldn’t let him do it. Trump was perplexed, and it was revealed the tentacles for Covid went much deeper than American borders and policy. This was a global coup against all sovereign governments, and the enemies were hard to see. Well, in hindsight, it’s quite clear, and this is what Charlie’s book makes a point of; Klaus Schwab wrote his book about The Great Reset as an answer to how Covid could be used to change the world over to global socialism before anything that we were seeing actually happened. This means Klaus Schwab knew what would happen before it actually did. That means his group; The World Economic Forum was complicit in the most destructive terrorist attack the world had ever seen, the release of Covid from a lab in Wuhan, China, that destroyed the economies of the world for a tactical reason only the socialists of the United Nations would benefit from. 

I said it from the outset; Covid was always a terrorist weapon intended to fulfill the strategies of the climate change radicals of Europe. But when I said it, there wasn’t yet proof; only a number of disjointed facts and observations pointed in that direction. But now, we have other sources who are uncovering what happened in hindsight, and they are coming to the same conclusions independently. And the most damning evidence is in the release of Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset, where he was all ready to go to take advantage of the crises; he obviously had a part in planning to help guide the world to a future the World Economic Forum clearly was already invested in. Good work on behalf of Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and many others at TPUSA to work out the details from a faith-based perspective. I enjoyed their little book, which you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA. I think everyone should read the book because it’s about one of the biggest villains currently on display on planet earth. A hostility so immense that it makes all the world’s tyrants up to this point look small in comparison, and we are talking about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, all the fun people who have killed millions and millions of people, claiming them all, for the “greater good” as they interpret that good. What’s good for evil is obviously, more evil. After reading the book, there is clearly enough evidence presented to initiate an indictment of the World Economic Forum and its members to prosecute for crimes against humanity. Who knew what and when they knew it, how long, and how many were involved in the scheme? There is no way Klaus Schwab didn’t know about Covid coming; he was intimate with Bill Gates, who was at the center of everything Covid. He had the tech tyrants in his corner, like Mark Zuckerberg, which would explain how the social media platforms acted so quickly to control what information the public could see. And the entire movement was meant to be bigger than any government in the world could control, which was the first time an attack like this had ever occurred. They believed themselves to be beyond prosecution.

It’s no small matter what Bill Gates did, a member of the World Economic Forum. He and Dr. Fauci knew that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin could treat Covid-19, so they conspired to use respected medical journals, desperate perpetually for money, to do hit pieces against Covid treatment so that they could implement the World Economic Forum’s plan for mass vaccinations, which was clearly part of their yearly meeting discussions. Many thousands of people died because they did not or were not allowed to use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat their Covid symptoms. And the social distancing policies and deliberate isolations that took the elderly and locked them behind a glass window removed from their loved ones was deliberate torture of the family concept that was purposeful, to drive the point home of the danger that Covid was so that people would be steered like cattle to the vaccines that Bill Gates wanted to administer. This fit into the World Economic Forum’s strategic goals of a cashless world and the tracking of every single person on the planet with vaccine passports, which could have never been implemented without a pandemic.

But to make matters worse, the evidence points to the fact that the entire pandemic was planned and created by all these same characters. That’s how they knew it was coming and what they intended to do about it. What they wanted out of the crises was the rules of the change state, the vaccine passports, the control of governments, and the erosion of border sovereignty. It was the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world, and it brought the greatest harm that any war previously could only imagine. And all roads trace back to the members of the World Economic Forum.

Before Klaus Schwab started The World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1971, it hadn’t been around very long. When the term “globalism” is tossed around, groups like the WEF embody the essence of the concept. I’ve read Klaus Schwab’s books just to keep up with current events, and my thoughts about him were that he was insane. He is so outrageously Marxist that many people just didn’t take the group very seriously. That is, normal people. But as wealthy people looking for daddy figures in their life, people like Gates, Trudeau, Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink, people who were socially awkward in a normal capitalist society where the strongest, best looking, and hardest working end up with the pretty girls, they found the Klaus Schwab message lucrative. And as they gained great wealth in the world and the power that comes with it, they turned that power into the strategies of globalism at The World Economic Forum. And they have been looking to undo the world from capitalism into socialism and communism ever since. Their intention with Covid was a well-planned terrorist attack, no different than those that put us at war with Osama bin Laden. What Klaus Schwab and his band of misfits did was much worse and much less obscure. And how we typically deal with terrorists should be no less severe in this case. At a minimum, for the crimes against humanity that were caused by a purposely made Covid virus, not something that just happened by accident, but was deliberately unleashed into the world, The World Economic Forum members have their hands all over it, and the prosecutions that must take place need to start there. If we can extradite Julian Assange for operating as a member of the free press in a socialist world that does not support freedom of speech, we can prosecute Klaus Schwab for crimes against humanity and acts of terrorist aggression against The United States of America.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Bodies of Others’: What did you do during this historic time, did you just put on the mask and shut up, or did you fight back?

Before getting into the details of Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Bodies of Others, I would refer the reader to my articles of January and February of 2020 when I said from day one that Covid was a Pearl Harbor type of attack on our way of life from the climate change religious radicals like Bill Gates who would do anything at the time to get rid of President Trump during an election year.  Now, several years later, we know a lot more than we did then.  But just remember, what I said then, and have continued to say about Covid, which has turned out to be 100% correct.  So use that knowledge to consider the merit when I say that many books have now been written talking about the intent and aftermath of Covid-19 and the government’s needs for it, and what they were willing to do to implement global control over every single human being.  What lives they were willing to dispose of, and how many people they would sacrifice to do it.  We know with certainty now that Covid was made in a Chinese lab.  Dr. Fauci knew about it.  China knew about it.  Bill Gates funded the public relations campaign to support it, so he was well aware of what he was doing, and they purposely killed people to make their point as Covid was unleashed from China to bring the world to its knees with a military attack.  This time it wasn’t a nation-state like Russia, China, or Iran.  This time it was the administrative state of white lab coat bureaucrats, a kind of Revenge of the Nerds campaign to change the way the entire world did business by destroying capitalism and ushering in an age of global communism led by the World Health Organization and ultimately The United Nations. 

Since I made my initial statements on Covid and warned what the truly bad people of the world were up to, many books have been written that provide evidence to my warnings.   I knew what was going on because of my experience dealing with these types of people for years and understanding that they would commit such a level of vast evil.  Most people had a hard time accepting that premise or even seeing it.  When you spend your entire life trusting people in white lab coats and authority figures in general, they become a kind of parental figure in our lives that make it hard for us to question.  And that is what makes Naomi Wolf’s book different than all the other ones that have been written in the aftermath of Covid protocols and the vaccine mandates that have come after.  Naomi Wolf used to be one of the left-leaning Davos elites.  She was invited to the same parties and was part of the media culture perpetuating this attack.  So she was in a unique position to explore the hows and whys Covid happened and what the intention was all along.  And how so many millions of people could perpetrate it knowingly, but like the Milgram Experiment from the 60s, would put obedience to authority over the logic of individual thought in most cases, which spread that Covid evil in vast ways many are just now getting their minds around.  We are talking about an evil here that is so bad and horrible that it meant to hide itself in our society by being too audacious to consider, and that is how it moved throughout society.  In the process of all that, Naomi Wolf altered her political outlook and went through a bit of a revelation that many could understand.  That is why her book, The Bodies of Others, is the number one book being sold presently.  And also why Amazon is sabotaging it in every way they can as a bookseller.  It doesn’t matter; people are buying it anyway, by the bucket loads. 

What makes a person evil is the book’s central premise, that nice person you are having lunch with or conversing with at a dinner party, they seem so nice, how could they be evil?  Everyone seems helpful, interested, and worldly at those kinds of things.  So how do we go from that person, or those people, and suddenly they are killing hundreds of thousands of people and manipulating data so they can stir public opinion to change political philosophy out of sheer fear?  Because that was the essence of what Covid was, it was a manufactured bioweapon that was used to terrify the innate instincts of the entire human race and grossly abuse the authority relationships of all governments around the world to political upheaval.  A destruction of capitalism and to initiate the Great Reset that the Desecrators of Davos clearly had planned for many years.  That is what Naomi Wolf explores in her book as it chronicles her journey from one of those types into a thoughtful dissident who asks the question at the end of the book, “what did you do during the pandemic.” Did you just obediently put on the mask and yield to the authority figures, or did you fight back?  Most people just put on the mask, socially distanced themselves from others, got the mandatory vaccine shot, and hoped they wouldn’t be attacked for resistance.  And they have to live with that guilt now, and it’s painful for people.  That guilt will rot in them for the rest of their lives.  Some like her went along with it at first but, over time, realized what a mess it was and started to fight back.  Now she is an advocate for supporting constitutional freedoms and creating a defense from medical tyranny, which is a very real thing.  We have been taught to trust doctors from some of our youngest memories.  And that is how they attacked us.  Most everything we were told and that was done to us at the level of global politics was a lie by the authority figures in our lives, and it has left us in need of action, which we are just now starting to define. 

Reading books like The Bodies of Others helps provide context.  It’s about how authority figures, thinking from their perspective that adherence to authority was morality, no matter the cost, used other people’s bodies to advocate for their inbred tyranny.  The kind of utopian destruction that is talked about at those fancy dinner parties where everything seems so worldly after a bottle of wine and all the well-dressed participants start to look more wrinkled as the night wears on and clothes aren’t so neatly placed as they were at the beginning of the evening.  The essence of all such people is that they bring with them all the psychological problems of their youth; if they never overcame their own authority figures to embrace their own individual lives and the boldness it takes to live them, they seek to hide those insecurities behind process and rigid social systems governed by authority.  And to get rid of President Trump, the world was willing to go full authoritarian, to murder people for the sake of gaining power over the bodies of others.  They destroyed economies and people’s lives in many ways, but worst of all, they were willing to kill to perform their task, leaving us with an uncomfortable aftermath as to what to do now.  There isn’t much that culture provides that gives context to the problem.  But there are books that are written, books like The Bodies of Others, that open that door in a healthy way, a way our culture needs.  And they provide context so that we can understand what happened to us and what we have to do about it in the future.  Yet, regardless of the level of experience that there is on this matter, we are compelled to do something about what evil did to visit us during this dark time in history, and it requires us to be bold in what we do next.  Because of the many lives lost in the process and many lives ruined along the way, history will remember most of what the human race did to subdue this vast evil spread through authority figures for the worst reasons that intellect can conceive.  And before that can happen, we must understand it ourselves, and books like The Bodies of Others are the first step in doing that.

Rich Hoffman

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Don Jr. Campaigns in West Chester, Ohio for J.D. Vance: We are seeing extraordinary things happening

The beer is always good at Lori’s Roadhouse in West Chester. When they have political events that are conducive to country music and Republican Party politics, it tastes even better. And as I sipped on a beer with my wife at the bar watching J.D. Vance and Don Jr take pictures with a supportive crowd, several people asked me the same question, what effect will Trump’s endorsement of Vance for the hotly contested Ohio Senate seat have on the race as a whole. At present, the election is really between Josh Mandel, who I have been supportive of during the whole race, primarily because of his willingness to fight anybody anywhere, and his open talk about 2020 election fraud, and J.D. Vance, the former Never Trumper. He was now being personally put on a platform by the Trump family. All the other candidates, Jane Timken, Gibbons, and Dolin, are fighting for the traditional Rob Portman RINO types, the same people who currently support DeWine for governor. The present fear is that the Trump voters will be split between J.D. and Mandel, letting the squishier Republicans slide into the lead on May 3rd, 2022. Also, Jim Renacci and Mike DeWine are running pretty much tied, according to long-time Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, as recently as a few days ago. So, what does all this mean, which is what people were asking me? So, I sipped my beer and answered……………….

If we take traditional primary voters, there would be many reasons to worry about all those mentioned concerns. But this isn’t a standard primary. Biden has taken the country to terrible, new places, and Don Jr. was just a few feet away, helping J.D. Vance overcome his past as a Never Trumper. President Trump had just held a major rally with tens of thousands of people in Delaware, Ohio. Marjorie Tayler Green was coming to West Chester in a few days to help Vance out and many other top-tier Republicans. This was no ordinary race, and voter engagement looked like it would be very high. That would help Renacci, even without a formal Trump endorsement. Because of the high voter engagement, Vance and Mandel voters would naturally also vote for Renacci. It doesn’t help Renacci that Blystone and others have stayed in the race to help DeWine by splitting the vote essentially. But with high voter turnout, things were looking good for Renacci to knock off DeWine. But in a hungry Ohio primary season where everyone wants a Trump endorsement, the J.D. Vance endorsement and personal work that Don Jr was willing to do himself would likely tip the scales in favor of J.D. Vance. 

Prior to the beer, J.D. and Don Jr. spoke to an eager crowd about why the senate candidate was a born-again Trump supporter, no longer a Never Trumper. And they made some excellent points that were worth mentioning. J.D. is undoubtedly not planning to be a war hawk like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been. He doesn’t want to be in the war in Ukraine and has a very Trump-like position regarding global affairs. America First, and let everyone else fight their own battles. Drop the globalism and bring home all the jobs. That’s a good thing. The other thing that Don Jr. brought up, which was shown in the really great video of Don Jr.’s 25-minute speech, was that he asked the audience how many senators they actually liked that would fight for MAGA. He wondered if anybody could name five. Well, nobody could name more than three, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Josh Hawley. Beyond that, all we had out of the remaining 100 were squishy politicians who cared more about being liked by the media and could care less about the people they were supposed to represent. Many of them, like Mitch McConnell, had sold out America to foreign powers long ago, and they hid their guilt behind a kind of political game that most of them were playing, except for those three names mentioned. Some members of the audience mentioned Marjorie Tayler Green and Jim Jordan. But Don Jr. explained to those people that those were members of the House. They weren’t senators. 

So, to answer the question to everyone who didn’t get to ask me that same set of questions, I think the Trump endorsement will put J.D. Vance over the top. I think voter engagement will stave off the more establishment types. And that same voter engagement should help Renacci over DeWine. Of course, anything can happen, but as I sipped on the wonderful beer and enjoyed the good company there at the bar, that’s how things looked to me. Regardless of what happened on election day, the speech by Donald Trump Jr. was an amazing one, something that not even the craziest comedy sketches from 2015 would have dared to entertain. The kind of critical opinion expressed in the open at that event was very new and honest. It was the kind of stuff that people only talked about in private. They never talked about those things out loud. So we were in unique territory here, where the son of a billionaire who might otherwise just live life in a previous decade being a playboy and living on the golf course was flying around the country trying to get MAGA politicians elected to help his father have options in the Oval Office by the year 2024. This wasn’t politics as usual. These guys weren’t doing these things for money or power. J.D. Vance himself could be making a seven-figure income in a number of fields, but he wanted to be a senator. He wanted to help save Middletown, his hometown, from the victimization of globalism that had killed it over the last half-century. These were people who were defying logic as it was traditionally known. They loved their country, and the attackers of America never planned for that. We saw something extraordinary happening. 

And more than any other political prediction, I see something more special happening. Voters are engaged in a way they have never been previously. They are taking more time out of their lives to be involved in these kinds of political events. As I watched the people in line trying to get a picture with J.D. and Don Jr., I couldn’t help but think how proud people were to be near them. Not so much for the celebrity of the event, but because they recognized what Don Jr. was trying to do to save America. He was giving up a lot to be at Lori’s Roadhouse in West Chester, Ohio, to give his father a chance to have a beneficial senator in place by the time 2024 came around. Someone who would stand up to China and support the future Trump trade policies, especially regarding China, who owes us all a lot of money for what they did with Covid in 2020. And the public appreciated that kind of fight, and they wanted to be near people who were fighting on the front line. We’ll see how that pans out on election day, May 3rd. But from my viewpoint, remarkable things are lining up that we have never witnessed before. And that is an exciting prospect.  

Rich Hoffman

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The Milgram Experiment: Covid was worse, but this time, on a global scale–what did we learn?

We know one thing for sure about the massive government takeover experiment of Covid-19, they attempted to throw the entire world under a rule by authority, and it failed along the same lines as the Milgram Obedience Experiment indicated in the 1960s. The reports have been out there for a long time; the governments of the world and all the power players who want to use governments for their own aims of global domination know what Stanley Milgram, the psychologist, intended to demonstrate, that a dangerous percentage of any society is willing to obey orders even if those orders go against their own self-interest. That was what the dumb lockdowns were all about and the social distancing; it was the Milgram Experiment on a massive global scale. When Stanley Milgram wanted to know to what degree and percentage a sampling of men he had brought in to conduct his experiment would perform under pressure, he was unveiling a riddle that authority types would salivate to and abuse for their own evil intentions in the years to come. Corporations and governments would often use the Stanley Milgram Experiment in the future but never had anybody witnessed the entire world attempting to perform the experiment on such a mass scale. The guilty parties would be the usual suspects, the Desecrators of Davos, so to unleash Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. But why they thought it would work was based on those initial test results that nobody in academia would ever get away with today. Although, as I say it, the entire world, based on the activism of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci almost exclusively, performed the same test hoping for a different result. So for those who say that the Milgram Experiment could never be done in modern times, we just lived through it with Covid. 

Milgram hired an actor to pretend to receive an electric shock from several participants who would respond to instructions from an authority figure, the person giving the test. If the actor got a question wrong, the test administrator would instruct the participant to administer various degrees of electric shock to the actor. Of course, the participants had no idea that the shocked recipient was an actor. They believed that they were genuinely administering electric shock and that the screams they heard from the actor were real. So when told to administer a shock, the participant would turn a dial-up to conduct the pain. The shocks would start at 15 volts, then increase to 150, 330, then ultimately go all the way up to 450. The astonishing aspect of the experiment was that out of all the participants, 65% of them administered the lethal amount of 450-volts even as they could hear the pain of the actor screaming from concealment. In some of the cases, the actor went so far as to pretend to have died, but the participants did as they were told by the administrator anyway. The experiment proved something terrible about people. Even though they knew better, if told to do something, most people would do it because their need to comply with orders was more substantial than their free will to think for themselves. 

Well, those in the world who love to have power over other people salivated over this news. And since the experiment, they have been taking advantage of that 65% of the population ever since. Now there has been some debate about the validity of the study. For instance, all the original participants were men because it was the 60s, and that’s how it was then. So it could be argued that women would have had more empathy toward their screaming victim and perhaps would have been less inclined than 65% to administer the shock. Or perhaps women were more willing to follow orders, and the percentage might have been higher. Many say we will never know, but as the results of Covid show, we do have a better understanding. Out of all the earth’s population, the final numbers look to be in the 40% range of all people who will follow orders in society even to their own detriment. We can base that on the reaction of people who adopted masks when the CDC told them to wear them. We can see who took the vaccine shot in the opening days of administering them. We can see who complied with the stay-at-home orders, chose to work from home during the pandemic, and toughed it out, and ignored social distancing and other mandates. The gamble that Gates and Fauci and their many conspirators within the world’s governments made was that the percentage would be higher for the compliant, more like the Milgram Experiment from the 1960s rather than what they ended up in reality. Many people complied to the government’s face but did what they wanted when they thought nobody was looking. This is important because of what China just did to Shanghai. China had, over the years, killed off many of their non-compliant types, so the experiment there was to see how many people they could lock in their homes to the point of starving to death, only patrolled by a little dog-sized robot in the streets telling them to stay put. In America and places in Europe, the population proved to be way too independent for that kind of control. 

So, what did we learn? Well, I think the news is good. America was founded on far less a percentage of people, somewhere between 15% and 30% of the population. We know that if a movement can gain that much of a following, there will always be between 40% to 60% of any given population that will follow the orders of the minority, even if they disagree. That is how corporations have been ruling over their workforces for years, but they haven’t been able to change the nature of the people themselves. Only their social behavior. That same problem arose during the Covid mass experiment and international execution by denying hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to Covid patients even though it would have saved lives. By allowing people to take medicine, it would have been the same as letting the participants of the Milgram Experiment know that the person receiving the shock was only an actor. And the scam wouldn’t have worked, which was, in this case, a massive power grab by the Desecrators of Davos for a global Great Reset of all economies into communist-controlled centralized planning, that, of course, they would oversee through the United Nations. Yet not the correct percentage of the global population fell for it, and two years into the scam, there were way too many non-compliant and even angry people. They always knew that a certain percentage of the population would do whatever an authority figure told them to do. After all, we start as babies being told what to do by a parent. Then we are told what to do by our teachers in public schools. By our church. All kinds of authority figures. Most people never grow out of that mode and learn to think for themselves. But what is that percentage? Well, the experiment of Covid, which was a massive Milgram Experiment on a global scale, showed that not enough people would fall for it, and for those who want to rule the world through fear and anxiety, that was terrible news. Which, for the rest of us, is very good. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘Unrestricted Warfare’: What’s really going on and how America’s destruction is the goal of the world

One thing we have to admit to ourselves, as Americans, is that our government does not represent us and is acting as a rogue agent in the world, creating hostilities for a New World Order, which is not in our best interest. The role our military has in the world and how our diplomatic relations have transpired are not American, as much as they serve the Desecrators of Davos. The proof is seeing America the way other countries do, specifically the Chinese. By reading the book by the People’s Liberation Army Documents titled ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ published in 1999 and based on the world at that time, it’s clear that China is at war with America. Its also clear that other countries such as Russia, Iran, and many South American and Central American countries are also at war with the United States. But they are not stupid; they all acknowledge that America is the king in technological warfare. They dare not to attack us in conventional ways and likely never will in the future. Instead, they acknowledge different methods of war that they are aggressively applying against us to eradicate us, all of which are discussed in that book. It was an assessment essentially of American performance after the Gulf War when it was written. America led a coalition of nations to fight Saddam Hussain over his aggressions in Kuwait over the protection of oil flow worldwide. Knowing what we do know about Ukraine and Russia, along with the strategic aims to create a kind of sequel to the United Nations approach to global warfare, for which the United States leads and funds, the game is obvious. It’s just too painful to admit to ourselves that we have a separation between the intentions of our government and the needs of the people of our country who desire a much different future. We are not one nation under God. We are a nation split between the Constitution of our tradition and the Desecrators of Davos who control our government against our will.

What’s worse, especially in reading Unrestricted Warfare, is that the people of America conceptually understand what needs to be done. We elected Donald Trump twice to deal with the war that is applied to us and pull back from the mob-like attitude of world-building. We get all the blame only to run cover for the globalists who want a one-world government at the expense of American sovereignty. When we tried to elect Trump again in 2020, they simply took the vote away from us. That’s the real power of a media culture with six companies who control 90% of everything we see, read and hear. In 1983 just a few years ahead of the Gulf War that was the subject of study in Unrestricted Warfare, 50 media companies dominated the media landscape. Today, only six control everything, Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Global (formally known as ViacomCBS). We have witnessed over the last few years how much those companies are controlled by the prominent money management firms, such as BlackRock, Blackstone, State Street, and Vanguard, and are using the Desecrators of Davos measures of ESG scores to change politics completely, without any voters, or choice in the matter in how the world behaves. Of course, behind this aggression is the American military that those globalist types have used to impose their will on the world and pave the way for this massive takeover of every sovereign country. America used to be the bad cop that the Desecrators of Davos used for their global takeover. Now, because crushing the dollar is very much a modern strategic objective and the military might of the United States is no longer needed for the kind of wars we fight these days, China is the new bad guy on the world stage propped up by those same money management firms, and America is being kicked to the curb. 

The world knew not to attack America directly, but they have not been shy about their intentions to destroy us. It’s all spelled out quite clearly from the turn of the century mindset of the Chinese in Unrestricted Warfare. I picked it up to read because Steve Bannon from the WarRoom podcast spoke highly of it, and for a good reason. We tend not to get the perspective of how other countries see us because, over the last few decades, trillions of dollars in consolidations narrowed all those 1983 options down to just the six we have today. The kiss of death started in 1996 when Bill Clinton opened the door with his Telecommunications Act, which allowed large corporations already dominating the media market to further expand their control through acquisitions and mergers. By 2017 the FCC reversed a regulation that opened the floodgates on those consolidations even further. That is the warfare being applied to America, which the Chinese were quite aware of all along. Because Americans see the war through technology and might, the war that has been used against the United States has been to expose our vulnerability and attack us through our leisure, through open borders and the illegal drug trade and the absolute poisoning of our culture by any means necessary. A couple of things that really jumped out at me in Unrestricted Warfare was their identification of George Soros as a threat to the world through financial warfare, which is something to say two decades ago. Why he has been allowed to conduct his personal war against the world’s nations for all this time is astonishing. And we’ve allowed him to run his warlike affairs unmolested within the United States, which is an obvious problem. The other thing that the Chinese acknowledged was happening but has been a serious conspiracy theory in the United States has been the use of climate weapons, such as DARPA is rumored to have, where the weather can be manipulated, earthquakes created. Hurricanes stirred up to bring havoc and chaos to targets worldwide ripe for government overthrow in the aftermath. 

The main thing you learn from Unrestricted Warfare is the illusion of peace that America has been lured into believing. Hence, they continue to play along, fund all these global projects, and walk themselves to the slaughterhouse that the Desecrators of Davos have built just for them once they are done with the measly 300 million people who live in America. War in full-scale world domination has been at play for many years, and America has been used and abused in the process. We mindlessly salute our military based on wars won long ago. But our head of the snake has been captured by investments and motives from outside our country, who hide behind finance, and are working the world at war with each other, whether it be Iran, Russia, Ukraine, or China, so they can do as they have been doing to American media companies and corporations, to unite them all under just a few primary companies that were easily controlled by the liberal money management firms backdooring American politics with the strategic goals of an enemy that doesn’t even have a nation to call their own. Through the new kind of war that we are seeing right now, they are intent on our destruction in America, and we see it playing out on every front. All was not well, and when we tried to correct that situation, we were punished. They stole Trump; they put us all on vaccine mandates by using a virus they manufactured as a bioweapon of war, killing many people in the process and causing at least a million vaccine injuries to which the pharma companies have no liability to rectify. And we have been acting like all was OK in the world, that the worst thing was to accidentally call a woman a man who suddenly woke up one day and wanted to play in a woman’s sport because they couldn’t compete in the men’s category. When you read Unrestricted Warfare by two military minds of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, you get an idea of the war that we have been fighting all along and the intention for our destruction the world wishes upon us with every effort that they can muster. 

Rich Hoffman

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DeSantis Standing up To Disney: Government as the good guy in an evil world

Maybe the most valuable thing that will come out of this post-Trump period and now the debacles of the Biden administration is putting to rest many speculations that have existed since the beginning of time, is what does good governance look like and why is bad government the perpetuation of all that is evil in the world? Because of the Trump administration, we had several examples of great government. We saw firsthand what bad government was in contrast to the aftermath of Joe Biden and the reaction the bad guys out there in the world had to the prospect of good government. I have spent much of my adult life looking and fighting for the prospect of good government like a good sheriff wants to bring justice to the town they live in, only to find it ripe with criminal elements profiting off misfortune and chaos. When Trump was elected, he accelerated the plans of a vast criminal underclass that had been eroding our country for many years. But finally, with a new sheriff in town, we could take theory and put it to practice. The result was what good government should look like, protecting individual rights and the safe foundation for a prosperous country. One of the creations of this new kind of good government with a new sheriff in town kind of mindset was Ron DeSantis, who has redefined what a good governor of a state looks like. He’s certainly his own man, aside from President Trump. Still, Trump brought executive-level leadership into vogue in politics. Desantis from Florida was the first to fully utilize those gifts in a way that has now shown a light for all the future to see, which of course, led to a clash with the Disney Company that has turned out to be like the Shootout at the OK Corral with legendary figures like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. But this shootout wasn’t with guns; it was over finance, and the massive impact that money management firms have over modern corporations, and the way the bad guys have now tried to attack America through woke policies and desecrating social impacts meant to take down what used to be one of America’s top family-friendly companies, the entertainment company that Walt and Roy Disney built to remind America what America was always meant to be.

The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is the kind of legislation that a good government should propose in any healthy society to protect families in their development. Nobody in their right mind believes that it is a good idea for children to be exposed to sexual elements in their early years, from kindergarten to the third grade. No child should be thinking about sex in those years; there are millions of other concerns. They shouldn’t have so many enemies to legislation intended to protect kids from discussions that are already on the wrong side of history. But what was shocking was just how committed Disney as a company showed itself to these kinds of social desecrations. When we think of Disney, we think of Main Street USA, which is the way Walt Disney intended it. The kind of America where you could buy fancy chocolates in Victorian-style buildings with white picket fences and the glory of private property ownership looming over everything. But over time, we have seen the Disney company, and lots of other big corporations for that matter, descend into extreme left-leaning politics intent to undo everything that America stands for.

To some extent, we put up with it. Getting what was good out of Disney while holding our nose at what we saw was becoming bad. But quite shockingly, which is part of the woke culture of most corporations these days that left-leaning activist money managers control, like BlackRock and State Street, the control of money through publicly traded companies have become the weapon of choice to attack America and the lives Walt Disney meant to preserve, undoing them from within with radical boards of directors and executives that nobody would have considered hiring a few decades ago. Now they were radical political extremists who were running everything, and their social intention was to introduce gay sex and perverse sexual lifestyles to children as early as possible, with only one purpose in mind, the destruction of their minds for a social cause that is as anti-American as one could possibly conceive.

The balancing act in good government, as opposed to bad government, creates conditions where businesses and the lives they feed can thrive. But when they are working against those individual lives, to step in and provide protection. It’s like the difference between a Wild West town overrun by cattle rustlers and scandalous gamblers, prostitutes, and killers until a good sheriff comes to town to clean it up. Of course, the bad guys won’t be happy with the effort, and they will fight back for their own preservation. But in America, the classic gunfighter who comes to town with only a gun and the law at their back often did such a thing which allowed the town to survive and give the people living within it a chance at a happy and productive life. That concept carried America into being the world’s top economy. And it is that which the bad guys in the world want to undo, desperately. They have infected the Disney Company through the many investment firms of BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street and imposed on them ESG scores which have removed the traditionalists loyal to the Walt Disney vision and replaced them with what I call the purple-haired people eaters, the Desecrators of Davos types who want global communism and a one-world order starting with the icons of American industry. They don’t care if Disney is destroyed in the process; they just want to see the sheriff run out of town so they can have an easy time at crime and malice. Good government, in this case, stays in town and enforces the law on the bad guys, and that is precisely what Ron DeSantis had done in Florida by threatening to remove the special privileges that Disney had enjoyed there and fighting back when the economic powerhouse showed its intentions to attack the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” after the legislature supported it as represented by the people of the state.

The plan all along by these liberal attackers was to embed themselves into our corporations and force us to accept their ways of desecration to get some little memory of what they once meant to us. The desecrators want to destroy the idea of all American life and the families of its creation. Under those conditions, we need government to preserve the constitutional intentions of life in America from the influences that invade our country in ideas and trojan horse style influence. The surprise that the woke political left has now had is Ron DeSantis standing up to Disney instead of doing what most all other governors would do, which would be to cave to one of the biggest economic influences in American life. Most governors would be eating out of the hand of Disney. Instead, DeSantis is doing what all good executives would do, and that’s always keeping in mind the big picture and the constitution for which he serves. And in so doing, it has brought to Florida something far more valuable than Disney as a tourist resort. He has confronted the bad guys in the street and brought them down for all to see, and people are standing behind DeSantis, not Disney. And this clear message is being noticed by the attack vectors of the Desecrators of Davos, who did not think such a thing would happen, and it has them in a bit of a panic.   The government was being a good referee, which should have always been its function, not an active player on the field tipping the scales toward the corrupt influence who wanted to win the game without playing by the rules. I’ve seen this process developing for a long time, but now it is in practice, and it’s not President Trump who is doing it. Instead, it’s the next generation of a new kind of politician. And it is one of the best examples of good government that we have seen in America to date. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why Does Bill Gates Want More Money: The Desecrators of Davos use wealth as a weapon and we are all on their target list for global domination

It has been the crime of the century, really of our lives. As the smoke has cleared this year in just who was to blame for Covid, for the election fraud of 2020, and the detrimental conditions around the world, a clear pattern has emerged. There has been a billionaire coup in the world, a desire to pull all the governments and currency of every country under their control as viewed by the lunatic globalists who meet at the Chatham House in London and other places like Davos and Dubai. In the echo chamber of their own minds, it made sense. And the crime was so bad and fanatic that ordinary people couldn’t even get their minds wrapped around the idea of what they did. Bill Gates used his vast wealth to buy up research results essentially. Most of them are made up to effectively steer everyone toward vaccines to control the entire world population from a medical perspective. Dr. Fauci was brought in to sell the narrative. Of course, George Soros covered the investment of radical politicians in critical positions to undo law and order from within America, so there would be no resistance to their efforts worldwide. He and others financed color revolutions in the streets of America during Trump’s last year to push people into wanting a change in leadership. His open border society would blend all the lines and topple political boundaries; it was intended as a global kind of gerrymandering. Larry Fink and the money asset managers like BlackRock have been undercutting American companies at the executive level and replacing them with extreme radical progressives who will bend the knee to woke culture and eventual stakeholder capitalism concepts. The results of this work can be seen in the Disney Company, now long lost to the menace of these villains. They wanted to destroy the American concept of family, so they attacked that company, and the results are currently on the daily news. Then, of course, Mark Zuckerberg and others from the tech sector would finance and perform the act of election fraud to get rid of President Trump and destroy the populist uprising in America and around the world. There were many others involved, of course. Still, those are essentially the five coordinated paths that were established to attack our country and all of us in it for what has become a global revolutionary war.   Put all together; I call them the Desecrators of Davos. 

In that way, we have to begin to sort out a means to destroy these attackers of our country and save for the world America as the beacon of light that it represents to everyone. The attack is confirmed; the criminal conduct is ostentatious, and it has been hidden from us because we have not learned in our lives to see villains like this. The biggest problem they have is in understanding  the nature of their evil. For instance, Bill Gates had all the money globally he could want; he couldn’t spend it all on luxury items if he wanted to. So what’s in it for him to use his money only to make more money with partnerships with Big Pharma and force governments to put their product into over 8 billion people around the world. To understand how to fight these new global terrorists, ordinary people need context even to begin to know what we are dealing with. Most people think a million dollars is a lot of money and would do anything to get their hands on it because it would mean they would not have to worry about the silly things in life, like a car payment or house payment. That they could take any vacation they wanted without thinking about it. Since Bill Gates has all the money a person could ever want, even Dr. Fauci is an exceptionally highly paid government employee with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a salary, why would they be so interested in making even more money? Why would any of the Desecrators of Davos? Well, the answer to that question is the first step in fighting this war and understanding the kind of people who have always been on earth and salivated for power over other people. It’s the reason we have an American Constitution and why our society thrived as a result of the jealous minds of the world plotted in the Chatham House to retake control of the world and all the people in it for several centuries now, since travel around the world became more accessible with boats, planes and the internet. 

Gates doesn’t care about money for what money can buy. None of the Desecrators of Davos do. They have so much wealth that they can’t imagine the concerns of ordinary people any longer, the things that money can buy to live life. From the perspective of Gates, money is a tool that the entire world desperately wants, and most people will do anything to get their hands on it. A lonely writer for some internet news site may not be a bleeding-heart liberal. But they need to pay their rent and possibly get a new car. Their editor has been told that Bill Gates needs a puff piece for some Bill Gates-funded research to destroy the public notion the public has that hydroxychloroquine might save them from a Bill Gates-funded bioweapon called Covid-19 that was being let out of a lab in Wuhan, China so that they could be blamed for the outbreak. But Gates needs someone to talk up the vaccine in the media. Would you do it? Would you do it if Gates, through many hands of established media, would give you a million dollars? Well, most people in that situation would do anything for a million dollars, including crawling naked over broken glass, if it meant they would not have to worry about making money again. Gates and the other Desecrators of Davos have learned that the essential aspect of their money has been to exploit people like that poor writer and use them for their cause of attack and desecration of American culture. 

And much of the sheer evil we have seen over these last few years have been of this nature, desperate people exploited by the vast wealth of these billionaires to advance a global progressive platform. Much of what we see and know about everything in the world, like thinking of China as the enemy, or Russia, is to direct our intention from the real menace.   If the Desecrators of Davos were eliminated from their tampering in the world, we would find that much of the trouble we all feel all the time would go away. And Bill Gates is one of those menaces using his vast wealth not for good as he attempts to mask it for the world through charitable foundations but to get control of every person to fulfill some deep-rooted insecurity. He has an insanely insecure personality and has a maniacal need to rule over others, just as many madmen have over the last several thousand years. The vaccine obsession for Gates has nothing to do with health; he has a 30 plus year track record of destruction, with the vaccine partnerships he has had with Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma that have killed many hundreds of thousands of people in the way that Covid did, by aggravating other ailments with the vaccine and plunging people into death months after they took the untested medicine. The pharma companies weren’t asking questions; they just wanted to sell their product. Fauci had the same problems of control as Gates, so he acted as the money man and the government backer who learned he could make presidents of the United States do anything he wanted them to do, just by convincing them that if they didn’t support vaccines, that people would die. Fauci played this game with Bill Clinton, George Bush, Obama, and Trump. But for Gates, the concept of a one-world government starts by making all the people of the world do the same thing. Vaccines that stripped away the immune system would make everyone equally needy of a government for their basics of survival. He knew that people would do anything to survive, just as people, in general, would do anything for a million dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars. And it is there where we must begin to untangle this web of deceit and menace that we are facing in World War III. Not a war in Ukraine which is purely a distraction, but the war for our very lives home to home, all across the world. The Desecrators of Davos are using their money as weapons, and they have us all on their target list. And in this war, there is no sitting on the sidelines for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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How Dr. Fauci Knowingly Committed Mass Murder: The diabolical details of Lancetgate

The biggest problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is that it’s too good, it’s too well researched, too hard-hitting, and way too voluminous for the average person. Although it is very assessable, I bought my copy at my local Barnes and Noble. I saw several of them recently at the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene, and they are routinely on the shelf at Walmart. But the book itself is about a long history of medical topics and how they entwine with politics, and the information just isn’t very narrative. As most of the books are that come from the Children’s Health Defense group, whom I personally love, they have an edge of anger about them from a world that is clearly functioning from a lack of justice. Kennedy is undoubtedly one of those angry types. He knows too much about the corruption of medicine to soft-sell his outrage, and for many readers, where every page of a book is laced with something that could lead to years of congressional testimony and death penalties for intentional murder, his case against Dr. Fauci legally outlined in his book is solid, consistent, and ominous. I’ve read the book about seven times from November of 2021 when it first came out, and I have watched society sort of slow drip to the eventual conclusions about the massive corruption scam that Dr. Fauci has been running for years as the head of government medicine. Partnered with a globalist radical like Bill Gates, the spawns of Dr. Fauci are far worse than what even the most crazed conspiracy theorist could have concocted. Truth is clearly stranger than fiction. But to help the information along, I’m going to do a series of articles like this one to sort out the conviction from the chaos because literally hundreds of legal cases against Dr. Fauci and many others could be made from the Kennedy book. But lawmakers and other influencers who read my articles daily need some help sorting through the fog to get to the good stuff, the prosecutable stuff. And an excellent place to begin on that endeavor is with Lancetgate.

So here’s the case with Lancetgate that should send chills up the spine of us all. The level of evil in just his case should be a termination offense in any civil society. It’s so bad that many of us can’t get our minds around just how bad and evil it is. But here it is. As of this writing, we know that Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci knew about the gain of function research through an email he had in January of 2020, before any lockdowns or government emergency policies started by the Trump administration. We trusted Dr. Fauci, although it’s not clear why he wasn’t fired for all the deaths he caused during the AIDS crises of the 80s and 90s with his pharmaceutical commitment to AZT, which stripped away the T Cells of the patients and killed with a slow death. It turned out that HIV wasn’t the killer part of the disease; it was the drug AZT to treat HIV that was killing people. There was so much concern over the vaccines for this recent government-created pandemic, Covid, because of Fauci’s history with AIDS. The trust in Dr. Fauci was lost by those in the know long ago. The public wasn’t aware because the media deliberately propped him up for various reasons. But the skeptics from the outset were understandable. Dr. Fauci shouldn’t have overseen anything, yet he was, and he knew about gain of function in China and that the virus had broken out of the Wuhan lab. 

At first, nobody knew much about how serious Covid would be. President Trump played along and did what Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci recommended: shut down the economy to slow the spread. It was a sucker punch in an election year, but Trump did what the professionals recommended, as most people would. In March of 2020, the government health people said we needed to stop everything for 15 days to slow the spread and allow hospitals to get in front of the virus. Trump went and did all the things the Fauci doctors told him to do. We looked for masks, made ventilators, spread resources where we thought they would be needed. The entire world shut down because of essentially Dr. Fauci and America’s reaction to the virus. America leads, the rest of the world follows. So in that aspect alone, Dr. Fauci was ruling the world with Bill Gates sprinkling money around to media to get favorable coverage. This went on past the 15-day mark, of course. It was always planned that way, and once the shutdowns went beyond Easter of that year, Trump was getting impatient. This whole Covid thing was killing the US economy, and now Fauci had painted him in a liability corner. He couldn’t reopen anything without Dr. Fauci’s blessing because every death would be blamed on the administration. So, Trump looked for a solution outside of Dr. Fauci, and he started talking about hydroxychloroquine. We now know that if we had allowed American society to use the known drug hydroxychloroquine, Covid could have been brought under control within a few months, and we could have reopened our entire global economy by the summer of 2020. And many, many lives would have been saved. 

This wasn’t good for Fauci and Gates. They needed the pandemic to spread, for all the economies of the world to respond to their commands because they had a plan for getting the entire world to take vaccines, untested vaccines at that. And there were, of course, the Desecrators of Davos who were counting on Fauci and Gates to give them an opportunity for a Great Reset which I have talked about extensively. All that is well known now. But what Gates and Fauci did to keep the virus going isn’t. In May of 2020, Gates and Fauci started talking about a Surgisphere study that came from 11 Illinois employees, two of which were a science fiction writer and a porn actress. And that study found its way into the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Gates looks to have funded much of the media coverage directly and indirectly. The Surgisphere study was a hit piece on hydroxychloroquine that once discussed in the Lancet convinced the medical community that using that drug to treat Covid was dangerous. So nobody wanted to touch it, again out of fear of liability. Politicians turned to the medical journals as well as the media to turn away from hydroxychloroquine which then pushed treatment of Covid off for another year, well past the 2020 election. In hindsight, we know that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are incredibly effective treatments for Covid. And Dr. Fauci knew it at the time. Still, he acted purposefully to prolong Covid for the strategic designs of an international progressive movement, and if people died to accelerate their cause, they didn’t care at all. 

A few months after the study had been released, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to issue a retraction of the Surgisphere study, which was completely bogus. Then shortly after that, Surgisphere disappeared from the public. It was a complete creation of Bill Gates money for the strategy of Dr. Fauci, to mold public sentiment toward the government science position, which under an emergency superseded the elected president of the United States. So the crime was not just the tampering of evidence under an emergency pandemic in a conscious effort to prolong the crisis for political reasons. The biggest crime is that they denied helpful medicine to people who were dying of Covid so that the death numbers would benefit their eventual cause of partnering government with the pharma companies producing a vaccine that they weren’t sure at the time would be even ready in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates knew what he was doing; the money trail is obvious and well laid out in the Kennedy book. And Dr. Fauci knew he denied medicine to people, purposely keeping them sick and some dying so that he could grab more power himself in the process, just as he had done years before with AZT and AIDS. And knowing that, just think how many murders Dr. Fauci knowingly committed. Lancetgate is just the beginning. This story you can read for yourself in the Kennedy book on Pg. 29. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Desecrators of Davos Hate Putin: They have no answer for populism

From what I know, the Desecrators of Davos is the most dangerous organized crime operation in the world. Together with their various factions of white-collar criminals, they control over $100 trillion of global wealth robbed from billions of people and intend to control the world as a corporate blob of Marxist collectivism. For everyone’s convenience, I have written a book about how to fight back against these villains called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and it is there where all our efforts should be applied. Everything is secondary. And to that understanding, Vladimir Putin is on their target list. They control the United Nations, they influence what NATO does, even though the United States pays for it, so in a group of religious fanatics who want to use Climate Change as their new Jesus, Putin is the guy to take down and remove from the world stage. They did it by baiting him to attack Ukraine, knowing he wanted to anyway, to restore his view of the fallen Soviet Union as it was before the 1990s. To anybody with an eye to see these kinds of things, the strategy of the Desecrators of Davos has been obvious. The members of the World Economic Forum are making their long-planned chess moves, and Russia is the next space on the board to occupy. To capture Russia, they need a way to destabilize Putin and push the world into cancel culturing him out of power. 

But these Desecrators of Davos villains have a weakness, a big one that they are trying desperately to hide. They fight in a classic passive-aggressive manner. They do not like to get their hands dirty, so they use finance to fight all their battles at the level of bank accounts. They do not think of personal action since they understand that paralyzing people’s finances is the means of controlling them entirely in the modern world. Even if they disagree with you, if you control how they make and spend money, and if you control that money, then you can get them to do anything you want. That is the way of modern warfare in this current time. When we talk about Qiao Liang’s Unrestricted Warfare book of strategy, this is what we are featuring. Warfare is not relegated to definitions of tanks and troops, but in this case, bank accounts and corporate boards. If you want to beat these guys, you must fight them on that frontier, which is what my book is about. It’s not that they can’t be beaten. Actually, they can be beaten easily. But you must fight the battle they are presenting to you, not the one that you would prefer, which in most cases is a straight-up battle as we classically understand it. 

That’s why Putin has exposed this scheme in ways that the Desecrators of Davos did not expect. When he held a populist rally in Russia in a large arena filled with people, you could see the tentacles of the Desecrators of Davos withering in pain. It was all over the news just how outrageous Putin’s plea to the Russian people was in drumming up support for the stalled invasion of Ukraine. The world saw that the Russian people liked Putin, for the most part. The biggest threat to the Desecrators of Davos, people we have been calling “elites,” or “globalists,” the way that Quigley defined them, is populism. The Desecrators do not have an answer for populism. When Russia took a page out of President Trump’s playbook and filled an arena full of people that the mainstream purchased press accused were “paid” for, by Putin, it terrified the Desecrators of Davos because the point of their attack was to separate the Russian people with peer pressure from Putin. Much the way they worked to separate over 75 million people in America from Trump. It hasn’t worked in either case, meaning Davos’s Desecrators have no proven answer in all their academic theories and control over banks to change people’s minds. They can change their behavior around necessities of survival, but they can’t change what they think. That’s a problem. 

Nobody likes to see people suffering for no reason, but we are seeing some very interesting cracks in the attack vector of the Desecrators of Davos criminals. They are criminals because they openly operate outside of all laws of the given countries. They are a sovereign all their own culminating in thousands of years of secret societies and fanatical religious practice to take over the world beyond the reach of any sovereign nation. I see them just as another blip on the world stage as we saw in the Wild West period of outlaws and known criminals like Jesse James, and Butch Cassidy, robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches looking for easy money after hard-working people had done the labor of creating wealth. That is all the Desecrators of Davos criminals are to me. National characters like President Trump, Vladimir Putin, and even Xi Jinping are fighting for control of their sovereign nations and all of us who live within those borders. The Desecrators of Davos intend to remove the need for any borders and rule the world through finance. Ultimately their target in Ukraine is to use the chaos to rally the world behind the United Nations and to use the depleted economy as an opportunity to introduce a digital currency, which they will control obviously. The real fight is not between Russia and Ukraine; it’s between the Desecrators of Davos and the nationalist representatives, for which Putin represents Russian history in a populist way that makes the Desecrators most vulnerable. And when you look at it with those eyes, it’s enjoyable to watch the World Economic Forum types falter on the world stage. They are obviously put off by this strategic weakness of their intention and lost as to what to do next.  

Even more telling is Putin’s understanding of this strategy and his understanding of borrowing from the Trump administration. Rather than trying to play the strongman mobster as he has for years, he has turned to the populist. After all, the Russian people want to see victories for their country, and if Putin can give them that in lost territory, or some proactive defense of their national borders, they will love him for it. And that is what the Desecrators are trying desperately to prevent. They want to define the rules of engagement around woke cancel culture not just of people but also of entire countries. But when the people fail to follow, they have no plan B, making this Ukraine stalemate unusual. Not for the military action that has sadly cost many lives and displaced people from happiness. But it exposes a gap in the plan for the rest of the world that the Desecrators didn’t think was possible. They really thought they had all this in the bag when they prevented Trump from a second term as president in the United States and put their puppet Biden in office. But populism isn’t just rising in America, but all across the world as well. People are not going just blindly to follow the Desecrators of Davos into global domination. They are planning to fight back, and for that, there is no clear path to victory for them, and they are coming to understand that significance.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Four Enemies of America: Happiness is always the key to destroying “elite capture”

Even with all the scary stuff going on in the world, I see it mainly as a good thing. It’s good to see where all the bad guys are and understand their motivations. One thing that can be said about modern society as opposed to previous cultures is that this is the first time in all of human history where we can get around the world in under a day and speak to each other in real-time. So naturally, with that comes significant problems since most of the world does not have a lifestyle like Americans do, which has the goal of the day to pursue happiness. For instance, there is no word in the Russian language for “fun.” While Americans wake up and work hard every day to pursue fun, most of the rest of the world, from London to Singapore, are worried about just getting food. Happiness is not the daily goal of most of the world, and that becomes obvious as you travel to even the most far-flung reaches airplanes can reach. And that world now suddenly thrown together through technology to deal with each other every day, without oceans to separate them are looking jealously at America and either wanting to be more like it, or for those who crave power, to destroy it so to preserve their ability to stay in power and to play the chess game by the rules of yesterday. In the past, military strength defined this ability; today, it’s the administrative state, the Dr. Fauci types who want to rule the world not with tanks and weapons, but rules and regulations.

There are essentially four primary factions worldwide targeting America for demise to protect their aims for power traditionally defined. The concept of self-rule by a happy society that ignores the world’s rules does not make the administrative state types happy. They continue to believe, and we are seeing it presently, that elite capture will destroy America because they don’t understand Americans. To the world, they learned these games through activities like chess, where specific rules defined military warfare. Once you captured the king in the game, it was a checkmate, game over. Whoever does so wins the game. They don’t understand about this game with America because they have no reverence for a king, that the pawns, the knights, and bishops run around independently and keep playing long after the king has been captured. Americans don’t have any genuine regard for authority, so society will move on as a culture if the king is captured. We’ll find someone else to deal with the administrative state so we can continue to enjoy March Madness, Super Bowls, Baseball, and apple pie. So the strategy of capturing through bribes, extortion, or philosophic motivation senators like Mitch McConnell or presidents like Joe Biden has no impact on everyday Americans. They are not looking for leadership. They just expect politicians to keep unhappiness out of their daily lives. And when happiness is disrupted, that’s when Americans get mad and start grabbing for guns or talking about it anyway. 

Those four factions in the world presently who are attempting this elite capture strategy are, of course, the Chinese who think about destroying America every hour of every day of the week. They plan to restore the power and respect of the past to Chinese society, and they can’t do that until America is gone. So they will never amicably work with America unless the aims of the interaction serve their purposes for war. Russia is much in the same mind as China. Vladimir Putin thinks every day and every hour of those days of ways to destroy America. In Russia, they have no other hobbies. They assert national respect as their highest aim, and they are happy to be miserable to do it. Privation to them is an honor. They are not looking for a happy life as we define it in America. They just want to win at all costs.

Then there are the Desecrators of Davos people from the World Economic Forum. They are the old Socialist International people. They plan to rule the world without a country using the United Nations as their bureaucratic arm. They aim to make America, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Europe, China, everyone dance to their tune through finance. Then, of course, the fourth group, the Aristocracy of Money, the monied class funded with an unholy government relationship directly with Wall Street. This was the very danger that Thomas Jefferson warned Alexander Hamilton about, and for which President Jackson had to fight off the federal central bank run by Nicholas Biddle. It’s far worse now than it was in Jackson’s day, and they very much think they run everything in the world through manipulative finance printed with quantitative easing. 

All those factions think they are playing chess against each other with the fate of America as the prize at the end of the game. They all believe they will beat each other to that treasure. But what they don’t understand is that Americans will never go along with it. Sure, some like the mask-wearing liberals out there who were so easily suckered by Dr. Doom’s Covid nonsense from the perspective of a global administrative state will do whatever the winners of the game want. But there are way too many people who just will never follow the rules of any of those global powers. Mankind spent thousands of years getting away from those chess-playing fanatics. Technology doesn’t take away the original intent of escape from oppression. People aren’t suddenly going to fall under the direction of whatever culture of those four wins the game for dominion of the world.

Rather, even thinking in such ways is very infantile and lacks the perspective of what human beings really think. America is an evolution of the human state of consciousness, not a conquerable option. And that’s what all the bad guys in the world are missing. America is great despite its “elite” representatives. If the bad guys happen to capture our administrative officials like in chess, there isn’t a checkmate; game over. The game continues because the pawns aren’t playing by those rules. There is no defined victory for the players because the people affected aren’t thinking along those lines. They don’t do what a leader tells them to. In America, we put leaders in place to pursue other happy thoughts. And if that life is taken from us, well, then that’s where things get bad. That’s when Americans start storming capitols and driving trucks around Washington D.C., making things uncomfortable for corrupt politicians who have sold them out. So long as there are happy things in the world, the administrative state can exist so long as ordinary people don’t waste their time on those activities. But in America, the goal is happiness, and that expectation evolved over thousands of years. And there is no putting it back in the bottle now. Just as Russians have no word for “fun,” Americans can’t understand the purpose of life without the pursuit of happiness being at the center of everything. They don’t live to serve a master. They live to pursue happiness. And there is no force in the world anywhere that will change that, much to the frustration of the enemies of America.

Rich Hoffman

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