The Whores of George Soros: When our government is guilty of treason and sedition because it was easy

All this leads to the question, what should we do about George Soros? Should we be angry with him for wanting to destroy our country, or should we be mad at the people who are so easily bought with his money? I am angry at both the whore and the pimp; I’d like to see a society without either. George Soros has clearly been attached to many insurrectionist movements in America, a frequent contributor to leftist causes and open borders, and he’s certainly not alone. But his name has come up recently with this communist, Alvin Bragg, the New York DA associated with prosecuting Trump. Soros has invested a lot of money in the kind of legal professionals who would run for district attorney positions and turn our constitutions on their heads, intentionally focused on destroying our system of law and order and, thus, our country. Soros has been associated with purposely collapsing nationalist economies, and he’s been hard at work in America using our capitalist system as an obvious weapon of collapsing it in favor of communism. George Soros is an old man and has been at this for a long time. He’s certainly not the only one. Bill Gates comes to mind, and there are a whole series of whores associated with him and his money that caused the Covid crisis and eventual election fraud that came with it.

But regarding George Soros, should we be outraged and demanding capital punishment for the multiple incidents of treason and sedition that he is directly guilty of? Well, I’d say we should be; we should be angry at people like him who intend to use their money as a military weapon against the laws of our constitution. And we should be angry at the whores people like him have used to conduct their hostilities. 

What are people like Mitch McConnell but whores? We typically think of a whore as someone who sells sexual favors intent to provide physical pleasure in exchange for money. But using the Biblical definition, it would be anybody cheating on the laws of the Lord God. A person can be a whore and never take off their clothes and put themselves in a compromising position sexually. It may have nothing to do with sex. There are many kinds of whores in the world, and most of them keep their clothes on. But they are whores just the same. I would define a whore as anybody in the world who works against our American constitution and refuses to live the life of a moral person. And instead worships godless heathens and the gods of communism. The anger that God had in the context of Baal worship in the Bible is the kind of anger that I think is appropriate in this modern context. The enemy, which people like George Soros have been funding with his money of whoredom provides funds toward people like Mitch McConnell as powerful members of congress so that an intention is fulfilled. Just like the loser who seeks a prostitute because sex within the context of marriage is too difficult, because its too hard to conduct an act of pleasure with the same person that you have to raise kids with or share a mortgage, politicians all the time take the easy way out and rather than work through legal problems with others they are in a government relationship with, they turn toward the pimps like Soros who offer easy money for just doing the sex. In McConnell’s case, he might make decisions as the head senator to be easy on China relations because he has a full bank account because his father-in-law has a shipping business in communist China that requires favorable alliances with the communist party. Otherwise, the family doesn’t get those lucrative shipping contracts. That McConnell example is but one obvious one. There are many more, and thus, a lot of whores who will do anything for easy money because they are essentially unprincipled and lazy, making them easy targets for George Soros money or funds for their institutions like Bill Gates often provides. 

I work with many politicians, and if I’m dealing with them in some way, something usually comes up where lunch or some other costly endeavor occurs. The people I deal with are obviously not people I’d call whores. They are the kind of spouses you marry and stay loyal to. You don’t take the easy way out and cheat on them with a whore. And how do I know? Well, they never let me pay. I was with one particular politician just the other day. It was a lunch meeting in a super-secret location. I told the waitress before this person arrived to give me the check. This person found a way to pay for our lunch out of his own pocket before the waitress even wrote the check to give me. We had a good laugh about it after, but for that person, it was important to maintain no resemblance of a free lunch of any kind of whoredom.

Which I respect. It is like having lunch with an attractive member of the opposite sex without intending to sleep with them but developing a real working relationship is hard. Sex is easy. And too many people just pay for the sex, the “I owe yous” in life. And that is the difference between whores and a sincere person. There are a lot of politicians who want a free lunch and want the easiest path to get one. They don’t care to ensure the check gets paid without the awkward exchange of fighting over who pays it, even if it’s a small, trivial sum of money. 

When there are people like George Soros who clearly love the power of spending money to weaponize politics, you can only draw one conclusion, that they intend to harm America, so he and the people who were whores to his cause are guilty of treason and sedition of our way of life. If not for George Soros and the million dollars or more that was spent getting him elected, and the many other soft money contributions that help make neighborhoods like the ones who elected Alvin Bragg more communist than capitalist, tampering with elections in a whole assortment of ways, a lot of the bad things we see occur, the lawlessness seen on TV daily wouldn’t be happening. The root cause of all the trouble is the whores who are eager to take easy money from pimps like George Soros without any guilt associated with the crime. You can see this kind of behavior on K-Street to this very day late at night. There are a lot of whores selling sex on K-Street, and other places in the world, and a lot of pimps controlling them. I am shocked to watch the police just drive right by them as they are lined up on the street, not enforcing the law. That’s because the police know it’s useless. If they arrest the whores, they’ll just be free a few hours later, so why bother with the paperwork. And that’s where a lot of us are in America right now. We know our members of congress and senate are whores. But we are outspent by people who keep them working as whores, so we just toss up our hands and try to forget about it. But should we? I would say not. We should not put up with whores in our government, and if we want an honest government, then we shouldn’t be sneaking out the window to visit them while our spouses are asleep and dreaming of paying that next bill or getting an education for the kids, and all the other pressures that make sex difficult. The whores are, of course, easy, and too many people use them and whore themselves out in the process. And if we want to fix anything, we must begin there.

Rich Hoffman

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