The Lamentations of America: What our enemies have been planning for us and likely were inspired by our Bible

I mean, I do it, I can’t imagine that others don’t as well, and that is to read the religious texts of the enemy to see what might be exploited to destroy them on the battlefield. And saying that, to understand that a strategy of war is to make the other side think that you aren’t fighting one. And we are in a world where many hostile nations have turned on America out of jealousy and their own cravings for power, whether it be the financial insurgents at the World Economic Forum and their many forms of corporate socialism or national countries allying power against the power and influence of America around the world, such as China is obviously doing with Russia, and Ukraine is poised against Russia as NATO seeks to impose itself on all sovereign countries, including China eventually after they are provoked to conquer the known world and all financial systems with it. Yet when it comes to America, they are united in their hatred of it, and their desire to see it destroyed.  But a newsflash to the bar hopper in America trying to get a seat at the table of a Sweet Sixteen matchup for a Saturday game. It might be inconvenient to think about, but we are clearly at war, and the casualties aren’t troops on some far-away foreign soil, but each and every one of us who are being robbed as we speak by a banking system that answers to foreign hostilities intent on global domination. Who cares about any of that? Our latest beer-drinking professional with over 100K in college debt hopes to win a hundred dollars with their March Madness bracketology. Who has time to think about war? Yet we are at war, and to understand how the other side thinks of us, it’s good to read their religious texts to see how they see us. And, of course, they have read our religious texts, particularly our Holy Bible. Suppose they have read the particular book of The Lamentations of Jeremiah from the Bible. In that case, they will have obtained inspiration toward the destruction of America that would have filled their hearts with joy.

The Lamentations of Jeremiah is a small book in the Bible, only a few pages. But it is essentially a contemplation in the wake of the destruction of Israel by the people conquered and fallen to the attacking Babylonians and their tyrant of the day, Nebuchadnezzar. The book wonderfully applies the metaphor of an old woman to symbolize the destruction in the wake of the attack. Once, she was young and beautiful. Everyone wanted her, to be part of her. But now, as an old woman, nobody will lift a hand to help her. All her once great attributes are now rejected by the masses who just walk by without a thought to her destruction. She is alone in the world and forgotten, which is the fate of most women and people, for that matter. They live extraordinary lives only to have that greatness wiped away by old age by the youth of the world. The Lamentations of Jeremiah could be viewed as a very depressing book, but I find great beauty in it, in the ability to capture such negative thoughts in such a metaphorical way. There is a brilliance to it worth noting, especially for an emerging culture written in the lost hours of the BC time period. And if you read it with today in mind, it’s quite clear that America’s enemies are hoping that this is the fate of our country. A once great country sobbing in the street left over and abandoned by the world with nobody there to help and its people oblivious to hope of any kind. 

We could look around our own political landscape and see it clearly, The Lamentations of America. We have been attacked with woke policies that have destroyed our great corporations; we have had our religion attacked, our history, our financial system, our politics. Our concept of the American family has been attacked for years, and now we see the fruition of all that destruction. When Xi from China tells Putin that we are about to see something that we haven’t seen in over a hundred years, he’s talking about the plan to undercut America as a global power that has been conducted over that entire period. China wanted revenge on the world for their transgressions, and they blamed America for many things, just as neighboring regions in the times of Israel’s dominance provoked the kind of anger that the Babylonians had for Jerusalem. Think about their hatred for King Zedekiah when they killed his children in front of him, then cut out his eyes so that would be the last thing he would see. Then they carried him off to Babylon to die there, slowly. Then they destroyed Solomon’s great temple and all the other wonderful buildings of Jerusalem. Every man, woman, and child was enslaved, and the women were ravaged brutally with rape and torture. The destruction was complete, and the people of Israel were then thrown into slavery for the next 70 years. These events in the Bible, without question, have inspired the enemies of America that the same thing can happen to all of us, and if you read that book from the Bible, you can see that America’s enemies are salivating for the opportunity similarly. 

Just like today, the people of Jerusalem had no idea what was coming their way from Babylon and their other hostile neighbors. Globalism, as it has been preached to us, pretends that war is a thing of the past and that global trade is all that matters. We have been lulled to sleep by an enemy that never sleeps, and it never thinks of peace. Their goal is for global communism to rule them all. And America has been in the way. They couldn’t have a President Trump come along and stop their vicious attack. They have only the Lamentations of America on their mind, to leave the people of a once great country crying in the street, raped and pillaged of its once great wealth, its strong destroyed by woke rules, and its companies bending the knee to a new global power rather than the all mighty dollar. Americans never realized until it was too late that all that anti-capitalism talk was not from some dope-smoking hippies listening to classic rock about some levy being dry where his Chevy was, it was put there by hostile ground forces inspired by The Lamentations of Jeremiah that the once great America could be destroyed from the inside out, and now the enemies are rejoicing in a similar way the destruction they have long planned for. They see it working, and it makes them very happy. The more Americans cry, the more they ponder the fairness of it all and the more satisfied our enemies are. They do not want world peace. They do not want to break bread with Americans. They want to look at America as that old woman from The Lamentations of Jeremiah, where her adversaries mock her remembrance. Now old and ugly, the world can mock her memory in front of her face and contemplate the unfairness that the universe has cast in her direction, only to wallow in her multitude of transgressions, her children gone into captivity before the enemy, to be used, abused and destroyed before her very eyes, as she can still see. That is what we are dealing with, and without question, it is The Lamentations of Jeremiah that America’s enemies intend for us all. 

Rich Hoffman

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What Happened to Bill Mitchell: Ron DeSantis is the pick of the Deep State

Bill Mitchell is a pretty good political commentator and election statistician who had a large platform on Twitter and was very pro-MAGA before the purge in 2020. Over the years, I have found him to be pretty good at identifying election trends, especially on game day during actual elections. He struggled to find his footing in the years after the Twitter purge on both Gettr and Truth Social, but it was never the same. Yet after Elon Musk purchased Twitter and turned pro-free speech for his own needs, Bill has restored his account and has returned to Twitter much as he did before. Only this time, he is mysteriously anti-Trump, much like Drudge did during the last election. It’s bizarre to watch from these guys; they were for all things Trump, then suddenly they switch to an anti-Trump position. The first conclusion is that they had someone get to them. But I don’t think that goes far enough. It’s like many of the Never Trumpers that are out there; it comes down to what they believe politics to be and that Trump violates that unwritten rule, and once they conclude that in their minds, they switch sentiments. Whatever it is, Bill Mitchell has gone entirely over to Ron DeSantis for all kinds of reasons, none of them good, and has been pouring it on heavily against Trump as if he thinks he is going to move the MAGA needle, which brings up a very interesting consideration. I would consider Bill Mitchell to be one of the best political strategists out there, much better than Karl Rove and even Newt Gingrich. So why, if that is so, then how could he suddenly be so wrong about Trump? Trump hasn’t changed, Bill Mitchell, Mr. MAGA himself, did. So why, and is he right? 

The RINO position for Ron DeSantis is that he’s Trump-lite. You can have the taste of the beer without all the calories. And Bill has suddenly been preaching the RINO mantra that Ron DeSantis is everything that Trump is; he even legislates to the right of Trump on most things. And I think that’s true. I think Ron DeSantis is more of a conservative than President Trump. And yes, Trump got suckered with Covid and Dr. Fauci. At some point, he will have to explain all that away and stop talking about Operation Warp Speed because everything related to Covid was a mistake. But Ron DeSantis was just as suckered. Everyone was suckered (except for me) regarding Covid. I’ve said it many times, if I had been advising Trump then, I would have told him to throw Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates out of his office. But at that time, I was the only one saying such things. It was an election year, and the media was all over the story. And Dr. Fauci was the most famous person in America during the summer of 2020. If Trump had fired him, that would have killed his election chances at that time. Knowing what we do now, I was right, the rest of the world was wrong, and Trump got caught in the crossfire. My view of it was that Trump had managed the country very well until Covid. Covid was a bioweapon meant to steal an election and destroy the American economy that was threatening the world’s Liberal World Order. So the bad guys pulled the grenade, dropped it into the punch bowl, and blew up everyone hoping to create a Great Reset for the World Economic Forum, which had long been planned for. Trump is the best option to returning to our pre-Covid America, and better. With the right Federal Reserve Chairman, more than 4% GDP growth is still possible, so that is the battle plan for 2024. 

But we have in the way a Deep State that thinks it runs the world and that our constitution is useless to their sentiments. They have no reverence for it and intend to destroy America and enslave all of us into a debt-driven world where a few from Davos literally control the world with a collapse of the dollar and a transfer of the power alliance to China, so they can literally rule the planet as a propped up communist power of the Desecrators of Davos. And these guys aren’t playing patty cake. They are playing to kill literally, and they have been showing that power with their control of America’s legal system and the control of politicians who have taken money from them, like Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden. In that world, Ron DeSantis has no chance. Without a Trump around to draw cover fire, there would be no Ron DeSantis. And there is only Rino support for DeSantis now because the Deep State thinks it can do better in controlling him than it could ever hope in controlling Trump. But it’s the control of our elected representatives that they are after. They aren’t looking for a “democracy.” They are after collapsed economies, world domination, and enslavement through their Great Reset. Their support of DeSantis is to give the public all the talk of MAGA without the policy of the movement, to appease the public enough to prevent any real reform from wrecking their plans. Trump is a wrecking ball to all that, so we are voting for him and continuing to support him. We aren’t looking for someone who “gets along” with the Deep State.

If you read his comments on the matter, Bill Mitchell essentially indicates that he is tired of all the drama with Trump and that DeSantis can do the same thing without all the drama. And my position is that, no, he can’t. The drama comes from those who stand in the way of American sovereignty and our Constitutional rights, and they want Trump, MAGA, and everything about populism destroyed viciously. These are essentially communists who intend the China model for America, and without Trump around, Ron DeSantis won’t exist, nor would any other MAGA representative in Congress or the Senate. I would expect Bill Mitchell to know all that, but he’s had some health problems, and maybe it rattled him, and he’s gone soft. But whatever it is, DeSantis doesn’t have a chance. He has destroyed his good brand. He should have aligned with Trump, not worked against him, and now that he has spoken out against Trump in the way he has, he has ruined his ability to win an election where MAGA will determine the outcome. Trump is the only politician in the modern world who could hope to get voter engagement with over 70 million voters. Ron DeSantis won’t get that, which, indeed, the Never-Trumpers understand. But they can’t get out of their own way as the controlled opposition. The only way Democrats hold power is if the Never Trumpers keep Trump from running. And Bill Mitchell and others are smart enough to see that. The question is, are they strong enough to follow through? In the case of Bill Mitchell, maybe he’s just been beaten up enough to say uncle and to look toward DeSantis with all the promises of the Never Trump RINOs of conservative legislation without the drama. But that’s not the fight. We are fighting for the very foundation of our country, the Deep State attack on our very lives. And when that is understood, Trump might not be vicious enough, as we saw with Covid. But if not him, then who? We know he did well before, and he’s out for revenge because of what they have done to him, which is what most of us feel as well, Republicans and Democrats. And that is what the 2024 election really comes down to, revenge and rebuilding. Not another RINO-controlled asset that helps the Deep State, which is all Ron DeSantis would be to the election process. 

Rich Hoffman

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A Government that Cheated on Us: The Covid lab leak and crimes against humanity

Remember what I said about Covid from the very first day until now. I have always talked about Covid as a bioweapon that came out of China and was intended as a way to wreck the American economy during an election year to get rid of Trump. In the first days of the lockdown announcements, I referred to it as a Pearl Harbor attack from climate activism, and my position is on record for all to see. Nobody else at the time anywhere, not Tucker Carlson, not Rush Limbaugh, nobody was willing to go there, but I did, which is essential as a validation to everything else I say. When I write something down, it’s a pretty good bet that it’s information you can trust, even when it sounds outlandishly crazy as the lab leak theory was when Covid first came to America. When Trump called it initially the “China Virus,” there were attempts to make it a racist statement to hurt the president, but he stuck with it because all the evidence at that time pointed in the direction of China as the destination where Covid came from. And now, three years later, we are talking seriously about the leak scenario, and even the Biden administration is now reluctantly admitting to the minimal scenario that they cannot confirm or deny that the virus was a lab leak from Wuhan, China. But everyone else, including the media, is fully embracing the idea, which is the next possible first step in correcting the behavior. Why, all of a sudden, after all this time? Well, likely because there is much worse information that is coming out, which everyone wants to take the edge off of, and they think that admitting to the leak story that it will consume people’s thoughts and hide the worse story, that Covid was actually a bioweapon made by the government for the purposes of fulfilling the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” 

I thought it was astonishing that Woody Harrelson talked about Covid in such a derogatory manner on Saturday Night Live the way that he did. They would have had to know what he was going to say; there is nothing unpredictable about Saturday Night Live, which has been an overtly political show. They have been attempting to destroy President Trump in their own way with the now disgraced actor, Alec Baldwin. As NBC, Comcast, and a major progressive show based in New York City, they were always pro-Covid, pro-big government solutions, pro mask; they took the international WHO position from the beginning that Covid was something to be yielded to, meant to unite the governments of the world into fighting an out of control virus. And the purpose for them as they brought wine glasses together in their after-parties was for the greater good. Under danger, Americans might be willing to give up their Constitutional rights in favor of a centralized government controlled by the CDC and Dr. Fauci if they were terrified of death. So for NBC and the Saturday Night Live producers to put Woody Harrelson on live and talk about Covid as a crazy script that nobody would have ever believed is a significant position worth noticing. That is the mainstream entertainment industry distancing itself from what Covid was and what it did to our nation and the world. And it was a purposeful admission, not some unscripted accident.

When Saturday Night Live put Woody Harrelson on as the host, they knew what they were getting. It was the fifth time they had him host the show, so there is a relationship there where everyone knows everyone else. Even if it were claimed that Harrelson went off script with one of his drug-induced rants, which was part of the set-up for what Woody would eventually say about Covid so that if it went wrong, everyone could backtrack their statements. The point in putting Woody Harrelson on as the host that night was to give Saturday Night Live credibility on the matter of the Covid lab leak and to play their part in shaping the story as it is now being admitted to. But why now? Is it because the Biden administration is trying to deter China from getting too cozy with Russia in the conflict involving Ukraine and leverage over aggressions in Taiwan? These are bold positions considering that Biden was put into the White House by essentially China and the Deep State voter tampering that has gone on in the last elections, all easily proven and will be the centerpiece of Trump’s re-election campaign for the next two years. To put China at the center of the story and essentially throw them under the bus indicates that there is more hidden that the perpetrators hope will take the edge off the rest of the story. Actors like Harrelson don’t get where they are in life by not following instructions. The purpose for him to give his statement was to walk back the Hollywood position that has nearly destroyed their industry. They played along because the World Economic Forum insisted that it was good for saving the planet. Being dumb Hollywood types, they bought the Covid narrative without question because, as actors, they get paid to say what other people tell them to. And it’s the finance industry that tells them what to say, and they get their finance through the woke ESG-driven World Economic Forum. 

The gamble from the beginning was always the destruction of the populist movement, wherever it evolved in the world. Covid was meant to scare everyone into submission to an out-of-control virus, and this was a plan that was well rehearsed in advance before Covid was introduced to the world. Anybody paying attention to the Netflix releases on pandemics and the role-playing scenarios from the Bill Gates types at the time could see the writing on the wall. But the desired outcome did not come as they had hoped. Now there are all these books and congressional testimonies that are being done to understand what happened. I see it as an admission by our government that they have cheated on us, but their admission is one they think we will accept instead of the cold hard truth that if we do find out, we will be much angrier about. It’s like the husband who has been cheating on his wife, and he says to her that he had only done it that one time to that one woman. While a wife might not be happy about that, if it’s just one time with one specific person, then maybe she might understand with some context. But in truth, the husband has not just been cheating with that one woman but has been sneaking out for years to visit gay nightclubs, all the while that they were raising kids, and the behavior has been systemic; well, that’s a whole new level of betrayal that the wife can’t deal with. And that’s what it looks like Covid is. A deep, carefully planned attack that the Liberal World Order bet everything on, and they came up short, and now they have to reveal what they knew and who knew it. China then makes itself an easy target to throw under the bus. Because the problem is much bigger than just China, if the public looks in their direction, then perhaps the more serious stuff is that Covid was a bioweapon and not just some accident that leaked out of Wuhan, might be avoided. Because the truth is far worse, and now people are dealing with that very real prospect, and for many, that realization will be very painful. 

Rich Hoffman

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How the Deep State Works: The mystery of Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen

It came up recently because I was being sued, and the discussion of how much traffic my blog site really has was being discussed. I explained that in court, I could easily pull up my administration page and show all who wanted to see it the many millions of people who visit every day and every year. I associate with lots of media personalities, many names that everyone would recognize, but I choose not to engage with them directly, as I have in the past with major radio stations all over the United States and even having a relationship with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. I enjoy the freedom of being free of corporate media ties, and I think independent journalism is the way to defeat a lot of evil in the world and it breaks the stronghold that the Deep State has on our media culture, which of course, then opens up a new layer to the discussion. Many of those media personalities I referenced can’t afford to believe in the Deep State, which is a very obvious problem to me. But then again, I can afford to report things as they are. I have no sponsors, nor do I want them. I have no boss, as I would never put up with having one. And I’m not going to put up with any Deep State control over my life. I reject them as a premise as outlined in our American Constitution, and that’s the end of the story. They don’t have a right to exist, and I will fight them at every level, which is why we discussed the site traffic on my blog. As I explained, the Deep State runs the internet, and they control what gets reported to the public. I see different things on the administrative level than what can be graphically shown through corporate measures. But in a court of law, the statistics would be easy to show anybody who wanted to see. 

Many in the media just can’t afford to admit that there is a Deep State. They’d rather call it the Administrative State, which is real too. But the Administrative State is the weapon of the Deep State, not a separate thing or the same thing said differently. The Deep State, which is a small group of people who want an unaccountable global government to rule the world, and use occult practice as their primary religion, hides themselves behind layers and layers of bureaucracy to conceal the minds of humanity from having the time or knowledge to pinpoint their activities.   So long as people are too busy filling out forms, paying their taxes, and trying to figure out how to turn on their Smart TVs and to pick from the multitude of streaming services, nobody has time to figure out how the Deep State works, and they continue to rule from the shadows in ways that nobody can ever figure out. The Administrative State is the cover for the Deep State. And the Deep State is very real, very malicious, and they are out to kill anybody who gets in their way. When I talk about the Desecrators of Davos, I speak of them as the mask of Deep State intentions. The Deep State steals trillions of dollars from the world’s governments to operate black budgets and participate as the kings of the earth with all kinds of interactions that will shock the world once it’s all revealed, which it will be. The mask is falling off them as we speak, and they are in a panic, which they deserve, for what they’ve done. If you want proof of their existence, just show up in Antarctica on the West side, specifically unannounced, and you’ll see where all those trillions of dollars have been going. There’s a reason no country claims Antarctica.

But conspiracy theories aren’t needed for this kind of story because there is plenty of evidence to discuss that people can see for themselves. And one of the most concerning was the story of Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen, who worked on many of the early NASA prototypes and was mysteriously exported by the FBI for communist sympathies soon after China became a communist country. He was one of the five founders of NASA. Why would such a valuable American asset suddenly be exported to China, where he then ushered in their current space race? Well, that is how the Deep State works, and if you want to understand election fraud in America, how Covid was released, and what the strategy was, this case with Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen is a familiar story. Here was an American-trained asset, someone just as American as anybody else who was suddenly shipped to China under the banner of patriotism, only to prop up the Chinese and give them a sudden space program that would allow them to overtake America possibly. If the point of the exercise is the destruction of America, which, as I’ve said many times, China is a creation of the Deep State, the World Economic Forum has invested heavily in China, trying to make it the country of tomorrow, Larry Fink, Ray Dalio, Bill Gates, Google, and many others are part of that story unified behind occult philosophy. Then people like Dr. Tsien were part of that seeding process. Something that China could have never done on its own. 

We’ve seen the activism from the FBI and CIA against Trump and against American strategies in general. There is more than a little suspicion to go with these anti-American activities. The Deep State controls most corporate activity worldwide, which is why the media is not free to report on them. They have control of most of the internet. They don’t control people’s thoughts entirely, although they try through many mechanisms. The CIA didn’t do all the work early in their formation on mind control for nothing. The analysis of Edger Cayce wasn’t frivolous. They learned a lot and used it against the world’s population in horrendous ways that only a few people truly suspect. And of those, many dare not to say anything out loud because they work for corporate media and would be taken off the air. But we need not speculate here because there is plenty of evidence about their activity and intentions. We have caught them in election fraud in America involving Trump. The biggest reason to get rid of Trump was because of Space Force, which will provide oversight over the Deep State, which is a big problem for them. They had to remove Trump in any way possible, just as they did with Nixon and Kennedy.   And anybody else who openly challenged them. And when we see how Dr. Tsien was treated and what the results were, just think how many other stories could be told with the same intent? No wonder all these countries suddenly think they can destroy America and don’t have to live by the rule of law and honor our Constitution. To the Deep Staters, America is already over. They feel powerful, hidden behind the firewall of an Administrative State which protects them from scrutiny, or so they have been hoping. But the word gets out anyway. I can certainly show it, as can others who are free of corporate control. I understand people who are in that corporate game, and I sympathize with them. But freedom from that is what allows real news to be reported, which is why I do my own media in the way that I do. It’s far more valuable to me to have the freedom than to be able to show a more significant result, which is a measure that the Deep State controls for its own purposes, once you take the money and the bigger platform, you lose your independence, which very few are willing, or can afford to do.   Which, of course, is easy to prove in a court of law or anywhere that such questions are asked. What do you think happened to The Drudge Report? The answer is obvious. Or Project Veritas? How about Wikileaks? It’s much better to stay on a smaller platform that is controlled by people who can’t be intimidated or controlled by “influence.”  And ultimately, that is where the Deep State will fail, and they are becoming aware of it.  They are not in charge. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Most Powerful Weapon in the World: Yahweh as a rebel and representative government as opposed to dictatorships

I enjoy reading the Bible for reasons that aren’t typically discussed, primarily because it exposes what the enemies of America miss every time, which is our form of government. It’s common for us to complain about our government, which is part of its appeal because in America, government is a necessary tool, not a part of some ruling class, and it’s unique in that regard. I sometimes get invited to events at the Ohio Statehouse. I never get tired of thinking about the many hidden meanings displayed there for the various politicians who find themselves as part of a class to conduct the people’s business and witness the ornate décor that is part of the ceremonial structure of its Greco-style architecture. It’s a republic that all the statehouses around America represent, and our federal government in Washington is just a further expression of a lot of mythology and occult practices but a purposeful dedication to the purpose of government in America, something that started with the advent of western civilization and is the best weapon we have against tyrannical governments around the world, and that is our representative government as it evolved along the lines of biblical understanding and is without question the best in the world. Our government is meant to put on the breaks to hot ideas from those most power-hungry, and in that way, it frees up the ambitions of people to produce the most productivity. And whenever I am at the Ohio Statehouse, I am reminded of this very unique aspect of government from the American perspective. 

I was in the gallery for the State of the State speech for Governor DeWine early in 2023. Some people had gathered around me to hear a conversation I was having about the history of the Statehouse and what some of the symbolism meant. It seemed like a good thing to share with this audience, especially when every night we turn on our televisions, we hear only bad things about it. There is quite a push around the world to frustrate the American people with their form of republic government and to tempt them to abandon it in favor of corporate communism, which is the latest threat coming out of China and the World Economic Forum, who want strong CEO types of leaders to rule everything and for countries like America to get frustrated and give up their republic. That strategy was most apparent during Covid where the design of the bioweapon attack was clear, to strengthen central government, make dictators out of all the state governors abandoning the legislatures, and to use an emergency to completely change our government into communism because communism was quicker and more decisive. As I told my witnesses in that gallery that day of the 2023 State of the State speech, the ornate symbolism in the Representative chamber was purposeful to remind the participants that this form of government was there before they arrived. It would be there long after they were gone. And the place itself was a stark reminder to them to do good work, to elevate their game in the name of the law and the constitutions of our republic, and it’s just such a beautiful thing. 

The Bible is key to America in how forms of government evolved over time in purposeful ways, distinguished from the many failures at the time. As God picked his chosen people to be freed of slavery from Egypt, the rest of the world worshipped some form of Baal, which we can see is still happening. Those who were not the chosen people whom Moses freed by the hand of God from the clutches of Pharaoh in Egypt are today just as jealous and cantankerous toward the teachings of the rebel Yahweh. The Bible became a rebellion against many thousands of years of a failed government. Various societies ended up with strong kings or Pharaohs, such as Ramses, or Nebuchadnezzar, or Xerxes, but their influence was always top-heavy and prone to failure once they died, leading to a social collapse in their wake. What Yahweh did against the other religious influences at the time; specifically the long lineage of Baal worship that goes back tens of thousands of years, and was most recently spotted in Hollywood with the Grammys, both from the audience and from the Sam Smith performance, was rebel against that tendency. Behind those efforts is a real push to have centralized rule. But what Moses learned in the wilderness from his father-in-law Jethro was a new way of government that God tried to get everyone to commit to, a representative republic. Jethro explained to Moses that the way to rule so many people was to create judges and regional governors to represent him so that he wouldn’t have to hear the personal complaints of many thousands of people. That way, people could more easily get their needs met while distributing the responsibilities for leading people across many helpers, where Moses could then be a kind of supreme court and only deal with the subjects that could not be satisfactorily met regionally. America is unique in that it has worked to fulfill the biblical goals of a republic rather than a dictatorship, which is at the core of the Bible. 

You can always tell a culture that is choking on too much liberalism when they complain about supply chains and being too busy because everything is funneled through them. Moses had that problem too, until his father-in-law helped him develop a new kind of government. God provided the Ten Commandments to create a legal foundation for judgment, then judges and regional governors would divide up the labor of adhering to justice. And in that way, something new was formed that the Greeks and Romans touched on, but it was only the United States who successfully implemented it, a representative government that solved the needs of the people but kept tyrants from becoming single-point failures over their respective societies. That is the primary problem in China; after all, so much runs through their communist dictatorships that the capacity for social development is limited to the ability of just a few people at the top, which makes the people miserable and suppressed. This is a problem in every culture with too much of a top-down management style, and it’s the only thing our modern media understands because they have all been taught the wrong values. But in America, our greatest weapon against the world that has not made such an evolution themselves and is very jealous of how things are done in America, the Bible and its success is the best blueprint for good government, and those influences are evident at the Ohio Statehouse and other statehouses all across the country. I never get tired of visiting them and thinking about how different America is from other places that have not unlocked that unique form of government. The concept that in the Ohio Statehouse, or any statehouse for that matter, has personal representatives for the people of those states and that local government is so respected is a hedge against tyranny that has set America apart in the world in a way that no other country has yet figured out. And we take it for granted because we’ve always had it. But as we also saw with Covid and anywhere that we use the Constitution as the basis of our law, the best way to defeat our attackers is through the rule of law and, precisely, our republic form of government. Because the pressure on our rivals is forced through the constraints of their dictatorships, and it always proves too much for them to handle, and they collapse in the process. America’s greatest weapon against the world is in its government and not in its military power, which is why it is so attacked in the way it constantly is by those who don’t understand it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Hidden Menace of the Chinese Spy Balloon: We do not have control of our military from the White House

I can say with a lot of certainty that of the many objects shot out of the sky since the Chinese spy balloon was destroyed over the coast of South Carolina that it isn’t aliens, even though recently there have been a lot of sightings. A wasp nest of aerial activity is currently underway that is certainly more than usual. I think it’s a combination of things, people are looking up more than they usually do, and they are finding that a lot is flying around, as there always is. Our airspace is quite busy, and visitors from other places in space would not be out of the question. We are discovering these days quite rapidly that a few big secrets have been concealed behind our assumptions of religion and our institutional sciences that were wrong from the beginning and that our past is very much our future. It didn’t always involve just earth. There are lifeforms from all over the place doing what has been in their self-interest, and the start of human civilization was undoubtedly part of that. But as far as shooting down any of these visitors, no, there are too many agreements and technology exchanges for something like that to happen. We’re just talking about a bunch of balloons here, and strategically, the enemies of America have been empowered to test the fences under the Biden administration. Yet, in the end, we will all find that most of the problems in the world are not caused by other countries or planets but by a few ridiculously simple-minded occultists with a lot of money who are the root cause of most trouble. And once you understand that, they are pretty easy to beat.

The first spy balloon that caused so much trouble when it first flew across the United States, entirely before the military was allowed to shoot it down, was interesting and revealed a real menace that nobody has been talking about, something I would call the root cause of our problem. Because it started in China and Biden did not have it shot down, it was embarrassing to the administration because of his ties to China which has been revealed on the Hunter Biden laptop. And it was a large balloon, not something from a carnival. It was two hundred feet tall and was carrying a payload under it of several thousand pounds. So it was significant, but not so much that it couldn’t have been originally shot down over Montana or Alaska. However, if China wants to spy on us in America, there are a lot better ways to do it. Most satellites can zoom in on your watch from space, so it’s not like they will discover people hot tubbing in their backyards and violate their privacy.   They have already done that, and they don’t need a spy balloon for that or to look at ground troops at airbases across North America.    Rather, the spy balloon was most valuable to the Chinese in how people reacted politically because of it. What Biden did and when, how the media covered it, and what political fissures were caused by it. Those kinds of things were far more valuable to the Chinese than what any instrumentation on the spy balloon could actually record while drifting slowly across our nation unmolested. 

Then under significant criticism from the American public, the balloon was shot down, and since then, many more similar balloons have been destroyed. There was one over Lake Huron that I found very disturbing as it is near a lot of very commercial airspace; Detroit is nearby, as well as Mackinac Island and Canada. It’s not exactly a remote part of the world, so sidewinder missiles flying around and not hitting their targets is a problem. Because of the first balloon, people are looking up more, and they see things that were always there. And the radar noise is being taken more seriously because so many people were embarrassed by the news coverage, and of course, they are going to overreact. And there have been many reports that similar balloons flew over America during Trump’s administration, and he didn’t shoot them down either. But that’s where the real problems start to emerge, and Biden alluded to it when he indicated early in the process that he gave the order to shoot down the Chinese balloon much earlier than it was. As it turned out, the military didn’t do what Biden wanted; they waited until they felt like it and did so after the balloon had drifted out over the Atlantic Ocean. And when it came to Trump, the military didn’t even tell his administration of the threat because they were concerned he would act irrationally. So we have learned something very important here that we have always suspected. Our military does not report to our Executive Branch; they treat that position like a cosmetic Christmas ornament and do not take seriously the commands that come from the White House. And getting caught in that quandary, they have now resorted to overreacting to every little threat to cover their discretions.

What we have in America is an out-of-control military that is not regulated by civilian concerns. We do not elect people to control our massive, and expensive military endeavors. We don’t have George Patton running these militaries these days. Instead, we have General Milley’s and cross-dressing psychopaths who are reporting to other interests traditionally defined as globalists instead of the tax-paying public. Once the stories of criticism over the presidential role in deciding what gets shot down over American airspace were revealed, there was a quick commitment to showing the public that the president was really in charge, and other balloons were shot down. Even the leak of possible UFOs was added to consideration because nothing would unite the world like a possible alien invasion, especially now that people have realized Covid was a bioweapon attack and not a medical threat traditionally considered. If beings from other worlds were involved and had better technology, there would be a lot of boot-licking, and not warfare, because the military wouldn’t want to lose face to them in public. So they would be making deals to have friendly encounters, much like they have in other places around the world with other countries. With all that in mind, China certainly learned about the American reaction to their low-tech poking of our airspace with their spy balloon.   Everyone learned a lot more about the general condition of our politics that was far more valuable than some naked pictures of people in hot tubs enjoying a sunny day. But China already knows that the American military doesn’t listen to the Commander and Chief and that other forces run the global Military Industrial Complex. That’s why they don’t worry about invading Taiwan in China, and it’s also why these globalist forces think they can poke a war between Russia and Ukraine to conceal all kinds of bad conduct by those ruling few and get away with it. Many of the wars previously were for things other than the stated objective, such as the Iraq Wars. It wasn’t about oil; I can tell you that. Think “cylinder seals” left behind by the ancient Sumerians. There are lots of secrets in that region that have shaped our current global religions, and maintaining control of what people know is far more critical strategically than alliances with oil-rich countries. And with all that is a subtle veil that has been punched through just a bit with this Chinese spy balloon. And you can bet that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Fight Between Yahweh and Baal: Studying the Bible to beat globalism and the nature of evil everywhere

There are a lot of people contemplating evil these days. We aren’t exactly living in a stable culture anymore. I had a person ask me about the picture on my blog with me at Jackson Hole the other day, which provoked a question about its significance. Well, the spot I was standing is where the fight in the Clint Eastwood movie Any Which Way You Can ended, with Eastwood winning in front of the entire town. And that is where I bought my white hat at Jackson Hole, Wyoming because I always loved that movie which I watched again recently. It’s not as good as Any Which Way But Loose, but it’s a fun movie about macho material and the problems men have specifically. It’s also a movie that wouldn’t be made today because woke culture has pretty much stamped it out of existence. You don’t see that movie playing on network television anymore, but twenty years ago, it was on all the time. We have a real struggle on our hands with this massive woke conglomerate that wants globalism everywhere and communism for all that is trying to impose itself on all of us. And there is a pushback from our culture against it and a return to the reverence that made movies like those old Clint Eastwood films so popular, to begin with. I loved that movie so much that I had to visit all the places where that big fight took place in the film because it met so much to me. But why, why was it so important, and what are we fighting? Many of us would call it evil. But the macho behavior that is expressed in that movie and many movies from that age was what the globalists would call evil. So, who is right?

It’s an impossible cliché to avoid when discussing evil, but the best book in the world to deal with it is the Holy Bible. I personally love the Bible; it’s been part of my life since I was very little. I grew up in church listening to “Onward Christian Soldiers” at the end of the service as the pews let out, I went to Sunday school most every week, and I had two years of catechism. But I didn’t stop there, I have read widely on all topics over the last 50 years, and I have a pretty good handle on where everyone in the world is coming from based on their personal histories. I can say with great confidence that there isn’t a better book ever written than the Bible in exploring the nature of evil and how detrimental it can be for the human race. Yet my interests in history go far beyond the time frame of the Bible, which is around 4000 B.C. with the start of Adam and Eve and extends to our present time roughly 6000 years later. I consider sources that talk about the “pre-Adamites” and their religions. And when you start getting into the Gnostic beliefs from the Book of Enoch, you open the door to consider humans came not just from the earth but many other places in the galaxy.   I would say the evidence points to “many other places.” And that doesn’t mean that the Bible was wrong in its description of the creation of Adam and Eve. But what we see in the Bible is an experiment by God to break a tribe of humans away from the masses and free them from the bondage of the worship of Baal, an ancient deity from Egypt that persisted with great reverence in the land of Canaan and was the primary villain of the Bible, much more so than Satan, or mentions of the Devil, which don’t come along until almost the end of the Bible, in the New Testament.

You could spend a lifetime putting together all the various puzzles regarding prehistory, the mysteries of today, and how the Bible plays a part in it all. Like most books, it only captures one point of view in a very specific timeframe. But unlike most books, it covers exact references to a family line of descendants over many thousands of years to conduct a particular experiment on the nature of good versus evil and essentially the struggle of Yahweh against the primal nature of all people to worship Baal. This is where western civilization starts, and eastern religions separate themselves, leading to globalism’s primary struggle today, how to merge these two radical forces, which is absolutely impossible. In a world where communist China is being used to sell globalism through corporate control, this issue of Baal is persistently a problem, the worship of the forces of nature and submission to it, as opposed to the western view of conquering nature and using it as a tool for human advancement. The essential problem is what the Bible is about. The Old Testament is a chronicle of this struggle and the ramifications of failure to adhere to it. That’s why I love the Bible because nothing else ever done in literature has really attempted to solve this problem of evil.  Other attempts have tried to define it, but they do very little to solve it.  Are all the worshipers of Baal evil? Why is Yahweh so jealous of Baal, to the point that he would destroy his own people by turning to Baal for worship? I would say that Yahweh was a rebel, a fighter who was trying to free people from the clutches of an ancient problem, one that persisted for many millions of years, the worship of nature to the detriment of human development. Once people started listening to God, the Yahweh of the Bible, then civilization lurched forward, and we have what is called in another book I love quite a lot, The 5000 Year Leap, by Cleon Skousen. 

I recently saw a lot of talk about satanic references, with a picture of three women at the Golden Globes dressed in bizarre outfits. As I’ve pointed out, Satan doesn’t appear in the Bible until 1 Chronicles 21:1, nearly halfway through the text, and when he appears, he’s a kind of census taker. I’m sure there is a lot more to that story somewhere. But the villain of the Bible is Baal, and the plot device is escaping from its rule, which looks to have been around well before the events of the Bible. Much of the modern “satanic” worship referenced is actually humanity’s lazy trend to continue worshiping Baal. Its Baal worship that is essentially behind climate change and is the religion of globalism, especially from the point of view of the communist Chinese. They call their gods by different names, but the nature worship aspect of merging light and darkness as a kind of balance stands opposed to light conquering darkness; that is the message of the Bible. And the two are not compatible. They cannot coexist as the bumper stickers indicate. And to avoid the conflict, you can’t just throw out all religion, which has been the weapon of choice of those globalist-minded. It can all get very confusing, especially if you listen to the authority figures. So if you need to get your bearings, I would suggest rereading the Bible, or for the first time, and getting your mind wrapped around the struggle. Because of all the great things that have happened in history, the essential conflict that we are all still engaged in is this fight between Yahweh and Baal. The battle between human progress and yielding to the forces of nature. And that fight is literally in everything we do. So, understanding it will help your life a lot. Simply put, the path to evil is in the lazy; the worship of Baal comes from those too lazy to do for themselves and hope that nature will give them a way out of personal responsibility. And good, as the Bible defines it, is in self-responsibility and assertiveness to do good in the world by leading a productive life toward the aims of creation.

Rich Hoffman

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What’s Happening in Brazil: A global crime syndicate using governments as a mask is running everything through election fraud for global socialism, which they want to control

Don’t you ever wonder why we don’t talk about the mob-like we used to? Mobsters have always been attached to leftist tactics and labor unions and have been married to each other since the beginning of modern politics. They are all about group pressure and intimidation; over time, they have moved into government positions instead of trying to survive between the government and the people. Rather than allow themselves to be squeezed out of existence, they have simply moved into government, and that is essentially the story of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was just inserted into the presidency of Brazil by a global mob that can be traced back to the members of the World Economic Forum, who are currently meeting in Davos. It hasn’t been covered much in the United States, but the protests in Brazil after the most recent election where President Jair Bolsonaro was thrown out through an obviously rigged election, and people know it. Brazil is 100% electronic voting machines; they do not have paper ballots to confirm the results, so we are seeing what happen in Brazil, essentially what happened in the United States with the Trump election and the Kari Lake election in Arizona, and likely many other places, where elections are wholly rigged for Democrats and their traditional alliance with organized crime that is no longer operating in the background, but have moved into official government positions to protect their political philosophy from the realities of capitalist economies. Not that long ago, Lula, the inserted president of Brazil now, and is a far-left radical activist who is intent on bringing Chinese-style communism to Brazil for the sake and benefit of China, he was in jail serving time for money laundering. He was released from jail to essentially run for the presidency because the organized crime elements of the world needed him in that role to perform their global takeover of the world’s economies to satisfy the goals of the Great Reset. 

Of course, they don’t have the same kind of protections in Brazil as we do in the United States, where we can still manage our courts to some extent, and have elections, somewhat. But more than anything, we have a Bill of Rights that makes it hard on the government mobsters. If Brazil had a population with more guns, they would have had a more challenging time inserting the criminal Lula into that presidential role. As a result, all they can do in Brazil is protest, which they are. In fact, people are protesting all over the world. It’s just that the media doesn’t cover it. At least in America, even though the same strategies were implemented against Trump, Lula in Brazil is what Biden is in America, a compromised criminal who is easy to control by the global organized crime elements which function out of the World Economic Forum these days, but have been members of Socialist International for many years, and use the United Nations as a front organization. To understand all this, just look at how Al Capone ran Chicago, and you will see the game plan of all socialists and communists worldwide. The biggest mistake is assuming that we must work with these people out of fairness when in reality, the game they are playing is organized crime in the traditional way that all mobs have operated. Instead of trying to fight authorities in court, the mob became the courts and the authorities. They no longer have to hide because they are the authorities. This was a strategy they began to implement at the end of the 20th century, and all the lessons that were learned from their endeavors. 

I often talk about my own experiences with the mob; I grew up with some very powerful forces in Cincinnati when they ran Newport, Kentucky, which was the prototype of Las Vegas. When things became too hot in Cincinnati, the mobsters moved to Vegas, and we have what we see today. But rather than go underground even more profoundly, they moved into official government positions and gained power through rigged elections. And because mobs are attached directly to Marxist labor movements, and they intend global control of all markets, as Karl Marx expressed in his books on the matter, they are embedded in all the efforts of globalism. And for proof of that, we see their mistakes in election fraud both in the United States with Joe Biden, then much more obviously in Brazil by removing Bolsonaro and inserting the criminal Lula to implement the will of China on that vast territory.   And while China plays along, the original strategy comes from the World Economic Forum. They cannot implement what they want to do in the world if free elections are driving free markets. So they have applied the old mobster tactics of managed elections through digital voting machines and mass influence over the media just as Al Capone had in Chicago; they now have all over the world controlled through corporate influence directly coming from the World Economic Forum, the people I call The Desecrators of Davos. At least in America, we can protest what we see behind the legal protections of the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, in Brazil, they don’t have a Bill of Rights as we do in America. 

But the world is on fire as organized crime elements struggle to rule using the governments as a shield. That is certainly the case in Ukraine, which has been a Democrat money laundering operation for many years, and Mexico, where the drug cartels are in charge of the government there, clearly. China continues to push for global domination that they don’t even hide. But China is propped up by the World Economic Forum and the money managers who are shifting money to prop up their economy to fulfill the objectives that Socialists International has been talking about for years. The World Economic Forum and the United Nations have emerged as their best platforms and the politicians involved in a different time would have been mob bosses. Instead, now they have corvettes in their garages with classified documents sitting around for every whore, scumbag, and drug user to see at will. And the media wants money from the billionaires of Davos, so they help to hide it all. We’ve seen this in history before, in regional cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. And those methods worked, so now they have moved to legitimize themselves with real government positions. And they secure those seats through election fraud by taking the vote away from people and giving that power to themselves. That is what is happening in Brazil right now and why there are massive protests. It’s the same playbook that they have been trying to sell to the American public. It’s what’s happening in Paris, Canada, England, Mexico, China, and their disputes in Hong Kong all over the world. Organized crime has aligned itself with the government, and we are seeing the results now. And election fraud is how they have managed to gain power in this new age of digital control and manipulation and a complicit mass media hungry for advertising dollars from the mob and all its tentacles. The mobsters never went underground, as they appeared to do once they moved to Vegas and other places. Instead, they moved to legitimize themselves through rigged elections and gain government power so they could control the prosecutor’s offices and avoid fighting it out in court all the time. Instead, they now control the courts and everything else. And people aren’t happy about it, which is quite evident in Brazil. And very well could be America’s future if we continue trusting all the wrong people.   

Rich Hoffman

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China’s Control Over American Elections and Plan for World Domination: Covid was their weapon of choice, and they intend to use it again

I say it all the time, and I’ll repeat it, China is a creation of the Desecrators of Davos, the world’s radical political billionaires who are looking at every opportunity to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. And the China Model is their weapon of war, and part of that weapon is the ability to control the elections. The way China has spent so much money buying up media opinions and politicians, it’s not a question of how much China has had over American elections. But the guilt runs right to the door of the Desecrators of Davos, who have worked so hard to prop up China and give them that ability. Without the Desecrators of Davos from the World Economic Forum, China would just be another third-world country selling rice to the west. It’s only through the actions of economic warfare that China gained the power to do in the world what they have been doing to show complete domination. Giving China money was like providing a mass murderer a gun to kill with. And they have used it to attempt to destroy America at every opportunity, most specifically by showing control over our elections. The protests from Arizona over the certification of the phony election there reveal the many plots that flow out of China to control who they have to deal with as opponents. Of course, China wants to deal with soft politicians that they can easily manipulate with stolen money. And if there was ever doubt about the 2020 election fraud, those doubts disappeared during 2022 when the theft was performed right out in the open, and Katie Hobbs and her crew could care less what anybody thought about it. They have no respect for American law and order because they all believe that China is the new model for the world and that the new rules apply to keep them in power, despite what voters think.

The protests that have erupted across China, specifically Shanghai, over Covid lockdowns show just to what extent the communist country is willing to go to hide its own complicity. In the United States, several important books are coming out in January of 2023 that will tell the real story of Covid. One is from Bobby Kennedy Jr., as a sequel to his first one, The Real Anthony Fauci, that will tell the story of how the virus was created in a Wuhan lab in China, and who knew what and went about unleashing the virus to the world. It is no longer speculation China worked with various American officials and members of the World Economic Forum to unleash a deadly disease to tamper with the American election of President Trump essentially, but even more sinister than that, to implement the China Model of complete control over the human race as the “new normal” that has been at the center of propping China up from the beginning. China was always intended to be the bad guy on the world stage that the rest of the world would fear. And they would determine the rules of conduct going into the future. They had enough compromised politicians, like the Biden crime family, even weak Republicans like Mitch McConnell, to allow China to manipulate America from behind the scenes maliciously. Even to control who gets into office and who doesn’t. The China-created Covid virus allowed so many states to implement lax voting laws that would allow for early voting by unverified mail, opening the door for massive cheating. It has been proven abundantly that digital machines, if not monitored carefully, could be hacked by a third party and that China has been doing just that in close races in the United States. So yes, there has been massive amounts of election fraud in America, and China has been the manipulator. Ultimately all the strings run to the Desecrators of Davos, but the hostile agent has been China.

What has been revealed by Twitter is clearly the China Model of complete censorship of speech by authoritarian liberals, assuming, as Katie Hobbs did in Arizona, that the world will become China. All the rules of the American Constitution were going to go away anyway. With its threat of world domination, China has given this illusion to manipulators in the United States, such as our intelligence agencies, who have become seduced by the power of centralized government. And that collaboration with “big tech” was shown to work in China, and that model was then duplicated at Google, YouTube, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. These were never free speech platforms but devices of communist rule over the minds of the many, and they learned to behave in such despicable ways because of the example China showed the world. The belief that everyone in the world needed to bend their knee to this new communist power is the justification for law-breaking that has allowed for election fraud to occur massively. The pressure exerted by China forced the rest of the world, especially the American courts, to adopt changes to traditional thinking out of their own need to preserve themselves. That is part of the election fraud machine, to convince good people to do nothing while the malicious attack our system of government with the intent to destroy it from the inside out. 

Yet the protests from the people in China are what we could become if we allow this system to spiral out of control, as clearly has happened in the communist country. China has had to remove those protests from their state-controlled media with force, and the people there have no chance to stand up to the dictatorship of the corporate alliances that have propped China up to be such a threat to the world on purpose. The poor people there are being crushed while the world’s board of directors watches gleefully. The corporate and government alliances are just the latest attempt in the world to suppress the people that governments are supposed to work for. And in China, it has gotten away from them. They have no choice but to submit to mock Covid lockdowns meant to sell the latest coronavirus as a threat to the world to hide all the malicious deeds conducted by the global takeover of the entire economy. Only, in the United States, it’s not too late. It’s not easy to tell people what they are seeing; they aren’t seeing. Or to send tanks into a neighborhood to root out the rebels. In America, people are ultimately still in control. The media isn’t trusted, and neither is the government. And even when the elections are stolen, people do not just automatically submit to authority. Capturing authority figures alone doesn’t work in America; people are always looking for a choice. They don’t accept limits. That is not the American way, which is where we find ourselves now, feeling sorry for the poor people of China controlled by a ruthless government in league with the Desecrators of Davos and their plans for world domination. In America, people still intend to fight back, even when their elections are stolen. Because people don’t worship power for power’s sake, they expect results and do judge the good from the bad, which is why the election fraud isn’t sticking in Arizona or elsewhere. The China Model is failing, and unlike what they are doing to suppress the information in China, those methods won’t work in the United States. 

Rich Hoffman

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Another Example of How Government is More Dangerous Than Mass Shooters: Without guns, the American government would have already used the “China Model” to rule over all of society

We’ve been through this before with all these mass shootings. This Walmart shooting in Virginia recently, where an overnight lead person named Andre Bling opened fire on the same workers that worked for him, killing six and injuring several others, isn’t unusual these days. But it’s not a question of gun control, as the Biden administration would like, nor the elements of our intelligence community who work for the Liberal World Order would want you to believe. There is far too much evidence that through various means, certain types of people can be pushed psychologically into committing violent acts by third parties, and we have seen that this Biden administration and its structural support of globalism will do anything to gain power and to hold it, including election fraud. Or manufacturing deadly viruses and exploiting their release to control mass populations. It’s not even worth a debate at this point because they have been caught in the act too many times over the last five years to deny it. I would always point to the Las Vegas shooter, one of the biggest mass shootings on record that killed many people in one of America’s most reckless and visited tourist spots. Notice how there are no documentaries on the shooter; his memory just went away along with the Jeffery Epstein jail cell cameras during his “suicide.” The government talks about disinformation and their obsession with the “China Model” are not going to work in the United States, and that panic is starting to set in with some of these big government globalist groups. Therefore it’s not unusual that people like this shooter, Andre Bling, at the ripe age of 31, we’re talking about government dishonesty. More and more people are because the government has proven itself to be far more dangerous than some of these young people who crack under the pressure of modern expectations and commit mass shootings, whether they were pushed into it by some clandestine government agency hungry for news stories in their favor, or whether or not people can manage their personal concerns. Once the smoke clears on the subject, every mass shooting is sad. But a society without guns is even worse because what we know now, which we didn’t admit to ourselves prior to President Trump becoming president, is that the government is far more dangerous than the potential for mass shooters.

The solution I always say to mass shootings is for more people to carry. There should have been armed people in the breakroom to shoot Andre Bling when he opened fire. Nobody should be a sitting duck anywhere, at any time. In a free society, gun ownership and Constitutional carry are critical to its maintenance. This notion that there is a government control solution to any episodes of violence is ridiculous. There are no law enforcement officials in existence that can take away the intent of a criminal to do harm. And the government simply cannot be trusted with the safety of its citizens. The best way to deal with the corruption of government, which this shooter was concerned with, which contributed to his desperate state, is to keep it small and decentralized. To take away their monopoly power over social maintenance. We need government for critical things, but it should not be so big that it can control our very lives. Finding that balance has been an interesting bit of social history, and without question, the modern ratio is way too high. Government to be less corrupt, must be dramatically scaled back, and that doesn’t mean adding more government workers to the payroll to prevent mass shootings. Too often, we find that those police officers and armed security do not engage a threat in the way we expect, and people still end up getting killed when a shooter decides to snap and open fire on mass society who are innocently minding their own business. I carry a gun every day, everywhere I go, and I participate with a lot of people who are gun owners. In my community, there are over 400,000 people, most of whom own and carry many guns. And nobody shoots each other.

Guns themselves are not dangerous; people are dangerous, especially when they have bad ideas. It used to be that we recruited police and security from the military, where our government would train people to be reliable killers under pressure to prepare for wartime engagement perpetually. But this new military is more interested in transvestite rights, gays showering together, and how many women they can train alongside the men than in actually preparing people to deal with pressure under difficulty and put their own lives on the line when threats matter most. So naturally, we are seeing significant failures in our nation’s security and defense both with foreign threats and domestically. We are not making tough people anymore due to government policy. In the process, we are creating millions of potential young people who can snap at any moment and become tomorrow’s mass killers. The best solution to that is less government and more personal responsibility to diffuse mass shootings wherever they occur. Whether it’s in the classroom, or as a person sitting in a Walmart breakroom, wherever lots of people gather, there is always the potential that one or two of them will be prone to psychological distress and find themselves the next mass shooter. The liberal approach is to eliminate the guns themselves and to have gun control which the crooked Biden administration immediately tried to implement. But that is giving the government power it doesn’t deserve and obviously can’t handle, and it is not a solution worth consideration in any way.

If not for private gun ownership, the government, which is far more dangerous than any mass shooter, would have already made its move toward the China Model of complete control over society. We see in Brazil mass protests of millions of people because of the recent election where their presidential pick was stolen from them. In China, we see the same mass protests in the big cities, like Shanghai, where the government is trying to impose phony Covid lockdowns to get political control of their mass population. In hindsight, they tried the same thing here, and people obeyed for the first few months. But because of gun ownership, the government knew it could not go door to door for enforcement, which forced the courts and legislators to rely on the Constitution for an answer to the problem, for which there wasn’t a big government solution to be found, nor should there have been. The Covid push was an attempt by the world’s governments and their financiers in the World Economic Forum to commit a Great Reset behind the chaos, which is the real threat to society. Not some young person who can’t handle the pressures of life and committed violence against his peers in a moment of crisis. The solution would have been for Walmart to have an open carry policy that would have stopped the kid from shooting as soon as he showed “intent.” Many fewer people would have been killed and injured. But even worse than that potential crisis is the goals of government that have demonstrated its intent, which is to remove guns from society so that they can get administrative control over it and take Americans to places they don’t want to go on the chessboard of globalism. Instead, I’d recommend, in reaction to that government intent, that you buy a new gun today and let them know you are buying it. Because that is a vote, they can’t steal from you, and it allows the real bad guys no that domination of America won’t be easy and done behind the desk of some pinhead. But people can defend themselves from the threats of violence resulting from government policy and are free to live their lives despite the failures of big government and its minions of ignorance, malice, and doom.

Rich Hoffman

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